14th Tennessee

14th Tennesee

B>Ray Sholar says:


I am sure that many on the group could give you specifics tot he actions of the 14th during their tenure with the ANV. On February 24, 1862 the 7th and 14th Tenn were ordered to Manassas to join JE Johnstons Army. On March 8, 1862 the 1st Tenn were ordered to join them to form Anderson's BDE. These were basically the same guys with some replacements that were on the fields of GB. According to the Organization of Battle presented in "The Confederate Soldier in the Civil War" published by Fairfax Press the 14th Tennessee was in Fredericksburg in the Second Corps of TJ Jackson, AP Hill's Division and JJ Archers Fifth BDE. They were surrounded and ran like crazy. They were embarrassed over this and were determined to show their true metal during the days at GB. They faced the famous Iron Brigade on the first day with Archer being captured himself. The second day saw them in reserve, and of course on the third day they were in the assault on Cemetary Ridge. Their battle experience included Second Manassas, Cedar Run, Sharpsburg, Shepherdstown, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Harpers's Ferry, plus many more before Gettysburg. I have personal testimonies hand written by some of the suvivors and verified by the Tennessee State Archives. Many of their descendents live nearby and have some personal items of these soldiers. Thanks for your inquiry. You can find several books and references which will futher supply you with references and discussion of this most interesting aspect of the ANV.