General James Longstreet Memorial Fund

Fact Sheet
-History of the Memorial Fund-

The General James Longstreet Memorial Fund was established by the North Carolina Division Sons of Confederate Veterans, a historical organization, in June, 1991. The purpose of this fund is to reinstate Gen. James Longstreet, Commander of the First Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, CSA, to his rightful place among America's great leaders and one of the South's true sons. On August 8, 1992, while in national convention in Wilmington, NC, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Inc. adopted a resolution which absolved General James Longstreet of the blame for the loss of the Battle of Gettysburg on July 1-3, 1863. The Sons of Confederate Veterans also gave their endorsement to the Longstreet Memorial Fund with this resolution.

-Site Selection-

On February 3, 1993, the National Park Service approved the location for the monument. The proposed monument will be placed on General Lee's right flank, at the Pitzer Woods amphitheater at Gettysburg National Military Park at Gettysburg, PA. The Pitzer Woods site is approximately .2 of a mile north of Longstreet's headquarters on the Pitzer Farm. This site was chosen because the loss of the Battle of Gettysburg has been wrongfully laid at Longstreet's feet for 120 years. History has proven that although General Longstreet made mistakes during this dreadful battle, so did several other Southern commanders. Thus proving no one person was to blame for the loss of the battle. The architect for the project is Mr. J. L. Sibley Jennings of Washington, DC, who plans to restore the site to its 1863 appearance by reforesting with a natural species of hardwood trees.

-Monument Selection-

The monument will be a life size equestrian statue which has been designed by Mr. Gary Casteel, noted sculptor from Maurertown, VA. It will consist of a bronze horse and rider at ground level. This will give the appearance of movement in a classical design. The bronze inscription will be mounted on two stone pedestals placed in front of the monument. The reforestation will continue up to the monument giving the appearance of the General observing the lines on the third day of battle. Approval of the monument and landscaping designs was granted by the National Park Service on September 13, 1995. A sign marking the site of the monument was erected by the Longstreet Memorial Fund and National Park Service personnel on September 25, 1995.


Donations to the Longstreet Memorial Fund are tax deductible and are deposited in a savings account with detailed records kept on each donation. Unless specified by the contributor for use on fund raising expenses, each donation goes directly to the Memorial Fund, to be used for the purchase of the monument and related expenses. The Longstreet Memorial Committee will gladly accept any size donation. Memorial and honorarium donations will be accepted and a Book Of Honor published at the end of the project. Copies of this Book Of Honor will be donated to the National Archives, the Park Museum at Gettysburg National Military Park, and the North Carolina State Archives in Raleigh, NC. Donations will be listed in the following categories:

1st Corps Level $1,000 PLUS
Division Level $750 - $999
Brigade Level $500 - $749
Regiment Level $250 - $499
Company Level $5 - $249


The Longstreet Memorial Committee has designated July 3, 1997 as the date to commission the Longstreet monument. July 3, 1998 has been designated as the unveiling and dedication date for the monument. Each contributor to the Longstreet Memorial Fund will receive an invitation to the ceremonies.

-Advertising and Fund Raising-

The Longstreet Memorial Committee plans an extensive advertising campaign which will include newspaper and magazine advertisements, video tapes and personal appeals through the mail. We also plan to market items pertaining to the Longstreet project such as T-shirts, art sales, and "Buy-A-Tree" program.

-Patrons of Longstreet-

As a Patron of Longstreet, contributors will receive newsletters which will provide updates on the progress of the memorial fund. It will also include announcements of upcoming fund raising events and additions to the project volunteer staff.

Please mail your tax deductible contributions to:

General James Longstreet
Memorial Fund
112 Offset Farm Road
Sanford, NC 27330
Phone: 919-258-6966