Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation

IN REPLY REFER TO: Harpers Ferry, West Virginia


Memorandum Of approximately eighty historic structures located at Gettysburg National Military Park there are three structures and a wall that are scheduled for maintenance repairs in the near future. The Leister Barn and Brian Barn will need some masonry and carpentry repairs estimated at $3,000.00 each.

The treillage of the Rostrum in the Cemetery has been previously restored but masonry platform base requires extensive stabilization and repairs. From studies made at the time of the earlier work it was found that the masonry work required would amount to $10,000.00.

After reviewing the above work an inspection was made of the northwest wall of the National Cemetery. The attached sketch delineates the condition of this wall. There is roughly 850-875 feet of this wall of which approximately 225 feet needs dismantling and rebuilding. It is apparent that there has been a later repointing of the wall using a mortar mix employing cement. This has failed to adhere to the granite facing stones and can be readily picked from the joints by hand in many places. Water has found its way through the joints and has eroded the clay matrix of the interior cavity stone fill thus releasing the back support of the facing. At such points the facing stones have sunken and where the interior fill has fallen within the cavity it has swollen from frost action causing the wall to bulge

For that portion of the wall that requires rebuilding it will be necessary to carefully remove the granite coping stones. These are of varying lengths and are fastened end to end at each joint by two wrought iron cramps. The cramps are set in sulphur  and virtually all

are badly rusted. New cramps should be provided in all cases.
The balance of the wall should have the joints raked and repointed. It would be well to consider employing intrusion grouting where, the wall is not dismantled. This would stabilize its core.

It is estimated that rebuilding 225 feet of the wall will cost about $11,250.00. To repoint the balance of the wall would cost $6,500.00. Removing the existing cramps and replacing them with new ones would cost $3,000.00. In discussing this with Superintendent Emery he was of the opinion that work on the wall might possibly be included with other cemetery road and landscaping work now being programmed for construction.




A. W. Franzen




Superintendent Emery

Mr. Askins