National Cemetery Port Hudson La

July 15th 1879

Henry J Hunt

Brvt. Major General and

Col 5th U S arty


Dear Friend, your letters of July 8+9 has been received(?) And contence noted. And in reply to those letters I have the honor to state that I have made out two coppies as far as the 3d question. Enclosed please find both coppoes. And I without hesitancy give you full authority to use them publickly or privately as you may require them as for General Hancock this will not be the first time that. I have put him to defiance as you may remember. the quarril between Genl Hancock Capt Petter(?) And I about the Deserter Oneil. I then made Genl H. My enemy by writing over all there heads to the secretary of war. And my views of him since then is that he is a political and military Bully therefore use the pages I send as you please.

I cannot call to recollection any of the officers who were present or conveniant at the time General Hancock rode up to the Battery who are now living Except General Owens he was I think within hearing distance Col Kelly is Dead I do believe should you write to General Owens you would get a truthful statement from him as reguards the infantry. In rear of the reserve Batteries. The Battery that was on my left was commanded by a Dutchmen who was a stranger to me his guns were Brass Guns Rifled. In reguards to Col McGilverys staff I believe you could find there whereabouts from the Adjt General of the state of Main. Through this channel I am satisfied you can find Capt Irish The only(?) Officer that I had in my Battery was Lieut Knox and he was badly wounded. My Sergts are scattered so that I have no trace of them for many years. The 44th Penn. Was under General Owens command and in the right of my Battery- the officers of that Regt might have heard all that passed. In reguard to the complaint I made in reguard to my gun at the arsenal at Washington being labeled with Capt Phillips name. the facts stated in my last letter are truthfull. Phillips sergts reported to me with there guns and I took them off the field on the night of the 2d and when I reported at Genl Tylors headquarters at two oclock a m of the 3d I found Phillips and his officers at Genl Tylors tent also you were there and asked me if I heard anything of Phillips guns. They may have been on my right at the peach orchard but I am fully satisfied that those sergts came with there guns from the left of the peach orchard. I hope General that you will write to the chief of ordnance and have the mistake corrected the gun is mine without a doubt.

I am General very Respectfully

Your Obdt Servt

Patrick Hart