Appendix 1: Gettysburg Order of Battle

            Compiled by John H. Eicher. Key: underlined names are those who submitted official reports; ≠ = also assigned above; Ø = also assigned below; [X] company letter; # = pounder weight; " = inch bore; (rank=relative rank in grade); AoP = Army of the Potomac; k. = killed; m. = missing; mw. = mortally wounded; w.= wounded; c.= captured; co./cos. = company/companies; MOH = Medal of Honor. Note that normally a Surg. = Maj. and Asst. Surg. = Capt. Names of general officers are given in boldface.

United States Army

Area Department Commands:

            Department of Washington (22d Corps): Maj. Gen. Samuel Peter Heintzelman (rank=25) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. Col. Chauncey McKeever, Asst. Adj. Gen. (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. Carroll Hagadorn Potter, Asst. Adj. Gen. (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Escort: 5th N.Y. Cav. [I], Capt. George C. Morton (not at Gettysburg) (to Cav. D.)

                        District of Washington: Brig. Gen. John Henry Martindale (rank=46) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    2d D.C. Inf.: Col. Charles M. Alexandria‡

                                    34th Mass. Inf.: Col. George Duncan Wells‡ (to Dept. of W.Va., then to Naglee’s D., Middle Dept.)

                                    39th Mass. Inf: Col. Phineas S. Davis (not at Gettysburg) (to AoP July 10)

                                    14th N.H. Inf.: Col. Robert Wilson (not at Gettysburg)

                                    27th Pa. Inf. [F]: Capt. John M. Carson (not at Gettysburg)

                                    150th Pa. Inf. [K]: Lt. Thomas Getchell (not at Gettysburg)

                                    157th Pa. Inf. [4 cos.]: Maj. Thomas H. Addicks (not at Gettysburg)

                                    11th N.Y. Cav.: Col. James B. Swain (not at Gettysburg) (part to 1st Sep. B., Middle Dept.)

                                    U.S. Ord. Detachment: Lt. Col. George Douglas Ramsay (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Fort Washington: Col. Charles Spencer Merchant (not at Gettysburg)

                                                16th Ind. Baty: Capt. Charles R. Deming (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Camp Convalescent & POW Camp:

                                                Lt. Col. Samuel McKelvy (not at Gettysburg)

                                                3d Pa. Res.: Maj. William Briner (not at Gettysburg)

                                                4th Pa. Res.: Lt. Col. Richard H. Woolworth (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Provisional Brigades: Brig. Gen. Silas Casey (rank=60) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                1st U.S.C. Inf.: Col. William Birney (not at Gettysburg)

                                                13th N.Y. Cav.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                16th N.Y. Cav. (Batn.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                178th N.Y. Inf: (not at Gettysburg) (to B3 South Potomac Defenses)

                                                8th U.S. Inf. (detachment) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                2d N.H. Inf. (to Army of the Potomac in June)

                                    Cavalry: Col. Percy Wyndham (not at Gettysburg) (to AoP)

                                                Detachment 1: Lt. Col. David Ramsay Clendenin (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Detachment 2: Lt. Col. John Leverett Thompson (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Detachment 3: Lt. Col. Robert Johnstone (not at Gettysburg)

                                                2d Mass. Cav. (Batn.):

                                                            Col. Charles Russell Lowell, Jr. (not at Gettysburg) (to King’s D)

                                    Defenses North of the Potomac

                                                            Lt. Col. Joseph Abel Haskin, ADC (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B1: Col. Augustus A. Gibson (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            2d Pa. H. Art.: Col. Augustus A. Gibson (not at Gettysburg) ≠

                                                            1st Vt. H. Art: Col. James Meech Warner (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st Me. H. Art [M]: (to B2)

                                                B2: Col. Lewis O. Morris (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st Me. H. Art: Col. Daniel Chaplin (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            7th N.Y. H. Art.: Col. Lewis O. Morris(not at Gettysburg) ≠

                                                            9th N.Y. H. Art: Col. Joseph Welling (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            9th N.Y. Baty.: Capt. Emil Schubert (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B3: Col. Alexander Piper (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            10th N.Y. H. Art.: Col. Alexander Piper (not at Gettysburg) ≠

                        District of Alexandria: Brig Gen. John Potts Slough (rank=237) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                1st D.C. Inf.: Lt. Col. Lemuel Towers (not at Gettysburg)

                                                153d N.Y.Inf.: Col. Edwin Page Davis (not at Gettysburg)

                                                7th Pa. Res.: Col Henry Clay Bolinger (not at Gettysburg)

                                                8th Pa. Res.: Col. Silas Milton Baily (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Pa. Art [H]: Capt. William Borrowe (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Defenses South of the Potomac: Brig. Gen. Gustavus Adolphus DeRussy (rank=432) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B1: Col. Thomas R. Tannatt (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st Mass. H. Art: Col. Thomas R. Tannatt (not at Gettysburg) ≠ (part to Harpers Ferry, Middle Dept.)

                                                            2d N.Y. H. Art.:

                                                                       Col. Joseph Nelson Garkand Whistler (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            5th N.Y. H. Art [I, K, L & M]: 

                                                                        Maj. Gustavus F. Merriam (not at Gettysburg) (to 2d Sep. B., Middle Dept.)

                                                            47th N.Y. Militia: Col. Jeremiah V. Meserole (not at Gettysburg) (to Baltimore, Middle Dept.)

                                                            N.Y. H. Art [Batn. 3]: (to B2 in June) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            10th Mich. Baty: (to Art. Camp in June) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B2: Col. Leverette W. Wessells (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                 19th Conn. H. Art. [Batn. 2]: Col. Elisha S. Kellogg (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            N.Y. H. Art [Batn. 3]: Col. Louis Schirmer (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            16th W.Va. Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B3: Col Henry Larcom Abbot (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st Conn. H. Art: Col. Henry Larcom Abbot (not at Gettysburg) ≠

                                                            178th N.Y. Inf.: Lt. Col. Charles F. Smith (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st R.I. Art. [H]: Capt. Jeffrey Hazard (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st Wis. H. Art [A]: Capt. Charles C. Meservy (not at Gettysburg)


                                                            4th N.Y.H. Art: Col. Henry H. Hall (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            27th Me. Inf.: Col. Mark Fernald Wentworth (service expired but remained)

                                    Railway Guard: 109th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Benjamin Franklin Tracy (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Artillery Camp of Instruction:

                                                Brig. Gen. William Farquhar Barry (rank=56) (not at Gettysburg)?

                                                Brig. Gen. Albion Parris Howe (rank=209) (not at Gettysburg) (to AoP, July 9)

                                                Col. James Abram Hall (not at Gettysburg) (assigned July 9)

                                                Md. Art. [B]: Capt. A. Snow.‡ (to Dept. of W.Va.)

                                                1st Mich. Art. [K]: Capt. John C. Schuetz (not at Gettysburg)

                                                1st N.Y. Art. [A[: Capt. Thomas H. Bates (not at Gettysburg) (to Dept. of Susquehanna, June)

                                                12th N.Y. Baty.: Capt. George A. McNight (not at Gettysburg) (to AoP, July)

                                                17th N.Y. Baty.: Capt. George T. Anthony (not at Gettysburg)

                                                27th N.Y. Baty.: Capt. John B. Eaton (not at Gettysburg) (to Dept. of Susquehanna, July)

                                                30th N.Y. Baty.: Capt. Adolph Voeglee (not at Gettysburg) (to Dept. of Susquehanna, July)

                                                32d N.Y. Baty.: Capt. Charles von Kusserow (not at Gettysburg) (to Dept. W.Va., July)

                                                12th Ohio Baty.: Capt. A. C. Johnson (not at Gettysburg)

                                                1st Pa. Art [C]: Capt. Jeremiah McCarthy (not at Gettysburg) (to Dept. of W.Va., July)

                                                Keystone Pa. Baty.: Capt. Matthew Hastings (not at Gettysburg) (to Dept. of W.Va., July)

                                                1st W.Va. Art [A]: Capt. George Furst (not at Gettysburg) (to Dept. of W.Va., July)

                        Abercrombie’s D.: Brig. Gen. John Joseph Abercrombie (rank=57)

                                    B1: Col. Francis Fessenden

                                                25th Me. Inf.: Col. Francis Fessenden (not at Gettysburg) ≠

                                                27th Me. Inf.: Col Mark Fernald Wentworth (not at Gettysburg) (to B4, Dist. of Alexandria)

                                    B2: Brig. Gen. George Jerrison Stannard (rank=343) (to AoP)

                                                12th Vt. Inf.: Col. Asa Peabody Blunt  (to AoP)

                                                13th Vt. Inf.: (to AoP)

                                                14th Vt. Inf.: (to AoP)

                                                15th Vt. Inf: (to AoP)

                                                16th Vt. Inf.: (to AoP)

                                    B3: Brig. Gen. Alexander Hays (rank=252) (not at Gettysburg) (to AoP)

                                                39th N.Y.Inf.: (to AoP)

                                                111th N.Y.Inf.: (to AoP)

                                                125th N.Y.Inf.: (to AoP)

                                                126th N.Y.Inf.: (to AoP)

                                    9 Mass Independent Baty. (to AoP)

                                    11 N.Y.Independent Baty.(not at Gettysburg) (to Art. Camp, June)

                                    2 Conn. Independent Baty.: (to AoP)

                                    Keystone Pa. Baty: (not at Gettysburg) (to Art. Camp, June)

                        Pa. Reserve D.: Brig.   Gen. Samuel Wylie Crawford (rank=171) (to AoP)

                                    B1: Col. William McCandless (to AoP)

                                                1st Pa. Res.: Col. William Cooper Talley (to AoP)

                                                2d Pa, Res.: Col. William McCandless ≠ (to AoP)

                                                6th Pa. Res.: Col. Wellington Harry Ent (to AoP)

                                                13th Pa. Res.: Col. Charles F. Taylor (to AoP)

                                    B2: Col. Joseph W. Fisher (to AoP)

                                                5th Pa. Res.: Col. Joseph Washington Fisher ≠ (to AoP)

                                                9th Pa. Res.: Lt. Col. James M. Snodgrass (to AoP)

                                                10th Pa. Res.: Col. Adoniram Judson Warner (to AoP)

                                                11th Pa. Res.: Col. Samuel McCartney Jackson (to AoP)

                                                12th Pa. Res.: Col. Martin D. Hardin (to AoP)

                        Jewett’s B.: Col A. B. Jewett (not at Gettysburg) (to French, Middle Dept.)

                                                10th Vt. Inf.: Col. A. B. Jewett (not at Gettysburg) ≠ (to French, Middle Dept.)

                                                10th Mass. Independent Baty.: (not at Gettysburg) (to French. Middle Dept.)

                                                11th N.Y. Cav [E, F & I]: (not at Gettysburg) (to Dept. of Washington)

                        Cav. D.: Maj. Gen. Julius H. Stahel (rank=75) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    B1: Brig. Gen. Joseph Tarr Copeland (rank=285) (not at Gettysburg) (to Middle Dept., July 1)

                                                1st Mich. Cav.: (to AoP)

                                                5th Mich. Cav.:   (to AoP)

                                                6th Mich. Cav:   (to AoP)

                                                7th Mich. Cav.:   (to AoP)

                                    B2: Col. Richard Butler Price (to AoP)

                                                1st Ohio Cav. [A & C}: (to AoP)

                                                2d Pa. Cav.: Col. Richard Butler Price (to AoP) ≠                                                                                                     

18th Pa. Cav.: (to AoP)

                                                1st Mich. Art. [I]: (not at Gettysburg)

                        Dx: (Organized 18 July): Brig. Gen. Rufus King (rank=23) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    B1: Brig. Gen. Michael Corcoran (rank=37) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                69th N.Y. Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                155th N.Y.Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                164th N.Y.Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                170th N.Y.Inf: Col James Patrick.MacIvor (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Bx: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                4th Del. Inf. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                2d Mass. Cav.: Col. Charles Russell Lowell, Jr.

                                                6th N.Y.Cav:


            DEPARTMENT OF THE SUSQUEHANNA (Organized June 9)

                        Maj. Gen. Darius Nash Couch (rank=31) (not at Gettysburg) (assigned June 9) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Maj. Gen. N.Y. Militia: Charles W. Sandford (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. Marcus Albert Reno, Asst. Adj. Gen. (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Maj. Charles Knox, ADC (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. Col. Charles Frederick Ruff, Asst. Insp. Gen. (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. Junius Brutus Wheeler, Eng. (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. Col. Henry Coppee, Mil. Secy. (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Maj. Wilson (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Maj. Wayne McVey (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. David McConaughy (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. W. A. H. Lewis (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. A. Wright (not at Gettysburg)

                        Harrisburg, Pa.: Maj. Gen. Julius H. Stahel (rank=75) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. Col. James Voty Bomford (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Col. Charkes Mallet Prevost, Provost Marshal (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Thomas Alexander Scott (organizing Pa. Militia) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Brig. Gen. Herman Haupt (rank=239) (rail transport) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    20th Pa. Cav.: Col John E. Wynkoop (not at Gettysburg)

                                    21st Pa. Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                        Camp Curtin, Pa.: Col. James Addams Beaver (not at Gettysburg)

                                    67th N.Y.Militia: Col. Chauncey Abbott (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Lt. Col. Houghton S. Clough (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Maj. George W. Gilman (not at Gettysburg)

                                    68th N.Y. Militia: Col. David S. Forbes (not at Gettysburg)

                                    31st Pa. Militia: Col. John Newcomet (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Lt. Col. David A. Griffith (not at Gettysburg)

                        Camp William, Pa.: Col. Louis Wagner (not at Gettysburg)

                                    8th U.S.C. Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                    12th U.S.C. Inf: (not at Gettysburg)

                        Fenwick, Pa.: N.Y. Militia Brig. Gen. Charles Yates (not at Gettysburg) (to D July 2)

                                    5 N.Y.Militia: (not at Gettysburg) (to D July 2)

                                    12 N.Y.Militia: (not at Gettysburg) (to D July 2)

                        Carlisle, Pa.:

                                    Pa. Home Guard: Lt. W. A. Fisher (not at Gettysburg)

                       Gettysburg, Pa.: Maj. Granville Owen Haller (not at Gettysburg) (to Wrightsville?)

                                    26th Pa. Militia: Col William W. Jennings (not at Gettysburg) (to D2)

                                                Capt. Walker (not at Gettysburg) (to D2)

                                                Capt. Frederick Klinefelter (not at Gettysburg) (to D2)

                                    Philadelphia City Militia: Capt. Samuel J. Randall (to Wrightsville?)

                                    Adams County, Pa. Home Guard: Capt. Robert Bell (not at Gettysburg) (to Wrightsville?)

                                    Pa. Home Guard Scouts: Capt. David Conaughy (not at Gettysburg) (to Wrightsville?)

                        York, Pa: Col. William B. Thomas(not at Gettysburg) (to Wrightsville)

                                    20th Pa. Militia: (not at Gettysburg)

                        Wrightsville, Pa.:

                                    20th Pa. Militia: Col. William B. Thomas (not at Gettysburg) (to D2)

                                                Lt. Col. William B. Sickles (not at Gettysburg) (c .) (to D2)

                                    27th Pa. Militia: Col. Jacob  G. Frick. (not at Gettysburg) (to D1)

                                                Lt. Col. David Green (not at Gettysburg) (to D1)

                        Reading, Pa.: Maj. Gen. Franz Sigel (rank=14) (not at Gettysburg) (assigned July 6)

                                    10th N.J. Inf.:  Col. Henry O. Ryerson (not at Gettysburg)

                                    VRC: (not at Gettysburg)

                        Philadelphia, Pa: Lt. Col. William Denison Whipple (June 9) Ø

                                    Maj. Gen. Napoleon Jackson Tecumseh Dana (rank=64) (not at Gettysburg) (to D2)

                                    Lt. Col. William Denison Whipple (July 8)

                                    Col. George Hampden Crosman, Q.M.

                                    Capt. Charles Champion Gilbert, Prov. Mar.

                                    Brig. Gen. Andrew .Porter (rank=4), Draft Depot

                                    Brig. Gen. John Porter Hatch (rank=92), Draft Depot (assigned 18 July)

                        Chambersburg, Pa.: Brig. Gen. Orris Sanford Ferry (rank=138) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Pa. Militia: Col. Alexander K. McClure (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Capt. W. J. Palmer (not at Gettysburg)

                        Mount Union, Pa.: Col Joseph W. Hawley (not at Gettysburg)

                                    65th N.Y.Militia: Col Jacob Krettner (not at Gettysburg)

                                    74th N.Y.Militia: Col. Watson A. Fox (not at Gettysburg)

                                    29th Pa. Militia: Col. Joseph W. Hawley(not at Gettysburg)≠

                        Huntingdon, Pa.: Col. Nelson Appleton Miles (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Pa. Militia: Capt. W. W. Wallace (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Pa. Home Guard: Capt. George D. Summers [E] (not at Gettysburg)

                        McConnellsburg, Pa.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Pa. Militia: Col. Jacob Szink.‡

                                    12th Pa. Cav.: Lt. Col. J. L. Moss (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Col. Lewis B. Pierce (not at Gettysburg)

                        Shippensburg, Pa.:

                                    1st N.Y. Cav. [C]: Capt. William H. Boyd (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Maj. Timothy Quinn (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Lt. Oliver Knowles (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Capt. Jones (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Recruits: Capt. Frank.Stanwood (not at Gettysburg)

                                    VRC: Capt. Thomas S. McGowan (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Art. Baty: Lt. Comdr. Pendelton C. Watmough, USN (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Capt. E. Spencer Miller (not at Gettysburg)

                        Bloody Run (Everett), Pa.: (refugees from Maryland)

                                    Maj. Gen. Robert Huston Milroy (rank=53) (not at Gettysburg ) (arrested July 20)

                                    Col. L. B. Pierce (not at Gettysburg)

                                    18th Conn. Inf: Maj. Henry Peale (not at Gettysburg) (to Dept. of W.Va.)

                                    1st N.Y. Cav. [C]: (not at Gettysburg) (to Shippensburg)

                                    110th Ohio Inf.: (not at Gettysburg) (to Elliott, Middle Dept.)

                                    116th Ohio Inf.: Col James Washburn (not at Gettysburg) (to Elliott, Middle Dept.)

                                    122d Ohio Inf.: Capt. Benjamin T. Sells (not at Gettysburg) (to Elliott, Middle Dept.)

                                    123d Ohio Inf.:  Capt. Dwight Kellogg (not at Gettysburg) (to Elliott, Middle Dept.)

                                    12th Pa. Cav. Maj. Darius Titus (not at Gettysburg) (to McConnellsburg)

                                    12th W.Va. Inf.: Col. John B. Klunk (not at Gettysburg) (to Dept. of W.Va)

                        Susquehanna River Defenses

                                                Maj. James Brady (Pa. Militia Art.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Capt. Richard Irving Dodge (U.S. Inf.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    D1: Brig. Gen. N.Y. Militia: William Hall (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Col. Pearson (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Col. Cone (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Brig. Gen. N.Y. Militia: John Ewen (not at Gettysburg) Ø

                                                Brig. Gen. William Farrar Smith (rank=50) (June 17) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            2d Lt. Matthew Berry, ADC (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Lt. Campbell Tucker, ADC (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st Lt. Edward Duchman Muhlenberg, Art. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st Lt. Rufus King, Jr., Art (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B1: Brig. Gen. Joseph Farmer Knipe (rank=307) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            8th N.Y. Militia: Col. Joshua Varian (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            71st N.Y. Militia: Col. Benjamin Traffold (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Lt. Col. W. J. Coles (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B2: Brig. Gen. N.Y. Militia: Philip S. Crooke (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Maj. William H. Leaycraft, ADC (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Capt. John L. Bergen, ADC (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Capt. James Mooney, Asst. Q.M.‡

                                                            Thomas McAllister, Surg. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            13th N.Y. Militia: Col. John B. Woodward (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            28th N.Y. Militia: Col. Michael Bennett (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B3: Brig. Gen. N.Y. Militia: Jesse C. Smith (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Maj. Benjamin Haskell, Asst. Adj. Gen. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Capt. John Berry, ADC (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Capt. Labbrus Chapman, Asst. Q.M. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Capt. Zacharia Vorhees, Asst. Com. Sub. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Maj. E. Malone, Surg.

                                                            23d N.Y.Militia Col. William Everdell, Jr. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            52d N.Y.Militia Col. Matthias W. Cole (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            56th N.Y.Militia Col. John Q. Adams (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B4: Brig. Gen. N.Y. Militia: John Ewen (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Lt. Col. J. Henderson Grant, Asst. Adj. Gen. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Capt. Henry S. Van Buren, ADC (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Capt. Charles S. Kingsbury, ADC (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Capt. William E. Jackson, Asst. Q.M. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Capt. William H. Farrar, Asst. Com. Sub. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Lt. Walter Edwards, Ord. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            H. W. B. Woodhall, Surg. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            D. B. Pardee, Surg. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            11th N.Y. Militia   Col. Joachim Maidhof (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            22d N.Y. Militia: Col. Lloyd Aspinwall (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                                    Lt. Col. James F. Cox (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                                    Capt. James Otis (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                                    Lt. Whelan (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            37th N.Y.Militia: Col. C. Roome (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B5: Col. William Brisbane (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            28th Pa. Militia: Col. James Chamberlin (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                                    Lt. Col. John McCreery (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                                    Maj. Jessup (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            32d Pa. Militia: Col. Charles S. Smith (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            33d Pa. Militia: Col. William W. Taylor (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B6: Col. Jacob G. Frick (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            27th Pa. Militia: Lt. Col. David Green (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Art: (not at Gettysburg)

                                    D2: Brig. Gen. Fitz-Henry Warren (rank=218) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Brig. Gen. William Denison Whipple (rank=378) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Maj. Gen. Napoleon Jackson Tecumseh Dana (rank=64) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B1: Brig. Gen. N.Y. Militia: Charles Yates (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Maj. Charles T. White, Asst. Adj. Gen. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Capt. Benjamin S. Church, ADC (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Maj. Henry W. Gardiner, Q.M. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Capt. Henry C. Landon, Asst. Com. Sub. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Capt. Hobart Herrick, Ord. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            5th N.Y. Militia   Col. Burger (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            12th N.Y. Militia Col. William O. Ward (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            20th Pa. Militia: Col. William B. Thomas (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            26th Pa. Militia: Col. William W. Jennings (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Capt. Walker (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Capt. Frederick Klinefelter (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            35th Pa. Militia Col. Henry McKean (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            45th Pa. Militia Col. James T. Clancy (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Art. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B2: Brig. Gen. James Nagle (rank=345) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            30th Pa. Militia: Col. William N. Monies (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            37th Pa. Militia: Col. John Troup (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            38th Pa. Militia: Col. Melchior H. Hom (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            39th Pa. Militia: Brig. Gen. James Nagle (not at Gettysburg) ≠

                                                                        Lt. Col. James H. Campbell (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            41st Pa. Militia: Col. Edward R. Mayer (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Art: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B3: Col. Emlen Franklin (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            40th Pa. Militia: Col. Alfred Dale (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            42d Pa. Militia:   Col. Charles H. Hunter (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            43d Pa. Militia: Col. William W. Stott (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            44th Pa. Militia: Col. Enos Woodward (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            47th Pa. Militia: Col. James B. Wickersham (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            50th Pa. Militia: Col Emlen Franklin(not at Gettysburg)≠

                                                                        Lt. Col. Thaddeus Stevens, Jr. (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Cavalry: Capt. J. S. Brisbin (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Maj. Gen. Julius H. Stahel (rank=75) (not at Gettysburg) (assigned June 28)


                        Maj. Gen. Robert Cumming Schenck (rank=41) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. Col. William Denison Whipple, Asst. Adj. Gen. (not at Gettysburg) (promoted July 17, trans. to D2–Dept. of the Susquehanna)

                                    Lt. Col. Wiliam H. Cheseborough, Asst. Adj. Gen. (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Maj. Daniel Tompkins Van Buren, Asst. Adj. Gen. (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. Col. Donn Piatt, ADC (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. Thomas Jefferson Cram, ADC (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Col. Charles Thomas, Asst. Q.M. Gen. (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. Col. James Lowry Donaldson, Q.M. (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Brig. Gen. Lawrence Pike Graham (rank=61), Cav. Camp. (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Bvt. Brig. Gen. Harvey Brown , Art. Camp (not at Gettysburg)

                        District of Delaware: Brig. Gen. Daniel Tyler (rank=132) (July 3) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    3d Pa. H. Art. [M]: (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Pa. Independent Art [A & G]: (not at Gettysburg)

                        Fort Delaware: Brig. Gen. Albin Francisco Schoepf (rank=95) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    5th Del. Inf.: Col. Henry S. McComb (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Art.: (not at Gettysburg)

                        Philadelphia, Pa: (to Dept. of the Susquehanna, June 9)        

                                    Lt. Col. William Denison Whipple ≠ (not at Gettysburg)

                        Harrisburg, Pa.: (to Dept. of the Susquehanna 9 June):

                                    Lt. Col. Charles Frederick Ruff (not at Gettysburg)

                        Baltimore, Md.: Brig. Gen. Erasmus Barnard Tyler (rank=200) (not at Gettysburg) (assigned June 24)

                                                Col. Amos Beckwith, Com. Sub. (not at Gettysburg)

                                    47th N.Y.Militia: Col. Jeremiah V. Meserole (not at Gettysburg)

                                    84th N.Y.Militia: Col. Frederick A. Conkling (not at Gettysburg)

                                    1st Del. Cav.: Maj. Napoleon B. Knight (not at Gettysburg) (to 1st Sep. B.)

