Accessions To The GNMP Vertical Files (1978-1980)
Kathleen R. Georg,  "The John Blocher Farm: Historical Report"  (1979)

"Recollections and Experiences of the Battle of Gettysburg", by Mr. Nathaniel Lightner of       Cumberland Twp., Adams County, Pa., not hitherto written; "War History by a Farmer & Carpenter; The Sights and Scenes of Gettysburg from a Civilian Point of View"                   Washington Star  (Nov. 4, 1893).  (filed under Lightner farm)

Russell F. Weigley,  "Emergency Troops in the Gettysburg Campaign", Pennsylvania History,   vol. XXV, 39-57.
"The Dismissal of Major Granville O. Haller of the Regular Army of the U.S. by Order of the   Secretary of War" (Paterson, N.J., 1863). (Early's Raid into Gettysburg, June 26, 1863)
John S. Patterson, "A Patriotic Landscape: Gettysburg 1863-1913".
"The Last 24 Hours of General John F. Reynolds" (Letter of Charles H. Veil to David             McConaughy, April 7, 1864)
"The Death of General Reynolds" (Letter of William Riddle dated August 4, 18??)
"A Coffin for General Reynolds" (excerpt from Freeman Ankrum, Maryland & Pennsylvania   Historical Sketches, West Newton, Pa., 1947, 140-142.
Richard Sauers, various studies on the Wheatfield actions.
Samuel W. Crawford, letters regarding the actions of his Pennsylvania Reserves at Gettysburg dated December 11, 1863; December 22, 1863; December 23, 1863; December 1863         (from the Library of Congress)
Account of Major Ellis Spear, 20th Maine, regarding action at Little Round Top. (copy from   grandson, presently editing his grandfather's memoirs of the war)
Joshua Chamberlain, "Through Blood & Fire at Gettysburg", Hearst's Magazine, vol. 23, no.   6 (June, 1913), 894-909.
Cadmus Wilcox, first draft of Gettysburg report, dated July 1863, near Winchester, Va. (from Virginia Historical Society)
Col. William C. Oates (15th Alabama), account of the battle. (from Bowdoin College Library)
William D. Matter, "Decision in Long Lane".
Lists of casualties in 1st Brigade, 1st Division, 5th U.S. Corps ,on July 2nd & 3rd , at             Gettysburg (from New York Historical Society papers)
Lists of casualties in 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 5th U.S. Corps ,on July 2nd & 3rd , at             Gettysburg (from New York Historical Society papers)
Letter of Col. William Tolton to Brigadier General J. Barnes, April 16, 1864, regarding           casualties of the brigade at Gettysburg (New York Historical Society)
Letter of Joshua Chamberlain to General Barnes, April 6, 1864, regarding casualties in           Vincent's Brigade at Gettysburg.
John W. DePeyster, "The Third Corps at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863. General Sickles                Vindicated", The Volunteer, I (1869), 307-359.
Letter of Colonel J.B. Sweitzer to General James Barnes, April 8, 1864 regarding the battle.
Letter of Colonel William S. Tilton to General James Barnes, March 14, 1864.
Generals Sickles, Gregg, Newton & Butterfield, "Further Recollections of Gettysburg", North American Review, no. CCCCXII (March 1891)
John Gibbon, "Another View of Gettysburg", North American Review (June 1891)
General James Lane, Letter to the editor dated September 7, 1877 regarding the participation of his brigade at Gettysburg, from the Bryan Grimes Papers at the Southern Historical             Collection of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
James Lane, "Lane's North Carolina Brigade", mss from North Carolina State Archives.
Pettigrew's Brigade, manuscript memoir from North Carolina State Archives.
D.B. Easley, letter to Howard Townsend, July 24, 1913 regarding July 3rd at the Angle.         (from MS collection at Carlisle Barracks)
"When Cowan's Battery Withstood Pickett's Splendid Charge", New York Herald, July 2,     1911.
