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Documents Relating to Proposals to Build a New Visitor's Center

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Articles Concerning Past Development and Preservation Issues at Gettysburg Terry Burger

United States Codes Dealing With Gettysburg Park

  Tear down that Visitor Center & the Cyclorama, too! - A web site maintained by proponents of the New VC Plan

bullet  Gettysburg national Military Foundation Home Page

Gettysburg National Military Park General Management Plan

Freedom Line - October 2, 1999 - Hear both sides from Walter Powell, President of the Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association who opposes the plan, and Liz Kaszubski with the Descendants of the 136 New York Volunteer Infantry, who supports it. (Real Player)

HERITAGEPAC E-MAIL ALERT - Jerry Russell Newsletter , June 10, 1999

   Bill of Sale for Rosenteel Collection

Letter from APCWS President Alan Hoeweler to Rep. Hansen - February 22, 1999

National Park Testimony before the U.S. House - February 11, 1999

    NPS Press Release - July 20, 1998

   Letter of Intent To Robert Kinsley - July 16, 1998.

GNMP Update on Visitor Center -    June 17, 1998

  Speech Given by Dr. John Latschar to organizations concerning the proposed Visitor Center.

NPS Press Release on Historian's Report on the Levan Site April 20, 1998

NPS Workshop on General Management Plan March 3, 1998

Two Members' Views - Pro and Con March 5, 1998

Gettysburg Holds Workshop On Plan For Battlefield Future NPS Release March 5, 1998

Friends of the National Parks at Gettysburg Statement of Support

Testimony at Senate Hearing on Gettysburg, February 24, 1998.

Testimony of Richard Moe Representing The National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Testimony of Dennis Frye Representing The Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites

Testimony of Ralph Tarr Representing the McCorrisk Group.

Testimony of Dr. Walter Powell Representing the Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association.

Testimony of Dennis Glavin Representing the National Park Service

GDG Member's Summary of Tour of GNMP Archive Area , February, 1998.

NPS Release on Public Involvement , January, 1998.

Map of proposed site from GNMP Newsletter, January, 1998.

Proposed design for Visitor's Center from GMP Newsletter, January, 1998.

Superintendent John Latschar's Chat On the Gettysburg Discussion Group, December 22, 1997

Friends of the National Parks at Gettysburg President's Letter on Proposed New Museum, November 13, 1997 Jerry Coates

Cease Firing - Post from Fred Hawthorne

Protests of Robert Monahan

Documents of the NPS Press Conference - Friday, November 7, 1997

The Big Con At Gettysburg - Posts from Jerry Russell

Gettysburg Battle Activity on Proposed Site - Kathleen Georg Harrison, Senior Historian, GNMP

Opportunities For Public Involvement

Frequently Asked Questions Collections Storage, Visitor Center and Museum Request for Proposal

Superintendent John Latschar's Remarks to the public workshop for the General Management Plan, October 15, 19997, 7:00 p.m.

Articles Concerning Development and Preservation at Gettysburg

Time Line of Events - Terry Burger

Threats to Gettysburg I -Terry Burger

Threats to Gettysburg II -Terry Burger

Threats to Gettysburg III - Terry Burger

Threats to Gettysburg IV - Terry Burger

Threats to Gettysburg V - Terry Burger