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Historical Art Prints was founded in 1982, began publishing in 1984 and today represents the finest artists in their fields, masters Don Troiani and Ron Tunison.

We believe a limited edition is just that: limited in number and therefore the demand very often exceeds the supply. Our policy strictly fixes the number of prints in an edition usually to no more than 1500 copies. It has been our policy not to offer such "Time Limited" deals such as "Subscription" and "Commission Your Own" artwork - although it would be more profitable for us - in the belief that doing so misrepresents the term "limited edition and diminishes value.

Sales of our editions are offered only through our mailing list on a first come first-served basis. Full color brochures announcing new releases are mailed only to those on our mailing list. Phone or fax ordering immediately upon receipt of this announcement is strongly encouraged. It is the policy of Historical Art Prints, as a publisher of original art works, to sell its products only at the time of issue, in order to avoid the appearance of impropriety by participating in secondary market sales.

Our inventory of Don Troiani prints is low to nonexistent. He is an extremely popular artist renowned for drama, realism and historical accuracy and the growing interest in his work means his editions sell out rapidly. Because of this overwhelming demand, we are forced to limit purchase to ONE print per edition per household. In this way we hope to insure as many people as possible have an opportunity to purchase at the original low price. Even so, we are unable to guarantee the availability of his prints even shortly after issue. While you probably will encounter some difficulty trying to place orders for Troiani prints when news of their release is received, we hope this will not discourage you even if you are discouraged eventually.

HAP hopes to bring Collectors and connoisseurs the best in today's historical military art with fairness and integrity. We value our customers and look forward to serving them for years to come.

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