                                    Purnell (Md.) Cav. [B]: Capt. Thomas H. Watkins (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Baltimore Baty: Lt. H. Eugene Alexander (not at Gettysburg) (to Milroy D2)

                                    5th N.Y.H. Art [B & C]: Maj. Caspar Urban (not at Gettysburg) (to 2d Sep. B.)

                                    3d Pa. H. Art [H]: Capt. William D. Rank.‡

                                    Md. Jr. Baty. [A & B]: Capt. John M. Bruce (not at Gettysburg)

                        Annapolis Jct.,Md.: Brig. Gen. Joseph Tarr Copeland (rank=285) (not at Gettysburg) (assigned July 1; to Dept. of Monongahela, July 18)

                        Annapolis, Md.: Col. Carlos Adolphus Waite (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Purnell (Md.) Cav. [B]: (to Baltimore) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    3d Md. Potomac Home B.: (to 3d Sep. B.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    2d Md. Cav. [5 cos.]: Capt. William F. Bragg (not at Gettysburg)

                        Harpers Ferry, W.Va.:

                                    Brig. Gen. Benjamin Franklin Kelley (rank=30) Ø (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Brig. Gen. Daniel Tyler (rank=132) (assigned June 13; to Dist. of Del., June 26) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Capt. Maxwell Van Zandt Woodhull, ADC

                                    D1: Brig. Gen. Benjamin Franklin Kelley (rank=30) (to Dept. of W.Va., June 26) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B1: Brig. Gen. John Reese Kenly (rank=236) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st Md. Inf.: (to French’s D.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            4th Md. Inf.: (to French’s D.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            7th Md. Inf.: (to French’s D.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            8th Md. Inf.: (to French’s D.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            14th Pa. Cav.: (to Dept. of W.Va.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            17th Ind. Art. Baty: (to French’s D.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B2: Brig. Gen. William Hopkins Morris (rank=322) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            5th Md. Inf.: Col. W. L. Schley (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            50th N.Y. Engr. [G]: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Gaskill’s Pa. Engr.Co.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st Mass. H. Art. [B, C, H & I]: Col. Thomas R. Tannatt (to French’s D.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            6th N.Y.H. Art.: Col. John Howard Kitching (to French’s D.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            4th Me. Baty: (to French’s D.) (not at Gettysburg)

B3 (At Martinsburg):

                                                            Col. Benjamin Franklin Smith (not at Gettysburg)

126th Ohio Inf.: Col. Benjamin Franklin Smith ≠ (not at Gettysburg) (to Elliott, June 26)

                                                            106th N.Y.Inf.: Col. Edward C. James (not at Gettysburg) (to Elliott, June 26)

                                                            15th W.Va. Inf.: (to Dept. of W.Va.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st Md. Potomac Home B. Cav. Batn.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            2d Md. Potomac Home B. Cav. Batn.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st W.Va. Art. [F]: Capt. Thomas A. Maulsey (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Lt. John S. Herr (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B4: (to Dept. of W.Va.): Col. Jacob M. Campbell (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            54th Pa. Inf.: Col. Jacob Miller Campbell≠ (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Lt. Col. John P. Linton (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st W.Va. Inf.: Col. Joseph Thoburn (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Lafayette (Pa.) Cav.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Washington County (Pa.) Cav: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Ringgold, Pa. Cav: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st W.Va. Art. [E]: Capt. Alexander C. Moore (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B5: (to Dept. of W.Va.):

                                                            Col. James Adelbert Mulligan (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            2d Md. Potomac Home B.: Col. Robert Bruce (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            23d Ill. Inf.: Col. James Adelbert Mulligan ≠ (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            14th W.Va. Inf.: Maj. Daniel D. Johnson (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st Ill. Art [L]: Capt. John Rourke (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B6: (to Dept. of W.Va.): Col. N. Wilkinson (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            6th W.Va. Inf.: Col N. Wilkinson ≠ (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            11th W.Va. Inf.: Maj. Van H. Bukey (not at Gettysburg)

                                    D2: (at Winchester; escaped to Bloody Run, Dept. of the Susquehanna)

                                                Maj. Gen. Robert Huston Milroy (rank=53) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Maj. John Lowry McGee (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Capt. Frederick Palmer, Adj (not at Gettysburg)

                                                 B1: Brig. Gen. Washington Lafayette Elliott (rank=203) (to Elliott’s Command, June 26) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                              110th Ohio Inf.: Col. Joseph Warren Keifer (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Lt. Paris Horney (w.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                   116th Ohio Inf.– Col. Thomas Francis Wildes (w.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Maj. W. T. Morris (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Capt. Frederick.H. Arckenoe (w.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            122d Ohio Inf.: Col. William H. Ball (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                 123d Ohio Inf.: Col. William Tecumseh   Wilson (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            12th Pa. Cav.: Col. Joseph L. Moss (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Maj. Darius Titus (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Capt. Charles B. Morgan (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            13th Pa. Cav.: Maj. Michael Kerwin (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st W.Va. Art [D]: Capt. John Carlin (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Lt. Charles C. Theaker (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            5th U.S.Art. [L]: Lt. Wallace F. Randolph (w.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Lt. Edmund Dana Spooner (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B2: Col. William Grosvenor Ely (c., June 15) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Capt. Isaiah McDonald, Asst. Com. Sub. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            18th Conn. Inf. (to Dept. of the Susquehanna)

                                                                        Col. William Grosvenor Ely ≠ (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Lt. Col. Monroe Nichols (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Capt. Alexander Cochran ( w.& c. June 13) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Lt. Michael S. Slothower ( k. June 13) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Lt. Henry Morningstar ( c. June 13) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            87th Pa. Inf.: Col John Schall (to Elliott) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            9th W.Va. Inf.: (to Dept. of W. Va,) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            10th W.Va. Inf.: (to Dept. of W.Va.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            12th W.Va. Inf.: Col. John B. Klunk (not at Gettysburg) (to Bloody Run, Dept. of the Susquehanna) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st W.Va. Cav. [K]: (to AoP) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            3d W.Va. Cav. [D & E]: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st W.Va. Art. [B]:(not at Gettysburg)

                                                            5th U.S.Art. [L]: (to B2 in June) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B3: Col. Andrew T. McReynolds (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Lt. B. F. McReynolds, Asst. Com. Sub. (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Lt. William H. Boyd, Jr., Asst. Q.M.‡

                                                            6th Md. Inf.: (to Elliott) Col. John Watt Horn (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Lt. Col. W. A. McKellip (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            67th Pa. Inf.: (to Elliott) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st N.Y. Lincoln Cav.: (not at Gettysburg) (to Bloody Run, Dept. of the Susquehanna)

                                                                        Col. Andrew T. McReynolds ≠   (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Maj. Alonzo Whitney Adams (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Capt. Abram Jones (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Baltimore Baty: (to French’s D.)

                                                                        Capt. Frederick W. Alexander (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Lt. H. Eugene Alexander (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            14th Mass H. Art [I]: Lt. Jonathan B. Hanson (not at Gettysburg)

                                    D3: (to Dept. of W.Va., 24 June)

                                                Brig. Gen. Eliakim Parker Scammon (rank=258) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B1: Col. Rutherford Birchard Hayes (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            23d Ohio Inf.: Col. Rutherford Birchard Hayes ≠ (not at Gettysburg)  

                                                            5th W.Va. Inf: Lt. Col. Abia A. Tomlinson (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            13th W.Va. Inf.: Col. William Rufus Brown (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st W.Va. Cav. [2 cos.] (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            3d W.Va. Cav. [G]: Capt. John S. Witcher (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Simmonds’ Ky. Baty [A]: Capt. Seta J. Simmonds (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B2: Col. Carr Bailey White (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            12th Ohio Inf.: Col. Carr Bailey White ≠ (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Lt. Col. Jonathan D. Hines (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            34th Ohio Inf.: Maj. John W. Shaw (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            91st Ohio Inf.: Col. John Alexander Turley (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            2d W.Va. Cav. [G & K]: Capt. Edward S. Morgan (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st Ohio Independent Baty.: Capt. James R. McMullin (not at Gettysburg)

                                    1st Separate Brigade: (part to AoP in June & July)

                                                Brig. Gen. Henry Hayes Lockwood (rank=39) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                1st Md. East Shore Inf.: Col. James Wallace (not at Gettysburg)

                                                2d Md. East Shore Inf.: (to Dept. of W.Va.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                1st Md. Potomac Home Guard B.:

                                                            Col. William F. Maulsby (not at Gettysburg)

                                                1st Del. Cav. [4 cos.]: Maj. Napoleon B. Knight (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Smith’s Md. Cav.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Purnell Md. Cav. [A & C]: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                11th N.Y.Cav. [3 cos.]: Lt. Henry C. Bates (not at Gettysburg)

                                    2th Separate Brigade: Bvt. Brig. Gen. William Hopkins Morris (not at Gettysburg)

                                                5th Del. Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                7th N.Y. Militia: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                17th N.Y. Militia: Lt. Col. John P. Jenkins (not at Gettysburg)

                                                18th N.Y. Militia: Col. James Rider (not at Gettysburg)

                                                27th N.Y. Militia: (to Dept. of the Susquehanna) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                55th N.Y. Militia: Lt. Col. Samuel Graham (not at Gettysburg)

                                                69th N.Y. Militia: Col. Mathew Murphy (not at Gettysburg)

                                                179th Pa. Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Patapsco (Md.) Guards: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                1st Conn. Cav. Batn. : (to Naglee’s D. in June) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                2d U.S.Art [I]: Lt. James E. Wilson (not at Gettysburg)

                                                5th N.Y.H. Art.: Col. Samuel Graham (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Lt. Col. Edward Murray (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Maj. Gustavus F. Merriam (not at Gettysburg)

                                                8th N.Y.H. Art.: Col. Peter A, Porter (not at Gettysburg)

                                                3d Pa. H. Art. [H]: (to 3 Sep. B. in June) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    3th Separate Brigade: (discontinued on June 26)

                                                Brig. Gen. Henry Shaw Briggs (rank=227) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                3d Del. Inf.: Col. Samuel H. Jenkins (not at Gettysburg) (to Lockwood’s B.)

                                                3d Md. Home B.: Lt. Col. Charles Gilpin (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Purnell (Md.) Legion: Maj. Robert G. King (not at Gettysburg) (to Lockwood’s B.)

                                                14th N. J. Inf.: Col. William Snyder Truex (not at Gettysburg) (to French’s D)

                                                150th N.Y.Inf.– Col. John Henry Ketcham (not at Gettysburg) (to XII Corps in July)

                                                151st N.Y.Inf.: (to French’s D) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                138th Pa. Inf.: (to Elliott’s Command) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Loudon (Va.) Rangers: Capt. Samuel C. Means (not at Gettysburg) (to Lockwood’s B.)

                                                5th U.S.Art [L]: Lt. Edmund Dana Spooner (not at Gettysburg)

                                                3d Pa. H. Art. [H]: (to Baltimore) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    4th Separate Brigade: (trans. to W.Va. June 24)

                                                Brig. Gen. William Woods Averell (rank=251) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                28th Ohio Inf.: Col. Augustus Moor (not at Gettysburg)

                                                2d W.Va. Inf.: Col. George Robert Latham (not at Gettysburg)

                                                3d W. V. Inf.: Lt. Col. Francis W. Thompson (not at Gettysburg)

                                                8th W.Va. Inf.: Col. John Hunt Oley (not at Gettysburg)

                                                10th W.Va. Inf.: Col. Thomas Maley Harris (to D2) (not at Gettysburg)                                      

16th Ill. Cav. [C]: Capt. Junius Jaehne (not at Gettysburg)

                                                3d Ohio Independent Cav. Lt. Jonas Seaman (not at Gettysburg)

                                                1st W.Va. Cav. [A]: Capt. Harrison H. Hagan(not at Gettysburg)(to AoP)

                                                3d W.Va. Cav. [H & I]: Capt. Lot Brown (not at Gettysburg)

                                                1st W.Va. Art. [B]: Capt. John V. Keeper (not at Gettysburg) (to D2)

                                                1st W.Va. Art. [G]: Capt. Chatfield T. Ewing (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Elliott’s Command: (June 26; to AoP, July)

                                                Brig. Gen. Washington Lafayette Elliott (rank=208) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                6th Md. Inf.: Col. John Watt Horn (not at Gettysburg)

                                                106th N.Y.Inf.: Col. Edward C. James (not at Gettysburg)

                                                110th Ohio Inf.: Col. Joseph Warren Keifer (not at Gettysburg)

                                                116th Ohio Inf.: Col. Thomas Francis Wildes (not at Gettysburg)

                                                122d Ohio Inf.: Col. William H. Ball (not at Gettysburg)

                                                123d Ohio Inf.: Col. William Tecumseh Wilson (not at Gettysburg)

                                                126th Ohio Inf.: Col. Benjamin Franklin Smith (not at Gettysburg)

                                                67th Pa. Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                87th Pa. Inf.: Col. John W. Schall (not at Gettysburg)

                                                138th Pa. Inf.: Col. Matthew Robert McClennan (not at Gettysburg)

                                    French’s Command: (Harpers Ferry, June 26; AoP, July 7)

                                                Maj. Gen. William Henry French (rank=57) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                1st Md. Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                4th Md. Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                7th Md. Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                8th Md. Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                14th N.J. Inf.: Col. William Snyder Truex (not at Gettysburg)

                                                151st N.Y. Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                10th Vt. Inf.: Col. A. B. Jewett (not at Gettysburg)

                                                4th Me. Art. Baty: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                17th Ind. Art. Baty: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                Baltimore Md. Baty: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                10 Mass Baty.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                1st Mass H. Art. [B,C,H & I]: Col. Thomas R. Tannett (not at Gettysburg)

                                                6th N.Y. H. Art.: Col. John Howard Kitching (not at Gettysburg)

                                                1st W.Va. Art [F]: Capt. Thomas A. Maulsey (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            Lt. John S. Herr

                                    Dx: (Organized at Harpers Ferry, July 8)

                                                Brig. Gen. Henry Morris Naglee (rank=127) (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B1: Col. George Duncan Wells (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            34th Mass Inf.: Col George Duncan Wells≠ (not at Gettysburg)

                                                                        Lt. Col. William Sever Lincoln (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            43d Mass Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            175th Pa. Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            1st Conn. Cav.: Capt. Erastus Blakeslee (not at Gettysburg)

                                                B2: Col. P. A. Porter

                                                            9th Md. Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            10th Md. Inf.: (not at Gettysburg)

                                                            8th N.Y. H. Art: (not at Gettysburg)



            Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker (rank=27) (relieved June 28) (not at Gettysburg)

                        Maj. William R. Sterling (c., June 17) (not at Gettysburg)

            Maj. Gen. George Gordon Meade (rank=50) (assumed June 28)

                        Maj. Benjamin Chambers Ludlow, ADC

                        Maj. James Cornell Biddle, ADC

                        Capt. George Gordon Meade, Jr., ADC

                        Capt. Addison Gordon Mason, ADC

                        Lt. Paul Ambrose Oliver, ADC

            Maj. Gen. Daniel Butterfield (rank=54), C. of S. ( w. July 3)

            Brig. Gen. Gouverneur Kemble Warren (rank=250), C. of S. (July 3–July 8)

            Maj. Gen. Andrew Atkinson Humphreys (rank=80), C. of S. (assigned July 8)

            Brig. Gen. Seth Williams (rank=81), Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Maj. Simon Forrester Barstow, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        A. Harper Caldwell, cipher operator (left Gettysburg for the Westminister supply base on July 3; thereafter Meade was handicapped by not being able to decipher communications).

            Col.  Edmund Schriver, Asst. Insp. Gen.

            Brig. Gen. Rufus Ingalls (rank=368), Q.M.

            Col. Henry Francis Clarke, Com. Sub.

            Brig. Gen. Henry Jackson Hunt (rank=243), Art.

                        Lt. Col. Edward Raynsford Warner, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                        Capt. John Neville Craig, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Lt. C. F. Bissell, ADC

            Capt. Daniel Webster Flagler, Ord.

                        1st Lt. John Rufus Edie, Jr., Ord.

            Capt. Benjamin Franklin Fisher, Sig. ( c., Aldie, Va., June 17) (not at Gettysburg)

            Capt. Lemuel B. Norton, Sig.

                        Capt. C. S. Kendall (c., Emmitsburg, Md., July 5)

                        Capt. Peter A. Taylor (Sig. 2d Corps)

                        Capt. James S. Hall (Sig. 2d Corps)

                        Capt. E. C. Pierce (Sig. 6th Corps)

                        Capt. Paul Babcock.(Sig. 11th Corps)

                        Capt. T. R. Clarke (Sig. 11th Corps)

                        Capt. David E. Castle (Sig., GHQ)

                        Capt. William Hill

                        Capt. Isaac Lyon

                        1st Lt. John Calvin Wiggins (Sig. 1st Corps)

                        1st Lt. George J. Clarke (Sig. 6th Corps)

                        1st Lt. John E. Holland (Sig. 12th Corps)

                        1st Lt. Norman Henry Camp

                        Lt. L. S. Fortescue (c., Emmittsburg, Md., July 5)

                        2d Lt. Aaron Brainard Jerome

                        1st Lt. Adin B. Capron, Asst. Q.M.

                        1st Lt. William S. Stryker, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Capt. Frederick.E. Beardslee, Field Telegraph

            Signal Corps additional during pursuit, assigned July 6:

            Capt. William Joseph Leonard Nicodemus, Sig. (not at Gettysburg)

                        Capt. Nathum Daniels (not at Gettysburg)

                        Capt. Ernst August Denicke (not at Gettysburg)

                        Capt. Joseph Gloskoske (not at Gettysburg)

                        Capt. Richard Dinsmore (not at Gettysburg)

                        Capt. William McCreary (not at Gettysburg)

                        2d Lt. Charles Herzog (not at Gettysburg)

                        1st Lt. Thomas P. Rushby (not at Gettysburg)

                        1st Lt. George Augustine Fisher (not at Gettysburg)

                        1st Lt. William John Galbraith (not at Gettysburg)

                        2d Lt. Ephraim A. Briggs (not at Gettysburg)

                        1st Lt. M. Denicke (not at Gettysburg)

                        2d Lt. Julius M. Swain (not at Gettysburg)

                        Lt. Samuel Cary Tuckerman (not at Gettysburg)

            Maj. Jonathan Letterman, Med. Dir.

                        Surg. John Meck Cuyler, Med. Insp. (assigned July 10) (not at Gettysburg)

            Brig. Gen. Gouverneur Kemble Warren (rank=250), Engr. ( w., July 2) ≠

                        Capt. William Henry Paine, ADC

                        Lt. Mitchell, Engr.

                        1st Lt. Ranald Slidell Mackenzie, ADC

                        1st Lt. Chauncey Barnes Reese, ADC

                        Lt. Washington Augustus Roebling, ADC

                        Sgt. Emmor B. Cope

            GHQ Troops: Brig. Gen. Marsena Rudolph Patrick (rank=135), Prov. Mar.

                        Col. George Henry Sharpe, Bureau of Information

                                    2d Lt. Charles Stuart McEntee

                        93d N.Y. Inf.: Col. John Simpson Crocker (not at Gettysburg)

                                    1st Lt. Joseph S. Little [A] (not at Gettysburg)

                        8th U.S. Inf. (8 companies): Capt. Edwin W. H. Read (not at Gettysburg)

                        2d Pa. Cav.: Col. Richard Butler Price

                        6th Pa. Cav. [E]: Capt. Emlen N. Carpenter

                        6th Pa. Cav. [I]: Capt. James Starr

                        Oneida N.Y. Cav.: Capt. Daniel P. Mann, Guards & orderlies

            Engr. B: Brig. Gen. Henry Washington Benham (rank=49)   (not at Gettysburg)

                        15th N.Y. Engr. (3 companies): Maj. Walter L. Cassin (not at Gettysburg)

                        50th N.Y. Engr.: Col. William H. Pettis (not at Gettysburg)

                        U.S. Engr. Batn.: Capt. George Henry Mendell (not at Gettysburg)

                        Capt. Charles Cadwalader (?)

1st CORPS: Maj. Gen. John F. Reynolds (rank=49); Commanding left wing, Army of the Potomac, including 1st, 3d, and 11th Corps on July 1] (k., July 1)

            Maj. Gen. Abner Doubleday (rank=63) (July 1) Ø

            Brig.   Gen. John Newton (rank=82) (assigned July 2 and 3 from 6th Corps)

            Lt. Col. Charles Kingsbury, Asst. Adj. Gen.

            Maj. William Riddle, ADC

            Capt. Stephen Minot Weld Jr., ADC

            Lt. Col. Henry Cary Bankhead, Asst. Insp. Gen.

            Lt. Col. James Jackson Dana, Q.M.

            Lt. Col. James Monroe Sanderson, Com. Sub.

            Maj. Joseph Rosengarten

            Capt. Craig W. Wadsworth, ADC

            Capt. Robert M. Mitchell, ADC

            Capt. John S. Bliss, ADC ( w.)

            Lt. H. W. Jackson, ADC

            1st Lt. Harry C. Egbert, musters

            J. Theodore Heard, Med. Dir.

            Thomas H. Bache, Med. Insp.

            GHQ: 1st Maine Cav. [L]: Capt. Constantine Taylor

D1–1st Corps: Brig. Gen. James Samuel Wadsworth (rank=42)

            Maj. Clinton Hanks Meneely, ADC

            Lt. Col. John Alexander Kress, Asst. Insp. Gen.

            1st Lt. Clayton Rogers, Prov. Mar.

            Capt. Charles H. Ford, ADC

            Capt. Timothy E. Ellsworth, ADC

            Lt. Edward Carrington, ADC

            Capt. Charles McClure, Asst. Com. Sub.

            B1­–D1 “Iron Brigade”

                        Brig. Gen. Solomon Meredith (rank=256) ( w., July 1)

                        Col. William W. Robinson

                                    Col. John G. Stephenson [Librarian of Congress], Vol. ADC

                                    Capt. Hollon Richardson, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Lt. Gilbert M. Woodward, ADC

                                    Lt. D. B. Dailey, ADC

                        19th Ind. Inf.: Col. Samuel J. Williams ( w. July 1)

                                    Lt. Col. William W. Dudley ( w. & c., July 1; released July 4)

                                    Maj. John M. Lindley (w. July 1)

                                    Surg. Jacob Ebersole

                                    Asst. Surg. Abram Haines

                                    Asst. Surg. H. A. Garver

                                    Lt. George Finney, Adj. (w.)

                                    Capt. David S. Holloway (w.)

                                    Capt. Joseph T. Ives (w.)

                                    Capt. John W. Shafer (w.)

                                    Capt. Patrick H. Hart  [H] (c.)

                                    Capt. Alonzo Makepeace (c.)

                                    Capt. George Green (c.)

                                    Lt. Harland Richardson (c.)

                                    Lt. Richard Jones [B] (k.)

                                    Lt. Crocklett T. East {K] (k.)

                                    Lt. William B. Wilson (w.)

                                    Lt. Samuel B. Schlagle [B] (w.)

                                    Lt. William H. Campbell (w.)

                                    Lt. Isaac W. Witemyre (w.)

                                    Lt. William W. Macy [C] (w.)

                                    Lt. James R. Nash (w.)

                                    Lt. Isaac Branson (w.)

                                    Lt. Chauncey B. Patrick.(w.)

                                    Lt. Adam Gisse (w.)

                        24th Mich. Inf.: Col. Henry Andrew Morrow ( w.& c., July 1; escaped July 3)                               

Lt. Col. Mark Flanigan (w. July 1)

                                    Maj. Edwin B. Wight (w. July 1)

                                    Capt. Albert M. Edwards [F]

                                    Capt. William H. Rexford, Adj  (w. July 1)

                                    Chaplain William C. Way

                                    Capt. Richard S. Dillon [A]

                                    2d Lt. H. Rees Whiting [A] (c.)

                                    Lt. W. W. Wight [A]

                                    Lt. Fredrick Buhl [B] (w.)

                                    Capt. Charles A. Hoyt [C] (w.)

                                    Lt. Winfield S. Safford [C] (k.)

                                    Lt. Lucius L. Shattuck [C] (k.)

                                    Capt. William J. Speed [D] ( k., July 1)

                                    Lt. John M. Farland [D] (w.)

                                    Capt. Malichi J. O’Donnell [E] (k.)

                                    1st Lt. Asa W. Sprague [F] (c.)

                                    Lt. Gilbert Dickey [G] (k.)

                                    Lt. Charles Hutton [G]

                                    Lt. Newell Grace [H] (k.)

                                    Capt George C. Gordon [I] (c.)

                                    Lt. Walter H. Wallace {K] (k.)

                                    Lt. Reuben Humpreville [K]

                                    Capt. William Hutchinson (w.)

                                    Lt. Abraham Earnshaw.(w.)

                                    Lt. Edwin E. Norton (w.)

                                    Lt. Michael Dempsey (w.)

