Prisoner of War Camp at Gettysburg

In May of 1944, a German Prisoner of war camp was opened on the field of Pickett's charge, just South of the Home Sweet Home Motel along the Emmitsburg Road. These files consist of newspaer clippings, and accounts by the camp commander and park historians.

Annotated Sketch of POW Camp by Camp Commander, Major, Laurence C. Thomas.

The Prisoner of War Camps Located in or Near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, During World War II 1944-1946.

from The Gettysburg Compiler.

War Camp Is Being Built By Prisoners June 17, 1944

War Prisoner Camp Ready For Use June 24, 1944

Find No Trace of Prisoners Who Fled the Camp July 8, 1944

Nazi Prisoners Are Captured in York County July 15, 1944

Tells How War Prisoners Are Treated Here July 10, 1944

Nazi Prisoner Hangs Self in Aspers Plant November 11, 1944

Escaped POWs Recaptured: Like America January 12, 1946

Three Countians Are Arrested For Helping Escaped German Prisoners March 9, 1946

Byron Cease, Wife and Daughter Given Suspended Terms In P.O.W. Escape Case May 11, 1946