National Military Park
Gettysburg, Pa.


July 12, 1933

Subject: Annual Report, fiscal year 1933.

To: Quartermaster, Third Corps Area, Baltimore, Md. 1. In compliance with Sec. VIII, Par. 46, National Military Park, National Park, Battlefield Site and National Monument Regulations, dated October 6, 1931, there is hereunder submitted the following Annual Report of this Park.

A. Additions to Park area: (1) No additions.

B. Roads

(1) No change in mileage.

(2) Improvements, Approximately 90,000 square yards comprising the following avenues were resurfaced with asphalt, stone and sand. North Confederate, Buford, Howard, West Confederate, Part of Wheatfield Road, Hancock, Sedgwick and Hunt. This resurfacing was contracted for by our office with the Bituminous Service Co., West Chester, Pa.

C. Fences:

(1) The replacement of wooden fence posts in the pipe fences with concrete posts was continued during the 1933 f. y., 2050 posts being cast by purchase and hire and set by the Park workmen before January of the present calendar year. During May and June 642 concrete posts were cast by purchase and hire. These will be set during the fiscal year 1934.

(2) 900 wooden posts for replacements in the post and rail fences have been purchased and about 700 of them used.

D. Water and Sewer Construction:

(1) The spring on the Culp Farm on the Park was cleaned, rewalled and the stone wall plastered and a new concrete floor placed in the spring house.

(2) A combination comfort station and guard shelter was erected of native stone near the Pennsylvania State Memorial on the Park. The comfort station part of this building is equipped with two bowl outfits in each the men's and women's compartments, placed over an 845 gallon septic tank with disposal field lying to the northeast.

E. Changes in Buildings:

(1) Some minor repairs on farm buildings were required due to the natural wear and tear and the action of the elements. A little interior painting was done and wall paper to the amount of $11.30 was purchased. The tenants on the farms applied the paper.

(2) A frame shed 80 x 20 feet open on the one side and covered three sides and roof with corregated roofing was erected near the old storage shed on Pleasonton Avenue at the Tawneytown Road. This has been utilized for storage of lumber, and manufacture of concrete fence posts.

(3) A frame building 20 x 20 feet covered sides and roof with corregated roofing was erected near the same location for shelter of the large trucks.

(4) Explanation of the construction of a comfort station has been made in D2 above.

F. Vehicles:

(1) One Gramm truck, 3 ton dump, was purchased.

G. Machinery:

(1) No new road or other types of machinery were purchased.

H. Animals:

(1) No animals are owned at this Park.

I. Monuments, Markers and Tablets:

(1) A bronze equestrian statue of Major General Oliver O. Howard, Commander of the 11th Corps Army of the Potomac during the Battle of Gettysburg, was erected on East Cemetery Hill and dedicated on November 12, 1932. This statue was erected by the State of Maine and cost $50,000. The sculptor was Robert Aitken of New York City.

(2) The speed limit signs on the Park, have been changed from 10 miles per hour to read 20 miles per hour.

J. Visitors:

(1) It is estimated that during the 1932 fiscal year 461,260 visitors went over the Park and during the 1933 fiscal year 305,540 visited the Park or a decrease of 155,720. Percentage of decrease 33 plus.

K. Celebrations or Military Maneuvers:

(1) There were no important celebrations except that noted in Par. I above.

(2) Military organizations encamping or visiting the Park are as follows:

Reserve Officers, QM Corps Motor Trans. School. Wheatfield July 13, 1932. Reserve Officers, QM Corps Motor Trans. School. Wheatfield July 27, . 1932. Chemical Warfare School, Visited the Park and Relief Map Nov. 18,1932. R. O. T. C. Lehigh University. Visited the Park and Map Apr. 7, 1933. A C. C. C. unit of 200 men (colored) went into camp on the Park June 10, 1933.

L. Expenditures, Upkeep and General Conditions:

(1) The allotment of $60,102 under QM 3339 was spent as follows:

Purpose Numbers Project Numbers Expended
1-0110 1 $20,900.00
2-0202 2 155.37
4-0236 4 368.37
5-0284 5 886.55
5-3059 5 95.90
5-1378 5 534.78
6-0510 6 87.17
7-0630 7 7.00
8-0700 8 814.13
9-1080 9 24.00
10-1200 10 1,133.09
10-1210 10 17,051.63
10-1240 10 27.50
10-1250 10 8,237.20
11-1280 11 1348.43
12-3000 12 599.70
12-3053 12 2,229.50
13-3212 13 7,689.35

QM 3382

10-1200 10 $1,163.60
10-1210 10 1,268.80
10-1250 10 667.30
13-3212 13 1,111.55


1. Forestry:

(a) A contract was let with and executed by the Davey Tree Company as follows. 409 trees were sprayed for scale, 225 trees were fertilized and 1035 trees were pruned.

(b) Approximately 14000 forestry seedlings were obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of Forests and Waters for reforestation purposes and landscape needs.

(c) Landscape work:

(1) Trees to the amount 1775 were obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of Highways for landscape purposes, 375 of this number were set out within the Park.

(2) About a half mile of fence along the Lincoln Highway was set back about 20 feet and some of the above plants set in this parkway.

(3) Plans were completed and the work started to improve the plot around the North Carolina Monument.

2. Educational:

(a) A library room was prepared with shelving to accomodate library materials. Books on hand were collected, repaired and placed on the shelves for study purposes.

(b) Relic Collection:

(1) A glass doored case was prepared to display a collection of relics of the battle on hand. Those on hand have been augmented by donations.

James R. McConaghie,

688 (Gettysburg) (7-12-33) 1st Ind.
HQ THIRD CORPS AREA, OQM, Baltimore, Md., July 21, 1933. To: The Quartermaster General, Washington, D. C.


A. K. BASKETTE, Colonel, Q.M.C., Quartermaster.