McPherson Barracks
Atlanta, Ga. September 13, 1880.

Brig. Genl. R. C. Drum,

Adjt Genl, Washington D.C.


I February last I addressed a letter to General Sherman in reply to one from Major General Hancock to him, which reflected upon me in various ways, and especially in connection with the battle of Gettysburg; requested that my reply be filed with Major General Hancock's letter, and that a copy be sent by the Secretary of War to the Senate. I afterwards in May last gave a copy of my letter to the secretary himself and renewed my request that it be sent officially to the senate as was Major General Hancock's letter to which it was a reply.

I have received no answer to this request, but have every reason to believe that it has not been complied with.

It will be seen from the enclosed slip from the "Philadelphia Press" newspaper, of September 4th, that a call has been or may be made for the publication of my reply, for use in the presidential "campaign" now in progress.

The objects of my letter were my own vindication, and the discussion of certain professional questions affecting the artillery. These objects would be prejudiced by the perversion of my reply to partisan purposes, as it would render a fair public judgment on the matters at issue impossible. It would be unjust both to Major General Hancock and myself.

I therefore object to my paper being furnished by the Department at this time or for any such purpose, or if any other way than that already requested by me.

I have the honor to be

Your obedient Servant

Henry J. Hunt

Col. 5 Arty

Bt. Maj. Genl. USA

Late Chief of Art. Army of Potomac