Fred Mende, compiler, "Notes Relating to the Positions of Pickett's Brigades at Gettysburg     Prior to the Beginning of the Assault of July 3, 1863).

Various Documents Pertaining to the Lee-Longstreet Controversy:

        Letter of General Jubal Early to Armistead Long, April 5, 1871.
        Letter of E.P. Alexander to --Bancroft, October 30, 1904.
        Letter of John S. Mosby to William H. Chapman, September 17, 1891.
        Letter of James Longstreet to Armistead Long, April 11, 1876.
        Letter of Armistead Long to James Longstreet, May 31, 1875.
        Letter of James Longstreet to Armistead Long, May 20, 1875
        Letter of James Longstreet to Bancroft, October 30, 1904.
        Letter of Captain Thomas J. Goree to James Longstreet, May 17, 1875.
        Letter of W. Youngblood to James Longstreet, no date.
        Letter of Colonel Charles S. Venable to James Longstreet, 1875.
        Letter of Colonel Charles Marshall to James Longstreet, May 7, 1875.
        Letter of General Lafayette McLaws to James Longstreet, June 12, 1873.
        Letter of S.R. Johnston to Fitz Lee, February 11, 1878 & February 16, 1878.
        Letter of S.R. Johnston to General Lafayette McLaws, June 27, 1892.
        Letter of S.R. Johnston to George Petterkin, no date.
        Letter of James Longstreet to General Lafayette McLaws, July 25, 1873.
        Letter of James Longstreet to General Lafayette McLaws, November 12, 1877.

Various Documents Pertaining to the Early-Stuart Controversy:

        Letter of General Longstreet to Major H.B. McClellan, January 30, 1878.
        Letter of Fitz Lee to Major H.B. McClellan, July 31, 1878.
        Letter of General Longstreet to Major H.B. McClellan, July 28, 1878.
        Letter of General Early to Major H.B. McClellan, February 2, 1878.
        Letter of General Early to Major H.B. McClellan, February 11, 1878.
        Letter of General Ewell to General Early, June 28, 1863.
        Letter of General Early to Major H.B. McClellan, February 2, 1878.
        Letter of General Early to Major H.B. McClellan, February 13, 1878.
        Letter of General Early to Major H.B. McClellan, February 26, 1878.
        Letter of General Early to Major H.B. McClellan, February 27, 1875 (8).
        Letter of General Early to Major H.B. McClellan (?), March 14, 1876.
Letter of Henry L. Phelps to uncle, May 23, 1864 (description of Johnson's Is.).
Diary passages of Charles Blinn, Company A, 1st Vermont Cavalry, June 29 - July 10, 1863. (Hanover, Hunterstown, Gettysburg, after the battle).
Letter of General R.E. Lee to President Jefferson Davis, July 7, 1863 regarding the retreat       from Gettysburg.
Earl J. Coates, "A Quartermaster's Battle of Gettysburg", North-South Trader,                       (November-December 1977) regarding clean-up operations after the battle.
Letter of George N. Liebig, July 30, 1863 regarding clean-up operations after the battle.
Copies of Quartermaster Reports after the battle.
Excerpts from newspaper accounts of discovery of bodies on the battlefield in the decades     after the battle.
References cited of newspaper accounts by participants in the battle on microfilm in the library (articles by Sickles, Humphreys, Longstreet, O.O. Howard, &c).
E.P. Alexander, unpublished manuscript of recollections, Southern Historical Collections of     the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Partially transcribed, especially Gettysburg action.
Letter of E.P. Alexander to his father, July 14, 1863.
Letter of E.P. Alexander to his father, July 17, 1863.
Letter of E.P. Alexander to General McLaws, January 30, 1888 regarding the march to the     battlefield.
Account of Lt. F.M. Colston, Alexander's ordnance officer.
Maury Klein, Edward Porter Alexander (1971), excerpts.
Letter of General James Barnes to David Birney, August 18, 1863.
Letter of General James Barnes to David Birney, August 23, 1863.
