University Greys

University Greys

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The "University Greys" were an "all-state" unit composed of students from the U of Mississippi at Oxford. They formed Company A of the 11th Mississippi Infantry Regiment in the ANV and saw hard fighting in most of its major battles. At Gettysburg they numbered 31 present the first day, and suffered 14 dead and 17 wounded in the three days, mostly July 3. In Davis' Brigade (55th NC and 2nd, 11th, and 42nd Miss), Heth's Division, A.P. Hill's Corps.

Their last captain, John V. Moore, recapped in an 1866 newspaper account: 136 names recorded on muster rolls, representing 12 states and kingdoms; Average age of officers and men was a fraction over 21 years. 133 were born in Southern states, 3 foreign born. 132 unmarried when enlisted, 4 married when enlisted, 1 since surrender.

2 officers kia
6 officers wounded--none died of wounds
5 " resigned, two disabled from wounds
1 " captured
1 officer furnished 11th Regt
4 officers " other commands

24 men kia
4 men died of wounds
1 killed accidentally
66 men wounded in action
95 wounds received, not mortal
11 permanently disabled by wounds
24 in action without being wounded
11 never inaction
9 killed in their first engagement
14 captured by enemy
1 escaped from prison
6 deserted to join other commands
0 deserted to the enemy
1 held captive till the surrender
21 different professions represented

Maud Morrow Brown
Richmond: Garrett and Massey, 1940.