57th New York Volunteer Infantry

Organized and mustered into service at New York City between August 12 and November 19, 1861. The regiment was formed by the consolidation of several organizations. Companies A, B, C, D, and E were formed from the National Guard Rifles or Zook's Voltigeurs, Col. Samuel K. Zook. The men of the Clinton Rifles under command of Col. J. A. Page became Companies F, G, and H. Lastly Companies I and K initially were the United States Voltigeurs, Col. Albert C. Ramsey. Five companies (A, D, E, F, G) were recruited in New York City, company B from Utica, company C from Kings county , Dutchess county provided companies H, I and K. Samuel K. Zook was appointed Colonel of the regiment October 19, 1861, the same date the regiment received its numerical designation. The regiment was mustered in for 3 years.

First Commander: Samuel K. Zook (Colonel, promoted to Brigadier General in March 1863)

Field Officers (during the Gettysburg campaign):

Alford B. Chapman (Lieutenant Colonel, age 27)

John H. Bell (Major, age 25)

George C. Case (First Lieutenant and Adjutant, age 25)

Stephen R. Snyder (Quartermaster, age 26)

William W. Potter (Surgeon, age 27)

Nelson Neely (Assistant Surgeon, age 29)


Company A: Elisha L. Palmer (Second Lieutenant, age 23)

Company B: Jedediah C. Paine (Captain, age 24), James C. Bronson (First Lieutenant, age 26)

Company C: Henry M. Brewster (First Lieutenant, age 23)

Company D: James Wallace Britt (Captain, age 25), Wallace H. French (1st Lt., age 19)

Company E: Julius E. Erickson (Captain, age 45), Orlando F. Middleton (1st Lt., age 24)

Company F: Augustus M. Wright (Captain, age 27), William E. Hall (1st Lt., age 23, wounded)

Company G: William A. Kirk (Captain, age 46), George Mitchell (1st Lt., age 20)

Company H: George W. Jones (Captain, age 23)

Company I: Henry H. Mott (Captain, age 33, wounded), Richard S. Alcoke (1st. Lt., age 28)

Company K: Martin Browder (2nd Lt., age 27)


French's Brigade, Sumner's Division, Army of the Potomac (Nov. 1861 to March 12, 1862)

3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 2nd Corps, Army of the Potomac (March 13, 1862 to July 1864)

Consolidated Brigade, 1st Division, 2nd Corps, Army of the Potomac (July 1864 to Nov. 1864)

Companies E and G (other companies were discharged) transferred to 61st NY on Dec. 6, 1864


Manassas Junction (March 13, 1862)

Cedar Run (March 14, 1862)

Siege of Yorktown (April 16 - May 4, 1862)

Fair Oaks (May 31- June 1, 1862) killed 3, wounded 15

Seven Days Battles (June 25-July 2, 1862) killed 8, wounded 9(1 officer), missing 27

Gaines' Mill (June 27, 1862)

Peach Orchard (June 29, 1862)

Savage Station (June 29, 1862)

White Oak Swamp (June 30, 1862)

Glendale (June 30, 1862)

Malvern Hill (July 1, 1862)

Sharpsburg (Sept. 15, 1862)

Antietam (Sept 17, 1862) killed 19 (3 officers), wounded 79 (6 officers), missing 3

Halltown, Va. (Oct. 16-17, 1862)

Snicker's Gap (Nov. 2, 1862)

Falmouth (Nov. 21, 1862)

Fredericksburg (Dec 11-15, 1862) killed 9 (1 officer), wounded 78 (8 officers)

Chancellorsville (May 1-3, 1863) killed 2, wounded 28, missing 1

Gettysburg (July 1-3, 1863) killed 4, wounded 28 (2 officers), missing 2

Williamsport (July 14, 1863)

Brandy Station (August 31, 1863)

Auburn and Bristoe Station (Oct. 14, 1863) wounded 5, missing 14 (1 officer)

Mine Run Campaign (Nov. 26-Dec. 2, 1863) wounded 2

Robertson's Tavern (Nov. 27, 1863)

The Wilderness (May 5-7, 1864) killed 7 (1 officer), wounded 50 (1 officer), missing 1

Spotsylvania Court House (May 8, 1864)

Before Petersburg (June 15- Dec. 6, 1864) killed 4, wounded 16, missing 2

Assault of Petersburg ( June 15-19, 1864) killed 3, wounded 8 (2 officers)

Weldon Railroad (June 21-23, 1864) killed 3, wounded 30, missing 1(last 2 figures for 6/15-6/23)

Deep Bottom (July 27-29, 1864)

Strawberry Plains (Aug. 14-18, 1864) wounded 2 (1 officer), missing 1

Ream's Station (Aug. 25, 1864) killed 3, wounded 7, missing 23

Casualties at Gettysburg:

Officers wounded:

Henry H. Mott, Captain Co. I

William E. Hall, First Lieutenant Co. F

Enlisted men killed:

William H. Ambler, sergeant Co. D, age 20

John Smith, private Co. D, age 45

"John Smith was struck in the forehead with a bullet. His hat flew off, he fell and was dead before he touched the ground, Sergeant Billy Ambler was struck with a shell as we crossed Plum Run and instantly killed. The day after the battle Lieutenant Frederick took a detail, found the body of one of these and brought it up to the ridge. We dug a single grave under a tree which stood in front of our position, put the body in and covered it with an army blanket. Then a scripture was read and prayer offered, while in solemn silence the comrades stood around with heads bowed and eyes closed." George W. Kelly, private Co. C

Henry Swartz, private Co. F., age 20

Davis Smith, private Co. I., age 29

Identified Enlisted men wounded:

Peter Burton, private Co. F, age 24

Michael Kaanoy, private Co. F., age 34

George Schneider, private Co. F., age 23 (also reported absent July 3)

Daniel R. Cox, private Co. I.

Lawrence Loyd, corporal Co. I, age 24

T. McIintosh, private Co. I., age 28

James Tanzy, Co. I., age 26

Jacob Cole, private Co. A., age 21

Enlisted men captured:

Jas. Boden, private Co. I., age 21

Emory Carey, Private Co. I., age 20

William Homan, private Co. I., age 23


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Information gathered & written by Bradley Eide

I am constantly searching for additional information; specifically diaries, letters, CDV's or any additional information on the 57th, General Zook and the other regiments in his brigade. Please email me for questions, comments etc. Sam_Zook@msn.com

This page is dedicated to Brigadier General Samuel K. Zook, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 2nd Corps, Army of the Potomac, who was wounded leading his brigade July 2 in the Wheatfield and died July 3, 1863.