                                    Lt. Witherspoon

                                    Beach, Surg.

                                    Collier, Asst. Surg.

                                    Towar, Asst. Surg.

                        2d Wis. Inf.: Col. Lucius Fairchild (w.& c., July 1)

                                    Maj. John Mansfield ( w., July 1)

                                     Capt. George H. Otis

                                    Lt. Col. George H. Stevens ( mw., July 1)

                                    Maj. H. A. Robbins

                                    1st Lt. Chasrles K. Dean, Adj.

                                    Lt. Henry B. Harshaw, Adj.

                                    Lt. Showalter

                        6th Wis. Inf.: Lt. Col. Rufus R. Dawes

                                    Maj. John F. Hauser

                                    Capt. Rollin P. Converse

                                    Lt. Charles P. Hyatt [B]

                                    Lt.  Goltermann [F]

                                    Lt. William N. Remington [I]

                                    Capt. John Ticknor (k.)

                                    Lt. Orrin D. Chapman (k.)

                                    1st Lt. Lloyd Grayson Harris (w.)

                        7th Wis. Inf.: Col. William W. Robinson

                                    Lt. Col. John Benton Callis ( w.& c., July 1)       

                                    Maj. Mark Finnicum (w.)

                                    Surg. E. F. Spaulding

                                    Surg. D. Cooper Ayres

                                    Surg. L. B. Brainard

                                    Chaplain W. Eaton

                                    1st Lt. William B. Sloat, Adj.

                                    2d Lt. James Johnson [A] (w.)

                                    Capt. M. C. Hobnart [B] (m)

                                    1st Lt. Charles E, Weeks [B] (w.)

                                    Capt. Alexander W. Bean [D] (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Andrew J. Compton [D] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Ben L. Estes [D] (w.)

                                    Capt. Levi E. Pond [E]

                                    2d Lt. Henry Gibson [E] (m)

                                    Capt. Henry F. Young [F]

                                    2d Lt. Alphonso A. Kidd [F] (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Charles Cook.[H] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. John W. Bruce [K] (w.)

                                    [Vol. John Burns (joined from 150th Pa. Inf.)]

            B2–D1: Brig. Gen. Lysander Cutler (rank=306)  

                                    Capt. John Azor Kellogg, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Capt. W. Bloodgood, ADC (w ., July 1)

                                    Lt. S. W. Woodrow, ADC (w ., July 1)

                                    Lt. T. W. Miller, ADC

                                    Lt. Homer Chisman, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Lt. Burritt

                        7th Ind. Inf.: Col. Ira Glanton Grover

                        76th N.Y. Inf.: Maj. Andrew J. Grover (k., July 1)

                                    Capt. John E. Cook

                                    Capt. H. W. Pierce [A]

                                    1st Lt. J. C. Hatch [C]

                                    Capt. S. M. Byron [D]

                                    Capt. J. L. Goddard [F]

                                    1st Lt. C. A. Watkins [G]

                                    1st Lt. N. G. Bartholomew [K]

                        84th N.Y. Inf. (14th N.Y. Militia): Col. Edward Brush Fowler

                        95th N.Y. Inf.: Col. George H. Biddle (w., July 1)

                                    Maj. Edward Pye

                                    Lt. Col. James B. Post

                                    Capt. James Creney

                        147th N.Y. Inf.: Lt. Col. Francis C. Miller ( w., July 1)

                                    Maj. George Harney

                                    Capt. J. V. Pierce

                        56th Pa. Inf. [cos. A, B, C, D, F, G, H, I, and K]: Col. John William Hofmann

                                    Lt. Gordon [B] (mw.)

D2–1st Corps: Brig. Gen. John Cleveland Robinson (rank=180)

                        Lt. Samuel Maurice Morgan, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Capt. John G. Hovey, Asst. Insp. Gen. (w ., July 1)

                        Lt. Frederick M. Hallock, ADC

                        Lt. Bratton, ADC

                        Lt. Meade, ADC

                        Lt. Smith, Ord.

            B1–D2: Brig. Gen. Gabriel Rene Paul (rank=361) ( w., July 1)

                        Col. Samuel H. Leonard (w., July 1)

                        Col. Adrian R. Root (w. & c., July 1)

                        Col. Richard Coulter (w., July 1)

                        Col. Peter Lyle (temp., from B2: D2)

                        Col. Richard Coulter

                                    Lt. Abner R. Small, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Lt. Howe, ADC

                        16th Maine Inf.: Col. Charles W. Tilton (c ., July 1)

                                    Lt. Col. Augustus B. Farnham

                                    Capt. Daniel Marston [C]

                                    Maj. Archibald D. Leavitt (arrived 4 July)

                                    Lt. Col. Augustus B. Farnum (arrived 25 July)

                                    Lt. Abner R. Small, Adj. ≠

                                    Lt. George A. Deering [F] (c.)

                                    Capt. Samuel Clifford Belcher [G] ( c., escaped 4 July)

                                    Capt. William H. Waldron [I] ( w. & c.)

                                    Lt. Lewis C. Bisbee [I] (c. , July 1)

                                    Capt. Stephen C. Whitehouse [K] (k.)

                                    Lt. Frederick H. Beecher (w.)

                        13th Mass. Inf.: Col. Samuel H. Leonard ≠

                                    Lt. Col. Nathaniel Walter Batchelder

                                    Maj. Jacob P. Gould

                                    Surg. Edgar Parker (w.)

                        94th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Adrian Rowe Root ≠Ø≠

                                    Maj. Samuel A. Moffett

                        104th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Gilbert G. Prey

                        11th Pa. Inf.: Col. Richard Coulter ≠ (see also under B2)

                                    Capt. Jacob J. Bierer

                                    Capt. Benjamin F. Haines

                                    Capt. John B. Overmyer

                        107th Pa. Inf.: Lt. Col. James McLean Thomson ( w., July 1)

                                    Capt. Emanuel D. Roath

                                    Capt. Jacob V. Gish [B]

            B2–D2: Brig. Gen. Henry Baxter (rank=344

                                    Lt. David P. Weaver, Asst. Adj. Gen. (w.)

                                    Lt. Francis Thomas, Asst. Insp. Gen. (k.)

                                    Lt. Robert C. Knaggs, ADC (c.)

                        12th Mass. Inf.: Col. James Lawrence Bates (w ., July 1)

                                    Lt. Col. David Allen, Jr.

                                    Capt. Edwin Hazel [K]

                        83d N.Y. Inf. (9th N.Y. Militia): Lt. Col. Joseph A. Moesch

                        97th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Charles Wheelock ( c., July 1; escaped July 4)

                                    Lt. Col. J. P. Spofford

                                    Maj. Charles Northrup

                                    Lt. Col. John Pembroke Spofford ( c., July 1)

                                                Chaplain John V. Ferguson

                                                Capt. Delos Hall [A]

                                                Capt. Rouse S. Egleston (c., July 1)

                                                Lt. Ebenezer B. Harrington

                                                Lt. L. B. Judd

                                                Lt. James Stiles (k.)

                        11th Pa Inf.: Col. Richard Coulter ≠ (see also under B1)

                                                Capt. Benjamin F. Haines (w.)

                                                Capt. John B. Overmyer

                        88th Pa. Inf.: Maj. Benezet Forst Foust (w ., July 1)

                                    Capt. Edmund A. Mass (c. )

                                    Capt. Henry Whiteside

                                    Capt. Edmund K. Patterson [K]

                                                Col. George W. Gile. (absent ?)

                                                Capt. Joseph H. Richard [E]

                                                Lt. Eldridge Levans [I]

                                                Lt. Sylvester Martin [K]

                                                Lt. George W. Grant (c.)

                                                Lt. R. S. Breath

                        90th Pa. Inf.: Col. Peter Lyle (temp. trans. to B1–D2–1st Corps)

                                     Maj. Alfred J. Sellers (MOH)

                                     Col. Peter Lyle

                                                Chaplain Horatio Stockton Howell


D3–1st Corps: Maj. Gen. Abner Doubleday (rank=63) ≠

                        Brig. Gen. Thomas Algeo Rowley (rank=289) Ø

                        Maj. Gen. Abner Doubleday (rank=63) ( w., July 3) (relieved July 5)

                                    Capt. Eminel Potter Halstead, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Capt. Edward C. Baird, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Lt. William L. Wilson, Asst. Adj. Gen. (w.)

                                    Capt. Richard F. Halsted,ADC

                                    Lt. Benjamin T. Martin, ADC

                                    Lt. Meredith L. Jones, ADC

                                    Lt. Harrison Lamdin, ADC

                                    Lt. Henry T. Lee, ADC

                                    Lt. Moore, ADC

                                    Lt. Col. Charles E. Livingston, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Capt. Charles H. Flagg , Asst. Insp. Gen. ( k., July 3)

                                    Lt. Col. Charles E. Livingston, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Lt. Frank H. Cowdrey, musters

                                    Maj. James Glenn, Prov. Mar.

                                    Lt. Jacob F. Slagle, Judge Adv.

                                    Capt. Ezra W. Matthews, Art.

                                    Lt. Charles T. Shaw, Ord.

                                    Maj. W. T. Humphrey, Med.

            B1–D3: Col. Chapman Biddle ( w., July 1)

                        Brig. Gen. Thomas Algeo Rowley (rank=289) ≠

                        Col. Chapman Biddle

                        Brig. Gen. Thomas Algeo Rowley (rank=289) (on July 2)

                        80th N.Y. Inf. (20th N.Y. Militia): Col. Theodore Burr Gates

                                    Lt. Col. Jacob Brodhead Hardenburgh

                                    Maj. Walter Van Rensselaer

                                    Capt. Joseph Corbin [F] (k.)

                                    Capt. William C. Cunningham [G]

                                    Capt. Ambrose Baldwin [K]

                                    Lt. Jake Young [K]

                                    Capt. Daniel McMahon (w. & c.)

                                    Capt. John D. S. Cook

                                    Lt. Alfred Tanner (w. & c.)

                                    Lt. Ross (c.)

                        121st Pa. Inf.: Maj. Alexander Biddle Ø

                                    Col. Chapman Biddle

                                    Maj. Alexander Biddle

                                    Capt. Ashworth (w.)

                                    Capt. Charles L. Atlee (w. & c.)

                                    Lt. J. Frank Sterling (w.)

                                    Lt. Funk (w.)

                                    Lt. Ruth (w.)

                        142d Pa. Inf.: Col. Robert P. Cummins (mw. , July 1)

                                    Lt. Col. Alfred Brunson McCalmont

                                    Maj. Horatio N. Warren

                                    Lt. William L. Wilson, Adj.

                                    Lt. Andrew G. Tucker [E] ( mw. & c)

                        151st Pa. Inf.: Lt. Col. George F. McFarland ( w., July 1)

                                    Capt. Walter L. Owens [D]

                                    Col. Harrison Allen

                                    Capt. William L. Gray [I] (c.)

                                    Lt. Trexler [K] (k.)

            B2–D3: Col. Roy Stone ( w., July 1)

                                    Lt. John E. Parsons, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Lt. William M. Dalgliesh, ADC

                                    Lt. Benjamin E. Walters, ADC                       

                                    Reamer, Surg.

                        Col. Langhorne Wister (w., July 1)

                        Col. Edmund Lovell Dana

                        143d Pa. Inf.: Col. Edmund Lovell Dana

                                    Lt. Col. John D. Musser ( w,. July 1)

                                    Capt. Charles M. Conyngham [A] ( w.)

                                    Capt. Asher Gaylord [D](w. & c)

                                    Lt. William LaFrance [E] (w.)

                                    Lt. O. E. Vaughan [K] (w.)

                                    Capt. C. K. Hughes (w., July 3)

                                    Capt. William A. Tubbs (w. & c)

                                    Capt. G. N. Reichard (w. & c)

                                    Capt. C. C. Plotz (w.)

                                    Lt. Charles W. Betzenberger ( mw.)

                                    Lt. H. M. Gorfon (w.& c)

                                    Lt. Lyman R. Nicholson (w. &c)

                                    James Fulton, Asst. Surg.

                        149th Pa. Inf.: Lt. Col. Walton Dwight ( w., July 1)

                                    Capt. John Irvin (w. & c., July 1)

                                    Capt. James Glenn [D] (Provost guard)

                                    Capt. A. J. Sofield [A] (k.)

                                    Capt. John H. Basler [C] (w.)

                                    Capt. Jones [G] (w.)

                                    Capt. Soult  [H] (w.)

                                    Capt. Brice H. Blair [I] (w.)

                                    Capt. Johnson [K] (c.)

                                    Capt. J. C. Johnson

                                    Hunter, Asst. Surg.

                        150th Pa. Inf.: Col. Langhorne Wister

                                    Lt. Col. Henry  S. Huidekoper (w., July 1) (MOH)

                                    Capt. Cornelius C. Widdis [A]

                                    Maj. Richard L. Ashhurst, Adj.

                                    Maj. Thomas Chamberlain (w ., July 1)

                                    Capt. George W. Jones [B]

                                    Capt John B. Fay [C]

                                    Lt. Perkins [C]

                                    Capt. William P. Dougal [D] ( w., July 1)

                                    Capt. Z. C. McCullough [E]

                                    Lt. Henry Chancellor [G]

                                    Capt. J. H. W. Reisinger [H]

                                    Lt. Bell

                                    Lt. Kilgore

                                    Lt. Sears

                                    Philip Quinan, Asst. Surg.

                                    [John Burns (w., July 1; trans. to 7th Wis. Inf.]

            B3–D3: Brig. Gen. George Jefferson Stannard (rank=343) ( w., July 2 & 3)

                                    Col. Francis Voltaire Randall

                                    Capt. William H. Hill, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Lt. George G. Benedict, ADC (MOH)

                                    Lt. Francis G. Clark, Prov. Mar.

                                    Lt. S. F. Prentice, Ord.

                                    Lt. George W. Hooker, ADC

                                    Capt. A G. Foster, Asst. Insp. Gen. ( w., July 2)

                        12th Vt. Inf.: Col. Asa Peabody Blunt (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Maj. Levi G. Kingsley, Med.

                                    Maj. Granville P. Conn, Med.

                                    Capt. Norman E. Perkins [A]

                                    Lt. George G. Benedict ≠

                                    Lt. George Hooker ≠

                        13th Vt. Inf.: Col. Francis Voltaire Randall

                                    Maj. Joseph J. Boynton

                                    Lt. Col. William D. Munson ( w., July 3 )

                                    Lt. James S. Peck, Adj

                                    Capt. John Lonergan [A] (MOH)

                                    1st Lt. John H. Sinnott [A] ( mw., July 3)

                                    Capt. Orcas C. Wilder [B]

                                    2d Lt. Edwin F. Palmer [B]

                                    1st Lt. Frank.Kenfield [E]

                                    Lt. Sidney S. Morey [E]

                                    1st Lt. Justin Naramore [F]

                                    Capt. Merritt B. Williams [G] ( mw., July 2)

                                    2d Lt. Charles W. Randall [G]

                                    Lt. Albert Clarke [G]

                                    1st Lt. Stephen F. Brown [K]

                        14th Vt. Inf.: Col. William T. Nichols

                                    Lt. Col. Charles W. Rose

                                    Asst. Surg. Lucretius Ross

                                    Lt. Nathaniel B. Hall, Adj

                        15th Vt. Inf.: Col. Redfield Proctor (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. Col. William W. Grant

                        16th Vt. Inf.: Col. Wheelock Graves Veazey (MOH)

                                    Maj. William Rounds

                                    Capt. Armes [B]

                                    2d Lt. Adin H. Whitmore [C]

                                                Lt. Lawton [F] (k.)

                                                Capt. William C. Danforth [K]

Art. B: Col. Charles Shiels Wainwright

                        2d Maine Art. (Baty B) [6 – 3"]

                                    Capt. James A. Hall

                        5th Maine Art. (Baty. E) [6 –12#]

                                    Capt. Greenleaf T. Stevens ( w., July 2)

                                    Lt. Edward N. Whittier

                                    Lt. Hunt (w.)

                        1st N.Y. Art (Baty. E)  (attached to Baty. L)

                        1st N.Y. Art. (Baty. L) [6: 3"]

                                    Capt. Gilbert H. Reynolds ( w., July 1)

                                    Lt. George Breck

                                    Lt. B. W. Wilber

                                    Lt. William H. Bower

                        1st Pa. Art. (Baty B) [4: 3"]

                                    Capt. James H. Cooper

                                    Lt. W. O. Miller (w., July 1)

                        4th U.S. Art. (Baty. B) [6: 12#]

                                    1st Lt. James Stewart (w ., July 1)

                                    2d Lt. James Davison (w., July 1)

2d CORPS: Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock (rank=55) (assigned to command 1st, 2d, 3d, and 11th Corps after the death of John F. Reynolds, relieving O. O. Howard, July 1)

            Brig. Gen. John Gibbon (rank=198) (on July 1) Ø

            Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock (rank=55) (on July 2) (assigned to 2d and 3d Corps after D. E. Sickles was wounded, July 3)

            Brig. Gen. William Hays (rank=265) (on July 3)

            GHQ 2d Corps

                        Lt. Col. Charles Hale Morgan, C. of S. and Asst. Insp. Gen.

                        Col. Francis Amasa Walker, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Maj. Nelson Henry Davis, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Maj. William Galbraith Mitchell, ADC

                        Capt. William De Witt Miller, ADC (w., July 2)

                        Lt. Col. Richard Napoleon Batchelder, Q.M.

                        Lt. Col. Joseph Sewall Smith, Com. Sub.

                        Capt. Henry Harrison Bingham, Judge Adv. and ADC (w.)

                        Capt. James Hall, Sig.

                        Capt. Isaac Brown Parker, ADC

                        Capt. Brownson, musters

                        Capt. Thomas L. Livermore, Ambulance train

                        Surg. Alexander N. Dougherty, Med. Dir.

                        Surg. Francis Le Baron Monroe

                        6th N.Y. Cav. [D and K]: Capt. Riley Johnson

D1–2d Corps: Brig. Gen. John Curtis Caldwell (rank=193)

                        Maj. George Washington Scott

                        Maj. John Hancock

                        Surg. Charles T. Kelsey

                        Surg. Richard Cresson Stiles

                        1st Lt. William P. Wilson, ADC

                        1st Lt. Daniel Kent Cross, ADC

            B1–D1: Col. Edward E. Cross ( mw., July 2)

                        Col. Henry Boyd McKeen

                        Col. Nelson Appleton Miles (assigned July 4)

                                    Capt. George H. Caldwell, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Lt. John H. Root, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Lt. Charles A. Hale

                        5th N.H. Inf.: Lt. Col. Charles E. Hapgood

                                    Maj. Richard E. Cross

                                    Capt. J. S. Ricker [C]

                                    Capt. G. F. Goodwin [D]

                                    Lt. William McGee [E]

                                    2d Lt.  Charles A. Hale ≠

                        61st N.Y. Inf.: Lt. Col. K. Oscar Broady

                                    Asst. Surg. W. P. Bush

                                    Capt. Willard Keech

                                    Lt. Charles A. Fuller (w.)

                        81st Pa. Inf.: Col. H. Boyd McKeen

                                    (temp. trans. to 148th Pa. Inf., June 30)

                                    Lt. Col. Amos Stroh

                        148th Pa. Inf.: Lt. Col. Robert McFarlane

                                    Col. H. Boyd McKeen (temp., June 30) ≠

                                    Maj. Robert H. Foster

                                    Surg. U. Q. Davis

                                    Asst. Surg. Alfred Hamilton

                                    Capt. Martin Dolan [F]

                                    Lt. Barzilla J. Inman (w.)

            B2–D1 “Irish Brigade”: Col. Patrick Kelly

                        28th Mass. Inf.: Col. Richard Byrnes

                                    Asst. Surg. Barrington

                        63d N.Y. Inf. [A and B]: Lt. Col. Richard Charles Bentley ( w., July 2)

                                    Capt. Thomas Touhy

                                    2d Lt. Dominick I. Connally (c.)

                                    Surg. Laurence Reynolds

                                    Asst, Surg. Charles Smart

                        69th N.Y. Inf. (2 cos.): Capt. Richard Moroney ( w., July 2)

                                    1st Lt. James Joseph Smith

                                    Lt. O’Neal (AWOL, July 2–4)

                                    Surg. William O’Meager

                                    Chaplain Thomas Willet (not at Gettysburg)

                        88th N.Y. Inf. (2 cos.): Capt. Denis F. Burke

                                    Capt. Patrick Ryder

                                    1st Lt. Charles M. Granger

                                    1st Lt. Thomas H. O’Brien

                                    2d Lt. Patrick J. McCabe

                                    Lt. William McClelland (mw. )

                                    Surg. Francis Reynolds

                                    Asst, Surg. Richard Powell

                                    Chaplain William Corby

                        116th Pa. Inf.: Maj. St. Clair Augustin Mulholland

                                    Capt. John Teed (m)

                                    Chaplain Edward McKee

            B3–D1: Brig. Gen. Samuel Kosciusko Zook (rank=312) ( k., July 2)

                        Lt. Col. Charles G. Freudenberg (w., July 2)

                        Col. Richard P. Roberts (k., July 2)

                        Lt. Col. John Fraser

                                    Lt. Charles H. H. Broom, ADC

                                    Lt. Josiah M. Favill

                        52d N.Y. Inf.: Lt. Col. Charles Godfrey Freudenberg ≠  

                                    Maj. Edward Venuti (k.)

                                    Capt. William Scherrer

                        57th N.Y. Inf.: Lt. Col. Alfred B. Chapman

                                    Surg. William W. Potter         

                        66th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Orlando H. Morris (w ., July 2)

                                    Lt. Col. John S. Hammell ( w., July 2)

                                    Maj. Peter A. Nelson

                                    Capt. E. F. Munn (k., July 2)

                                    Capt. G. H. Ince (k., July 2)

                                    1st Lt. Banta (w., July 2)

                                    1st Lt. Hardenbrook (w., July 2)

                                    1st Lt. Gosse (w., July 2)

                                    Capt. John P. Barthole

                                    Surg. Charles Squire Wood

                        140th Pa. Inf.: Col. Richard P. Roberts ≠

                                    Lt. Col. John Fraser 

                                    Maj. Thomas Rodgers

                                    Asst. Surg. W. W. Sharp

                                    Capt. David A. Cheson (k.)

                                    Capt. Jonathan F. McCullough [A]

                                    Lt. Alexander M. Wilson

                                    Lt. William S. Shallenberger, Adj.

                                    Lt. J. Jackson Purman (w.)

            B4–D1– Col. John Rutter Brooke ( w., July 2)

                                    Lt. Charles P. Hatch, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Capt. A. M. Wright, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    2d Lt. John H. Root, Asst. Insp. Gen. (w.)

                                    Capt. H. J. Smith (w.)

                                    Capt. C. F. Smith (w.)

                                    Lt. J. J. Whitney

                        27th Conn. Inf. [D & F]  Lt. Col. Henry C. Merwin (k., July 2)

                                    Maj. James H. Coburn

                        2d Del. Inf.: Col. William P. Baily

                                    Capt. Charles H. Christman

                                    Capt. Evans [A]

                                    Lt. H. W. Ottey [B] (k.)

                                    Lt. George G. Plank [E] (k.)

                        64th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Daniel G. Bingham (w ., July 2)

                                     Maj. Leman W. Bradley

                                    Capt. Henry Fuller [F] (k.)

                                    Capt. A. H. Lewis (k.)

                                    Lt. Babcock (k.)

                                    Lt. Thurber (k.)

                                    Capt. W. W. Wait

                        53d Pa. Inf.: [cos. A, B & K detached as provost guard]

                                    Lt. Col. Richards McMichael

                                    Maj. Octavus Bull (Prov. Mar., 2d Corps)

                                    Capt. William M. Mintzer [A]

                                    Capt. G. C. M. Eicholtz [B]

                                    Capt. Henry J. Smith [C]

                                    Capt. James S. Hall [D]

                                    Capt. John Shields [E] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Henry F. Manges [E] (w.)

                                    Capt. Theodore Hatfield [F] (w.)

                                    Capt. Archer F. Jones [G] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Arthur A. Mann [G] (w.)

                                    Capt. Philip R. Schreyer [H]

                                    Capt. Henry S. Dimm [I] (w.)

                                    1st Lt. George D. Piper [I] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. John Whitaker [I] (w.)

                                    Capt. William B. Coulter [K]

                                    2d Lt. Charles F. Smith [K] (w.)

                        145th Pa. Inf.: Col. Hiram Loomis Brown ( w., July 2)

                                     Capt. John W. Reynolds (w., July 2)

                                     Capt. Moses W. Oliver

                                                Chaplain John H. W. Stuckenberg

D2–2d Corps: Brig. Gen. John Gibbon (rank=198) ≠

                          Brig. Gen. William Harrow (rank=320)

                                    Capt. John P. Wood, Asst. Adj. Gen. (w.)

                                    Maj. Thomas W. Baird, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    1st Lt. Frank Aretas Haskell, ADC

                                    Capt. Wessells, Judge Adv.

