Order of Battle,
Pickett's Charge, July 3, 1863

Taken from Richard Rollins' Pickett's Charge: Eyewitness Accounts
Included are infantry units which participated in the charge or fired against it. Also included are Posey and Wright's brigades that were planned as support troops. Artillery batteries are included if they fired at least one round. 

Army of Northern Virginia
General Robert E. Lee

First Corps, Lieutenant General James Longstreet

Pickett's Division, Major General George E. Pickett
Armistead's Brigade, Brigadier General Lewis Armistead

Garnett's Brigade, Brigadier General Richard B. Garnett Kemper's Brigade, Brigadier General James Kemper Artillery, Major James Dearing Artillery, Reserve, Colonel J.B. Walton
Alexander's Battalion, Colonel E.P. Alexander Washington Artillery, Major B.F. Eshelman McClaw's Division, Colonel H.C. Cabell Hood's Division, Major M.W.Henry

Second Corps, Lieutenant General Richard Ewell

Rodes' Division Artillery, Lieut. Colonel Thomas H. Carter
Artillery Reserve, Colonel J. Thompson Brown First Virginia Battalion, Captain Willis Dance Nelson's Battalion, Lt. Col. William Nelson

Third Corps, Lieutenant General Ambrose Powell Hill

Anderson's Division, Major General Richard Anderson
Wilcox's Brigade, Brigadier General Camus Wilcox Perry's Brigade, Colonel David Lang Wright's Brigade, Brigadier General Ambrose Wright Posey's Brigade, Brigadier General Carnot Posey Heth's Division, Brigadier General Johnston J. Pettigrew
Pettigrew's Brigade, Colonel J.K. Marshall Archer's Brigade, Colonel Birkett D. Fry Davis's Brigade,Brigadier General Joseph Davis Brockenbrough's Brigade, Colonel Robert Mayo Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel John Garnett Pender's Division, Major General Issac R. Trimble
Lane's Brigade, Brigadier General James Lane Scale's Brigade, Colonel W.L.J. Lowrance Artillery, Major William T. Poague Artillery Reserve, Colonel R. Lindsay Walker
McIntosh's Battallion, Major D.G. McIntosh Pegram's Battalion, Major W.J. Pegram

Stuart's Division
Major General J. E. B. Stuart

Hampton's Brigade
Brigadier General Wade Hampton Robertson's Brigade and Jones' Brigades
Brigadier General Beverly Robertson Fitzhugh Lee's Brigade
Brig. Gen. Fitzhugh Lee Jenkins'Brigade, Brigadier General A. G. Jenkins W. H. F. Lee's Brigade
Col. J. R. Chambliss Stuart Horse Artillery Major R. F. Beckham
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Army of The Potomac
General George Gordon Meade

First Army Corps, Major General John Newton

First Division, Brigadier General James Wadsworth
Third Division, Major General Abner Doubleday

Artillery Brigade, Colonel Charles Wainright

Second Army Corps, Major General Winfield Scott Hancock

Second Division, Brigadier General John Gibbon
First Brigade, Brigadier General William Harrow

Second Brigade, Brigadier General Alexander Webb

Third Brigade, Brigadier Colonel Norman Hall

Unattached 1st Company Minnesota Sharpshooters, Captain William Plumer

 Third Division, Brigadier General Alexander Hays
First Brigade, Colonel Samuel Carroll

Second Brigade, Colonel Thomas Smyth

Third Brigade, Colonel Eliakim Sherrill

Artillery Brigade, Captain John Hazard

Fifth Army Corps
Artillery Brigade, Captain Augustus P. Martin Sixth Army Corps
Artillery Brigade, Colonel Charles Tompkins Eleventh Army Corps
Artillery Brigade, Major Thomas Osborn Twelfth Army Corps
Artillery Brigade, Lieutenant Edward Muhlenberg Artillery Reserve
1st Regular Brigade, Captain Dunbar Ransom 1st Volunteer Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Freeman McGilvery 2nd Volunteer Brigade, Captain Elijah Taft 3rd Volunteer Brigade, Captain James Huntington 4th Volunteer Brigade, Captain Robert Fitzhugh Calvary Corps Reserve

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