9-RR1 Lincoln Highway (Route 30)
9-RR2 Allegheny Portage Railroad
9-RR3 Cumberland Valley Railway
9-RR4 Underground Railroad in Pennsylvania
9-RR5 Pennsylvania Roads Before the Auto
9-RR6 Pennsylvania Roads in the 20th Century
9-RR7 Gettysburg Area Railroads
9-RR8 Gettysburg Battlefield Trolley
9-RR9 Tape Worm Railroad
9-RR10 Round Top Railroad


10-1 The Development and Care of the National Cemetery
10-1a Origins & Development of the National Cemetery System
10-2 "A Patriotic Landscape: Gettysburg" 1863-1913-- John S. Patterson
10-3 National Cemetery
10-3a Historic Cemetery Survey Report Dr. Tilburg: 1958
10-3b Calvin Hamilton - National Cemetery Superintendent
10-4 Establishment of National Cemetery
10-5 David Wills Correspondence
10-5a John Bartlett Correspondence; Early Cemetery History
10-6 Massachusetts Committee & the National Cemetery
10-7a William Saunders Plans for National Cemetery & General History
10-7b Saunders Plan, etc. Folder #2
10-8a Dedication Ceremonies, etc., November 1863
10-8b Dedication Ceremonies, 1863 Folder #2
10-9 Baltimore Sun Account: Cemetery Dedication
10-10 Soldiers National Monument
10-11 _Civil War Times_ re: Location of Speaker's Platform in National Cemetery
10-12 National Cemetery Rostrum, Brick ca. 1879
10-13 Louis Warren & the Selleck Site
10-14 Location of Speaker's Platform in National Cemetery Tilberg Notes & 1st Study
10-15 Location of the Speaker's Platform in the National Cemetery Dr. Tilberg Study


10-16 The Gettysburg Address-Information
10-17 The Gettysburg Address: Publications, etc.
10-17a Copies of the Gettysburg Address
10-18 Eyewitness Accounts of the Gettysburg Address, November 19, 1863
10-19 Gettysburg Address in Literature & Music
10-20 "Lincoln at Gettysburg" - William E. Barton
10-21 "Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg" - Robert Fortenbaugh
10-22 Becker's Sketch of Lincoln Delivering the Gettysburg Address
10-23 Hanover Junction Photo Correspondence & Articles
10-24 Proposed Lincoln Statue in National Cemetery
10-25 Lincoln's Gettysburg Address in Translation
10-25a Gettysburg Address in Foreign Languages
10-25b Gettysburg Address in Foreign Languages Folder #2
10-26 Dedication Day Programs
10-27 Dedication Day Ceremonies, 20th Century
10-28 "Mr. Lincoln Comes to Gettysburg" - 1952 Re-enactment
10-29 Carl Sandburg at Dedication Ceremonies November, 1959
10-30 "Lincoln's Gettysburg Declaration"--Louis Warner, 1964
10-30a Gettysburg Address Site Project
10-30b Gettysburg Address exhibit


10-31 Origins of Memorial Day
10-32 Memorial Day Exercises Folder #1
10-32a Memorial Day Exercises Folder #2
10-33 Memorial Day Exercises: Newspaper Clippings
10-34 Governor's Day, Memorial Day, 1944
10-35 Memorial Day Programs: 1934-1959
10-36 Memorial Day programs: 1960-present
10-37 George Nixon Grave: National Cemetery (Co. B, 73rd Ohio)
10-38 Gravestone Discrepancies--National Cemetery
10-38a Gravestone Discrepancies in the National Cemetery
10-39 GAR Honor Guards & Firing Squads at National Cemetery Burials
10-40 Edward Everett Information
10-41 Cemetery Annex
10-42 Proposed Grange Memorial: Cemetery Annex


11-1 Lincoln: General Information (Folder 1)
11-1a Lincoln: General Information (Folder 2)
11-2 Lincoln & Pennsylvania, Including Information on the Dedication of the National Cemetery
11-3 Lincoln & the Rights of Man
11-4 Lincoln in Art (Iconographs)
11-5 Lincoln's Tomb: Springfield, Illinois
11-6 Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission
11-7 Lincoln: Assassination Information
11-8 Lincoln: Newspaper Clippings
11-9 Lincoln Magazine Articles


11-10 Gettysburg Historians Association 1940
11-11 Correspondence with Authors: Miscellaneous
Downey, McLaughlin, Van Neiswald
11-12 D.S. Freeman Correspondence for Lee's Lieutenants 11-13 Phillip Van Doren Stern Correspondence 11-14 Clifford Dowdey Correspondence 11-15 Warren Hassler's Draft for Crisis at the Crossroads 11-15a Howerter, Jr., Harry W. Correspondence 11-16 George Stewart Correspondence forPickett's Charge 11-17 Research, General (Miscellaneous)
11-18 Gettysburg Campaign, Plans-Sources Progress
11-19 Major Campbell Brown Journal
11-20 Pickett's Charge--Fred Mende Material


11-25 "The Origins & Evolution of the National Military Park Idea", Ronald F. Lee 1973
11-26 "Statement for National Battlefield Parks" by Oliver G. Taylor, 1943
11-28 "Gettysburg--A Happy & Patriotic Conception," Kathleen R. Georg
11-28a "The Memory of War: Reflections on Battlefield Preservation" - Ruben M. Rainey
11-29a History of the National Park Service Folder #1
11-29a2 History of the National Park Service Folder #2
11-29b David McConaughy Correspondence GBMA
11-30 Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association
11-31 History of GNMP--Sickles Bill
11-32 History of GNMP under Battlefield Commission
11-33 History of GNMP, Newspaper Clippings
11-33a History of GNMP, Articles, etc.
11-34 Biographical Information: Park Related & Gettysburg Personalities
11-34a Biographical Information: GNMP Commissioners
11-35 GNMP: Horses at Farms & Patrol
11-36 GNMP: Observation Towers
11-37 GNMP: 1913 Monument Vandalism
11-38 GNMP: Civil Works Administration Projects
11-39 GNMP: ECW Work in National Cemetery
11-40 GNMP: WWII German POW Camp, Emmitsburg Road & Camp Sharpe
11-41 Museum prospectus
11-42 GNMP: Historian's Reports 1933-1934
11-43 GNMP: historian's Reports 1953-1954
11-44 1940's Scrap Metal Drive
11-44a GNMP: Intrusions
11-45 Visitor Center(s) Prospectus 1941-1960's
11-46 Cyclorama Building Proposal 1955
11-47 GNMP: Entrance & Guide Stations
11-48 GNMP: Group Visitation Parking
11-49 GNMP: Park Visitation
11-49a Presidential Visits to the Battlefield
11-50 GNMP: Early Visitation
11-51 Military Order of the Loyal Legion
11-52 Veteran's Organization: GAR & UCV, etc.
11-52a Third Army Corps Union
11-53 Veterans--Especially Obituaries
11-54 Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association (GBPA)
11-55 USS Gettysburg(s)
11-56 GNMP: Park boundary studies


11-60 Reunions & Veterans Meetings at Gettysburg
11-61 50th Anniversary & Grand Reunion 1913
11-61a 50th Anniversary & Grand Reunion 1913--Newspaper & Magazine Articles
11-62 75th Anniversary & Grand Reunion 1938
11-63 100th Anniversary of Battle of Gettysburg
11-63a 100th Anniversary of Battle of Gettysburg, 1963: Newspaper Articles
11-64 Commemorations
11-65 Last Surviving Veterans