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<26 Sears Building>


<P.O. Box 5225> <Boston,> May 3 <18>86


Your letter of the 28th ult. was duly

rec’d—We all think of you in your days of

anxiety and deeply sympathize with you—

If there is no hope for your good son, I earnestly

hope that the end may be peaceful and painless--.


While I dislike to intrude you now with

business—I have received a few letters on the

subject of the bill which are enclosed herewith--.

Dr Whittier of this City {I think you know him}

who commanded a battery at Gettysburg, is

an acquaintance of mine—in fact he is my

Doctor, whenever I have the misfortune of needing

one. Now the Dr. is intimate with one

Col. Edgerly {who ran for Gov. of New Hampshire

a few years since and didn’t get there} a man of

influence among the politicians of his State and the

Dr. will have him use his influence on the ?

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representatives—the Dr. was pleased when I

suggested the foregoing to him and at the prospect

of doing you a good turn--.

I may get some some favorable letters from

other New York members later and if so will

forward them--.

The last thing that Mother called to me as I

left the house this morning was "Be sure and

give my love to the General, Mrs Hunt and the


Very respectfully

Yr obedient servant

Allen Arnold

Gen Henry Hunt