8-32 Springs Hotel Right-Of-Way
8-33 Roads, Avenues, & Right-Of-Ways Folder #1
8-33b Roads, Avenues, & Right-Of-Ways Folder #2
8-33c Roads, Avenues, & Right-Of-Ways Folder #3
8-33d Roads, Avenues, & Right-Of-Ways Folder #4
8-34 Roads & Right-Of-Ways (Quit Claim Deeds)
8-36 Route 30 Bypass
8-37 Adverse Land Use: Vo-Tech & County Land Controversy
8-37b Adverse Land Use: Vo-Tech & County Land Controversy
8-38 Land & Building Status Report: 1929
8-39 Vista-Cutting Project for Little Round Top (1939)
8-40 W.P.A. Boundary Surveys
8-41 Report on Proposed Extension of Gettysburg Boro Line
Southward Along Emmitsburg Road & A Historical Statement
8-42 "Triangles & Traverses"--A Field Survey with Data
8-43 Private Land Holdings, Old...
8-44 Priority List: Land Acquisition (1963)
8-45 Lands History
8-46 Gettysburg National Military Park and Gettysburg College Land Exchange (Railroad Cut)


9-1 General History
9-2 Genealogical Research
9-3 History of College (Mt. St. Mary's) Emmitsburg, Md.
9-4 Mason-Dixon Line
9-5 Historical American Building Survey
9-6 Who Built Adams County: Preliminary Study & Directory By William F. Tuceling
9-7 Archaeology & Prehistory in Adams County Louis King, Archaeological Work at GNMP
9-8 Adams County & Local History
9-9a Pennsylvania in the Civil War Folder #1
9-9b Pennsylvania in the Civil War Folder #2
9-10 Thaddeus Stevens Information
9-11 Pictorial Record of Adams County
9-12 Adams County in the Civil War
9-13 Adams County Waterways
9-13a Adams County Settlements
9-13b Adams County Wildlife
9-14 Adams County Anniversary Wildlife
9-15 Adams County Bicentennial (175th)
9-16a Adams County Fruit Industry
9-16b Adams County Fruit Industry, Folder #2
9-17 Adams County Businesses and Industry
9-18 Marsh Creek Bridge, Chambersburg Road
9-19 Adams County Covered Bridges
9-20 Adams County Buildings: Historical Structures and Improvements
9-20a Adams County Almshouse
9-20b Adams County Schools
9-20c Adams County Courthouse
9-20d Adams County Churches
9-20e Adams County Taverns
9-21 Black House Tavern
9-22 Fairfield Inn; Fairfield, Pa.
9-23 Herr Tavern, Herr Ridge, Chambersburg Road
9-24 Round Barn Farm
9-24a Pfeffer House - Meade's Headquarters July 5-7
9-27 Freedom Township History
9-28 Mount Joy Township Properties
9-29 Straban Township Properties
9-30 Gettysburg Battlefield Historic Distric Project


9-G1a History of Gettysburg, General Information Folder #1
9-G1b History of Gettysburg, General Information Folder #2
9-G2 David Kendlehart of Gettysburg
9-G3 Aaron Sheely, Private Normal School
9-G4 Negroes in the 1860 Census--Gettysburg and Cumberland Townships
9-G5 Gettysburg in the Civil War, 1861-1865
9-G6 Structures in the Boro of Gettysburg
9-G6A Gettysburg Borough Properties
9-G7 Dobbin House
9-G8 Evergreen (Citizen's) Cemetery
9-G9 Fahnstock Building: Photos & Drafts
9-G10a Fahnstock Building: Photos & Drafts Folder #2
9-G10b Fahnstock Building: Correspondence & Plans
9-G11 Historic Structures Report Frame Cabin & Brick House; High & Washington Streets--RE Engle
9-G12 Pennsylvania Hall, Gettysburg College
9-G13 Lutheran Theological Seminary
9-G14 Orphan's Home, Baltimore Street Humiston Children
9-G14a Daniel Shaffer House--Mt. Joy Township
9-G15 Sheads House
9-G16 Mary Thomas House
9-G17a Will's House, Folder #1
9-G17b Will's House, Folder #2
9-G18 Historic Gettysburg Survey Articles
9-G19 Hankey Building Research
9-G20 Lincoln Square Complex Property Use Feasibilty Study
9-G21 William Howard Tipton
9-G22 USCT in the Lincoln Cemetery