Brandy Station Seminar

Conducted by
Eric Wittenberg

About the seminar leader: Eric J. Wittenberg is a Columbus, Ohio, attorney who is working on a full-length biography of John Buford. He was educated at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. He is a contributor to Gettysburg Magazine, on the topic of John Buford's contributions to the Gettysburg Campaign. Eric and fellow GDG member Mike VanHuss operate VanBerg Publishing and have recently republished Annals of the Sixth Pennsylvania Cavalry. Eric has agreed to conduct this seminar at the request of the moderators who appreciate the donation of large amounts of his time to prepare the materials.

Seminar Outline

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Courtesy of Clark B. Hall

Overview of Brandy Station Area

Buford's Assault at Beverly Ford Represents entirety of Buford's morning attack after crossing Rappahannock River and driving on Confederate horse artillery at St. James Church.

Buford's Asault at St James Church Approximately 9:00 a.m. Represents Buford's primary assault on St. James Church position. Trying to capture Beckham's horse artillery.

Buford's Afternoon Attacks Drives Rooney Lee's brigade from Yew Ridge back onto northern extension of Fleetwood Hill; Buford's final attacks.

Stuart - From St. James Church Late morning phase; represents Gregg's first attack on southern end of Fleetwood Hill. Attack led by Wyndham's Brigade of Gregg's Division; Stuart shifts Jones's Brigade to meet threat.

Stuart - From St. James Church Afternoon phase of fight for Fleetwood Hill. Wyndham joined by Kilpatrick; Jones joined by Hampton. This fight lasts most of the afternoon.

Buford' s Assault in Fleetwoods Northern Crest Approximately 4:00 p.m. Buford makes push to join Gregg; makes final assault on northern end of Fleetwood Hill. Reserve Brigade, led by Merritt, attacks Lee; Munford arrives to help repulse assault. Battle then ends.