8-1a A Study of Local Newspaper Handling of the Battle of Gettysburg - M. Sherfy 1969
8-1b A Study of Local Newspaper Handling of the Battle of Gettysburg - M. Sherfy 1969 Folder #2

8-1c After July: Effects of Battle of Gettysburg..People.. Adams County`
8-2 Battlefield Adventures: Civilian Accounts
8-3 Miscellaneous Civilian Accounts
8-4 Tillie Pierce Allemen Account
8-5 Mrs. Joseph Bayly Account
8-6 Sarah Broadhead Account Chambersburg Street
8-7 Fannie Buehler Account Baltimore Street
8-8 John S. Crawford Family Account Harrisburg Road
8-9 Leonard M. Gardner "Sunset Memories"
8-9a Euphonia M. Goldsborough
8-10 Hollinger Family Account York Street--Mrs. Jacob Clutz
8-10a Henry Jacobs Account-Middle & Washington Streets Weather During Battle
8-11 Mary McAllister Account
8-12 Albertus McCreary Account Baltimore & High Streets
8-13 Elizabeth "Sallie" Myers Account West High Street
8-14 Dr. J.W.C. O'Neal Account
8-14a S.C. Shriver Account--Union Mills
8-15 Elizabeth Thorn Account--Evergreen Cemetery Gate House
8-16 Charles Tyson, Gettysburg Photographer
8-17 Charles Wills Account (Globe Inn)
8-18 S. D. Shriver Account - Meade's Headquarters
8-18a Mary Warren Fastnacht Account West Middle Street
8-18b Henry Sweney Account--November 1863


8-19 Human Interest Stories, General
8-19a Human Interest (Out of the Past Articles)
8-19b "On the Bloodstained Field" Greg Coco
8-20 Masonic Incidents during Battle
8-21 Medals of Honor at Gettysburg
8-22 Barlow-Gordon Incident, July 1st, 1863
8-23 General A. Schimmelfennig's Pig-Pen Incident
8-24 Philadelphia's Patriotic Union League
8-24a Quakers in the Civil War (Conscientious Objectors etc.)
8-24b Chinese Soldiers at Gettysburg
8-25 Polish Americans in the Battle
8-26 Jewish Soldiers
8-27 Irish Confederates
8-27a Mexican-American Soldiers
8-27b Blacks and the Army of Northern Virginia
8-27c Women in Battle
8-27d Canadians in the Civil War
8-27e Foreign Observers with the Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia
8-28 John Burns: July 1st
8-29 Virginia (Jennie) Wade
8-30 Wesley Culp
8-31 Amos Humiston--Medical Records and Pension Records