Boston Mass.

My Dear Sir,


I desire to call your attention to my Gettysburg Publication, particularly the Government Topographical Map of that battle-field. The survey for this map was ordered by Gen. A.A Humphreys, Chief of Engineers U.S.A. and was made under the direction of Gen’l G.K. Warren U.S.A. Chief Engineer at the battle. It was commenced in 1868 by ? H. Chase, U.S. Engineers, and continued through a series of years by 1st Lieut ? T. Turtle, U.S. Engineers, 2nd Lieut F.H. Hinman, U.S. Engineers, and ? Engineers Capt. C.E.Davis, John Dager, Gen’l H.A. Frink, E.A. ? W.F.Hill and C.E. Morrison.

The maps were compiled and engraved in the contour lines under immediate direction of Gen. Warren. The Military Positions of troops ? compiled and added for the Government by me, and printed in ? giving, by name every Corps, division, brigade, regiment, and battery ? armies during six phases of the battle; connected by dotted lines and rows indicating the movements. These maps are pronounced at ? War Department more complete than any battle-maps heretofore published. They have been prepared at great expense, printed upon parchment paper ( a sample of which is herewith enclosed) and, as the ? has ordered but a limited edition, I would respectfully announce to any one desiring to procure them, that they are for ? ? me. Price $10 per set of three, one for each day. Or to any person ? $40, five sets will be sent free of charge. A singel ? of either day will be sent on the receipt of $4.00.


I am Sir Very truly Yours

Jno B Bachelder


? B.The paper on which this circular is printed is identical with ? used for the Maps. This is to give you and opportunity to test its ? .

Please fold it---snap it---rub it---dip it in water or subject ? to any rough usage to which maps are liable to be exposed ? will convince you of its superiority for this purpose. It is from the ? ? establishment of Crane & Co. Dalton Mass. Manufacturers of ? ? Bond and Parchment papers.




Chelsea Mass. June 2 ? 1879


Gen Henry J. Hunt

Atlanta Ga.

My Dear Sir

? Have just returned from the ? ? ? ? ? ? at Albany, where I heard your name frequently mentioned ? ? . ? you have already been informed that you ? ? Vice President ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.

? when I will in ? and is put ? ? away with my letter of ? ? year and is not acceptable. I have been to ? and ? up ? ? ? .

? address ? ? 469 ? ? it

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it ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Very truly yours

Jno Bachelder