July 27

Dear Hunt,

Understanding that you had some conversation with Genl. Meade respecting the your ? and that you may desire to modify it. I send it to you with that hope.

I am very truly yours

A. A. Humphreys

Genl Hunt








July 27

My Dear General Humphreys

In my conversation with Genl Meade to which you refer in your note of this morning, he informed me that he had requested you to converse with me respecting my application to be relieved from duty as Chief of Artillery.

What he said to me afterwards had no bearing whatever on the Merits of the case, nor, as I understood it as the subject on which you were to ?

As to Genl Meades remarks, I must take it for granted that you are not aware of there tenor, as they were not of a nature to create any desire to modify my letter. I therefore return it to you.

I am very truly Yours

Henry J. Hunt










Genl Humphreys

Note the "remarks" they ? simply ? He would reject it if I insisted on leaving my position- but if K did he should request that I be Mustered out of service as he ? my commission for my successor

In the conversation which followed I told Genl Humphreys that had Gen Meade informed me that in consideration of my service under him at Gettysburg he intended to ? my ? and ? ? ? by ? ? ? ? my ? I could have appreciated it - but to ? to recommend the revocation of a commission granted me on its ? ? "Meritorious service" ? his previous ? ? ?



I submitted a ? at Genl H. request as near as I could recollect the ? ? ? to Gen Hooker