                                    Lt. Moale, ADC

            B1–D2: Brig. Gen. William Harrow (rank=320) ≠

                                    Col. Francis Edward Heath ( w., July 3)

                                    Capt. John P. Blinn, Asst. Adj. Gen. ( mw., July 3)

                                    Capt. Cooper, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Lt. White, ADC

                                    Lt. Biggs, ADC    

                        19th Me. Inf.: Col. Francis Edward Heath

                                    Lt. Col. Henry W. Cunningham

                                    Capt. William H. Folger [D]

                                    Capt. Isaac W. Starbird [F]

                                    Capt. Silas Adams

                                    Lt. John Adams (w.)

                                    Asst. Surg. Henry C. Levensaller

                        15th Mass. Inf.: Col. George H. Ward (mw., July 2)

                                    Lt. Col. George C. Joslin

                                    Maj. Hooper

                                    Asst. Surg. Theodore O. Cornish

                                    Lt. David M. Earle, Adj.

                                    Capt. J. Evarts Greene

                                    Lt. William J. Coulter

                                    2d Lt. James May [H]

                        1st Minn. Inf. (co. 2, Minn. S.S. attached): Col. William Colvill, Jr. ( w., July 2)

                                    Capt. Nathan S. Messick [G] ( k., July 3)

                                    Capt. Wilson B. Farrell [C] (provost guard) ( mw., July 3)

                                    Capt. Henry C. Coates [A]

                                    Lt. Col. Charles Powell Adams ( w., July 2)

                                    Maj. Mark Downie (w., July 2)

                                    Lt. Peller, Adj (w.)

                                    Capt. W. B. Farrell [B] (mw. )

                                    Lt. May [B]

                                    Lt. Sinclair [B] (w.)

                                    Lt. Harmon [C]

                                    Lt. Mason [D]

                                    Lt. Demarest [E] (w.)

                                    Lt. DeGray [G] (w.)

                                    Lt. Waldo Farrar [I] (k.)

                                    Lt. Boyd [I] (w.)

                                    Capt. Joseph Periam [K] (mw. , July 2)

                                    Lt. Alfred P. Carpenter

                                    Lt. William Lochren

                                    Lt. Christopher  Heffelfinger

                        82d N.Y. Inf.: Lt. Col. James Huston (mw ., July 2)

                                    Capt. John Darrow

                                    Lt. Simms, Adj.

                                    Capt. Hughes

                                    Capt. Maxwell

                                    Lt. Herbert

                                    Lt. Cronin

                                    Lt. Kelly

                                    Lewis, Asst. Surg.

            B2–D2: Brig. Gen. Joshua Owen (rank=358) (arrested June 25)

                        Brig. Gen. Alexander Stewart Webb (rank=373) ( w., July 3) (MOH)

                        Capt. Charles Henry Banes, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        69th Pa. Inf.: Col. Dennis O’Kane (mw., July 3)

                                    Lt. Col. Martin Tschudy (k ., July 3)

                                    Maj. James Michael Duffy ( w., July 3)

                                    Capt. William Davis [K]

                                    Lt. William Whildly, Adj.

                                    Surg. Frederick F. Burmeister

                                    Capt. Patrick S. Tinen [D]

                                    Capt. George M. Thompson [F] (k.)

                                    Capt. Joseph W. Garnett [I]

                                    Capt. John E. Reilly

                        71st Pa. Inf.: “California Rgt.”: Col. Richard Penn Smith

                                    Lt. Col. Charles K. Kochersperger

                                    Surg. John Aiken

                                    Lt. Bryan Davis (c.)

                                    Lt. Stiles P. Hutchinson (c.)

                                    Lt. William S. Stockton (c. & released)

                        72d Pa. Inf.: Col. Dewitt Clinton Baxter ( w., July 2)

                                    Lt. Col. Theodore Heiser

                                    Maj. Samuel Roberts

                                    Surg. Martin Rizer

                                    Asst. Surg. A. Stokes Jones

                                    Capt. Henry A. Cook [A]

                                    Capt. Andrew C. Suplee [I]

                                    Capt. Whittaker

                        106th Pa. Inf.: Lt. Col. William L. Curry

                                    Maj. John H. Stover

                                    Lt. F. M. Pleis, Adj. (w.)

                                    Surg. Justin Dwinell

                                    Capt. John J. Sperry [A]

                                    Capt. James C. Lynch [B]

                                    Capt. Robert H. Ford

                                    Lt. John A. Steel

                                    Lt. C. S. Schwartz

            B3–D2: Col. Norman Jonathan Hall

                                    1st Lt. William Raymond Driver, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Capt. S. Newell Smith

                                    Capt. George W. Leach

                                    1st Lt. Henry A. Hale

                                    Lt. William E. Barrows

                        19th Mass. Inf.: Col. Arthur Forrester Devereux

                                    Lt. Col. Ansel Dyer Wass ( w., July 3)

                                    Maj. Edmund Rice (w., July 3) (MOH)

                                    Surg. Franklin J. Dyer

                                    Capt. William A. Hill

                                    Capt. John Adams (w.)

                        20th Mass. Inf.: Col. Paul Joseph Revere (mw. , July 2) [Posthumously commissioned Bvt. Brig. Gen., July 2]

                                    Lt. Col. George Nelson Macy ( w., July 3)

                                    Capt. Henry Livermore Abbott

                                    Capt. Patton (w.)

                                    Lt. Summerhayes

                                    Lt. Perkins

                                    Lt. Cowgill (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Henry Ropes (k.)

                                    Surg. Nathan Hayward

                        7th Mich. Inf.: Lt. Col. Amos E. Steele, Jr. ( k., July 3)

                                    Maj. Sylvanus W. Curtis

                        42d N.Y. Inf.: Col. James E. Mallon

                                    Capt. J. W. Tobin [F]

                                    2d Lt. John Maguire [D]

                        59th N.Y. Inf. [A, B, C, D]: Lt. Col. Max A. Thoman ( mw., July 3)

                                    Capt. William McFadden

                                    Lt. Schneider (w.)

                        1st Mass. S.S. (attached): Capt. William Plummer

                                    Lt. Emerson L. Bicknell

D3–2d Corps: Maj. Gen. William Henry French (rank=57) (to Middle Dept.) (not at Gettysburg)

                          Brig. Gen. Alexander Hays (rank=252) (assigned June 25)

                        Capt. George B. Corts, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Capt. James Parke Postles, Asst. Insp. Gen. (MOH)

                        Capt. Marshall Independence Ludington, Asst. Q.M.

                        Capt. Columbus J. Queen, Asst. Com. Sub.

                        Capt. George M. Dewey, Prov. Mar.

                        Lt. David Shields, ADC

                        Lt. W. E. Potter, Ord.

                        Lt. John S. Sullivan, Ambulance Corps

                        Isaac Scott, Med. Dir.

            B1–D3: Col. Samuel Sprigg Carroll

                                    Lt. J. G. Reid, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Capt. J. E. Gregg, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Lt. J. H. Carr, ADC

                                    Lt. Van Dyke, ADC

                        14th Ind. Inf.: Col. John Coons

                                    Lt. Col. Elijah H. C. Cavins

                                    Maj. William Houghton

                                    Capt. Nathan Willard, Pioneers

                        4th Ohio Inf.: Lt. Col. Leonard W. Carpenter

                                    Maj. Gordon A. Stewart

                                    Capt. Grubb (w.)

                                    Capt. Camp (k.)

                                    Lt. S. J. Shoub (k.)

                                    Lt. A. H. Edgar (k.)

                                    Surg. Harry McKindree McAbee

                                    Asst. Surg. John B. Laird

                                    Asst. Surg. Francis W. Morrison

                                    Chaplain Daniel G. Strong

                        8th Ohio Inf.: Lt. Col. Franklin Sawyer (w.)

                                    Capt. William Kenny

                                    Capt. Alfred T. Craig, Prov. Mar.

                                    Capt. John Reid (w.)

                                    Capt. Wickerson (w.)

                                    Lt. John T. DePey, Adj.

                                    Lt. O’Reilly

                                    Lt. Farnum

                                    Lt. Travis

                                    Lt. Hysung

                                    Lt. Thomas Francis Galwey

                        7th W.Va. Inf.: Lt. Col. Jonathan H. Lockwood ( w., July 3)

            B2–D3:  Col. Thomas Alfred Smyth (w., July 3)

                        Lt. Col. Francis Edwin Pierce

                                    Lt. William E. Seville, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Capt. James Parke Postles, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Lt. Charles S. Schaeffer, ADC (w.)

                                    Lt. Theron E. Parsons, ADC

                        14th Conn. Inf. “Nutmegs”: Maj. Theodore Grenville Ellis

                                    Maj. Theodore G. Harris

                                    Surg. Frederick A. Dudley

                                    Chaplain Henry S. Stevens

                                    Capt. John Broatch [A]

                                    Capt. Samuel A. Moore

                                    Capt. James Bollesa Coit

                                    Capt. Samuel Fiske [G] & ADC

                                    1st Lt. Frederick Seymour [I] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Samuel Seward (w.)

                                    Lt. George N. Brigham (w ., July 3)

                        1st Del. Inf.: Lt. Col. Edward P. Harris (arrested by Hancock on July 2; restored on July 4)

                                    Capt. M. W. B. Ellegood (k.)                          

                                    Capt. Thomas B. Hizar [I] ( w., July 2)

                                    1st Lt. William Smith [A] ( mw., July 3)

                                    1st Lt. Andrew Wall

                                    1st Lt. John T. Dent [G]

                                    Asst. Surg. J. W. McCullough

                        12th N.J. Inf.: Maj. John T. Hill

                                    Lt. Franklin, Adj.

                                    Capt. Charles K. Horsfall [E] ( k., July 2)

                                    Capt. Samuel B. Jobes [G] ( w., July 2)

                                    Lt. William Potter [G]

                                    Capt. Henry F. Chew [I]

                                    Capt. Richard S. Thompson [K]

                                    Capt. George D. Bowen

                                    Lt. John J. Trimble (w., July 3)

                                    Lt. McComb

                                    Lt. Acton

                                    Lt. Williams

                                    Lt. Eastwick

                                    Lt. Dare

                                    Maj. Alvin P. Satterwaith, Surg.

                        10th N.Y. (Batn.) “National Zouaves”: Maj. George F. Hopper

                                    Capt. George Francis Tait

                                    Lt. Charles W. Cowtan, Adj

                        108th N.Y. Inf.: Lt. Col. Francis Edwin Pierce ≠

                                    Surg. Francis M. Wafer

                                    Capt. Ephriam Wood (mw.)

                                    Lt. John H. Drake (k.)

                                    Lt. Erastus M. Granger (k.)

            B3–D3: (joined on June 25) Col. George L. Willard ( k., July 2)

                        Col. Eliakim Sherrill (arrested by Hancock; released July 3 upon application by Hays & MacDougall)

                        Lt. Col. James M. Bull

                        Col. Clinton Dugald MacDougall (w ., July 3)

                        Col. Eliakim Sherrill (mw., July 3)

                                    Lt. Lyndon H. Stevens                                 

                        39th N.Y. Inf. [A, B, C, & D]: Garibaldi Guards”

                                    Maj. Hugo Hildebrandt (w ., July 3)

                                    Surg. Ebenezer Day

                                    Surg. Frederick Wolf

                        111th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Clinton Dugald MacDougall

                                    Lt. Col. Isaac M. Lusk (w ., July 3)

                                    Capt. Aaron P. Seeley

                                    Capt. Smith [A] (w.)

                                    Capt. Holmes [D] (w.)

                                    Capt. Mead [J] (w.)

                                    Capt. Benjamin W. Thompson (w.)

                                    1st Lt. A. W. Proseus [E] (k.)

                                    1st Lt. John H, Drake [F] (k.)

                                    2d Lt. Granger [D]

                                    2d Lt. Hueston

                                    Lt. Samuel B. McIntyre

                                    James D. Benton, Asst. Surg.

                        125th N.Y. Inf.: Lt. Col. Levin Crandell

                                    2d Lt. Henry Haskell, Adj.

                                    Chaplain Ezra D. Simons

                                    Capt. Samuel C. Armstrong

                                    Capt. Ephraim Wood (w.)

                        126th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Eliakim Sherrill ≠

                                    Lt. Col. James M. Bull

                                    Surg. Pierre D. Peltier

                                    Capt. Morris Brown [A] (MOH)

                                    Capt. Benjamin Lee [I]

                                    Lt. Uriel C. Belles [I]

                                    Capt. Orin J. Herendeen (k ., July 3)    

                                    Capt. Charles A. Richardson

                                    Capt. Charleas M. Wheeler

                                    Capt. Winfield Scott

                                    Lt. Wagner (mw.)

                                    Lt. John F. Randolph

                                    Lt. Richard Bassett

                                    Lt. George Yost

Art. Brigade – 2d Corps: Capt. John Gardner Hazard

                                    1st Lt. G. L. Dwight, Ord.

                        1st N.Y. Art. (Baty. B) [4: 10#]

                                    Capt. James M. Rorty (k., July 3)

                                    Lt. Albert S. Sheldon (w ., July 3)

                                    Lt. Robert E. Rogers

                        1st R.I. Art. (Baty. A) [6: 3"]

                                    Capt. William A. Arnold

                        1st R.I. Art. (Baty. B) [6: 12#]

                                    Lt. T. Fred Brown (w.July 2 )

                                    Lt. Walter S. Perrin

                        1st U.S. Art. (Baty. I) [6: 12#]

                                    1st Lt. George Augustus Woodruff ( mw., July 3)

                                    2d Lt. Tully McCrea

                                    2d Lt. John Egan

                        4th U.S. (Baty A) [6: 3"]

                                    1st Lt.  Alonzo Hereford Cushing (k., July 3)

                                    Lt. Samuel Canby (w., July 2)

                                    2d Lt. Joseph S. Milne (k .)

                                    [Sgt. Frederick Fuger (MOH)]


3d CORPS: Maj. Gen. Daniel Edgar Sickles (rank=52) (w., July 2) (MOH)

                        Maj. Gen. David Bell Birney (rank=78)

                                    Lt. Col. Orson Henry Hart, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Lt. Col. Julius Hayden, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Maj. Henry Edwin Tremain, ADC

                                    Surg. Thomas Sim

                                    Capt. John B. Fassett, ADC (MOH)

                                    Capt. Thomas William Gardiner Fry, Asst. Com. Sub.

                                    Capt. Alexander Moore, ADC

                                    Capt. John Scroggs Poland

                                    HQ: 6th N.Y. Cav. [A]

D1–3d Corps: Maj. Gen. David Bell Birney (rank=78) ≠

                        Brig. Gen. John Henry Hobart Ward (rank=255)

                        1st Lt. James (Joseph) Cuffe Briscoe, ADC

                        Capt. J. M. Cooney, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Capt. G. W. Meikel, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                        Lt. S. J. Leigh, ADC

                        Lt. A. M. Raphael, ADC (w.)

                        Orpheus Everts, Surg.

            B1–D1: Brig. Gen. Charles Kinnaird Graham (rank=282) ( w. & c., July 2)

                                    Capt. Timothy L. Maynard

                                    Lt. R. Dale Benson, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Lt. George W. Perkins

                        Col. Andrew Hart Tippin (arrested)

                        Col. Henry John Madill (assumed July 2)

                                    Lt. Charles Hinman Graves, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        57th Pa. Inf. [A, B, C, E, F, H, I & K] Col. Peter Sides ( w., July 2)

                                    Maj. William B. Neeper (w. & c., July 2)

                                    Capt. Alanson H. Nelson [K] (w.)

                                    Chaplain W. T. McAdam

                                    Lt. Henry H. Hinds [A] (c., July 2)

                                    Lt. Jeremiah C. Green [A] (w.)

                                    Capt. J. W. Gillespie [B] (w.)

                                    Lt. James Burns [B] (c., July 2)

                                    Capt. Sprague S. Hill [C] (w.)

                                    Lt. Alexander B. McCartney [C] (w.)

                                    Lt. Michael Houser [C] (w.)

                                    Lt. Henry Mitchell [E] (k.)

                                    Capt. George Clark [F] (w.)

                                    Capt. Lorenzo Bumpus [I]

                                    Lt. John Cox [I] (k.)

                                    Lt. Thomas J. Crossley [K] ( c., July 2)

                                    2d Lt. John M. Robinson [K]

                        63d Pa. Inf.: Maj. John A. Danks

                        68th Pa. Inf.: Col. Andrew Hart Tippin

                                    Capt. Milton S. Davis        

                                    Lt. Col. Anthony H. Reynolds ( w., July 2)

                                    Maj. Robert E. Winslow (w ., July 2)

                                    Capt. John F. Clark (w.)

                                    Capt. McLearn (k.)

                                    Capt. Funsten (w.)

                                    Capt. Young (w.)

                                    Capt. Fulmer (w.)

                                    Lt. John J. Fenlin (w.)

                                    Lt. Ealer (w.)

                                    Lt. Black (k.)

                                    Lt. Reynolds (k.)

                                    Lt. Guest (w.)

                                    Lt. Porter (w.)

                                    Lt. Heston (w.)

                        105th Pa. Inf. “Wildcats”: Col. Calvin A. Craig

                        114th Pa. Inf.: “Collis’s Zouaves”: Lt. Col. Frederick F. Cavada ( c., July 2)

                                    Capt. Edward R. Bowen (also comdg. 141st Pa. Inf.)

                                    Capt. A. W. Givin

                                    Capt. Eddy

                                    Lt. Francis Fix (w.)

                                    Lt. Robinson

                                    Lt. Newlin

                                    Lt. A. W. Fix

                        141st Pa. Inf.: Col. Henry John Madill

                                    Maj. Israel P. Spaulding ( mw. & c., July 2)

                                    Capt. Joseph H. Horton [A]

                                    Capt. John F. Clark [E]

                                    Lt. Daniel W. Searle (w., July 2)

                                    Lt. Joseph Atkinson

            B2–D1: Brig. Gen. John Henry Hobart Ward (rank=255) ≠

                                      Col. Hiram Berdan

                                    Capt. John Moore Cooney, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    1st Lt. Alfred Maurice Raphall, ADC (w.)

                        20th Ind. Inf.: Col. John Wheeler (k., July 2)

                                    Lt. Col. William C. L. Taylor

                                    Capt. Charles H. Bell

                        3d Maine Inf.: Col. Moses B. Lakeman

                                    Maj. Samuel P. Lee (w., July 2)

                                    Capt. William C. Morgan [F]

                                    Capt. Keene (k.)

                                    Lt. Henry Penniman (k.)

                        4th Maine Inf.: Col. Elijah Walker (w., July 2)

                                    Capt. Edwin Libby

                                    Maj. Ebenezer Whitcomb (mw. , July 2)

                                    Lt. Charles F. Sawyer, Adj.

                        86th N.Y. Inf.: Lt. Col. Benjamin L. Higgins ( w., July 2)

                                    Maj. Jacob A. Lansing

                                    Capt. Baker [G]

                        124th N.Y. Inf.: “Orange Blossoms”: Col. Augustis Van Horne Ellis ( k., July 2) [posthumously commissioned Bvt. Brig. Gen., July 2]

                                    Lt. Col. Francis M. Cummins ( w., July 2)

                                    Maj. James Cromwell (k., July 2)

                                    Capt. Charles Weygant

                                    Lt. Henry P. Ramsdell, Adj.

                                    Capt. Isaac Nichols [G] (k.)

                                    Lt. Milnor Brown [I] (k.)

                                    Capt. William Silliman

                        99th Pa. Inf.: Maj. John W. Moore

                                    1st Lt. John R. Nice (mw. )

                        1st U.S.S.S.: Col. Hiram Berdan

                                    Lt. Col. Caspar Trepp

                                    Capt. Charles D. McLean (mw. , July 2)

                                    Capt. Nash

                                    Capt. J. H. Baker (w.)

                                    Capt. John Wilson

                        2d U.S.S.S. (8 cos.): Maj. Homer R. Stoughton

                                    Lt. Norton, Adj.

                                    Capt. E. T. Rowell (w.)

                                    Capt. J. McClure (w.)

                                    Capt. A. Buxton (w.)

                                    Lt. D. B. Pettijohn (w.)

                                    Lt. Law [E] (w.)

            B3–D1– Col. Philippe Régis Dénis de Keredern de Trobriand

                                    Capt. Benjamin McCullough Piatt, Asst. Adj. Gen. (w.)

                                    Capt. Israel Canton Smith (w.)

                                    Lt. Edwin B. Houghton, ADC

                                    Lt. G. W. Waldron, ADC

                        17th Maine Inf.: Lt. Col. Charles Benjamin Merrill

                                    Maj. George W. West

                                    Lt. Charles W. Roberts, Adj. (w.)

                                    Capt. Charles Mattocks [A]

                                    Capt. Milton M. Young [K] ( mw.)

                                    Capt. Almon L. Fogg (mw. )

                                    Capt. George W. Verrill (w.)

                                    Lt. Joseph Perry

                        3d Mich. Inf.: Col. Byron Root Pierce (w ., July 2)

                                    Lt. Col. Edwin S. Pierce

                                    Maj. M. B. Houghton

                        5th Mich. Inf.: Lt. Col. John Pulford ( w., July 2)

                                    Maj. Salmon S. Matthews (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Charles T. Bissell

                        40th N.Y. Inf. “Mozart Rgt.”: Col. Thomas Washington Egan

                                    Lt. Col. Augustus J. Warner (w.)

                                    Lt. William H. H. Johnson, Adj (k.)

                                    Capt. M. M. Cannon (w.)

                                    Lt. W. H. Gilder (w.)

                                    Lt. R. M. Boody (w.)

                        110th Pa. Inf. [A, B, C, E, H & I] Lt. Col. David Mattern Jones ( w., July 2)

                                    Maj. Isaac Rogers

                                    Capt. James C. M. Hamilton

                                    Capt. Cassidy (w.)

                                    Lt. David Copelin

                                    Lt. Stewart

D2–3d Corps: Brig. Gen. Andrew Atkinson Humphreys (rank=177)

                        Brig. Gen. Joseph Bradford Carr (rank=356) (assumed July 9) (not at Gettysburg) Ø

                        Brig. Gen. Henry Prince (rank=183) (assumed July 10) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. Col. Julius Hayden, C. of S. & Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Maj. Charles Hamlin, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Capt. Alfodo F. Cavada, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Capt. William Henry Chester, ADC  (mw., July 2)

                                    1st Lt. Henry Hollingsworth Humphreys ( w., July 2) ≠

                                    Capt. Carswell McClellan, ADC

                                    Capt. Thomas E. Johnston, Asst. Q.M.

                                    Capt. James D. Earle, Asst. Com. Sub.

                                    Capt. B. Weller Hoxie, Ord.

                                    Lt. Henry C. Christiancy, ADC

                                    Capt. G. S. Russell, Prov. Mar.

                                    Lt. Jesse Bowman Young, Prov. Mar.

                                    Calhoun, Med. Dir.

            B1–D2: Brig. Gen. Joseph Bradford Carr (rank=356) (w.)

                                    Capt. Le Grand Benedict, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Lt. George Oldershaw, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Lt. James Johnson, Asst. Q.M.

                                    Lt. James A. Cook, Asst. Com. Sub.

                        1st Mass. Inf.: Lt. Col. Clark B. Baldwin ( w., July 2)

                                    Maj. Gardner Walker (w., July 2)

                                    Capt. George E. Henry (w.)

                                    Lt. Henry Hartley [E] (k ., July 2)

                                    Lt. John S. Clark [K] (w.)

                                    Lt. James Doherty

                        11th Mass. Inf.: Lt. Col. Porter D. Tripp

                                    Maj. McDonald (w.)

                                    Capt. Henry M. Blake

                        16th Mass. Inf.: Lt. Col. Waldo Merriam (w ., July 2)

                                    Capt. Matthew Donovan

                                    Capt. Leander G. King (k.)

                                    Capt. David W. Rorsch (k.)

                                    Capt. Charles R. Johnson (w.)

                                    Capt. Atwood (w.)

                                    Lt. Hass [K] (w.)

                                    Lt. George F. Brown (w.)

                        12th N.H. Inf.: Capt. John F. Langley (w., July 2)

                                    Lt. William H. H. Fernal

                                    Capt. Asa W. Bartlett

                                    Capt. A. L. French [F] (k.)

                        11th N.J. Inf.: Col. Robert McAllister ( w., July 2)

                                    Maj. Philip J. Kearny (mw ., July 2)

                                    Capt. Luther Martin (k., July 2)

                                    Capt. Andrew H. Ackerman ( k., July 2)

                                    Capt. William H. Lloyd (w ., July 2)

                                    1st Lt. John Schoonover ( w., July 2)

                                    Capt. Samuel T. Sleeper

                                    Lt. James Baldwin, Adj

                                    Maj. James W. McDonald (w ., July 2)

                                    Capt. Doraster B. Logan (k ., July 2)

                                    Capt. William B. Dunning [K]

                                    Capt. Ira W. Cary [H]

                                    Capt. George A. Bowen

                                    Lt. Thomas Johnson [I]

                                    Lt. Buckley

                        26th Pa. Inf.: Maj. Robert Lewis Bodine ( w., July 2)

                                    Lt. Col. Thomas Holt

                                    Capt. Tomlinson

                                    Capt. Goodfellow (w.)

                        84th Pa. Inf.: Lt. Col. Milton Opp (not at Gettysburg)

                                    1st Lt. Jesse Bowman Young ≠

            B2–D2 – “Excelsior Brigade”: Col. William R. Brewster

                        Brig. Gen. Francis Barretto Spinola (rank=254) (assumed July 1; w., July 2)

                        Col. John Egbert Farnum (assumed July 2)

                                    Maj. John P. Finkelmeier, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Capt. George LeFort, Asst. Insp. Gen. (w.)

