Selected articles from

Southern Historical Society Papers

Compiled and Prepared For the GDG by
Esteemed Member
Brad Eide.


"Pettigrew's Charge at Gettysburg" By General B. D. Fry. Vol.7, p. 91-93

"Armistead at the Battle of Gettysburg". Extracts from Letters Written by Dr. R. W. Martin to Rev. James Poindexter. Vol. 39, pp. 186-187

GETTYSBURG CHARGE. Paper as to Pickett's Men. by Captain Martin W. Hazlewood. Vol. 23, pages 229-237

GETTYSBURG--PICKETT'S CHARGE. Address by James F. Crocker, Vol. 33, pages 118-134


PICKETT'S CHARGE AT GETTYSBURG. Graphic Story Told by Late Colonel Joseph C. Mayo, Third Virginia Regiment. Why Don't They Support Us--Why the "Unknown Private Beyond" Had to Be Killed That Day.

"PICKETT'S CHARGE: The Story of It as Told by a Member of His Staff , Captain Robert Bright" Vol. 31, p.228-236.

An Address Delivered Before R. E. Lee Camp No. 1, C.V., Richmond, Va., January 29, 1909. By Rev. James Poindexter, Late Captain in 38th Virginia Regiment, Armistead's Brigade, Pickett's Division. Vol. 37, pp.144-151


THE LONGSTREET-GETTYSBURG CONTROVERSY WHO COMMENCED IT. The Whole Matter Reviewed by J. William Jones, D. D. Vol. 23, pages 342-348

General James Longstreet's Account of the Campaign and Battle. Vol. 5, pages 54-86.

A Review of the First Two Days' Operations at Gettysburg and a Reply to General Longstreet by General Fitz. Lee. Vol. 5, pages 162-194

Supplement to General Early's Review. Reply to General Longstreet. Vol.4, pages 282-302

General Longstreet's Second Paper on Gettysburg. Vol. 5, pages 257-270

Reply to General Longstreet's Second Paper. By General J. A. Early. Vol. 5, pages 270-287

A Review by General Early. Vol. 4, pages 241-281

Letter from General John B. Hood. New Orleans, La., June 28th, 1875. ( to) General James Longstreet. Vol. 4, pages 145-150

General C. M. Wilcox on the Battle of GettysburgVol. 6, pages 97-124

Letter from Maj. Scheibert, of the Prussian Royal Engineers. Vol. 5, pages 90-93


Letter from the Count of Paris. Sevilla, January 21st, 1877. Vol. 5, pages 88-89

Letter from E. P. Alexander, late Chief of Artillery, First Corps, A. N. V. Montgomery, Ala., March 17th, 1877. (to) Rev. J. Wm. Jones, Sec'y,(response to the Count of Paris letter) Vol. 4, pages 97-111

Second Paper by Colonel Walter H. Taylor, of General Lee's Staff. Vol. 4, pages 124-139

Causes of the Defeat of Gen. Lee's Army at the Battle of Gettysburg-Opinions of Leading Confederate Soldiers. Vol. 4, pages 49-87

Letter from General A. L. Long, Military Secretary to General R. E. Lee. Vol. 4, pages 118-123


EVENTS LEADING UP TO THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG. Address of Colonel Charles Marshall, Vol. 23, pages 205-229

LONGSTREET AND STUART. Highly Interesting Review by Colonel John S. Mosby. Vol. 23, pages 238-247

STUART AND GETTYSBURG. Col. John S. Mosby's Defense of the Great Cavalry Leader. Vol. 23, pages 348-353

STUART'S CAVALRY IN THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN. By Col. John S. Mosby. A Review by COL. T. M. R. Talcott. Vol. 37, pages 21-37

GENERAL J. E. B. STUART IN THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN. A Reply to Colonel John S. Mosby. By Randolph Harrison McKim. Vol. 37, pages 21-37

STUART'S CAVALRY IN THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN. A Reply to the Letter of Col. John S. Mosby, Published in the Richmond, Va., Times-Dispatch, January 30, 1910. By Col. T. M. R. TALCOTT. Vol. 38, pages 197-210

STUART IN THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN. A Defense of the Cavalry Commander. By Col. JOHN S. MOSBY. Vol. 38, pages 184-196

Letter from General R. E. Lee Lexington, Va., 15 April, 1868. Vol. 7, pages 445-446

The Courageous Part Taken in the Desperate Conflict June(sic) 2-3, 1863, By the Florida Brigade (General E. A. Perry), there commanded by Colonel David Lang, with the Serious Casualties sustained. Vol. 27, pages 192-205

