Head Quarters 11 Corps
July 1863
Gettysburg Pennsylvania
Official papers found on the body of Maj. General
John F. Reynolds Comdy Right Wing of A of P

Head Qtrs Left Wing
June 30th 1863

MajGenl Butterfield

Chief of Staff A.P.

I have forwarded all the information to you that I have been able to gain today. I think if the Enemy advances in force from Gettysburg + that we are to fight a defensive battle in this vicinity that the position to be occupied is just north of the town of Emmitsburg covering the Plank Road to Taneytown. He will undoubtedly endeavor to turn our left by way of Fairfield + the mountain roads leading down into the Frederick + Emmitsburg Pike near Mount St. Mary’s College.

The above is mere surmise on my part, at all events an engineer officer ought to be sent out to reconnoitre this position as we have reason to believe that the main force of the enemy is in the vicinity of Cashtown or debouching from the Cumberland Valley above it.

The Corps are placed as follows – two Div of the 1st Corps behind Marsh Run one on the road leading to Gettysburg + one on the road leading from Fairfield to the Chambersburg road at Moritz’s tavern, the 3rd Division with the reserve batteries is on the road to Chambersburg behind Middle Creek now placed in position. This was the position taken up under the orders to march to Marsh Creek. I have now changed it as it might be necessary to dispute the advance of the enemy across this creek in order to take up the position behind Middle Creek – which is the one I alluded to near Emmitsburg.

Howard occupies in part the position I did last night, which is to the left of the position in front of Middle Creek, and commands the roads leading from Fairfield down to Emmittsburg + the Pike below.


There is no signature, but the OR states as such:

[John F. Reynolds


Note paper states: Headquarters, Army of the Potomac

Taney town June 30

11:30 am

Genl(OR states:[Reynolds])

Your Dispatch is received – the enemy undoubtly occupy the Cumberland Valley from Chambersburg in force – Whether the holding of the Cashtown gap, is to prevent our entrance, or is their advance against us remains to be seen. With Buford at Gettysburg + Mechanicsville + a regiment in front of Emmittsburg. You ought to advise in time of their approach. In case of an action in force either against you or Howard at Emmittsburg you must fall back to that place + I will reinforce you from the Corps nearest to you which are Sickles at Taney town and Slocum at Littlestown. You are advised of the general position of the army – we are as concentrated as my present information of the position of the enemy justifies – I have pushed out the cavalry in all directions to feel for them + as soon as I can make up any positive opinion as to their position I will move again – In the meantime if they advance against me, I must concentrate at that point where they show the strongest force – Please get all the information you can + push yourself up in the roads + routes of communication. The only news we have beyond yours, is that Stuart with a large cavalry force were in Westminister last night -- and moves towards Gettysburg – Supposed the same force that has been ravaging in our rear –

Truly Yours


P.S. If after occupying your present position it is your judgment that you would be in better position at Emmittsburg then where you are, you can fall back without waiting for the enemy or further orders. Your present position was given more with a view to an advance on Gettysburg, than a defensive point.


 H Qrs. 11 Corps. A. P.

July 1 1863 6 A. M.

Maj Genl Reynolds

Comdy. Left Wing A.P.


I received orders direct fr H. A?? A. P. to ??? to within supporting distance of you at Gettysburg. I have ???? my order of ??? as follows: our Division with a battery to curve(?) on the road on which you marched; the balance of the Corps on the road pasted ??? Mill. I have done this to relieve the direct(?) road for your ammunition trains etc. etc. and also to place my own train easily in position ???? you desire otherwise I will occupy near. J Wenty’s??? Place near the Crop roads about 2 miles this side from Gettysburg.

Very Respectfully your obe servant

O O Howard

Maj Genl

The top of the below sheet was cut off in the xeroxing process.


I have recs’d both your notes = Our Division occupies the place you did last night and is ordered to be held in readiness to move at short notice = Another occupies a position near Gettysburg road on the right of town. Would you wish me to join you along the Gettysburg road?

I have sent reconnainsances towards Fairfield, Cashtown. Also to the left to the mountains = Please send me word as to where you want support in case you do =

I think it important to hold these roads towards Chambersburg do you not? I want a map of Adams Co. if possible I have nothing =


John Reynolds O O Howard

Genl Genl


Preprinted words on stationary are italicized. Also there is a stamp "WAR RECORDS, etc." in the middle of the correspondence covering many of the words. Also note that the year 1862 was preprinted and the 2 was crossed off and a 3 written in.

8PM, from Wetzel’s Signal Station

To Major General Reynolds

We made our observation this afternoon of Herrbarugh’s valley ??? ??? ??? the roads along ?????[looks like this name begins with a W] Creek + towards Waynesboro indication of enemy ????? ???? cut short our observations ?????? as stopped communications will remain all night + will make further observations towards Waynesboro ?????? morning report

Very Respectfully

June 30, 1863 Lts Signal Officers


Note the 1862 date is preprinted and was left as is.

Capt. E. Baird
A.D.C HeadQuarters 3rd Corps
Bridgeport-on the Monocacy
June 30 1862[actually 1863], 7:45 o’clock P.M.

Captain, by direction of the Gen’l Commanding I have gone into Camp here – countermanding a previous order to go to Emmittsburg – and I am to await here further orders from H. Qtrs A.P. = When these orders were received I sent Capt. Crocker of my staff to communicate them to Maj Genl Reynolds and to inform him of my position + my 1st Div and two batteries are farther towards Emmittsburg – (across Middle Creek)


D.E. Sickles


The other side of Sheet, probably the envelope?

Capt. E. Baird


H. Qtrs. Left Wing