                                    Lt. Edward A. Belger, ADC

                                    Lt. J. A. Smith, ADC

                                    C. K. Irwin, Surg.

                        70th N.Y. Inf.: Col. John Egbert Farnum

                                    Maj. William H. Hugo (assumed July 27)

                                    Capt. M. J. Foote

                        71st N.Y. Inf.: Col. Henry L. Potter (w.)

                                    Chaplain Joseph H. Twichell

                                    Capt. Thomas Rafferty

                        72d N.Y. Inf.: Col. John S. Austin (w ., July 2)

                                    Lt. Col. John Leonard

                                    Maj. Abell

                                    Capt. Bailey

                                    Lt. William McConnell

                        73d N.Y. Inf. – Second Fire Zouaves”: Maj. Michael W. Burns

                                    Capt. Frank E. Moran [H] ( w. & c.)

                                    1st Lt. Charles H. Potter [B]

                        74th N.Y. Inf.: Lt. Col. Thomas Holt

                                    Chaplain Joseph B. O’Hagan

                                    Joseph D. Stewart, Asst. Surg.

                        120th N.Y. Inf.: Lt. Col. Cornelius D. Westbrook (w.)

                                    Maj. John R. Tappen

                                    Capt. Abram L. Lockwood

                                    Capt. Lansing Hollister [D] (k.)

                                    Lt. Edward H. Ketcham (k.)

            B3–D2 –Col. Samuel Bowman (assigned June 11)

                        Col. George C. Burling (assigned June 14)

                                    Capt. Thomas W. Eayre, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Capt. J. W. Crawford, Asst. Com. Sub.

                                    Lt. Merritt Bruen, ADC

                                    Lt. Henry R. Clark, Ambulance Corps ( mw.)

                        2d N.H. Inf.: Col. Edward L. Bailey ( w., July 2)

                                    Lt. Col. James W. Carr (w ., July 2)

                                    Capt. Henry Metcalf [H] (k.)

                                    Lt. Charles Vickery (mw. )

                        5th N.J. Inf.: Col. William Joyce Sewell ( w., July 2)

                                    Capt. Thomas C. Godfrey [F]  

                                    Capt. Henry H. Woolsey ( w., July 2)

                                    Capt. Healy (w.)

                                    Lt. Henry R. Clark [A] (k ., July 2)

                                    Lt. Thomas Kelly [I] (k., July 2)

                         6th N.J. Inf.: Lt. Col. Stephen R. Gilkyson 

                          7th N.J. Inf.: Col. Louis Raymond Francine (mw. , July 2)

                                    Lt. Col. Francis Price (w ., July 2)

                                    Maj. Frederick Cooper

                                    Lt. Charles R. Dougherty, Adj. (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Charles F. Walker [A] ( k., July 3)

                                    2d Lt. Robert Allen [A] (mw. )

                                    Capt. William James Evans [B]

                                    2d Lt. James H. Onslow [D] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Thomas Clark [H] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Mathias C. Hay [I] (w.)

                                    Capt. William R. Hillyer [K] (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Michael Mullery [K] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Stanley Gaines [K] (w.)

                         8th N.J. Inf.: Col. John Ramsey (w., July 2)

                                    Capt. John G. Langston

                         115th Pa. Inf.: Maj. John P. Dunne

D3–3d Corps: Brig. Gen. Washington Lafayette Elliott (rank=208) (not at Gettysburg) (detached to Maryland Heights; rejoined July 10)

            B1–D3: Brig. Gen. William Hopkins Morris (rank=322) (not at Gettysburg)

                        10th Vt. Inf.: Lt. Col. William Wirt Henry (not at Gettysburg)

                        151st N.Y. Inf: Col. William Emerson (not at Gettysburg)

                        14th N.J. Inf.: Col. William Snyder Truex (not at Gettysburg)

                        6th N.Y. H. Art: Col. John Howard Kitching (not at Gettysburg)

            B2–D3: Col. Joseph Warren Keifer (not at Gettysburg)

                        6th Md. Inf.: Col. John Watt Horn (not at Gettysburg)

                        110th Ohio Inf.: Col. Joseph Warren Keifer ≠ (not at Gettysburg)

                        122d Ohio Inf.: Col. William H. Ball (not at Gettysburg)

                        138th Pa. Inf: Col. Matthew R. McClennan (not at Gettysburg)

            B3–D3: Col. Benjamin Franklin Smith (not at Gettysburg)

                        126 Ohio Inf.: Col. William H. Harland (not at Gettysburg)

                        106 N.Y.   Inf: Col. Edward C. James (not at Gettysburg)

                        67 Pa. Inf.: Col. J. F. Staunton (not at Gettysburg)

                        87 Pa. Inf.: Col. John W. Schall (not at Gettysburg)

Art. B: 3d Corps: Capt. George E. Randolph ( w., July 2)

                        Capt. A. Judson Clark

                        Lt. P. S. Jastram, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        1st N.J. Art. (Baty B) [6: 10#]

                                    Capt. A. Judson Clark.

                                    Lt. Robert Sims

                        1st N.Y. Art. (Baty. D) [6: 12#]

                                    Capt. George B. Winslow

                                    Lt. Thomas H. Crego

                        N.Y. Art. (Baty. 4) [6: 10#]                

                                    Capt. James E. Smith

                                    2d Lt. E. S. Smith

                        1st R.I. Art. (Baty. E) [6: 12#]

                                    Lt. John K. Bucklyn (w., July 2)

                                    Lt. Benjamin Freeborn (w.)

                        4th U.S. Art. (Baty. K) [6: 12#]

                                    1st Lt. Francis Webb Seeley ( w., July 2)

                                    2d Lt. Robert James


5th CORPS: Maj. Gen. George Sykes (rank=56)

                        Lt. Col. Frederick Thomas Locke, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Capt. John W. Williams, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Lt. Col. William Henry Owen, Q.M.

                        Capt. William Jay, ADC

                        Capt. D. L. Smith, Asst. Com. Sub.

                        1st Lt. George Trenchard Ingham, ADC 

                        Maj. John Jefferson Milhau, Med. Dir.

                        C. T. Russell, Asst. Surg., Med. Insp.

                        Capt. James Allen Bates, Ambulance Train

            GHQ: 12th N.Y. Inf. [D & E] Capt. Henry W. Rider

                        17th Pa. Cav. [D & H] Capt. William Thompson

D1–5th Corps: Brig. Gen. James Barnes (rank=309) (w ., July 2)

                        Brig. Gen. Charles Griffin (rank=202) (assumed July 4)

                                    Capt. C. B. Mervine, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Capt. George M. Barnard, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Maj. William H. Lamont, ADC Ø

                                    Lt. Chartles H. Ross. ADC

                                    Lt. T. Corwin Case, ADC

                                    Capt. Percy B. Spear, ADC

                                    Capt. George A. Batchelder, Ord.

                                    Charles Shippin, Surg.

                                    1st Lt. Joseph C. Ayres, Ambulance Corps

            B1–D1: Col. William Stowell Tilton

                                    Lt. Edwin C. Bennett, Ambulance Train

                        18th Mass. Inf.: Col. Joseph Hayes (w.)

                        22d Mass. Inf.: Lt. Col. Thomas Sherwin, Jr.

                        1st Mich. Inf.: Col. Ira Corey Abbott (w.)

                                    Lt. Col. William Alexander Throop (w.)

                        118th Pa. Inf. – “Corn Exchange Rgt.”: Lt. Col. James Gwyn

                                    Maj. Charles Paine Herring

            B2–D1: Col. Jacob Bowman Sweitzer

                        9th Mass. Inf.: Col. Patrick Robert Guiney

                                    Capt. James F. McGunnigle [A]

                        32d Mass. Inf.: Col. George Lincoln Prescott (w.)

                                    Lt. Col. Luther Stephenson, Jr. ( w., July 2)

                                    Maj. James Adams Cunningham

                                    Capt. George Monteith, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Capt. Alvan C. Lamson, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Capt. John S. Burdett, Asst. Com. Sub.

                                    Lt. J. A. M. Seitz, ADC

                                    Surg. Clyde B. Kernek

                                    Capt. Charles E. Bowers

                                    Capt. Cyrus Tay [B] (w.)

                                    Capt. Josiah Fuller [C]

                        4th Mich. Inf.: Col. Harrison H. Jeffords (mw ., July 2)

                                    Lt. Col. George W. Lumbard

                        62d Pa. Inf.: Lt. Col. James C. Hull

                                    Maj. William G. Lowry (k.)

            B3–D1: Col. Strong Vincent ( mw., July 2)

                         Col. James Clay Rice

                                    Maj. William H. Lamont (trans. to 83d Pa. Inf. Ø)

                                    Capt. John M. Clark, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Capt. Eugene A. Nash, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Capt. Amos M. Judson, ADC

                                    Capt. Prentiss M. Folger, ADC

                                    Capt. William T. W. Ball, Asst. Com. Sub.

                                    James P. Burchfield, Surg.

                        20th Maine Inf.: Col. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain ( w., July 2) MOH

                                    Capt. Atherton W. Clark (assumed July 5?)

                                    Lt. Thomas D. Chamberlain, Adj.

                                    Capt. Walter G. Morrill [B]

                                    Capt. Howard L. Prince

                                    Capt. Ellis Spear

                                    Lt. Arad H. Linscott (mw. )

                                    Lt. James H. Nichols

                                    Lt. Homer S. Melcher [F]

                                    Capt. Billings (k.)

                                    Lt. Linscott (k.)

                                    Lt. Kendall (k.)

                                    [Pvt. Theodore Gerrish, (author)]

                        16th Mich. Inf.: Lt. Col. Norval E. Welch

                                    Maj. Robert T. Elliott (assumed July 16)

                                    Asst. Surg. William F. Beakley

                                    Lt. Rufus W. Jackson, Adj.

                                    Capt. Benjamin F. Partridge

                                    Lt. Ziba B. Graham [B]

                                    Lt. Browne [E] (k.)

                                    Lt. Borden [F] (k.)

                                    Lt. William Kydd [G]

                                    Lt. Jewett [K] (k.)

                                    Lt. Borgman (w.)

                                    Lt. Woodruff

                                    Lt. Forsyth

                                    Lt. Cameron (w.)

                                    Lt. Swart

                        44th N.Y. Inf.: Col. James Clay Rice

                                    Lt. Col. Freeman Conner

                                    Maj. Edward B. Knox

                                    Lt. George B. Herendern, Adj

                                    Capt. Benjamin K. Kimberly [A]

                                    Capt. Lucius S. Larrabee [B] (k.)

                                    Capt. Bennett Munger [C] (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Charles H. Zeilmanm [C] (w.)

                                    Lt. Eugene L. Dunham [D] (k.)

                                    Capt. William R. Bourne [K]

                                    2d Lt. Benjamin N. Thomas [K] ( mw.)

                                    Capt. Capt. Eugene A. Nash

                                    Lt. Albert N. Husted

                        83d Pa. Inf.: Capt. Orpheus Saeger Woodward

                                    Maj. William H. Lamont (assumed after the battle, when he had served as ADC to James Barnes)

                                    Lt. Martin V. Gifford, Adj.

                                    Capt. Amos M. Judson

                                    Lt. Joseph Grimler

                                    [Pvt. Oliver W. Norton, (author)]

D2–5th Corps: Brig. Gen. Romeyn Beck Ayres (rank=297)

                        Capt. George Ryall, C. of S. & Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Capt. Henry Laurens Chipman, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                        1st Lt. William Henry Powell, ADC

                        1st Lt. J. A. Sayles, ADC

                        2d Lt. Louis M. Hamilton, ADC

                        Capt. Augustus L. Thomas, Asst. Q.M.

                        Capt. Edwin Knowles, Asst. Com. Sub.

                        1st Lt. William Willard Swan, Ord.

                        Clinton Wagner, Asst. Surg.

                        1st Lt. George Louis Choisy, Ambulance Corps

            B1–D2: Col. Hannibal Day

                        Capt. Stephen Van Rensselar, Asst. Adj. Gen. (w.)

                        3d U.S. Inf. [B, C, E, G, I & K]:

                                    Capt. Richard Gregory Lay

                                    Capt. Andrew Sheridan (assumed after the battle)

                                    1st Lt. John Whitnet, Adj.

                                    Capt. Henry William Freedley ( w., July 2)

                                    1st Lt. John Henry Page

                                    1st Lt. George B. Butler (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Daingerfield Packer (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Isaac A. Helm

                                    2d Lt. George King Pomroy

                                    2d Lt. August Kaiser

                                    2d Lt. Stanley Mourton

                                    2d Lt. William Mitchell

                        4th U.S. Inf. [C, F, H & K]: Capt. Julius Walker Adams, Jr.

                                    2d Lt. John Simons, Adj.

                                    1st Lt. Henry W. Patterson, Asst. Q.M.

                                    Capt. Samuel M. Sprole

                                    Capt.  Abner Raleigh Benedict [C]

                                    1st Lt. Alexander Carolin [F]

                                    1st Lt. Thomas Atkinson Martin [H]

                                    1st Lt. William S. Collier [K]

                                    1st Lt. Alexander E. Sheldon

                                    2d Lt. Samuel T. Crowley (w.)

                                    2d Lt. George Williams (w.)

                                    2d Lt. John Miller

                                    2d Lt. John James Scipio Hassler

                                    2d Lt. George W. Dast

                                    2d Lt. George Acheson

                                    2d Lt. Gerhard Luke Luhn

                        6th U.S. Inf. [D, F, G, H & I]: Capt. Levi Clark Bootes    

                                    Capt. John McCleary

                                    2d Lt. James McKim, Adj.

                                    Capt. John Jaques Upham

                                    1st Lt. Daniel D. Lynn

                                    1st Lt. Alexander H. Freeman

                                    2d Lt. Jeremiah Peter Schindel

                                    2d Lt. George Anderson

                                    2d Lt. Thomas Britton

                                    2d Lt. John Walter Clous                      

                        12th U.S. Inf. [1–Batn.: A, B, C, D & G; 2–Batn.: A, C & D]

                                    Capt. Thomas Searle Dunn

                                    Capt. Frederick Winthrop [B]

                                    1st Lt. Silas A. Miller (k ., July 2)

                                    1st Lt. Emerson Hamilton Liscum (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Thomas L. Alston (w.)

                                    1st Lt. David Dougall Van Valzah (w.)

                        14th U.S. Inf. [1–Batn.: A, B, D, E, F & G: 2–Batn.: F & G]

                                    Maj. Grotius Reed Giddings

                                    Capt. William Harvey Brown

                                    Capt. Guido Ilges

                                    1st Lt. Patrick Collins

                                    1st Lt. George Mason Downey

            B2–D2: Col. Sidney Burbank

                        2d U.S. Inf. [B, C, F, H, I & K]: Maj. Arthur Tracy Lee ( w., July 2)

                                    Capt. Samuel A. McKee

                                    1st Lt. Adolph W. Kroutinger, Adj.

                                    1st Lt. George Hogg McLoughlin, Asst. Q.M.

                                    1st Lt. Frank Chester Goodrich ( k., July 2)

                                    2d Lt. Francis Edmond Lacey (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Thomas Byrne

                                    2d Lt. Daniel Webster Burke (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Robert Davis

                                    2d Lt. James Butler

                        7th U.S. Inf. [A, B, E & I]: Capt. David Porter Hancock

                                    Capt. James Porter Martin

                                    1st Lt. Wesley F. Miller ( k., July 2)

                                    Capt. Edward M.  Curtis

                                    2d Lt. James Cullen

                                    2d Lt. Alonzo A. Cole

                                    2d Lt. Richard Ross Crawford ( mw., July 2)

                                    2d Lt. Edward Coursen Woodruff (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Richard Comba (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Frederick E. Grossman (w.)

                        10th U.S. Inf. [D, G & H]: Capt. William Clinton

                        11th U.S. Inf. [B, C, D, E, F & G]: Maj. DeLancey Floyd-Jones

                                    1st Lt. Francis Almon Field, Adj.

                                    Capt. Thomas O. Barn (mw. ) (?)

                                    Capt. John Milton Goodhue (w.)

                                    Capt. William G. Edgerton (w.)

                                    Capt. George Gibson

                                    Capt. Charles Sawyer Russell

                                    Capt. Calib Rodney Layton

                                    1st Lt. Herbert Kenaston ( mw., July 2)

                                    1st Lt. Matthew Elder (mw ., July 3)

                                    1st Lt. John Chester White

                                    1st Lt. Edward Augustus Ellsworth

                                    1st Lt. George Edward Head

                                    1st Lt. Irvin B. Wright

                                    1st Lt. James Pepper Pratt

                                    1st Lt. Joseph Marshall Ritner

                                    2d Lt. Henry Rochford (mw ., July 2)

                                    2d Lt. Amaziah J. Barber (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Lemuel Pettee (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Oscar H. Nealy (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Abram Alexander Harbach (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Edward Stanton Huntington

                                    2d Lt. Richard Robins

                                    2d Lt. John McIntosh [John Smith McNaught]

                                    2d Lt. Wright Staples

                                    2d Lt. David Hazzard         

                        17th U.S. Inf. [1–Batn.: A, C, D, G & H; 2–Batn.: A & B]

                                    Lt. Col. James Durell Greene

                                    1st Lt. Alexander Menzies, Adj.

                                    2d Lt. Frank Eaton Stimpson

                                    Capt. Elisha Harrison Ludington [B]

                                    1st Lt. William H. Chamberlin ( k., July 2 )

                                    2d Lt. Edward Stanley Abbot ( mw., July 2)

            B3–D2: Acting Brig. Gen. Stephen Hinsdale Weed ( k., July 2)

                                    Col. Kenner Garrard

                                    Capt. Azor Smith Marvin, Adj.

                                    Lt. William K. Crennell, ADC

                                    Capt. Edgar Warren

                        140th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Patrick H. O’Rorke ( mw., July 2)

                                    Lt. Col. Louis Ernst

                                    Maj. Isaiah Force

                                    Capt. Porter Farley, Adj.

                                    Capt. James Pipes [A] (MOH)

                                    Capt. Milo Starkes [A] (w.)

                                    Lt. James J. Purman [A] (MOH)

                                    Capt. Christian Speis [B]

                                    Lt. Charles Kline [B] (mw. )

                                    Capt. Clark [C]

                                    Capt. Otis [D]

                                    Capt. Joseph M. Leeper [E]

                                    Capt. Harman [F]

                                    Capt. Perry Sibley [G] (w.)

                                    Capt. Grantsyne [H]

                                    Capt. James Rennick Campbell [I]

                                    Capt. Patrick K. Sullivan [K]

                                    Lt. Hugh McGraw [K] (mw. )

                        146th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Kenner Garrard

                                    Lt. Col. David T. Jenkins

                        91st Pa. Inf.: Lt. Col. Joseph H. Sinex

                                    Capt. Eli G. Sellers [G]

                        155th Pa. Inf.: Lt. Col. John H. Cain

                                    Capt. Samuel A. McKee [I] (w.)

D3–V Corps: “Pa. Reserve Division” (joined June 28)

                        Brig. Gen. Samuel Wylie Crawford (rank=171)

                        Capt. Richerd T. Auchmuty, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Maj. James P. Speer, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                        Capt. Louis Livingston, ADC

                        Lt. Richerd P. Henderson, ADC

                        Lt. William Harding, Ord.

            B1–D3: Col. William McCandless

                        1st Pa. Res. (9 cos.): Col. William Cooper Talley

                                    Capt. Henry N. Minnich

                                    [Sgt. Emmor B. Cope, trans. to Warren’s Staff]

                        2d Pa. Res.: Lt. Col. George A. Woodward

                        6th Pa. Res.: Lt. Col. Wellington Henry Ent

                        13th Pa. Res.“Bucktails”: Col. Charles F. Taylor ( k., July 2)

                                    Maj. William Ross Hartshorne

                                    Lt. Col. Joseph B. Pattee

                                    Lt. Col. Alanson E. Niles (w.)

                                    Capt. Neri B. Kinsey [C] (w.)

                                    Capt. Samuel A. Mack [E]

                                    Lt. George A. Ludlow [E]

                                    Capt. John Wolfe [F]

                                    Capt. Frank Bell [I] (w.)

                                    Lt. R. Fenton Ward [I]

                                    Lt. John C. Kratzer [K]

            B3–D3: Col. Joseph Washington Fisher

                                    Lt. John L. Wright, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Capt. Howard Harley, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Lt. Charles K. Chamberlain, ADC

                                    Lt. William H. H. Kerns, ADC

                        5th Pa. Res: Lt. Col. George Dare

                                    Maj. James H. Larrimer

                        9th Pa. Res: Lt. Col. James M. Snodgrass

                        10th Pa. Res: Col. Adoniram Judson Warner

                                    Lt. Col. James B. Knox

                        11th Pa. Res: Col. Samuel McCartney Jackson

                        12th Pa. Res [A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H & I]: Col. Martin Davis Hardin ii

Art. Brigade: 5th Corps: Capt. Augustus P. Martin

                        Mass. Art. (Baty. C) [6: 12#]

                                    Lt. Aaron F. Walcott

                        1st N.Y. Art. (Baty. C) [4: 3"]

                                    Capt. Almont Barnes

                        1st Ohio Art. (Baty. L) [6: 12#]

                                    Capt. Frank C. Gibbs

                                    1st Lt. William Walworth

                                    1st Lt. H. F. Guthrie

                        5th U.S. Art. (Baty. D) [6: 10#]

                                    Capt. Charles Edward Hazlett ( mw., July 2)

                                    1st Lt. Benjamin Franklin Rittenhouse

                                    2d Lt. Charles H. Carroll

                                    2d Lt. Samuel Peeples

                                    2d Lt. James Gilden

                        5th U.S. Art. (Baty. I) [4:  3"]

                                    1st Lt. Malbone Francis Watson ( w., July 2)

                                    2d Lt. Charles Curtis MacConnell

6th CORPS: Maj. Gen. John Sedgwick (rank=34)

                        Lt. Col. Martin Thomas McMahon, C. of S. & Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Maj. Thomas Worcester Hyde, Asst. Insp. Gen.

            GHQ –

                        1st N.J. Cav. [L]: Capt. William S. Craft

                        1st Pa. Cav. [H]:

D1–6th Corps: Brig. Gen. Horatio Gouverneur Wright (rank=74)

Provost Guard: 4 N.J. Inf. [A, C, & H]: Capt. William R. Maxwell

            B1–D1: Brig. Gen. Alfred Thomas Archimedes Torbert (rank=273)

                        1st N.J. Inf.: Lt. Col. William Henry, Jr.

                        2d N.J. Inf.: Lt. Col. Charles Wiebecke

                        3d N.J. Inf.: Col. Henry W. Brown

                                    Lt. Col. Edward Livingston Campbell

                                    Lt. Howard H. Goldsmith, ADC

                                    1st Lt. Archibald S. Taylor

                        15th N.J. Inf.: Col. William Henry Penrose

            B2–D1: Brig. Gen. Joseph Jackson Bartlett (rank=357) (also in command of B3–D3 on July 3)

                        Col. Emory Upton (on July 3)

                        5th Maine Inf.: Col. Clark Swett Edwards

                        121st N.Y. Inf.: Col. Emory Upton

                        95th Pa. Inf.: Lt. Col. Edward Carroll

                                    Capt. John S. Carpenter [B]

                        96th Pa. Inf.: Maj. William H. Lessig

            B3–D1: Brig. Gen. David Allen Russell (rank=267)

                        6th Maine Inf.: Col. Hiram Burnham

                                    Capt. R. W. Furlong

                        49th Pa. [A, B, C, & D]: Lt. Col. Thomas M. Hulings  

                                    Lt. Edward T. Swain (w.)

                        119th Pa. Inf.: Col. Peter C. Ellmaker

                        5th Wis. Inf.: Col. Thomas Scott Allen

D2–VI Corps: Brig. Gen. Albion Parris Howe (rank=209)

            B2–D2: Col. Lewis Addison Grant

                        2d Vt. Inf.: Col. James H. Walbridge

                                    Capt. Walter B. Kulburt

                        3d Vt. Inf.: Col. Thomas O. Seaver

                                    Capt. William H. Hubbard [G]

                        4th Vt. Inf.: Col. Charles Bradley Stoughton

                                    Capt. Jonas H. Platt [B]

                                    1st Lt. George B. French [C]

                        5th Vt. Inf.: Lt. Col. John Randolph Lewis 

                        6th Vt. Inf.: Col. Elisha L. Barney

            B3–D2: Brig. Gen. Thomas Hewson Neill (rank=293)

                        7th Maine Inf. [B, C, D, F, I, & K]: Lt. Col. Selden Connor

                        33d N.Y. Inf. (detachment): Capt. Henry J. Gifford

                        43d N.Y. Inf.: Lt. Col. John Wilson

                        49th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Daniel Davidson Bidwell

                        77th N.Y. Inf.: Lt. Col. Winsor Brown French

                        61st Pa. Inf.: Lt. Col. George F. Smith

D3–6th Corps: Brig. Gen. John Newton (rank=82) (assigned to command of 1st Corps on July 2) Ø

            Brig. Gen. Frank Wheaton (rank=269) (on July 2–3)

            Brig. Gen. John Newton (rank=82) (on July 4?)