AN INCIDENT OF GETTYSBURG And Its Pleasant Sequel in Washington Eleven Years Later. (The Barlow-Gordon Incident) Vol. 21, pages 337-339

THE LOST SWORD OF GEN. RICHARD B. GARNETT, WHO FELL AT GETTYSBURG, Returned to his niece, Mrs. John B. Purcell, Richmond, Va., Vol. 33, pages 26-31

THE "OLD FIRST" VIRGINIA AT GETTYSBURG. By Charles T. Loehr Vol. 32, pages 33-40

Letter from General James H. Lane. October 20, 1877. Vol. 5, pages 38-40

Steuart's Brigade at the Battle of Gettysburg. A Narrative by Rev. Randolph H. McKim, D. D., late First Lieutenant and Aide-de-Camp, Confederate Army. Vol. 5, pages 291-300

Letter from Colonel J. B. Walton. New Orleans, October 15th, 1877. Rev. J. Wm. Jones, D. D., Vol. 5, pages 47-53

Letter from E. P. Alexander, late Chief of Artillery, First Corps, A. N. V. Montgomery, Ala., March 17th, 1877. Vol. 4, pages 97-111 (Reply to letter above)

Confederate Artillery Service. By Gen. E. P. Alexander, late Chief of Artillery of Longstreet's Corps, Vol. 11, pages 98-113

THE BATTLE AND CAMPAIGN OF GETTYSBURG. From the original MS. Furnished by Major Graham Daves, of North Carolina. By Major-General Isaac R. Trimble, C. S. A., Vol. 26, pages 116-128.

Confederate Artillery Service. By Gen. E. P. Alexander, late Chief of Artillery of Longstreet's Corps, Vol. 11, pages 98-113

Letter from General John B. Hood. New Orleans, La., June 28th, 1875. ( to) General James Longstreet. Vol. 4, pages 145-150

General Early's Advice--An Oft-Repeated Incident Corroborated by a Witness Who Was There. Major James McDowell Carrington Tells a Thrilling Story of Thrilling Deeds. Vol. 37, pages 326-337

Unwritten History of the Gettysburg Campaign by William Youngblood, a private in the 15th Alabama. Vol. 38, pages 312-318

JENKINS' BRIGADE IN THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN. Extracts from the Diary of Lieutenant Hermann Schuricht, of the Fourteenth Virginia Cavalry. Vol. 24, pages 339-351

Gettysburg. By Major-General Lafayette McLaws.Vol.7, pages 64-90

General George H. Steuart's Brigade at the Battle of Gettysburg. Baltimore, July 19th, 1876. Rev. J. Wm. Jones, Secretary Southern Historical Society: Vol. 2, pages 105-107

Letter from Major-General Henry Heth, of A. P. Hill's Corps, A. N. V. The shoe letter. Vol. 4, pages 151-160

THE FIRST DAY AT GETTYSBURG Tribute to Brave General Harry Heth who Opened the Great Battle. A description by an eye witness. Interesting Observations of Jaquelin Marshall Meredith, Chaplain of Heth's Division--His Version of the "Cause of Failure."

"Gettysburg--The Battle on the Right." By Colonel Wm. C. Oates, of Alabama, Vol. 6, pp.172-182

"THE TWELFTH ALABAMA INFANTRY, CONFEDERATE STATES ARMY." By Robert E. Park, Late Captain Company E, 12th Alabama, Vol. 33, pp.242-245

A Soldier's Account of the Gettysburg Campaign. Letter from George W. Beale (son of General R. L. T. Beale), Vol. 11, p.320-327

The Color Episode of the One Hundred and Forty-Ninth Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers In the First Days Fight at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863. Paper Read Before The Lebanon County Historical Society, October 18, 1907, by J. H. BASSLER, Late Captain of the Color Company. Vol. 37, pp.266-301

Charge of Black's Cavalry Regiment at Gettysburg. By P. J. Malone, of its Color-Guard. Orangeburg District, S.C., January 6th, 1867. Vol. 16, pp.224-228

Brave Carolinian Who Fell at Gettysburg How Colonel Henry King Burgywn Lost His Life. From the Times-Dispatch, May 20, 1906. Vol. 36, pp.245-247

Notes by General Benning on Battle of Gettysburg Vol. 4, pp.176-178

THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN. By Randolph H. McKim, Vol. 40, pages 253-300