Tipton images of McAllister Mill and area

 "McAllister's Old Grist Mill - - Rock Creek," Tipton #387 (1880s-1890s). View of gable end with pulley hoist, outbuilding to the left, back in foreground, trees in background.
"McAllister's Dam, Rock Creek," Tipton #136 (1890s-1900s?). Looking up Rock Creek at spillway of breast of dam, with large boulder in foreground, and trees lining banks of creek.
 McAllister's Dam, Rock Creek, looking across breast of dam to bank on opposite (west) side of creek (c. 1900s?)  Wagon road to McAllister's Mill, looking west near ford over Rock Creek (1903). Pedestrian bridge, ford, and a hazy mill itself visible beyond ford.

 Wagon road to McAllister's Mill, probably east side of Rock Creek, leading to Neill Avenue (1903). Showing road winding between large boulders to crest of hill.

The ford over Rock Creek at McAllister's Mill, Tipton #446 (c. 1900). Looking to east over creek, with boy seated on boulder in creek, fishing; pedestrian bridge across creek downstream.
"On Rock Creek at McAllister's," Tipton #388 (c. 1900). Looking south at ford on Rock Creek at McAllister's Mill, showing boy in Sherlock Holmes hat standing on footbridge above creek. Mill out of photo to the right.
"McAllister's Dam, Rock Creek," Tipton #B1136 (c. 1900). Looking toward spillway at breast of dam, In direction of west back of Rock Creek. Boulders in foreground, with water spilling over banks.
Footpath on Wolf Hill, location unidentified (1904)

 "Old Saw Mill, Baltimore Turnpike," Tipton No. 73 (c. 1898). View of old frame building adjoining road, probably near Rock Creek, surrounded by trees.

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