July 1, 1863 – Sickles to Butterfield – 4 pp



3rd Army Corps

July 1, 1863 – 9:30 P.M.

Major General Butterfield,

Chief of Staff

General: Before the receipt of your dispatch, (dated 4.45 P.M.) four brigades and three batteries of my corps had advanced to the support of General Howard and reached Gettysburg.

I left two brigades and two batteries at Emmettsburg (sic), assuming that the approaches through Emmettsburg (sic) up towards our left and rear must not be uncovered.


General Hancock is not in command – General Howard commands.

My impression is, if I may be allowed to make a suggestion, that our left and rear is not sufficiently guarded. Nothing less than the earnest and frequent appeals of General Howard and his supposed danger could have induced me to move from the position assigned to me in General Orders, but I believed the emergency justified my movement.

Shall I return to my position at Emmettsburg (sic), or


shall I remain and report to Howard?

If my Corps is to remain in position here I hope my brigades at Emmettsburg (sic) (and batteries) may be relieved and ordered to join me.

This is a good battlefield.

Very respectfully,

D. Sickles


Letter from Maj Gen

D. E. Sickles, Comdg.

3rd Army Corps


Maj Gen D. Butterfield,

Chief of Staff, Army of

The Potomac –

Gettysburg July 1 ’63

9.31 p. m.