3rd Indiana

3rd Indiana

Esteemed member laurence dana schiller contributes:

Greetings - Thought you might be interested in the journal entries of Edward C. Reid, 3rd Indiana Cavalry over the Gettysburg campaign time period. The original is in the Illinois State Historical Society.

19, 1863: Aldie-Dover-Middleboro. A terrible night - thunder and rain until morning when it became cold and drizzly. Mosby's old hdqtrs close to our camp. - Kilpatrick charges stone wals with the drawn sabre. Stampede among horses of the 16th PA cav.

June 21: Left camp early this morning marched thro Middleburg and over Goose Creek where we met the enemy's skirmishers fought hard all the way to Upperville on the right of which we charged with 8th Ill into a rebel brigade under heavy fire from their guns. Captured Lt. Col 9th Va and Major in all over 300 prisoners. Bivouwacked on battlefield buried dead - carried off wounded etc. Rebel loss heavy. Buford watched our charge anxiously - thought it rashness but when over said 'Ill be d--d, if I can't whip a little corner of hell with that 1st Brig.

June 30: Left Mt. Foos (Airy) and marched up to Fairfield on Millersburg - made a detour and passed through Emmitsburg - thence to (Tavern?) and into Gettysburg where we went into camp west of the town within sight of the rebs in the hills west of the Cashtown Road - Reception in Pa and especially in Gettysburg most enthusiastic.

July 1: Startled this morning by the report of the pickets that the rebs were advancing in force up the Chambersburg Road. Saddled in a hurry - and advanced towards the hills. I was detailed as a skirmisher under Maj Lemon - driven back - and then joined the reg't, just as Will Park was being carried off the field - - moved back and foward over the field between Getsbg and the Seminary avoiding exposure to shell with difficulty - At last our whole left wing was routed and we charged on the stone wall coming on the Seminary building. We held it for a time against a whole rebel brigade of infantry - but at last were forced to fall back Major Lemon mortally wounded - with Sgt Boyd seriously and Corp Story mortally wounded. The enemy entered the town. Total loss of regt 6 killed, 22 wounded, 9 missing.

July 2: Left the battlefield this morning to go to Westminster to get forage marched to Taneytown and camped for the night. Heavy attack on the left - 3rd Corps - Gen Sickles had his leg shot off below the knee - Longstreet killed also Gen Barksdale of Mississippi. Rebels repulsed Our loss 10000.

July 3: Rebels reported falling back. We marched to Westeminster. Rain very heavy - camped in woods West of town.

July 6: Marched into Middletown thence over South Mountain - on the summit of which is General Morris Brigade - We met Gen Kilpatrick's cavalry returning from Hagerstown with a large lot of prisoners - passed thro Boonesborough and halted on the hills beyond the town Artillery in position. Marched to near Williamsport when we met the rebels in force - rather sharp artillery fight. We captured 8 wagons and about 20 prisoners. Major Medill of 8th Illinois wounded seriously. Fell back slowly to Hagerstown pike at night.

July 7: Marched to Boonesboro where we encamped - Our pickets driven in about 800 of the enemy against 90 men of ours. Several wounded. Slept between Boonsbourough and Hagerstown - terrific rainstorm from midnight to morning

July 8: Terrible rainstorm - and immediately after the rebels were reported marching w/ heavy columns of infantry - cavalry w/ artillery down the Sharpsburg and Hagerstown roads - ordered in a hurry to the front - hard fighting all day- with varying success and defeat - Many wonderful escapes - Sam Gilfin and horse knocked down by explosion of a shell under his horse - Matt (illeg) had a spent bullet strike his body and drop between his pants and shirt. Corp Brown of Co F was knocked down by a spent minnie which cut his ear and gave him a headache. God is indeed with us to preserve and proteck - Blessed be his name. Camped to the right of Boonsboro. Rebels retreating rapidly and in confusion. News of surrender of Vicksburg.

July 9: Rations and forage issued this morning. In line of battle all day until 5o'c when we advanced and crossed Beaver Creek driving the enemy rapidly and camped at night on the hills beyond.

July 10 Left camp at 7o'c - had heavy skirmishing and artillery firing and finally drove the enemy to Frederick where they were reinforced and repulsed - when the 6th Corps Gen Sedgwick sent up a division of infantry and we retired. 1st-6th-11th and 12 Corps here.

William H Story died at Gettysburg this morning of wounds received near Gbg. On July 1st, Park and Boyd better. W. Smith captured and paroled to Gen Couch - sent to West Chester Penn.

July 14: Ordered for the whole line to advance. We went and found the rebs went - we captured about - 2000 prisoners. Gen Pettigrew killed and Kilpatrick charged and lost a squadron except 15 men - 2 guns were also taken by us. 140 horses

July 22: another fight with Longstreets men - 'Col Gamble an inefficient old fool.'