Wheelock Graves Veazey

Wheelock Graves Veazey

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Since there is some discussin on politics and the MOH,I thought I'd add my two cents worth:

It is not an uncommon pratice for Col.'s or commanders to be rewarded medals of honour rather its not really intended for him but for the regiment. I can name one Colonel at Gettysburg that this situation happened to.

Wheelock Graves Veazey- graduated from Dartmouth University a well educated man. He enlisted as a private and was elected Captain of Co.A,2nd VT Volunteers. He served on the court-martial board of Pvt.William Scott(the famous "sleeping sentiniel). He was given command of the 16th VT. on August 23,1862. He fought Mosby/w Stuart at Christmas of '62 and in March '63. In March, the 16th's brigade commander was snatched from his bed by Mosby. In the march to Gettysburg the men marched 18 miles a day, not bad for "paper-collars"(term used to define a educated, unfought man). On July 3rd, Veazeys regiment(ordered by Stannard, not Hancock) was sent to flank the Kemeprs brigade(24th VA). When Lang's men came in range, Veazey changed front and charged Lang's flank(2nd FL) as well. They ended up capturing the 2nd FL,8th VA and a flag of another regiment(probably 5th FL). Veazey was given a MOH on "behalf of the entire regiment".