"Lest We Forget"

    Gettysburg Dead at The United States Military Academy Cemetery 
Photographs by Doug Gitt, Spring 1999

Two views of the Old Cadet Chapel.  Built in the mid-nineteenth
century, it was moved to its present location in 1910, adjacent to the
cemetery.  It is still used for some services. 
A picture of a small part of the cemetery.  Although it is
not large, the cemetery literally packs a lot of American history into
its modest size.

 Cushing's headstone, with Kilpatrick's monument
in the background.  Buford's monument is just a few inches to the right,
but I kept it out of the frame so as to not detract from Cushing.  And,
yes, Cushing was brevetted as an Lt. Col.

Here are two bronze reliefs that are on the Custer monument.  There is
doubt that Custer is buried here; the party that disinterred the remains
at Little Big Horn could not verify who they had.
The brown monument in the foreground is Sykes; the tall column in the
rear is Buford's.  (Cushing is just out of sight on the other side of

A detail of the eagles on Buford's monument

I know Scott was not at
GB, but his new gravestone is impressive.