Description of camp site on Emmitsburg Road (June to November, 1944)

A nine strand barbwire fence enclosed the camp site - approximately 400 feet north/south and 600 feet east/west. The squad tents for housing of guards were located adjacent to the compound on the south side of the camp.

All construction, even to the design and layout of the sewage disposal plant, was effected by prisoners of war who were first quartered at the National Guard Armory.

Maximum 400 prisoners of war
July, August, September, October and November, 1944

Minimum 80 prisoners of war Guard
personnel 60 enlisted men
5 officers.

Two escapees used tube under the highway to make their escape to the vicinity of the rock wall at the High Water Mark, July 5, 1944.)

Major Laurence C. Thomas
Commander, Third Service Command