William Barksdale

William Barksdale

CSVZ07A@prodigy.com ( TERRY MOYER) says:

Hi Paul,

I have a little program that I use to store odds and ends of information that I may one day want to retrieve in a hurry. Here is one of the entries I have for Barksdale:

BARKSDALE: 14th vt claim to have brought in Gen Barksdale...

This claim was also put forth by Geo. H. Scott, 1st Sgt, Co. G. 13th Vt, in a speech entitled: Vermont at Gettysburgh An Address Delivered before the Society, July 6th 1870, in the publication: Proceedings of the Vermont Historical Society, vol 1, No. 2, published by the society, Montpelier Vermont, 1930. on pg 67, 2nd para: "During the night Col. Nichols of the 14th Vermont Regiment was informed that the rebel General Barksdale lay mortally wounded on the field in front of our lines. Col. Nichols sent a detachment of eight men who brought him in on a stretcher. His last words were" "Tell my wife I fought like a man and die like one: He soon expired and was buried on the field.

Interestingly enough I found this other little item in my database, that I suspect is little known and quite coincidental...

"At Gaines' Mill, General Reynolds especially distinguished himself by the able and vigorous manner in which he handled his brigade in the fierce contest of the 27th of June, 1862, where the line was finally broken in on the left, he himself being among those who were thus captured on June 28th. After a confinement of six weeks in libby Prison, he was exchanged for General Barksdale, who afterwards was killed at Gettysburg."

Dedication of the Reynolds Statue: Oration of Colonel Henry S. Huidekoper, One Hundred and Fiftieth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Pennsylvania at Gettysburg, 1914, pg. 990-991
Terry Moyer