            B1–D3: Brig. Gen. Alexander Shaler (rank=369)

                        65th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Joseph Eldridge Hamblin

                        67th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Nelson Cross

                        122d N.Y. Inf.: Col. Silas Titus

                        23d Pa. Inf.: Lt. Col. John F. Glenn

                        82d Pa. Inf.: Col. Isaac Charles Mifflin Bassett

            B2–D3: Col. Henry Lawrence Eustis

                        7th Mass. Inf.: Lt. Col. Franklin P. Harlow

                        10th Mass. Inf.: Lt. Col. Joseph B. Parsons

                        37th Mass. Inf.: Col. Oliver Edwards

                                    1st Lt. Charles Phelps

                        2d R.I. Inf.: Col. Horatio Rogers, Jr.

            B3–D3: Brig. Gen. Frank Wheaton (rank=269) ≠

                        Col. David J. Nevin

                        Capt. George Clendenin, Jr., Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Brig. Gen. John Jackson Bartlett (rank=357) (on July 3) ≠

                        62d N.Y. Inf.: Col. David J. Nevin

                                    Lt. Col. Theodore B. Hamilton

                        93d Pa. Inf.: Maj. John I. Nevin

                        98th Pa. Inf.: Maj. John B. Kohler

                        102d Pa. Inf.: Col. John W. Patterson (guarding trains) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. R. W. Lyon (not at Gettysburg)

                        139th Pa. Inf.: Col. Frederick Hill Collier ( w., July 3)

                                    Lt. Col. William H. Moody

                                    Capt. Jeremiah Sample [E] ( mw.)

Art. Brigade: 6th Corps – Col. Charles Henry Tompkins

                        Mass. Art. (Baty. 1): [6: 12#]       

                                    Capt. William H. McCartney

                        N.Y. Art. (Baty. 1) [6: 3"] 

                                    Capt. Andrew Cowan

                        N.Y. Art. (Baty. 3): [6: 10#]       

                                    Capt. William A. Harn

                        1st R.I. Art. (Baty. C): [6: 3"]          

                                    Capt. Richard Waterman

                        1st R.I. Art. (Baty. G): 6: 10#]       

                                    Capt. George W. Adams

                        2d U.S. Art. (Baty. D): [6: 10#]

                                    1st Lt. Edward Bancroft Williston

                        2d U.S. Art. (Baty. G): [6: 12#]

                                    1st Lt. John Hartwell Butler

                        5th U.S. Art. (Baty. F) – 6: 10#]   

                                    1st Lt. Leonard Martin

11th CORPS: Maj. Gen. Oliver Otis Howard (rank=51) (Commanded field forces July 1, vice Reynolds, until Hancock arrived with the assignment from Meade)

              Maj. Gen. Carl Schurz  (rank=76) (on July 1)

                        Lt. Col. Charles W. Asmussen, C. of S.

                        Lt. Col. Theodore A. Meysenburg, ADC

                        Maj. Charles Henry Howard, ADC

                        Capt. J. J. Griffiths, ADC (mw., July 5)

                        Lt. Col. William Gates Le Duc, Q.M.

                        2d Lt. Frederick W. Galbraith

            GHQ : 1st Ind. Cav. [I & K]: Capt. Abram Sharra

                         8th N.Y. Inf. [1 co.]: Lt. Hermann Foerster

D1–11th Corps: Brig. Gen. Francis Channing Barlow (rank=245) (w. & c., July 1; released July 4)

            Brig. Gen. Adelbert Ames (rank=364)

            B1–D1: Col. Leopold von Gilsa

                        41st N.Y. Inf. [A, B, C, D, E, G, H, I & K]: Lt. Col. Detleo von Einsiedel

                                    Capt. Alfred Theinhardt [I]

                        54th N.Y. Inf.: Maj. Stephen Kovacs (c.)

                                    Lt. Ernst Both

                        68th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Gotthilf Bourry

                                    1st Lt. Benjamin Schaum [A] (w.)

                                    Capt. Frederick Otto Fritsch

                                    1st Lt. William H. Beaver (k.)

                                    2d Lt. J. Clyde Miller

                        153d Pa. Inf.: Maj. John F. Frueauff

                                    Capt. Howard Reeder [G]

                                    Lt. William Beidelman

                                    Lt. William Simmers

                                    Lt. H. R. Barnes

            B2–D1: Brig. Gen. Adelbert Ames (rank=364) ≠

                                    Capt. J. M. Brown, Asst. Adj. Gen.                

                        Col. Andrew Lintner Harris  Ø

                        Col. William Henry Noble (assumed July 4)

                        17th Conn. Inf.: Lt. Col. Douglas Fowler (k ., July 1)

                                    Maj. Allen G. Brady

                                    Col. William Henry Noble (assumed July 4) ≠

                                    Lt. H. Whitney Chatfield, Adj.

                                    Capt. McQuhae [A]

                                    Capt. Hobbie [B]

                                    Capt. Allen [F]

                                    Capt. McCarty [K]

                                    Capt. Moore (k.)

                                    Capt. Wilson French (w. & c.)

                                    Capt, Quinn (w.)

                                    Lt. Bartram (c.)

                        25th Ohio Inf.: Lt. Col. Jeremiah Williams (c ., July 1)

                                    Capt. Nathaniel J. Manning (w.)

                                    Lt. William Maloney (w., July 2)

                                    Lt. Israel White

                        75th Ohio Inf.: Col. Andrew Lintner Harris

                                    Capt. George B. Fox

                                    Col. Andrew Lintner Harris

                        107th Ohio Inf.: Col. Seraphim Meyer

                                     Capt. John M. Lutz

D2–11th Corps: Brig. Gen. Adolf von Steinwehr (rank=100)

                        Capt. F. W. Stowe, Asst. Adj. Gen. (w.)

                        1st Lt. Rudolph Hullub, Topo. Engr.

            B1–D2: Col. Charles L. Coster

                        134th N.Y. Inf.: Lt. Col. Allan H. Jackson

                                    Maj. George W. B. Seeley

                                    Capt. Henry I. Palmer, Adj. (k.)

                                    2d Lt. Benjamin F. Sheldon [B]

                                    Capt. Solyman G. Hamlin [C] (c.)

                                    1st Lt. Thomas Forrest [C]

                                    2d Lt. John W. Kennedy (c.)

                                    Capt. Gilbert D. Kennedy [F]

                                    1st Lt. George A. Turnbull [F]

                                    Capt. Clinton C. Brown [G]

                        154th N.Y. Inf.: “Hardtack Rgt.”: Lt. Col. Daniel B. Allen

                                    Maj. Lewis D. Warner

                                    Surg. Henry Van Aernam

                                    Asst. Surg. Dwight W. Day

                                    Asst. Surg. Corydon C. Rugg

                                    Chaplain Henry D. Lowing

                                    1st Lt. Alanson Crosby, Adj. ( c.; escaped July 10)

                                    Capt. Benjamin G. Casler [A] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. Coryelle G. Stevens [A] (c.)

                                    Capt. Simeon V. Poor [B] (c.)

                                    Lt. James W. Bird [B]

                                    1st Lt. Isaac T. Jenkins (c.)

                                    1st Lt. John Mitchell [C] ( c.; escaped July 10)

                                    2d Lt. Warren Onan [C]

                                    Capt. Harrison Cheney [D] ( c.; escaped July 10)

                                    Capt. Joseph Fay [E] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. Alexander McDade [E] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. Dana P. Horton [F] (w.)

                                    Capt. Matthew B. Cheney [G] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Alfonzo Casler [G]

                                    2d Lt. George Winters [H] ( w. & c.; released July 5)

                                    Capt. Edward Porter [I] (c.)

                                    1st Lt. Byron Johnston [I]

                                    2d Lt. John M. Henry [I] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. Salmon W. Beardsley [K]

                        27th Pa. Inf.: Lt. Col. Lorenz Cantador

                                    1st Lt. Adolphus F. Vogelbach

                        73d Pa. Inf.: Capt. Daniel F. Kelley

            B2–D1: Col. Orland Smith

                                    Capt. Benjamin F. Stone, Jr., Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Capt. J. D. Maderia, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Capt. E. H. Pratt, ADC

                                    Lt. H. E. Van Zant, ADC

                        33d Mass. Inf.: Col. Adin Ballou Underwood

                                    Capt. Albion W. Tebbetts [B]

                                    Capt. Elisha Doane [I]

                                    Lt. Arthur C. Parker [I]

                        136th N.Y. Inf.: Col. James Wood, Jr.

                        55th Ohio Inf.: Col. Charles B. Gambee

                        73d Ohio Inf.: Lt. Col. Richard Long

D3–11th Corps: Maj. Gen. Carl Schurz (rank=76) ≠

                        Brig. Gen. Alexander Schimmelfennig (rank=281) (on July 1)

                        Lt. Col. August Otto, C. of S. (w.)

                        Capt. Frederick Charles Winkler, Asst. Adj. Gen.

            B1–D3: Brig. Gen. Alexander Schimmelfennig (rank=281) ≠

                        Col. George von Amsberg

                        Brig. Gen. Hector Tyndale (rank=330) (assumed July 14)

                        82d Ill. Inf.: Col. Frederick Hecker

                                    Lt. Col. Edward Selig Salomon

                        45th N.Y. Inf.: Col. George Amsberg ≠

                                    Lt. Col. Adolphus Dobke

                                    Capt. Francis Irsch [D] (MOH)

                        143d N.Y.Inf.: Col. Horace Boughton (arrived July 14) (not at Gettysburg)

                        157th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Philip Perry Brown, Jr.

                                    Lt. Col. George Arrowsmith ( w., July 1)

                                    Capt. Frank Place (c., July 2)

                        61st Ohio Inf.: Col. Stephen Joseph McGroarty

                                    Lt. Col. William H. H. Bown                       

                        74th Pa. Inf.: Col. Adolph von Hartung (w ., July 1)

                                    Lt. Col. Alexander von Mitzel

                                    Capt. Gustav Schleiter

                                    Capt. Henry Krauseneck

            B2–D3: Col. Waldimir Bonaventura Krzyzanowski

                         58th N.Y. Inf.: Lt. Col. August Otto (to C. of S., D3) ≠

                                     Capt. Emil Koenig

                         119th N.Y. Inf.: Col. John Thomas Lockman ( w., July 1)

                                    Lt. Col. Edward F. Lloyd

                                    Maj. Benjamin A. Willis

                                    Lt. Theodore Ayrault Dodge, Adj. (w.)

                                    Capt. Volkhausen (w.)

                                    Lt. Trumpelman (mw.)

                                    Lt. M. Rasemann (k.)

                                    Lt. Frost (k.)

                         82d Ohio Inf.: Col. James Sidney Robinson ( w., July 1)

                                    Lt. Col. David Thomson

                                    Capt. Alfred Lee [E] (w. & c.)

                         75th Pa. Inf.: Col. Francis Mahler (mw. , July 1)

                                    Maj. August Ledig

                                    Asst. Surg. William A. Barry

                         26th Wis. Inf.: [Col. William H. Jacobs (not at Gettysburg)]

                                    Lt. Col. Hans Boebel (w., July 1)

                                    Maj. Baetz (w.)

                                    Capt. John W. Fuchs

                                    Capt. Frederick C. Winkler

                                    Lt. Wallber, Adj. (c.)

Art. Brig : Maj. Thomas W. Osborn

                        Lt. George W. Freeman, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        1st N.Y. Art. (Baty. I) [6: 3"] 

                                    Capt. Michael Wiedrich

                                    Lt. Christopher Schmidt

                                    Lt. Sahm (w.)

                                    Lt. Stock (w.)

                        N.Y. Art. (Baty. 13) [4: 3"]

                                    1st Lt. William Wheeler

                        1st Ohio Art. (Baty. I) [6: 12#] 

                                    Capt. Hubert Dilger

                                    Lt. Clark Scripture

                        1st Ohio Art. (Baty. K) [4: 12#]

                                     Capt. Lewis Heckman

                        4th U.S. Art. (Baty. G) [6: 12#] 

                                    1st Lt. Bayard Wilkeson (mw ., July 1)            

                                    1st Lt. Eugene Adolphus Bancroft

                                    2d Lt. Christopher Frederick Merkle

12th CORPS: Maj. Gen. Henry Warner Slocum (rank=32) (commanding right wing: 12th Corps and for a time 5th & 6th Corps)

                        Brig. Gen. Alpheus Starkey Williams (rank=32)

                        Lt. Col. Hiram C. Rodgers, Asst. Adj. Gen.

            Provost Guard: 12th Corps

                        10th Me. Inf. [A, B & D]: Capt. John D. Beardsley

                                    Surg. H. N. Howard

D1–12th Corps: Brig. Gen. Alpheus Starkey Williams (rank=32) ≠

                        Brig. Gen. Thomas Howard Ruger (rank=324)

Capt.            S. E. Pittman, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Capt. M. P. Whitney, Prov. Mar.

                        Lt. E. W. Pattison, Musters

                        Lt. George Robinson, ADC

            B1–D1: Col. Archibald L. McDougall

                        Capt. E. J. Rice, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Capt. William Cogswell, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                        Lt. Darwin S. Gilger, ADC (w.)

                        5th Conn. Inf.: Col. Warren W. Packer

                                    M. C. Welch, Chaplain (c., but escaped)

                        20th Conn. Inf.: Lt. Col. William B. Wooster

                                    Maj. Philo B. Buckingham

                                    Capt. W. W. Smith

                        3d Md. Inf.: Col. Joseph M. Sudsburg

                                    Lt. Col. Gilbert P. Robinson

                        123d N.Y. Inf.: Lt. Col. James Clarence Rogers

                                    Capt. Adolphus H. Tanner

                                    Capt. Weer (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Marcus Beadle [E] (c.)

                        145th N.Y. Inf.: Col. E. Livingston Price

                                    Capt. T. S. Allen [C]

                        46th Pa. Inf.: Col. James Levan Selfridge

                                    Capt. Alexander W. Selfridge [H]

                                    Lt. John Case [I]

                                    Capt. Joseph Matchett

            B2–D1: (from Middle Dept. June 25; independent command during the battle): Brig. Gen. Henry Hayes Lockwood (rank=39)

                        1st Md. Potomac Home Brigade: Col. William P. Maulsby

                                    1st Lt. James T. Smith [C] (k.)

                                    1st Lt. John L. Willman [D] (k.)

                                    1st Lt. Charles E. Eader [I] (k.)

                                    Willard, Asst. Surg.

                        1st Md. Eastern Shore Inf.: Col. James Wallace

                                    Lt. Col. Comegys

                        150th N.Y. Inf.: Col. John Henry Ketcham

                                    Lt. Col. Charles Gratiot Bartlett

                                    Maj. Alfred Baker Smith

                                    Chaplain Thomas Vassar

                                    Capt. Joseph H. Cogswell [A]

                                    Capt. Robert McConnell [B]

                                    Capt. John Green [F]

                                    Capt. Edward Wickes [G]

                                    1st Lt. Richard Titus

                                    Lt. Pulaski Bowman (c., June 29)

            B3–D1: Brig. Gen. Thomas Howard Ruger (rank=324) ≠

                        Col. Silas Colgrove

                                    1st Lt. Robert P. Dechert, ADC

                                    1st Lt. William M. Snow, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    2d Lt. James E. Crane, ADC

                        27th Ind. Inf.: Col. Silas Colgrove

                                    Lt. Col. John R. Fesler

                                    Maj. T. F. Colgrove

                        2d Mass. Inf.: Lt. Col. Charles Redington Mudge ( k., July 3)

                                    Maj. Charles F. Morse

                                    Col. William Cogswell (assumed July 10) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. George [B]

                                    Lt. Henry Newton Comey [C] (w.)

                                    Capt. Thomas Robeson [E] ( mw.)

                                    Lt. Carroll [F]

                                    Capt. Thomas Bayley Fox [K] ( mw.)

                                    Capt. George A. Thayer

                                    Capt. Crowninshield

                                    2d Lt. William E. Perkins

                                    Lt. Gelray (w.)

                                    Lt. Mehan

                                    Lt.  Parker

                                    Lt.  Sawyer

                        13th N.J. Inf.: Col. Ezra Carman (commanded mixed force of 5th Conn., 13th N.J. and 107th N.Y.) Lt. Col. John Grimes (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. Beardsley

                                    Capt. Harris

                        107th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Nirom Marium Crane

                                    Lt. Swain [B]

                                    Capt. Bachman [E]

                        3d Wis. Inf.: Col. William Hawley

                                    Lt. Col. Martin Flood

D2–12th Corps “White Star”: Brig. Gen. John White Geary (rank=175)

                        Capt. Thomas H. Elliott, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Capt. G. L. Parker, Asst. Q.M.

                        Capt. James Gillett, Asst. Com. Sub.

                        Herbst, Surg.

            B1–D2: Col. Charles Candy

                        1st Lt. A. H. W. Creigh, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Capt. W. N. Gwynne, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                        Lt. C. W. Kellogg, ADC

                        Lt. J. W. Hitt, ADC

                        5th Ohio Inf.: Col. John H. Patrick

                                    Lt. Henry C. Brinkman (w.)

                        7th Ohio Inf.: Col. William R. Creighton

                                    Lt. Col. O. J. Crane

                                    Capt. Samuel McClellan [H]

                                    Lt. Henry Dean

                        29th Ohio Inf.: Capt. Wilbur F. Stevens ( w., July 2 & 3)

                                    Capt. Edward Hayes

                                    Capt. Schoonover

                                    Capt. Wright

                                    Capt. Baldwin

                                    Lt. Crane

                                    Lt. Dice

                                    Lt. Fulkerson

                                    Lt. George Hayward [E] (k ., July 3)

                                    Lt. Grant

                                    Lt. Hulbert

                                    Lt. John G. Marsh (mw.)

                                    Lt. Nash

                                    Lt. Russell

                                    Lt. Storer

                                    Lt. Wilson

                                    Lt. Woodbury

                        66th Ohio Inf.: Col. Eugene Powell

                                    Maj. Joshua G. Palmer (mw. , July 3)

                        28th Pa. Inf.: Capt. John Flynn

                                    Capt. John O. Foering

                        147th Pa. Inf. [A, B, C, D, E, F, G, & H] – Lt. Col. Ario Pardee, Jr .

                                    Maj. Harney

                                    Capt. Ashton S. Tourison [E]

                                    Capt. Joseph A. Moore

                                    1st Lt. William H. Tourison (k.)

            B2–D2: Col. George Ashworth Cobham, Jr. Ø

                        Brig. Gen. Thomas Leiper Kane (rank=241) (on July 2)

                        Col. George Ashworth Cobham, Jr. (July 2)

                                    Lt. Leiper, ADC

                        29th Pa. Inf.: Col. William Rickards, Jr.

                                    Lt. Col. Samuel Morton Zulick

                                    Capt. George E. Johnson [B] (c.)

                                    Lt. Edward J. Harvey [K] (k.)

                                    Lt. McKeever (k.)

                                    Lt. W. H. White

                        109th Pa. Inf.: Capt. Frederick.L. Gimber

                        111th Pa. Inf.: Lt. Col. Thomas McCormick.Walker   Ø

                                    Col. George Ashworth Cobham, Jr. ≠

                                    Lt. Col. Thomas McCormick Walker  

                                    Capt. Woeltge

                                    Capt. Thomas

                                    Capt. Warner

            B3–D2: Brig. Gen. George Sears Greene (rank=196) ( w., July 3)

                                    Capt. Charles P. Horton, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Capt. A. B. Shipman

                                    Lt. J. J. Cantine, ADC

                                    Lt. C. T. Greene, ADC

                        60th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Abel Godard

                                    Lt. Col. John C. O. Redington

                                    Capt. Jesse H. Jones

                        78th N.Y. Inf.: Lt. Col. Herbert von Hammerstein

                                    Lt. Col. John Redington

                                    Maj. Randall (w.)

                                    Lt. Postley, Adj.

                        102d N.Y. Inf.: Col. James C. Lane (w., July 2)

                                    Capt. Lewis R. Stegman

                                    Capt. John Mead [K] (k.)

                                    Lt. J. Virgil Upham, Adj. (k.)

                        137th N.Y. Inf.: Col. David Ireland

                                    Lt. Col. Robert S. Van Vorhees

                                    Lt. Van Emberg, Adj. (k.)

                                    Capt. C. F. Baragar [H]

                                    Capt. Joseph H. Gregg [I] ( mw., July 2)

                                    Capt. Williams (k.)

                                    Lt. Hallett (k.)

                        149th N.Y. Inf.: Col. Henry Alanson Barnum

                                    Lt. Col. Charles B. Randall ( w., July 3)

                                    Capt. Nicholas Grumbach [B]

                                    Capt. George K. Collins


Art. Brigade: 1st Lt. Edward Duchman Muhlenberg

                        1st N.Y. Art. (Baty. M) [4: 10#]

                                    Lt. Charles E. Winegar

                        Pa. Art. (Baty. E) [6: 10#]

                                    Lt. Charles A. Atwell

                        4th U.S. Art. (Baty. F) [6: 12#]

                                    2d Lt. Sylvanus T. Rugg

                        5th U.S. Art. (Baty. K) [4:  12#]

                                    1st Lt. David Hunter Kinzie

                                    2d Lt. William E. Van Reed

CAV. CORPS: Maj. Gen. Alfred Pleasonton (rank=79)

                        Col. George Alexander Hamilton Blake, Musters

                        Lt. Col. Andrew Jonathan Alexander, C. of S. & Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Lt. Col. William H. Crocker, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                        Lt. Col. Charles Greene Sawtelle, Q.M.

                        Lt. Col. Albert Smith Austin, Com. Sub.

                        Lt. Col. Charles Ross Smith, Ord.

                        Capt. G. A. Crocker, ADC

                        Capt. George Armstrong Custer, ADC (promoted to B2–D3)

                        Capt. John Green, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                        Capt. Frederick Cushman Newhall, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                        Capt. V. E. von Koerber, Topo. Engr.

                        Capt. Thomas Drummond

                        1st Lt. C. B. McClellan, ADC

                        1st Lt. C. B. Parsons, ADC

                        1st Lt. Clifford Thompson, ADC

                        1st Lt. James Franklin Wade, ADC

                        1st Lt. Leicester Walker, ADC

                        1st Lt. George W. Yates, ADC

                        1st Lt. John W. Spangler, Asst. Q.M.

                        1st Lt. Woodbury M. Taylor, Ambulance Corps

                        George Laurie Pancoast, Med. Dir.

                        George McCulloch McGill, Asst. Surg.

D1–Cav. Corps: Brig. Gen. John Buford (rank=234) (on July 1 had command of D1–Cav., Cav. Res. B, & B2–D1–11th Corps until Reynolds arrived)

                        Capt. Theodore C. Bacon

                        Capt. Myles W. Keogh

                        Capt. Charles E. Norris

                        Capt. Craig W. Wadsworth

                        1st Lt. Aaron Brainard Jerome, Sig.

                        Lt. William Dean

                        Lt. John Mix

                        Lt. Albert P. Morrow

                        Lt. P. Penn Gaskill

                        Lt. George M. Gilchrist

                        Lt. Malcolm H. Wing

                        Hard, Surg.

                        G. B. Garrison, scout

            B1–D1: Col. Benjamin Franklin Davis ( k., June 9) (not at Gettysburg)

                        Maj. William S. McClure (temp., June 9­–13)

                        Col. William Gamble

                        8th Ill. Cav.: Maj. Alpheus Clark (mw., June 9) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. George Alexander Forsyth ( w., June 9) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Maj. John Lourie Beveridge

                                    Maj. William H. Medill (mw. , July 6)

                                    Capt. Daniel Buck

                                    Lt. Marcellus E. Jones [E] [perhaps fired the first shot of the battle]

                        12th Ill. Cav. [E, F, H, & I] – Col. George Henry Chapman

                                    Capt. Fisher (w.)

                                    Lt. Conroe (k.)

                                    Lt. Voss (w.)

                        3d Ind. Cav. [A, B, C, D, E, & F] (attached to 12th Ill. Cav.)

                                    Maj. William S. McClure ≠

                                    Maj. Charles Lemmon (mw. , July 1)

                                    Capt. Henry B. Sparks [C]

                                    Capt. Clark (w., June 9) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. Martin (w.)

                                    Lt. Gain S. Taylor (w.)

                        8th N.Y. Cav.: [Col. Benjamin F. Davis (not at Gettysburg)] ≠

                                    Lt. Col. William L. Markell

                                    Capt. Follett (w.)

                                    Capt. Foote (k.)

                                    Capt. Morris (w.)

                                    Lt. Cutler (k.)

            B2–D1: Col. Thomas Casimer Devin

                                    Capt. Harrison White

                                    Lt. James Cating

                                    Lt. J. Henry Mahnken

                                    Lt. Raymond L. Wright

                        HQ: 6 N.Y. Cav. [L]

                        6th N.Y. Cav. [B, C, E, G, H, & I]: Maj. William E. Beardsley

                                    Lt. Col. William H. Crocker (Corps Asst. Insp. Gen.) ≠

                                    Capt. Heermance (w.)

                                    Capt. Pierce

                                    Capt. Van Buren (m.)

