CSA Roll of Honor

up to the 8-10-64 list.
Submitted by Ben Maryniak
Asterisk means KIA.
8th Alabama

Sgt Edmond Clark Co A
Pvt Z Haynes Co B
Sgt Robert Gaddes Co C
Sgt Lucius L McCurdy Co D
Sgt James R Strickland Co E
Sgt LP Ragsdale, color-bearer Co F
Pvt CG Bush Co G, Pvt J Sprowl Co H
Pvt Michael Duff Co I, Pvt Michael Kane Co I

Cobb's Legion

Sgt James L Born Co C
Sgt AC Adair Co D
Cpl James D Putman Co F

Phillips' Legion

Pvt Alfred Norris Co E
Pvt EJ Smith Co E
Pvt Michael Govern Co F
Pvt JA Blanton Co B
Pvt ---- Ootero Co D

Baker's NC Brigade -

Capt Jas L Gaines AAG
1st Lt RT Fulgham ADC

9th Georgia

Lt Col John C Mounger
*Pvt RB Milligan Co B
Pvt Thomas J Michael Co C
*Pvt James W Mann Co D
Cpl Joseph A Hough Co E
*Pvt Jesse McCullar Co F
Pvt John Mills Co G
Pvt Chesley Aldeman Co H
*Cpl Luther J Copeland Co I
Pvt Henry F Daniel Co K

2nd Mississippi

Pvt Micajah Farris Co B
Sgt NJ Bennett Co B
Pvt HH Story Co C (cited for July 1 action but killed July 3)
*Pvt WD Bazemore Co C
Pvt J Fulton Co D
Pvt WT Moore Co D
*Pvt CL Humphreys Co E
Pvt WL Luna Co F
Pvt LM Blythe Co F,p> Pvt Patrick McAnnally Co G
Pvt JJ Donelson Co G
Cpl JA RainesCo H
Pvt H McPherson Co H
*Pvt WD Cobb Co I
*Pvt M Yeager Co I
*Pvt WJ Condrey Co K
*Pvt James L Akers Co K
*Pvt DM White Co L
*Pvt OF Carpenter Co L

Jeff Davis Legion Cavalry

*Major WG Conner