Letter of Colonel Sweitzer to General Charles Griffin, July 31, 1863, with report of the Battle of Gettysburg.
Account of Major Campbell Brown (adjutant and step-son of General Ewell).
Excerpts from the papers of Jubal A. Early in the Library of Congress.
Manuscript "The Battle of Gettysburg", by J.D. Follmer (written in a lined composition book).
Jed. Hotchkiss, ms journal on microfilm and copied; excerpts from "Make Me a Map of the   Valley"; on Ewell's staff.
Letter of General James L. Kemper to E.P. Alexander, September 20, 1869 regarding the     cannonade and charge of July 3, 1863.
Frederick Maurice, ed., An Aide-de-camp of Lee, Being the Papers of Colonel Charles         Marshall, (1927) copied from book.
Letter of General A.S. Webb to his father, June 21, 1863.
Letter of General A.S. Webb to his wife, August 2, 1863.
Letter of General A.S. Webb to his father, July 17, 1863.
Letter of General A.S. Webb to James --, August 2, 1863.
Letter of General A.S. Webb to his wife, August 1, 1863.
Letter of General A.S. Webb to his wife, August 22, 1863.
Letter of General A.S. Webb to James --, August 15, 1863.
Letter of General A.S. Webb to his wife, July 5, 1863.
Letter of General A.S. Webb to his wife, August 8, 1863.
J.F.H. Claiborne account of William Barksdale and Barksdale's Brigade.
Joseph Bennett, "Junius Daniel" (Memorial Day Address 1888).
Manuscript notes and maps drafted by General Abner Doubleday.
General Richard Garnett, last letters in June 1863 to Mrs. Dandridge.
General O.O. Howard, miscellaneous documents and letters from collection at Bowdoin         College.
Letter of Prof. M.L. Stoever (Pa. College) to General Kemper, October 30, 1865.
Letter of General Kemper to Colonel W.Taylor, February 14, 1865.
General Lafayette McLaws manuscripts, letters and maps from post-war period.
Walter A. Montgomery, "Life and Character of Major-General W.D. Pender", (Memorial Day Address, 1894).
William R. Cox, "Address on the Life and Character of Major General Stephen D. Ramseur" (1891).
Letter of Fred. Phillips to David Schenck, October 27, 1891 regarding the part of General Ramseur in the Battle of Gettysburg.
Wharton Green, "General Robert Ransom" (1899 address).
R.D.W. Conner, "Address on Alfred Moore Scales" (1907)
B.B. Champlin, "Reunions of Connecticut Regiments for 1896" (New Haven, 1896).
Transcript of letter sent by Seargent Alexander McNeil to David G. Porter, August 16, 1863 (14th Connecticut).
H.S. Stevens, account of the participation of the 14th Connecticut at Gettysburg, (June 10, 1905).
Henry P. Goddard, "14th Connecticut Volunteer Regimental Reminiscences of the War of the Rebellion", (photocopied excerpts).
Charles D. Page, History of the Fourteenth Regiment, Connecticut Volunteer Infantry (Meriden, Conn., 1906), excerpts.
Samuel W. Fiske, Mr. Dunn Browne's Experiences in the Army, (Boston, 1866), excerpts of Gettysburg material, 14th Connecticut.
H.S. Stevens, Souvenir of Excursion to Battlefields by the Society of the Fourteenth Connecticut Regiment and Reunion at Antietam, September 1891, (Washington 1893), photocopied excerpts.
William H. Warren Diary, 17th Connecticut (Gettysburg Campaign segment only).
"The Gettysburg Excursion of the 17th Connecticut Volunteers", (1884).
Winthrop D. Sheldon, The Twenty-Seventh Connecticut; A Regimental History, (New Haven: 1866), excerpts.
A.E. Clark, "The 27th Connecticut at Gettysburg".
"Report of Joint Committee to Mark the Positions Occupied by the 1st and 2nd Delaware Regiments at the Battle of Gettysburg", (Dover, 1887).