                                    Lt. John W. Blunt

                        9th N.Y. Cav.: Col. William Sackett

                                    [Maj.  W. B. Martin ( w., June 9) (not at Gettysburg)]

                                    Capt. Bentley

                                    Capt. Benjamin J. Coffin

                                    Capt. Corrigan

                                    Capt. Hanley

                                    Lt. Herrick (w.)

                                    Lt. A. C. Robertson

                        17th Pa. Cav.: Col. Josiah H. Kellogg

                                    Maj. James Q. Anderson

                                    Maj. Reuben Reinhold

                        3d W.Va. Cav. [A & C]: Capt. Seymour B. Conger

            Reserve B.: Maj. Charles Jarvis Whiting (relieved June 9) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Maj. Samuel H. Starr (temp., June 9–29) Ø

                                    Brig. Gen. Wesley Merritt (rank=376) (assumed June 29)

                                    Maj. Samuel Henry Starr (w. & c., July 3; released)

                                    Lt. James F. McQuesten, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                                    Capt. Charles E. Norris

                                    1st Lt. Eugene P. Bertrand, ADC

                                    2d Lt. Edward Myers

                        6th Pa. Cav.: Maj. Robert Morris, Jr. (c. , June 9) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Maj. Henry C. Whelan

                                    Maj. James H. Haseltine

                                    Chaplain Samuel L. Gracey

                        1st U.S. Cav.: Capt. Richard S. C. Lord

                                    Capt. Isaac Rothermel Dunkelberger

                                    Capt. Judson Haycock

                        2d U.S. Cav.: Capt. Wesley Merritt (promoted) ≠

                                    Capt. Theophilus Francis Rodenbaugh

                                    Capt. Charles W. Canfield ( k., June 9) (not at Gettysburg)

                        5th U.S. Cav.: Capt. James E. Harrison

                                    Capt. Julius Wilmot Mason

                        6th U.S. Cav.: Maj. Samuel Henry Starr ≠

                                    Capt. George Clarence Cram ( c., July 3)

                                    2d Lt. Louis Henry Carpenter

                                    2d Lt. Nicholas Nolan [B]

                                    Capt. Ira Wallace Claflin ( w., 7 July)

                                    Capt. Henry McQuiston (w.)

                                    Capt. Treichel [A]

                                    1st Lt. Christian Balder [F] ( mw. & c., July 3)

                                    1st Lt. Tattnall Paulding [L] ( c., July 3)

                                    2d Lt. Joseph Hooker Wood ( w., July 3)

                                    2d Lt. Joseph Bould (c., July 3; escaped)

                                    2d Lt. Adna Romanza Chaffee ( w. & c., July 3; released)

                                    2d Lt. Louis Henry Carpenter

                                    2d Lt. Tullius Cicero Tupper

                                    2d Lt. Joseph Hooker Wood ( w.)

                                    William Henry Forwood, Asst. Surg.

                                    William Monroe Notson, Asst. Surg. ( w.)

D2–Cav. Corps: Col. Alfred Napoleon Augustus Duffié (relieved on June 11) (not at Gettysburg)

                        Brig. Gen. David McMurtrie Gregg (rank=271)

                        Maj. Gaston

                        Capt. Henry Cary Weir, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Capt. E. A. Tobes, Asst. Com. Sub.

                        Capt. J. W. Kester

                        Lt. W. Phillips, ADC

                        2d Lt. Thomas Jackson Gregg, ADC

                        W. W. L. Phillips, Surg.

            GHQ: 1st Ohio Cav. [A]: Capt. Noah Jones

            B1–D2 : Col. Luigi Palma di Cesnola ( w. & c., June 17) (not at Gettysburg)

                        Col. John Baillie McIntosh

                        Capt. Walter S. Newhall, Asst. Adj. Gen. ( w., July 3)

                        Capt. Thomas

                        Capt. S. G. Wagner

                        Lt. Ward

                        1st Md. Cav. [A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K, & L]:

                                    Lt. Col. James Monroe Deems

                                    Maj. Charles H. Russell

                        Purnell Legion Cav. (Md.) [A]: Capt. Robert E. Duvall

                        1st Mass. Cav.: (attached to 6th Corps):

                                    Lt. Col. Greely Stevenson Curtis

                                    Maj. Henry L. Higginson (w., June 17) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Maj. Samuel E. Chamberlain

                                    Col. Horace A. Sargent ( w., June 17) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. Lucius M. Sargent (w. , June 17) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. George Fillebrown (w. , June 17) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. John Tewksbury

                                    Capt. C. F. Adams

                                    Lt. Gleason (w.)

                                    Lt. C. C. Parsons

                                    Lt. Charles G. Davis             

                        1st N.J. Cav.: Col. Percy Wyndham (w. , June 9) (not at Gettysburg) (to Dept. of Washington)

                                    Lt. Col. Virgil Brodrick ( k., June 9) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Maj. Myron H. Beaumont

                                    Maj. Hugh H. Janeway

                                    Maj. Shelmire (w. & c .) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. William P. Lloyd, Adj.

                                    Lt. Kitchen, Adj.

                                    Lt. Edwin H. Parry, ADC

                                    Capt. H. S. Thomas, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                                    Capt. James H.  Hart

                                    Capt. Boyd

                                    Capt. Lucas

                                    Capt. Maulsbury

                                    Capt. Sawyer (w. & c .) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. P. Jones Yorke

                                    1st Lt. Crocker [H] (c.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. S. Greenlee (w.) (not at Gettysburg)

                        1st Pa. Cav.: Col. John P. Taylor

                                    2d Lt. Amos M. Herrick (w. & c.) (not at Gettysburg)

                        3d Pa. Cav.: Lt. Col. Edward S. Jones

                                    Maj. Oliver O. G. Robinson

                                    Asst. Surg. T. T. Tate

                                    Capt. William E. Miller [H] (w.) (MOH)

                                    Lt. William Brooke-Rawle [H]

                                    Lt. Charles A. Marshall [I]

                                    Capt. Charles H. Stewart [K]

                                    Capt. Charles Treichel (w.)

                                    Capt. William W. Rogers (w.)

                                    Capt. James W. Walsh

                                    Capt. Frank Watson Hess

            B2–D2: Col. John Irvin Gregg Ø

                        Col. Hugh Judson Kilpatrick (promoted) Ø

                        Col. Pennock Huey (not at Gettysburg) (assumed June 28)

                                    Maj. Cooke

                                    Capt. Downing

                                    Capt. Hasty

                                    Capt. Mitchell

                                    1st Lt. Poughkeepsie (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Robert Stuart

                                    Lt. Homan (k., June 17) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. Martinsen (k., June 17) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. Raymond (k., June 17) (not at Gettysburg)

                        2d N.Y. Cav.: Lt. Col. Henry Eugene Davies (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. Col. Otto Harhaus (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. Willard N. Glazier (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. Henry Griaton (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. Daniel Whittaker (k., June 17) (not at Gettysburg)

                        4th N.Y. Cav.: Col. Luigi Palma di Cesnola ( w. & c., June 17) ≠ (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. Col. Augustus Pruyn (not at Gettysburg)

                        6th Ohio Cav. (10 cos.): Maj. Benjamin C. Stanhope ( mw., June 17) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Maj. William Stedman (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. Northway (w.) (not at Gettysburg)

                        8th Pa. Cav.: Capt. William A. Corrie (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. McCallum (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. Wilson (not at Gettysburg)

                        1st & 2d R.I. Cav.: Col. Alfred Napoleon Augustus Duffié (not at Gettysburg) ≠

                                    Lt. Col. J. L. Thompson (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Maj. Preston M. Farrington (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt Frank Allen (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. A. H. Bixby (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. G. N. Bliss (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. E. F. Chase (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. J. J. Gould (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. John Rogers (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. Joshua Vose (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. Arnold Wyman (not at Gettysburg)

                                    1st Lt. H. B. Barker (not at Gettysburg)

                                    1st Lt. Bernard Ellis (not at Gettysburg)

                                    1st Lt. C. G. A. Peterson (not at Gettysburg)

                                    1st Lt. W. B. Prentiss (not at Gettysburg)

                                    1st Lt. Lathrop B. Shortleff (not at Gettysburg)

                                    2d Lt. Simeon A. Brown (not at Gettysburg)

                                    2d Lt. J. A. Chedel, Jr. (not at Gettysburg)

                                    2d Lt. J. M.  Fales (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. E. B. Packer (not at Gettysburg)

                                    A. A. Mann, Surg. (not at Gettysburg)

            B3–D2 –(organized June 14): Col. John Irvin Gregg

                        1st Maine Cav. [A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, K, & M]:

                                    [Col. Calvin S. Douty (k ., June 17) (not at Gettysburg)]

                                    Lt. Col. Charles Henry Smith

                                    Maj. Boothby

                                    Capt. George M. Brown

                                    Capt. Summat (k., June 17) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. Zenas Vaughn

                                    Lt. E. M. Cutler

                                    1st Lt. George S. Kimball (k.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    1st Lt. Mark Neville (k.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    1st Lt. E. S. Taylor (k.) (not at Gettysburg)

                        10th N.Y. Cav.: Lt. Col. William Irvine (missing on June 9, returned later) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Maj. Matthew Henry Avery

                                    Maj. Alvah D. Waters

                                    Maj. John H. Kemper

                                    Capt. Peck

                                    Capt. John G. Pierce

                                    Capt. Benjamin F. Lownsbury (c.)

                                    Capt. Vanderbilt

                                    2d Lt. H. H. Boyd (k.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    2d Lt. E. H. Hawes (k.) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. James Matthews [F]

                                    Lt. John T. McKevitt (w. , July 16)

                                    Lt. Screva

                        4th Pa. Cav.: Lt. Col. William Emil Doster

                                    Maj. J. Young

                                    Capt. Dart

                                    Capt. Duncab

                                    Capt. H. Hughes

                                    Capt. Peale

                                    Lt. Andrews

                        16th Pa. Cav.: Lt. Col. John K. Robison

                                    Maj. William H. Fry

                                    Capt. Fisher

                                    Capt. Swann

D3–Cav. Corps: Brig. Gen. David McMurtrie Gregg (rank=271) (to D2)

                        Brig. Gen. Hugh Judson Kilpatrick (rank=372) (assumed June 28)

                        Capt. Lewellyn Garrish Estes, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Capt. Ulric Dahlgren, ADC (w., July 6)

                        Capt. Cadwalader, ADC

                        Lt. Butler Coles, Asst. Q.M.

                        Lt. Timothy Hedges, Asst. Com. Sub.

                        Lt. Thomson, ADC

                        Capt. Frederick W. Armstrong

                        Capt. McIrvin

                        Lt. Eli Holden

                        Charles E. Hackley, Surg.

            GHQ: 1st Ohio Cav. [C]: Capt. Samuel N. Stanford

            B1–D3: Acting Brig. Gen. Elon John Farnsworth ( k., July 3)

                        Col. Nathaniel P. Richmond

                        Col. Othneil De Forest (assumed July 9)

                        Col Henry Eugene Davies, Jr. (assumed July 15)

                        Col. Edward B. Sawyer (assumed July 25)

                        5th N.Y. Cav.: Maj. John  W. Hammond

                                    Maj. William P. Bacon

                                    Chaplain Louis Napoleon Boudrye

                                    Capt. James Bryant

                                    Lt. Theodore Bacon

                        18th Pa. Cav.: Lt. Col. William P. Brinton

                                    Maj. William B. Darlington

                                    Maj. James H. Kidd

                                    Surg. Charles S. Beck

                                    Capt. William C. Lindsey [A] ( k., July 6)

                                    Capt. John Wilson Philips [B] ( w., July 3)

                                    Lt. James W. Smith [B]

                                    Capt. Thomas J. Grier [B]

                                    Capt. Thad Freeland [E] (c. , June 30) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. John Britton [F] (w. , June 30)  (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Lt. Thomas P. Shields [G] ( c., June 30) (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. David Hamilton [K]

                                    Capt. Enos J. Pennypacker [M] ( c., released)

                                    Lt. Henry Clay Potter [M]

                                    Capt. William C. Potter

                                    Lt. William A. Rodgers

                        1st Vt. Cav.: Lt. Col. Addison W. Preston

                                    Col. Edward B. Sawyer (assumed July 10) ≠ (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Maj. Josiah Hall [1 Batn. E, F, I & L]

                                    Maj. William Wells [2 Batn. B, C, G & H] (MOH)

                                    Maj. John W. Bennett [3 Batn. A, D, K.& M]

                                    Asst. Surg. Ptolemy O’Meara Edson

                                    Capt. Beeman

                                    Capt. Henry C. Parsons [L] ( w., July 3)

                                    Capt. John Woodward [M] (k.)

                                    Capt. Cummings

                                    Capt. Oliver T. Cushman (w ., July 3)

                                    Capt. Robert Schofield, Jr. ( w. & c., July 3)

                                    Lt. Stephen Clark

                                    Lt. Perley Cheney [C] (w.)

                                    Lt. Edwards

                                    Lt. Estes

                                    Lt. Grant

                                    Lt. John W. Newton

                                    Lt. Trussel

                                    Lt. Watson

                        1st W.Va. Cav. [B, C, D, E, F, G, H, L, M, & N]:  

                                    Col. Nathaniel P. Richmond                          

                                    Maj. Charles E. Capehart (assumed July 4)

                                    Maj. William A. Morgan

                                    Capt. John Steltzer [L]

                                    Capt. Carman

                                    Capt. Faraber

                                    Capt. William P. Wilkin

                                    Lt. M. Carroll [F] (w.)

            B2–D3: Col. Percy Wyndham (not at Gettysburg)

                        Col. John P. Taylor (assumed June 9) (to 1st Pa. Cav.)

                        Brig. Gen. George Armstrong Custer (rank=377) (assumed June 28)

                        1st Mich. Cav.: Col. Charles H. Town

                                    Lt. Col. Peter Stagg (w., July 4)

                                    Maj. Melvin Brewer

                                    Capt. William R. Elliott ( mw.)

                                    Capt. Charles J. Snyder (mw. , July 6)

                                    Lt. James S. McElhenney (k.)

                        5th Mich. Cav.: Col. Russell Alexander Alger ( w., July 8)

                                    Lt. Col. Ebenezer Gould (w ., July 2)

                                    Maj. Luther Stephen Trowbridge

                                    Maj. Noah H. Ferry (k., July 3)

                                    Maj. Crawley P. Dake

                                    Capt. Horace C. Dodge [C]

                                    Lt. Samuel Harris

                        6th Mich. Cav.: Col. George Gray

                                    Maj. Peter A. Weber (k., July 14)

                                    Capt. Henry E. Thompson [A] ( w., July 2)

                                    Capt. James Harvey Kidd [E] ( w., July 14)

                                    1st Lt. Charles E. Bolza ( k., July 14)

                                    1st Lt. Stephen H. Ballard ( c., July 2)

                                    2d Lt. Seymour Shipman (w ., July 2)

                        7th Mich. Cav. (10 cos.): Col. William D. Mann

                                    Maj. George K. Newcombe

                                    Capt. Moore (w. & c., July 3, escaped)

                                    Lt. James G. Birney (w. & c., July 3)

                                    Lt. F. P. Nichols [A]

            B1–Horse Art.: Capt. James Madison Robertson

                                    1st Lt. J. H. Bell, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        9th Mich. Art. Baty.: [6: 3"]

                                    Capt. Jabez James  Daniels

                        6th N.Y. Art. Baty.: [6: 3"]

                                    Capt. Joseph W. Martin

                                    1st Lt. M. P. Clark

                                    2d Lt. J. Wade Wilson

                        2d U.S. Art. (Baty. B & L): [6: 3"]

                                    1st Lt. Edward Heaton

                                    1st Lt. Albert Oliver Vincent

                        2d U.S. Art. (Baty. M): [6 –3"]

                                       1st Lt. Alexander Cummings McWhorter Pennington, Jr .

                        4th U.S. Art. (Baty. E): [4: 3" Rodmans]

                                    1st Lt. Samuel Sherer Elder

            B2–Horse Art.: Capt. John Caldwell Tidball

                        1st U.S. Art. (Baty. C & G) – [4: 3"]

                                    Capt. Alanson Merwin Randol

                                    2d Lt. James Chester

                                    Lt. Kinney

                        1st U.S. Art. (Baty. K): [6: 3"]

                                    Capt. William Montrose Graham, Jr.

                                    Lt. Michalowski

                        2d U.S. Art. (Baty. A) [6: 3"]

                                    2d Lt. John Haskell Calef

                                    2d Lt. John William Roder

                        3d U.S.Art. (Baty. C)  [6: 3"] (not at Gettysburg)

                                    1st Lt. William Duncan Fuller (not at Gettysburg)

                                    1st Lt. James Rigney Kelly

                                    2d Lt. James Madison Lancaster

                                    1st Lt. Henry Meinell (not at Gettysburg)

                        3d Pa. H. Art. (Baty. H serving as light art.) [2: 3"]

                                    Capt. William D. Rank

Reserve Art.: Brig. Gen. Robert Ogden Tyler (rank=272)

                        Lt. Col. William Edward Morford, Q.M.

                        Capt. Charles Henry Whittelsey, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        1st Lt. William Raymond Driver, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Lt. Gustav von Blucher, ADC

                        Lt. S. A. Wood, Asst. Q.M.

                        2d Lt. Cornelius Gillette, Ord.

                        1st Lt. Lowell Augustus Chamberlin, Musters

            GHQ Guard: 32d Mass. Inf. [C]: Capt. Josiah C. Fuller

            Ammo. Train Guard: 4th N.J. Inf. [B, D, E, F, G, I, & K]: Maj. Charles Ewing

            1st Regular Art. B: Capt. Dunbar Richard Ransom ( w., July 2)

                        1st U.S. Art. (Baty. H) [6– 12#] 

                                    1st Lt. Chandler Price Eakin ( w., July 2)

                                    2d Lt. Philip D. Mason

                        3d U.S. Art. (Baty. F & K): [6–12#]

                                    Capt. Dunbar Richard Ransom ≠

                                    2d Lt. Manning Livingston ( k., July 2)

                                    1st Lt. John Graham Turnbull

                                    Lt. Milton

                        4th U.S. Art. (Baty. C) [6: 12#]

                                    1st Lt. Evan Thomas

                        5th U.S. Art. (Baty. C) [6: 12#]

                                    1st Lt. Gulian Verplanck Weir ( w., July 2)

                                    2d Lt. Homer Baldwin (w., July 3)

                                    2d Lt. Jacob Paul Roemer

            1st Volunteer Art. B: Lt. Col. Freeman McGilvery

                        Mass. Art. (Baty. 5) [6: 3"] [N.Y. Art. (Baty. 10) attached]

                                    Capt. Charles A. Phillips

                                    Lt. Henry D. Scott (w.)

                                    Lt. Frederick Lull

                        Mass. Art. (Baty. 9) [4: 12#] or [6: 12#]  ?

                                    Capt. John Bigelow (w., July 2)

                                    1st Lt. Christopher Erickson (k.)

                                    2d Lt. Richard S. Milton

                                    2d Lt. Alexander H. Whitaker ( mw.)

                        N.Y. Art. (Baty. 15) [4: 12#]

                                    Capt. Patrick Hart ( w., July 2)

                                    1st Lt. Andrew R. McMahon

                                    2d Lt. Edward H. Knox (MOH) (w.)

                        Pa. Art. (Baty. C & F) [6: 3"]

                                    Capt. James Thompson ( w., July 2)

                                    Lt. J. L. Miller (mw., July 2)

            2d Volunteer Art. B: Capt. Elijah D. Taft

                        1st Conn. H. Art. (Baty. B) [4 guns] (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. Albert F. Brooker (not at Gettysburg)

                        1st Conn. H. Art. (Baty. M) [4 guns] (not at Gettysburg)

                                    Capt. Franklin A. Pratt (not at Gettysburg)

                        Conn. Art. (Baty. 2) [4: James & 2: 12# howitzers]

                                    Capt. John W. Sterling

                        N.Y. Art. (Baty. 5) [6: 20#]

                                    Capt. Elijah D. Taft

            3d Volunteer Art. B: Capt. James F. Huntington

                        N.H. Art. (Baty. 1) [6: 3"]

                                    Capt. Frederick M. Edgell

                        1st Ohio Art. (Baty. H) [6: 3"]

                                    Capt. James F. Huntington ≠

                                    Lt. George W. Norton

                        1st Pa. Art. (Baty. F & G) [6: 3"]

                                    Capt. Robert B. Ricketts

                                    Capt. L. C. Moore

                                    1st Lt. Charles F. Brockway

                                    1st Lt. Belden Spence

                        W.Va. Art. (Baty. C) [4: 10#]

                                    Capt. Wallace Hill

            4th Volunteer Art. B: Capt. Robert H. Fitzhugh

                        6th Maine Art. (Baty. 8) [4: 12#]

                                    1st Lt. Edwin B. Dow

                        Md. Art. (Baty A) [6: 3"]

                                    Capt. James H. Rigby

                        1st N.J. Art. (Baty. 1) [6: 10#]

                                    Lt. Augustin N. Parsons

                        1st N.Y. Art. (Baty. G) [6: 12#]

                                    Capt. Nelson Ames

                                    1st Lt. James B. Hazelton

                                    Lt. McClellan

                        1st N.Y. Art. (Baty. K) [6: 3"] {N.Y. Art. (Baty. 11) attached}

                                    Capt. Robert H. Fitzhugh

                                    Capt. John E. Burton (N.Y. Art. Baty. 11)

Confederate States Army


Gen. Robert Edward Lee (rank=3)

            Col. Robert Hall Chilton, C. of S.

            Col. Armistead Lindsay Long, Mil. Secy.

            Col. Charles Marshall, Asst. Mil. Secy. & ADC

            Col. Walter H. Taylor, Asst. Adj. Gen. & ADC

            Col. Charles H. Venable, Asst. Insp. Gen. & ADC

            Maj. T. M. R. Talcott, ADC (?)

            Col. H. L. Peyton, Asst. Insp. Gen.

            Maj. Henry E. Young, Asst. Insp. Gen. & Asst. Adj. Gen.

            Maj. G. B. Cook, Asst. Insp. Gen. & Asst. Adj. Gen.                    

            Brig. Gen. William Nelson Pendleton (rank=26), Art.

            Lt. George W. Peterkin, ADC

            Col. Briscoe G. Baldwin, Ord.

            Col. William Proctor Smith, Engr.

            Capt. Samuel R. Johnson, Engr.

            Col. James Lawrence Corley, Q.M.

            Col. Robert Granderson Cole, Com. Sub.

            Surg. Lafayette Guild, Med.

            Escort: 39th Va. Cav. Batn. (cos. A & C):

1st CORPS: Lt. Gen. James Longstreet (rank=1)

            Lt. Col. Gilbert Moxley Sorrel, C. of S. (w.)

            Lt. Col. Peyton T. Manning

            Maj. Osmun Latrobe, Asst. Adj. Gen. & Asst. Insp. Gen.

            Maj. Thomas Walton,

            Maj. John J. Clarke, Eng

            Capt. Thomas J. Goree

            Maj John W. Fairfax

            1st Lt. F. W. Dawson

            Capt. Jacob H. Manning , Sig.

            2d Lt. Henry Thomas Harrison (probable scout)

            Maj. Samuel P. Mitchell, Q.M.

            Maj. Raphael J. Moses, Com. Sub.

            Capt. John W. Riley

            Capt. H. J. Rogers

            Surg. J. S. D. Cullen, Med.

            [Lt. Col. Arthur J. L. Fremantle, Coldstream Guards, Royal Army, observer]

McLAWS’S D: Maj. Gen. Lafayette McLaws (rank=26)

                        Capt. J. B. Lamar, Jr., ADC

                        Lt. Thomas J. Moncure, Engr.

                        F. W. Patterson, Surg.

            Kershaw’s B: Brig. Gen. Joseph Brevard Kershaw (rank=91)

                        Capt. Charles R. Holmes, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Capt. William M. Dwight, Asst. Insp. Gen.

                        Capt. Alfred R. Doby, ADC

                        Maj. W. D. Peck, Q.M.

                        Maj. Joseph Kennedy, Com. Sub.

                        Lt. John A. Myres, Ord.

                        Simon Baruch, Surg.

                        2d S.C. Inf.: Col. John Doby Kennedy (w ., July 2)

                                    Lt. Col. Franklin Gaillard

                                    Maj. William Wallace

                                    Lt. William A. Johnson [E]

                                    2d Lt. William S. Bissell [I] ( w.& c., July 4)

                                    Capt. George Marshall McDowall ( mw.)

                                    Capt. Robert C. Pulliam (mw. )

                                    Lt. Alexander McNeil

                                    H. J. Nott, Asst. Surg.

                        3d S.C. Inf.: Maj. Robert Clayton Maffett

                                    Col. James Drayton Nance (arrived on July 3)

                                    Lt. Col. David Langston (k ., July 2)

                                    Capt. R. E. Richardson [A]

                                    Lt. D. Augustus Dickert

                                    Lt. William Robert Thomas ( mw., July 2)

                                    Lt. John Watts

                        7th S.C. Inf.: Col. David Wyatt Aiken

                                    Lt. Col. Elbert Bland (w ., July 2)

                                    Capt. William Zack Leitner (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Augustus W. Burt, Jr. [A] ( w.& c., July 3)

                                    Lt. Sherod Washington Callaham ( mw. & c)

                                    Lt. Albert Thomas Traylor ( mw., July 2)

                                    Lt. James Daniel (mw.)

