June 27th 1877

My Dear General

I duly received your letter of May 29th and the accompanying paper for which I beg you accept my (?) thank’s. The information contained in both will prove most valuable for me and could not come in a better time, as I am just now engaged in writing the account of the battle of Gettysburg, a task by the way full of difficulties and heavy responsibilities. Of course while making use of these papers I shall remember what you say about certain expresions which you would not have used, were you to write the memorandum now.

I thank you very much for your kind offer for further papers, reports and a journal of the Petersburg Campaign. I shall avail myself of that offer as soon as I am advanced enough in my work, but it will be some time before I come to the campaigns of 1864, and I intend before that to publish the account of 1863.

Receive my best wishes for yourself and believe me, my Dear General


Yours truly

(?) Comte De Paris