( Boston crossed out and replaced by Chelsea)

Chelsea Mass. August 20, 1879

Genl Henry J. Hunt

My Dear Sir

At the time of receiving your letter I was starting ? a trip to the While Mountains, from which place have recently returned to find correspondence filling up my desk. Please allow me to thank you again for ? of ? answer when you knew I was"? up" Fortunately it is all right now.

I have drawn off ? copy of the Richmond ? ? which I ? to you. I ? ? ? Atlanta ? ? be changed a little? ? ? ? The original was of ? was presented in the Senate by Senator Withers of Virginia. It is better to have the ? ? ? ? ? ,and in only one side of ? paper. It shows better. I think I ? you ? Senator ? ( who is very friendly) will introduce in the Senate, and I shall be very glad to have you see him and let him know how the subject is held in the ?.

Very Truly Yours

Jno B Batchelder


My impression is that the right of the left Center was the dividing line between Hancock and Howard’s. The right of the Second Corps and the left of the Eleventh Corps ?? right and the left of Caldwells division of the Second Corp ( which lay on the ? ? ?) the left where it connected with the Fifth Corps its left. Yet this is only an impression for which I have no definite authority.

Newton had only one of his divisions ( Doubledays) with him on this part of the Line. and this was sandwiched in ? the Second and first divisions of the Second Corps. Stannard commanded his ? ? I am not quite certain whether Torbert of the Sixth Corps reported to him or not, ? I believe Torbert as ? ? there at Newton’s suggestion. I have only heard the Left Center spoken of in connection with General Hancock’s Command and have never heard the right center alluded to.

If I didn’t answer all your questions clearly it is because there are some words in your letter that I cannot fully make out, but I think I have the most of it.

I am Sir

Very truly yours

Jno B, Batchelder