Joshua Chamberlain

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"Through Blood And Fire At Gettysburg" by Joshua L. Chamberlain. (Reprinted from Gettysburg Magazine # 6)
"The Saviors of Little Round Top" by Col. Alexander W. Cameron. (Reprinted from Gettysburg Magazine # 8)
Stand Firm, Ye Boys From Maine - Tom Desjardin - Chapter 6.
Who Saved Little Round Top? - Jim Morgan - A Response To the Melcher Challenge
Fanny & Joshua The Enigmatic Lives of Fanny and Joshua Chamberlain - Excerpt  - Diane Smith

Primary Documents

  Three Love letters from Joshua Chamberlain to Fanny Chamberlain - from the collection of Don Troiani
  Dedication of the Twentieth Maine Monuments at Gettysburg - October 3, 1889
  JLC "Original Report" and covering letter of November 4, 1863  

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