1st Michigan

1st Michigan

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Letter from William Frost - probably of Company G,

[Spelling and grammar have not been corrected]

Hospital of the 1st Division,

5th Corps

Near Gettysburg, Pa.

July 5th/63

Cousin Terry,

We have finely caught up with the Rebs after a number of days of hard matching, and as a matter of corse the 1st Division must ? into them hot and heavy the first thing after coming up, but we did it with as good a wil as ever a boy took a thrashing. And for once they are completely and badly whiped. We fought on the afternoon of the 2nd inst. After our Brigade had been engaged and were falling back to give the 2nd a chance. I saw and spoke to some of the Boys of the 4th Mich. they had not yet been engaged but were warmly engaged about the time that I left them to joyn my Regt which were failing back in good order. The most of them having expended their amunition it was soon after I left them that they were surrounded. The bullets were flying and humming about not minding who they hit and I had not gone far when I was shot in the left foot but I managed to get off from the field and got my wound dressed and feel pretty well satisfied that I got off so cheap when I look at some of the men with arms and legs shot off, some of them just brought off the field and wailing for their turn at the amputation Table. I can get around some by the help of a cane. I have been looking at the Butchers at their work of distructon they are talking and laughing and cutting & slashing in great glee & there are a pile of about 10 bushel of legs and arms in a heap by the table. There are two tables at present in opporation and have been for two days and nights. I will not try to tell you how many there are wounded in the 1st Division there are at least 300 here & I could not say how many more some of the Boys of the 4th are here wounded. They were never so warmly ingaged before in Battle, but it will learn them to take a joke. The 4th Mich. have heretofore been very lucky in not getting into close quarters with the Rebs. For us it is not the first time so we came out quite easy. I do not know what our loss is. I have not heard from Home in a good while & when I do I will write but I must close for there is a Citizen going to little York to night and will take this to the Office. Give my love to all enquiring Friends. Write soon and often.

This from your Cousin.

Wm. J. Frost.