William P. Seville, History of the First Regiment Delaware Volunteers, (1885), excerpts.
Adams, Captain John G.R. Reminiscences of the Nineteenth Massachusetts Regiment (Boston, 1899), excerpts through 1864 (103 pp.).
Diary of Herbert C. Mason, captain of Company H, 20th Massachusetts (excerpts from June 29 - July 3, 1863).
Springfield and the Great Rebellion: Civil War Research Materials owned by the Springfield City Library (Massachusetts).
"From the 3rd and 5th Infantry: Their part in the Battle of Gettysburg", the Tribune (July 23, 1863) (transcript regarding the 3rd and 5th Michigan).
Letters of Alfred G. Ryder, J.E. Ryder, William C. Way (chaplain), Alfred Noble, John G. Frey (regarding the death of Alfred and John Ryder, 24th Michigan at Gettysburg), June 24 - December 2, 1863.
Letter of W. Ball, 5th Michigan Cavalry to parents, dated July 9, 1863.
Letter of Daniel Stewart, 6th Michigan Cavalry, to Margaret (?), dated July 24, 1863.
Reference note of account by Major McGinnis of the 1st Minnesota, regarding the charge of the regiment on July 2nd; found on page 1 of Star & Sentinel (June 14, 1882).
Letter of Adolphus Conrad Hospes, 1st Minnesota, to family dated July 5, 1863.
Anne A. Page, "The Battle of Gettysburg as seen by Minnesota Soldiers", Minnesota History, vol. 38 (1963), 245-257.
Letters of John R. Burrill, Co. A, 2nd New Hampshire Infantry, to parents, dated July 6, 1863, July 13, 1863 and to Ell, dated July 6, 1863.
Michael Hanifen, History of Battery B, 1st New Jersey Artillery (Ottawa, Illinois, 1905).
Elbert Corbin, "Petit's Battery at Gettysburg", The National Tribune (February 3, 1910).
Material regarding the 20th New York State Militia (80th New York Infantry): Letter of Theodore Gates to J.B. Hardenburgh, dated December 18, 1875. Diary entry of Walter A. Van Rensselaer for July 3rd.
Letter of William H. Brown, Co. D, 44th New York to Father, dated July 7, 1863.
D.A. O'Mara, Fifty-ninth Regiment New York Veteran Volunteer Infantry. Report of Proceedings. Re-Union, and Roster of Surviving Members (New York, 1889).
Account of unidentified soldier of the 64th New York Infantry regarding the battle and campaign.
Letters of Colonel John D. Musser, 143rd Pennsylvania, regarding Gettysburg.
Harry M. Kieffer, The Recollections of a Drummer-Boy (Boston, 1889), excerpts regarding the 150th Pennsylvania at Gettysburg.
"Record of a Nine Months Regiment at the Battle of Gettysburg - The 151st Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers" (Broadside).
G.G. Benedict, A Short History of the 14th Vermont Regiment (Bennington, 1887)
Account of Colonel Wheelock Veazey of the Battle of Gettysburg and 16th Vermont.
Diary of Charles Blinn, Co. A, 1st Vermont Cavalry for campaign.
Diary entries for June 30th and July 1st for Lieutenant William Noble, Co. I, 2nd Wisconsin.
Letters of Colonel Rufus Dawes, 6th Wisconsin, to wife, dated July 4th, 6th and 9th, 1863.
Account of Colonel William C. Oates, 15th Alabama, from Bowdoin College Library.
John David Wilson, "George Thomas Anderson's Rebel Brigade: A Military History, 1861-1865", doctoral dissertation, excerpts.
Travis Hudson, "Soldier Boys in Gray: A History of the 59th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment", The Atlanta Historical Journal, vol. XXII, (1979), 45-70.
Letter of A.A. Anderson, 1st Battalion North Carolina Sharpshooters, Hoke's Brigade, to brother, July 5, 1863.