                                    Lt. William Lownders Daniel (k.)

                        8th S.C. Inf.: Col. John W. Henagan

                                    Maj. D. M. McCleod (mw., July 2)

                                    Capt. David Mason Henry Langston

                                    Capt. Thomas E. Powe (mw. , July 2)

                                    Capt. John K. McIver (mw. & c., July 2)

                                    J. E. Pearce, Surg.

                        15th S.C. Inf.: Col. William Davie de Saussure ( mw., July 2)

                                    Maj. William Murema Gist

                        3d S.C. Batn.: Lt. Col. William George Rice

                                    Maj. D. B. Miller (w.)

            Semmes’s B: Brig. Gen. Paul Jones Semmes (rank=116) ( mw., July 2)

                        Col. Goode Bryan

                        10th Ga. Inf.: Col. John B. Weems

                        50th Ga. Inf.: Col. William R. Manning

                                    Maj. Peter Alexander Selkirk McGlashan

                        51st Ga. Inf.: Col. Edward Ball

                        53d Ga. Inf.: Col. James Phillip Simms

                                    Capt. I. M. D. Bond [I] (k.)

                                    C. H. Toy, Chaplain

                                    S. P. Hobgood, Surg.

            Barksdale’s B: Brig. Gen. William Barksdale (rank=161) ( mw. & c., July 2)

                        Col. Benjamin Grubb Humphreys

                        13th Miss. Inf.: Col. James W. Carter (k., July 2)

                                    Lt. Col. Kennon McElroy (w ., July 2)

                                    Maj. John M. Bradley (mw. , July 2)

                                    2d Lt. Absalom H. Farrar [C] ( w. & c., July 3)

                        17th Miss. Inf.: Col. William Dunbar Holder (w ., July 2)

                                    Lt. Col. John Calvin Fiser ( w., July 2)

                                    Acting Maj. Andrew J. Pulliam ( w., July 2)

                                    Acting Maj. Richard E. Jones ( k., July 2)

                                    Capt. Gwen R. Cherry [C]

                                    Lt. James Ramshur (w.)

                                    3d Lt. Jonathan R. Cason [I] ( c., July 2)

                                    William B. Owen, Chaplain

                                    R. L. Knox, Asst. Surg.

                        18th Miss. Inf.: Col. Thomas M. Griffin (w ., July 2)

                                    Lt. Col. William H. Luse ( c., July 2)

                                    Maj. George B. Gerald

                                    C. H. Brown, Asst. Surg.

                        21st Miss. Inf.: Col. Benjamin Grubb Humphreys ≠

                                    Capt,  Isaac Davis Stamps ( k., July 2)

                                    Lt. William P. McNeily [E]

                                    Lt. George C. Kempton [I]

            Wofford’s B: Brig. Gen. William Tatum Wofford (rank=222)

                        16th Ga. Inf.: Col. Goode Bryan ≠ (trans. to Semmes’s B, July 2)

                        18th Ga. Inf.: Lt. Col. Solon Zachery Ruff

                                    D. H. Ramseur, Asst. Surg.

                        24th Ga. Inf.: Col. Robert McMillan

                                    Lt. Thomas Oliver

                        Cobb’s (Ga.) Legion: Lt. Col. Luther Johnson Glenn

                        Phillips’s (Ga.) Legion: Lt. Col. Elihu Sandy Barclay

                        3d Ga. S.S. Batn.: Maj. W. D. Bringle

McLaw’s D Art.: Col. Henry Coalter Cabell

                        Maj. S. P. Hamilton

                        Lt. H. L. Powell, Ord.

                        F. H. Sewell, Asst. Surg.

                        1 N.C. Art. (Baty. A): [2: 12# & 2: 3"]

                        Capt. Basil Charles Manly

                                    Lt. S. M. Dunn

                        Pulaski (Ga.) Art.:  [2: 10# & 2: 3"]

                                    Capt. John C. Fraser (mw ., July 2)

                                    2d Lt. William J. Furlong

                                    Lt. R. H. Cooper (w.)

                                    Lt. J. H. Payne

                        1st Richmond (Va.) Howitzers: [2: 12# & 2: 3"]

                                    Capt. Edward Stephens McCarthy  (w., July 3)

                                    Lt. Robert M. Anderson

                                    Lt. John Nimmo

                                    Lt. H. S. Williams

                        Troup (Va.) Art.: [2: 12# howitzers & 2: 10#]

                                    Capt. Henry H. Carleton (w ., July 3)

                                    1st Lt. C. W. Motes

                                    Lt. Hdnry Jennings (w.)

PICKETT’S D: Maj. Gen. George E. Pickett (rank=33)

                        Maj. Charles Pickett, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        Maj.   Walter Harrison, Asst. Adj. Gen. & Asst. Insp. Gen.

                        Capt. Edward R. Baird, ADC

                        Capt. Robert B. Bright, ADC

                        Capt. Thomas R. Friend, ADC

                        1st Lt. W. Stuart Symington, ADC

                        Maj. R. Taylor Scott, Q.M.

                        2d Lt. John R. Gossett, Prov. Mar.

                        2d Lt. Cornelius W. Milner, Prov. Guard

                        Capt. Andrew W. Williams, Pay. M.  

                        Capt. Raymond Fairfax, Pioneer Corps

                        Surg. Magnus M. Lewis

            Garnett’s B: Brig. Gen. Richard Brooke Garnett (rank=73) ( k., July 3)

                        Maj. Charles Stephens Peyton (w.)

                        Capt. Charles F. Linthicum, Asst. Adj. Gen.

                        1st Lt. John S. Jones, ADC (w.)

                        1st Lt. Henry D. Danforth, Asst. Insp. Gen. & Ord.

                        Maj. George T. Jones, Q.M.

                        Maj. James A. Johnston, Com. Sub.

                        1st Lt. James B. Miller, Prov. Mar. (mw. )

                        Surg. Samuel A. McConkey

                        8th Va. Inf.: Col. Eppa Hunton (w., July 3)

                                    Lt. Col. Norbern Berkeley ( w. & c., July 3)

                                    Maj. Edmund Berkeley (w., July 3)

                                    1st Lt. Thomas Benton Hutchison, ADC

                                    Capt. Thomas Towson Smith, Asst. Q.M.

                                    1st Lt. John R. Hutchison, Asst. Com. Sub.

                                    Surg. Blair Burwell

                                    Asst. Surg. James D. Estes

                                    Capt. William Rombough Bissell [A] ( mw. & c.)

                                    1st Lt. Samuel D. Leslie [A] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. Edward C. Gibson [A] (c.)

                                    1st Lt. John Turner Ashby [B]

                                    2d Lt. Fielding F. Payne  [B] (mw. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. John R. McNealea [C] (c.)

                                    Capt. William Norland Berkeley [D] ( w. & c.)

                                    1st Lt. Charles Fenton Berkeley [D] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. Edwin Thomas Adams [D] ( mw. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. Benjamin H. Hutchison [D] ( c., July 3)

                                    1st Lt. Jospeh A. Tavenner [E] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Robert Coe [E]

                                    Bvt. 2d Lt. E. A. Milhollen [E] (w.)

                                    Capt. Alexander Grayson [F] (k.)

                                    2d Lt. William Thomas Ayre [F] ( mw. & c.)

                                    Capt. James Owens Berry [G]

                                    1st Lt. Henry B. Bicksler [G]

                                    2d Lt. George W. Swink [G] ( mw. & c.)

                                    Bvt. 2d Lt.  Joseph Cooper [G] (w.)

                                    Capt. Albert E. Matthews [H] (w.)

                                    1st Lt. John Gray [H]

                                    2d Lt. Charles G. Dawson [H] ( c., July 26)

                                    Capt. John Thomas Green [I] (k.)

                                    2d Lt. John R. Presgraves [I] ( mw. & c.)

                                    Capt. Edward Carter [K] (w.& c., July 3)

                                    1st Lt. John L. Lake [K]

                                    2d Lt. Elias M. Herrington [K] (w.)

                        18th Va. Inf.: Lt. Col. Henry Alexander Carrington ( w. & c., July 3)

                                    1st Lt. Richardson Ferguson, Adj.

                                    Capt. Samuel C. Price, Asst. Q.M.

                                    Capt. James Fitz-James, Asst. Com. Sub.

                                    Surg. John M. Gaines (w., July 8; c., July 14)

                                    Asst. Surg. James E. Ferguson

                                    Capt. James A. Holland [A] ( w. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. Robert S. Jones [A]

                                    2d Lt. Cyrus H. Paxton [A]

                                    Capt. Robert McCulloch  [B] (w. & c.)

                                    1st Lt. James M. Murrie [B]

                                    2d Lt. Lewis L. Vaughn [B] ( w. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. Robert D. Wade  [B] (w.)

                                    Capt. Henry Thweat Owen [C]

                                    Bvt. 2d Lt. Aurelius A. Watkins [C] (k.)

                                    1st Lt. James Peyton Glenn [D] ( w. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. James A. Walthall [D] (w.)

                                    Capt. Edmund Randolph Cocke  [E] (w.)

                                    1st Lt. John E. Weymouth [E] ( w. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. William F. Cocke [E] (k.)

                                    3d Lt. William C. Austin [E] ( mw.)

                                    Capt. Zachariah Angel Blanton [F] ( w. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. William A. Miller [F]

                                    Bvt. 2d Lt. Anderson J. Fowlkes [F]

                                    Capt. Archer Campbell [G] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Edwin H. Muse [G] (w.)

                                    Capt. William T. Johnson [H] ( w. & c.)

                                    1st Lt. James G. Harvey [H] (k.)

                                    3d Lt. Edward B. Harvey [H] ( mw.)

                                    Capt. Elijha D. Oliver [I] ( w. & c.)

                                    1st Lt. George W. Jones  [I] (w. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. William Fitzgerald, Jr. [I]

                                    1st Lt. John R. Smith [K] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. William W. Smith[K]

                                    2d Lt. Thomas H. B. Durphy [K] (c.)

                        19th Va. Inf.: Col. Henry Gantt (w., July 3)

                                    Lt. Col. John Thomas Ellis ( mw., July 3)

                                    Maj. Charles Stephens Peyton        

1st Lt. John A. Lewellyn, Adj.

                                    Capt. James Edwin Blair, Asst. Q.M.

                                    1st Lt. John T. Blair, Asst. Com. Sub.

                                    Surg. James D. Galt

                                    Asst. Surg. William H. Taylor (w.)

                                    Capt. John Charles Culin [A] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. William Nathaniel Wood [A] (w.)

                                    3d Lt. John Wesley Hill [A] (c.)

                                    1st Lt. Pulaski P. Porter [B]

                                    2d Lt. William P. Hamner [B] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Richard B. Wood [B] (k.)

                                    Capt. Charles Scott Irving [C]

                                    1st Lt. Samuel H. White [C]

                                    2d Lt. Hopkins Harden [C] ( w. & c.)

                                    3d Lt. Charles R. Evans [C]

                                    Capt. Richard J. Harlan [D] (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Henry Bakert [D]

                                    3d Lt. Joel M. Fortune [D]

                                    Capt. William Walker Goss [E] ( w. & c.)

                                    1st Lt. James Y. Bragg [E] ( w. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. William B. Le Teller [E] ( mw. & c.)

                                    3d Lt. James Salmon [E]

                                    Capt. Bennett Taylor [F] ( w. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. James Davis McIntire [F] (w.)

                                    3d Lt. Willard L. Powell [F]

                                    Capt. Waller M. Boyd [G] ( w. & c.)

                                    1st Lt. John T. Powell [G]

                                    2d Lt. John H. McCrary [G]

                                    3d Lt. Joseph F. Gregory [G]

                                    Capt. Benjamin Brown, Jr. [H] ( w. & c.)

                                    1st Lt. Jesse V. Richeson [H]

                                    2d Lt. David S. Galland [H]

                                    Bvt. 2d Lt. James E. Landrum [H] (k.)

                                    Capt. George W. Henley [I]

                                    2d Lt. Horace Smith [I] (w. & c.)

                                    3d Lt. Charles T. Hill [I]

                                    Capt. James Garland Woodson [K]

                                    1st Lt. James H. Grinstead [K] (k.)

                                    3d Lt. Sylvester G. Martin [K] ( w. & c.)

                        28th Va. Inf.: Col. Robert Clotworthy Allen ( k., July 3)

                                    Lt. Col. William Watts

                                    Maj. Nathaniel Claiborne Wilson ( mw.)

                                    Capt. Joseph H. Holt, Asst. Q.M.

                                    Surg. Edward Rives (c., July 5)

                                    Capt. Robert E. Allen [A]

                                    1st Lt. Clifton H. Spangler [A] (c.)

                                    Bvt. 2d Lt. Charles D. Merritt [A]

                                    Capt. Thomas Benton McCartney [B] (c.)

                                    1st Lt. William M. Goode [B] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Owen H. Tucker [B] (c.)

                                    3d Lt. Tilghman E. Snodgrass [B]

                                    Capt. Michael Peters Spessard [C]

                                    Bvt. 2d Lt. John A. J. Lee [C] (c.)

                                    Capt. William Lewis Wingfield [D]

                                    1st Lt. John C. Stewart [D]

                                    2d Lt. William J. Gooldy [D] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. John P. Walrond [D] ( mw. & c.)

                                    Capt. Hugh Nelson [F]

                                    3d Lt. James B. Leftwich [F] (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Thomas C. Holland [G] ( w. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. Elisha S. Wildman [G] ( w. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. Stephen A. Repass [I] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. Henry S. Trout [I]

                                    Capt. William H. Kelley [K]

                                    1st Lt. James A. Graybill [K] (k.)

                        56th Va. Inf.: Col. William Dabney Stuart (mw ., July 3)

                                    Lt. Col. P. P. Slaughter

                                    1st Lt. Richard G. Wharton, Adj.

                                    Capt. George W. Davis, Asst. Q.M.

                                    2d Lt. Hilliard W. Carter, Asst. Q.M. ( d., July 24)

                                    Capt. Robert C. Nicholas, Asst. Com. Sub.

                                    Surg. Philip P. Baker

                                    Asst Surg. B. C. Harrison (c.)

                                    2d Lt. John R. Richards, Asst. Surg.

                                    1st Lt. Frank W. Nelson [A]

                                    2d Lt. James A. Garner [A]

                                    Capt. John W. Jones [B] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. Robert M. Hamner [B]

                                    2d Lt. James H. Moore [B]

                                    Capt. Timolean Smith [C]

                                    1st Lt. Robert S. Ellis [C] (k.)

                                    2d Lt. Joseph H. Smith [C] (k.)

                                    Capt. John P. Jones [D] (c.)

                                    1st Lt. Mathew Brown [D] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Jacob R. Rudisill [D] (c.)

                                    3d Lt. William E. Jones [D] (k.)

                                    Capt. Joseph D. Frazer [E] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. William A. Blick.[E] (k.)

                                    2d Lt. John T. Burton [E] ( mw. & c.)

                                    Capt. John Richardson [F]

                                    1st Lt. William H. Talley [F]

                                    Capt. Robert M. Thomas [G]

                                    2d Lt. Francis C. Barnes [G] (c.)

                                    Capt. James C. Wyant [H] ( mw. & c.)

                                    1st Lt. Henry Clay Michie [H] ( w. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. Ira A. Miller [H] ( w. & c.)

                                    Capt. Charles J. Clarke [I] (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Stephen D. Cronin [I] ( w. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. William H. Price [I]

                                    1st Lt. George W. Finley [K] (c.)

            Armistead’s B: Brig. Gen. Lewis Addison Armistead (rank=127) ( mw. & c., July 3)

                        Lt. Col. William White (w., July 3)

                        Maj. Joseph R. Cabell

                        Col. William Roane Aylett (assigned July 4)

                        Capt. James D. Darden, Asst. Adj. Gen. (w.)

                        Capt. Benjamin J. Hawthorne, Asst. Adj. Gen.? (w.)

                        1st Lt. W. Keith Armistead, ADC

                        Maj. Richard H. Carter, Q.M.

                        Maj. William W. Herbert, Com. Sub.

                        Capt. Peyton Randolph, Engr.

                        1st Lt. William L. Randolph, Ord.

                        Surg. James M. McAlpine

                        9th Va. Inf.: Maj. John Crowder Owens (mw. , July 3)

                                    1st Lt. James F. Crocker, Adj. ( w. & c.)

                                    Capt. George Chamberlain, Asst. Com. Sub.

                                    Surg. Arthur R. Barry

                                    Asst. Surg. Thomas R. Howard

                                    2d Lt. Henry S. Wilkinson [B] ( w. & c.)

                                    Capt. John Marcus Gregory [C] (c.)

                                    1st Lt. Mathew B. Clay [C] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. Edward Varnier [C] (c.)

                                    3d Lt. Henry Clay Britton [C] (c.)

                                    Capt. William James Richardson [D] (c.)

                                    1st Lt. Samuel W. Weaver [D] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. Richard Vermillion [D]

                                    Bvt. 2d Lt. Richard F. Chapman [E] ( mw. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. John W. Hack [E] (w. & c.)

                                    Capt. James Jasper Phillips [F] (promoted to Col., July 4)

                                    1st Lt. Henry Gwynn [F] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. Walter Butts [F] (mw. & c.)

                                    1st Lt. William F. Tonkin [G]

                                    2d Lt. Nathaniel G. Gayle [G]

                                    2d Lt. John H. Lewis [G] (c.)

                                    Capt. Jules O. B. Crocker [I] (c.)

                                    1st Lt. John C. Niemeyer [I] (k.)

                                    2d Lt. John Vermillion [I] (c.)

                                    Capt. Henry A. Allen [K] (c.)

                                    1st Lt. Henry C. Hudgins [K]

                                    2d Lt. James H. Robinson [K] ( w. & c.)

                        14th Va. Inf.: Col. James Gregory Hodges (k ., July 3)

                                    Lt. Col. William White (promoted to Col., July 3) (w.)

                                    Maj. Robert Henry Poore (mw. )

                                    1st Lt. Montilla Clark, Asst. Q.M.

                                    Lt. Hermann Schuright

                                    Capt. Alpheus M. Chappell [A] (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Sidney Scott [A]

                                    2d Lt. Thomas A. Hatcher [A] ( w. & c.)

                                    3d Lt. John I. Perrin [A] (k.)

                                    Capt. James A. Smith [B] (k.)

                                    1st Lt. Alexander W. Turner [B] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. Benjamin H. Smith [B] (k.)

                                    3d Lt. Elisha C. Burnett [B]

                                    Capt. Archelaus Perkins [C] (c.)

                                    1st Lt. Thomas C. Morris [C] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. William M. Frith [C]

                                    2d Lt. Philip G. Seay [C] ( w. & c.)

                                    Capt. W. W. Cogbill [D] (k.)

                                    1st Lt. John S. Taylor [D] ( w. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. Sydenham P. Adkins [D] (k.)

                                    3d Lt. Gideon P. Chalkley [D] ( w. & c.)

                                    1st Lt. William H. Yancey [E] (k.)

                                    2d Lt. George P. Finch [E] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. John T. Lewis [E] ( w. & c.)

                                    Capt. John P. Farrar [F]

                                    1st Lt. Stephen P. Read [F]

                                    2d Lt. William C. Curtis [F] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. John C. Johnson [F] ( mw.)

                                    Capt. William Walter Wood [G]

                                    1st Lt. Joseph C. Yancey [G] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Peter G. Vaughan [G]

                                    Capt. Richard Logan, Jr. [H] (k.)

                                    1st Lt. John A. Logan [H] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. Philip P. Guerrant [H]

                                    2d Lt. John L. White [H]

                                    1st Lt. Richard P. Smith [I]

                                    2d Lt. James L. Snead [I]

                                    3d Lt. John H. Snead [I]

                                    Capt. James S. Sutphin [K] (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Edward A. Tuck [K]

                                    2d Lt. Moses Sternberger [K]

                        38th Va. Inf.: Col. Edward Claxton Edmonds ( k., July 3)

                                    Lt. Col. Powhatan Bolling Whittle ( mw., July 3)

                                    Maj. Joseph Robert Cabell (promoted to Lt. Col., July 3) ≠

                                    Capt. John T. Averett, Asst. Q.M.

                                    Surg. James G. Trevillian

                                    Asst. Surg. William S. Nowlin (c.)

                                    Capt. Daniel C. Townes [A] (k.)

                                    1st Lt. Richard J. Joyce [A]

                                    2d Lt. Thomas J. Turner [A]

                                    Bvt. 2d Lt. Thomas J. Butler [A] ( w. & c.)

                                    Capt. William B. Prichard [B]

                                    1st Lt. Benjamin F. Clement [B]

                                    2d Lt. James P. Warren [B]

                                    2d Lt. Whitmell T. Adkins [B]

                                    Capt. John T. Grubbs [C]

                                    2d Lt. John T. Gibson [C] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Charles W. Walters [C] (k.)

                                    Capt. John A. Herndon [D]

                                    1st Lt. Adolphus M. Lanier [D] ( w. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. William J. Burton [D]

                                    2d Lt. Samuel J. Harris [D] (c.)

                                    Capt. Thomas M. Tyree [E]

                                    1st Lt. William S. Carter [E] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Henry C. Knight [E]

                                    3d Lt. Joseph T. Miller [E] ( w. & c.)

                                    Capt. Lafayette Jennings [F] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Robert F. Thornton [F]

                                    2d Lt. Joel T. Jones [F] (c.)

                                    Capt. Henderson L. Lee [G] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. William J. Carte [G]

                                    3d Lt. George W. Carter [G] (c.)

                                    Capt. James E. Poindexter [H] (c.)

                                    1st Lt. Arthur C. Segar [H]

                                    2d Lt. James R. Perkins [H]

                                    Capt. George K. Griggs [K] (w.)

                                    1st Lt. William G. Cabiniss [K]

                                    2d Lt. James M. Cabiniss [K] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Joseph H. Estes [K] (w.)

                        53d Va. Inf.: Col. William Roane Aylett ( w., July 3) ≠

                                    Lt. Col. Rawley White Martin ( mw. & c., July 3)

                                    Maj. John Corbett Timberlake ( c., July 3)

                                    Capt. Henry Edmunds

                                    1st Lt. Henry T. Coalter, Adj (c.)

                                    Capt. Ransom B. Moon, Asst. Q.M.

                                    Surg. Thomas P. Temple

                                    Capt. Henry A. Edmondson [A]

                                    2d Lt. Evan J. Ragland [A] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Sylvester H. Richardson [B] (c.)

                                    3d Lt.William H. Woodward [B]

                                    2d Lt. John T. Ligon [C] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. Joseph E. Walton [C] (c.)

                                    Capt. William J. Turner [D] (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Eugene D. Robinson [D] (c.)                                                                             

2d Lt. Robert C. Campbell [D] (c.)

                                    3d Lt. James B. Hill [D]

                                    Capt. Benjamin Lyons Farinholt [E] ( w. & c., July 3)

                                    1st Lt. William Harvie Bray [E] ( mw. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. Richard Crump Apperson [E]

                                    3d Lt. George A. Timberlake [E]

                                    Capt. Henry Edmunds [F] ≠

                                    2d Lt. Andrew B. Anderson [F] (w.)

                                    Bvt. 2d Lt. Joseph G. Younger [F]

                                    Capt. R. A. Mustain [G]

                                    2d Lt. Joseph M. Moses [G]

                                    Capt. John L. Latane [H] (c.)

                                    1st Lt. William H. Burruss [H] ( mw. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. James Irving Sale [H] (c.)

                                    Capt. William Marshall Tredway, Jr. [I] (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Hutchins L. Carter [I] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. Charles Bilhare [I]

                                    2d Lt. James Wyatt Whitehead [I] ( w. & c.)

                                    Capt. James H. Lipscomb [K] (k.)

                                    1st Lt. Robert R. Ferguson [K] ( w. & c.)

                                    2d Lt. James A. Harwood [K] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. John E. Major [K]

                        57th Va. Inf.: Col. John Bowie Magruder (mw. & c., July 3)

                                    Lt. Col. Benjamin H. Wade ( mw.)

                                    Maj. Clement R. Fontaine (promoted to Col., July 5)

                                    Capt. William B. Smith, Asst. Q.M.

                                    Capt. Joseph P. Phillips, Asst. Com. Sub.

                                    Surg. Charles E. Lippitt

                                    Asst. Surg. William G. Carter

                                    2d Lt. P. Fletcher Ford [A] (k.)

                                    Capt. John H. Smith [B] (k.)

                                    1st Lt. John L. Ward [B]

                                    2d Lt. Christian S. Prillaman [B] (w.)

                                    2d Lt. Isaac C. Prillaman [B] (k.)

                                    Capt. David P. Heckman [C] (w.)

                                    1st Lt. Charles H. Jones [C]

                                    2d Lt. James E. Miles [C]

                                    3d Lt. Giles L. Cannaday [C]

                                    Capt. David V. Dickinson [D] (c.)

                                    1st Lt. Wilford G. Rowles [D]

                                    2d Lt. Leroy S. Dyer [D] (c.)

                                    2d Lt. Edward S. Robertson [D] (c.)