H.C. Wall, Historical Sketch of the Pee Dee Guards (Co. D, 23rd North Carolina Regiment) from 1861 to 1865 (Raleigh, 1876), Gettysburg excerpts.
Letters of Alexander McNeill, 2nd South Carolina Infantry, to wife, dated July 7, 1863 and July 15, 1863.
Letters of David W. Aiken, 7th South Carolina Infantry, dated June 10th, June 19th, June 22nd, June 25th, June 28th, July 4th, July 11th, July 13th and July 24, 1863.
Report for 7th Virginia Infantry at Gettysburg, July 5, 1863.
Account of Lieutenant Colonel Norbonne Berkeley, 8th Virginia.
Report for 11th Virginia Infantry at Gettysburg.
"Annual Reunion of Pegram Battalion Association in the Hall of House of Delegates, Richmond, VA., May 21, 1886", (Richmond, 1886).
Diary entries of Ran R. Knapp, 6th U.S. Cavalry, for campaign.
Heinz K. Meier, Memoirs of a Swiss Officer in the American Civil War (Bern, Switzerland, 1972), excerpts.
Account by Benjamin W. Thompson, captain in the 111th New York, regarding the battle.
Benjamin W. Thompson, Recollections of War Times, campaign excerpts transcribed from CWTI collection at Carlisle.
Letters of Ira S. Jeffers, Co. F, 137th New York Infantry, for campaign.
"Notes on the Taking and Holding of Little Round Top at Gettysburg. Movements of the 146th New York Volunteers on the Field of Gettysburg, July 2, 3, 4 and 5, 1863".
Acknowledgment of O.O. Howard to Colonel S.S. Carroll regarding services of the 4th Ohio at Gettysburg.
William Kepler, History of the Three Months and Three Years' Service of the Fourth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. (Cleveland, 1886), excerpts transcribed in typescript.
"The Eighth Ohio at Gettysburg. Address of General Franklin Sawyer". (Washington, 1889).
Franklin Sawyer, A Military History of the 8th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry: Its Battles, Marches and Army Movements (Cleveland, 1881) excerpts transcribed in typescript.
Account of William Henry Harrison Tallman, Co. E, 66th Ohio, of campaign.
Diary excerpts of David Nichol, Knapp's Battery E, Pennsylvania Artillery.
Reference note of story of Co. B, 21st Pennsylvania Cavalry in Star and Sentinel (January 17, 1883).
A Brief History of the Fourth Pa. Veteran Cavalry (Pittsburgh, 1891).
Captain William Hyndman, History of a Cavalry Company: A Complete Record of Company "A", 4th Penn'a Cavalry (Philadelphia, 1870), Gettysburg excerpts.
Samuel L. Bracey, Annals of the Sixth Pennsylvania Cavalry (1868), excerpts.
Reference note of history of 29th Pennsylvania Infantry at Gettysburg in Star and Sentinel (July 21, 1885).
Diary of Lieutenant Robert C. Lamberton, Co. G, 84th Pennsylvania, for campaign.
Moses Veale, The 109th Regiment Penna. Veteran Volunteers (Philadelphia, 1890).
Account of Captain James C. Hamilton, 110th Pennsylvania, of campaign.
Colonel E.R. Bowen, "Collis" Zouaves: The 114th Pennsylvania Infantry at Gettysburg", Philadelphia Weekly Times (June 22, 1887).
Horatio N. Warren, The Declaration of Independence and War History. Bull Run to Appomattox (Buffalo, 1894), regarding the 142nd Penna. Infantry.
Thomas G. Murphey, Four Years in the War. The History of the First Regiment of Delaware Veteran Volunteers. (Philadelphia, 1866), excerpts.
Abner Hard, History of the Eighth Cavalry Regiment Illinois Volunteers. (Aurora, 1868), excerpts.
Catherine Merrill, The Soldier of Indiana in the War for the Union (Indianapolis, 1869), excerpts.
Letter of John L. Harding (8th Indiana Infantry) to his sister, July 18, 1863.
Edmund R. Brown, The Twenty-Seventh Indiana Volunteer Infantry in the War of the Rebellion 1861 to 1865 (1899), excerpts.
George W. Bicknell, History of the Fifth Regiment Maine Volunteers (Portland, 1871), excerpts.
Charles A. Clark, "Campaigning with the Sixth Maine" (1897).
Abner R. Small, The Sixteenth Maine Regiment in the War of the Rebellion (Portland, 1886), excerpts and rosters.
"Reunions of the Nineteenth Maine Regiment Association" (1878).
Joshua Chamberlain accounts regarding the 20th Maine, from New York Historical Society and Bowdoin College.
Diary of Hollis True, Co. E, 17th Maine (excerpts).
Edwin B. Houghton, The Campaigns of the Seventeenth Maine (Portland, 1866), excerpts and roster.
Letters of Wilbur Clifford, Co. B, 19th Maine.
C. Armour Newcomer, Cole's Cavalry; or Three Years in the Saddle in the Shenandoah Valley (Baltimore, 1895); excerpts. Many Adams County and Gettysburg boys were in this Maryland outfit.
Chas. Camper & J.W. Kirkley, eds., Historical Record of the First Regiment Maryland Infantry (Washington, 1871), excerpts and roster.
Samuel Kramer, Maryland and the Glorious Old Third in the War for the Union (Washington, 1882), excerpts.
Diary of Charles C. Perkins, Co. K, 1st Massachusetts, excerpts from Gettysburg Campaign.
Letter of Albert Davis, Co. G, 15th Massachusetts Infantry, to mother, dated July 4, 1863.
Letter of Cornelius Linehan, Co. F, 19th Massachusetts Infantry, to father, dated July 17, 1863.
Gettysburg church hospital claims, portions transcribed in typescript from National Archives microfilm.
Various notes and references regarding hospitals and wounded found in local newspaper accounts.
Mrs. Georgeanna Muirson (Woolsey) Bacon, Three Weeks at Gettysburg (New York, 1863).
Katherine Prescott Wormeley, The United States Sanitary Commission. A Sketch of its Purposes and its Work (Boston, 1863).
The Sanitary Commission of the United States Army. A Succinct Narrative of its Works and Purposes (New York, 1864).
Kathleen R. Georg, "Transcription of J.G. Frey's Book of Union Interment Sites, by Farm Area".
Letter of J.W.C. O'Neal to Mr. C.B. Burns, October 5, 1866, regarding burial of his brother at the Wible place.
"Names of 137 Confederate dead removed from Gettysburg in 1871", North Carolina reinterments to Raleigh.
John L. Girardeau, "Confederate Memorial Day at Charleston, S.C. Reinterment of the Carolina dead from Gettysburg" (Charleston, 1871).
Records and minutes of the Charleston Ladies' Memorial Association.
A Brief History of the Ladies' Memorial Association of Charleston, S.C., From its Organization in 1865 to April 1, 1880 (Charleston, 1880).
Minute and account books of the Savannah Ladies' Memorial Association.
Minutes of meetings of Ladies' Memorial Association of North Carolina.
Garlaca family memoirs, Mrs. Jacob Kitzmiller, regarding the battle in town & effect on self.
Henry E. Horn, ed., Memoirs of Henry Eyster Jacobs (1974), excerpts.

106 Effect Reports

"Rehabilitation of Rose Farm Wash House/Summer Kitchen"
"Rehabilitation of Rose Farmhouse Roofs"
"Field Drains: Wills-Forney & McPherson Herbst Farms"
"Special Use Permits: United Telephone Co."
"Installation, New Building, Maintenance Area"
"Repair, National Cemetery Enclosures"
"Archeological Survey: Eisenhower Farm #2 Fuel Oil Tank"
"Restoration of Historic Vegetation Lines - Little Round Top, Houck's Ridge"
"Vegetation Removal, 2nd and 3rd Days Battlefield"
"Proposed Tennessee Monument"
"Install 20th New York State Militia Marker"