For continuing the establishment of the Park; acquisition of lands, surveys, and maps; constructing, improving and maintaining avenues, roads and bridges thereon; fences and gates; marking the line of battle with tablets and guns, each tablet bearing a brief legend giving historic facts and compiled without censure and without praise; preserving the features of the battlefield and the monuments thereon; compensation of superintendent, clerical and other services, expenses, and labor; purchase and preparation of tablets, and gun carriages and placing them in position; maintenance, repair and operation of motor propelled passenger-carrying vehicle, the purchase of one truck, one tractor, two motorcycles and two gasoline driven lawn mowers,_ and all other expenses incident to the foregoing.

Class Estimated Needs for No. Purpose Expenditures 1930-1932

01:Salaries and wages $24,625.00
$2,520.00 ...0200:

Stationery and Office supplies 80.00
37.73 ...0230:

Fuel 15.00
30.00 ...0250:

Forage and other supplies for animals ----- ----- ----- 0280:

Sundry supplies 2,191.30
2,191.30 ----- 05:

Communication service 31.00 31.00 ----- 06:

Travel expenses ----- 100.00
100.00... 07

:Transportation of things (service) 100.00
158.83 ...10

:Furnishing of heat, light, power, water and electricity 24.00 24.00 ----- 11

:Rents 6.00
6.00 ----- 12

:Repairs and alterations 35,150.38
77,607.76 ...30:

Equipment, procurement and installation of 2,871.12
1,845.88... 32:

Nonstructural improvement to land 8,121.20

New Road, North Carolina Monument ----- 2,694.75

New Buildings,McPherson Farm ----- 6,835.00

Total 73,215.00


The Park is situated in Adams County, Pennsylvania near the town of Gettysburg; its area is 2530.32 acres, has 22.242 miles of roads, 15 miles of pipe fencing, 38 miles of post and rail fencing, 14 bridges, 12 culverts, on the 18 Park farms there are 14 houses, 16 barns and 64 other buildings, and 1299 monuments and markers, 417 guns and 5 steel towers, all cared for under the appropriation.


Purpose: Salaries and Wages

Estimate Fiscal Year 1932: $27,145
Estimated Expenditures Fiscal Year 1930 24,625
Increase 1932 over 1930.... 2,520

Name of employees Designation 1930 1932 Increase

E. E. Davis Superintendent $3,700 - $3,700
James B. Aumen Asst. Superintendent 2,040 2,040
Wm. C. Storrick Forester-Supt. Guides 1,620 1,620 S. G.
Sollenberger Clerk 1,260 1,260
Harry Clay Messenger 1,020 1,020
Robert H. Long Guard 1,260 1,260
G. A. McClellan " 1,260 1,260
William M. Tawney " 1,260 1,260
M. A. Miller " 1,260 1,260
Andrew V. Weikert " 1,260 1,260
Position to be filled " 1,260 1,260
Two Motorcycle Guards at $1260 per. an. each 2,520 $2,520 2,520
Albert Rudisill Paver $3.50 per diem 1,095 1,095
Allen Brown Laborer $90.00 per mo. 1,080 1,080
Each of the following 250 days per an. $3.50 per diem
F. M. Garlach Concrete Builder 875 875
Wm. Wavell " " 875 875
W. H. Tipton, Jr. Painter 875 875 |
Samuel E. Swope " 875 875 C. W. Ziegler " 875 875
Ira N. Ziegler " 875 875 24,625 27,145 2,520

An increase over the 1930 force is recommended of two motorcycle guards, to patrol the Park and direct traffic on the avenues, so as to better safeguard and protect the hundreds of monuments, markers, cannon, etc. on the field. There has been considerable vandalism in past years, and it is found that the force of six guards is entirely inadequate to properly patrol the Park, during all the hours this should be done, direct traffic and protect Government property. The establishment of a flying field adjacent to the Park, travel to which is entirely over Park avenues, has added materially to the need for traffic regulation. During the 1929 tourist season it was necessary, in order to meet this situation, to detail Park laborers for guard duty and at times to call upon the Pennsylvania State Highway Police for assistance to handle the traffic. Even with that aid, and notwithstanding that the flying field afforded free parking privileges, and that "no parking" signs were placed along the avenues approaching the flying field, automobiles were constantly driving off the avenues and parking on the turf, to its considerable damage. Park laborers are not entirely satisfactory for guard duty, and moreover their services are needed in their proper work.

It is estimated that about 75% of travel through the Park occurs during the four months of June, July, August and September. This would mean, that about 150,000 tourist automobiles traverse the avenues during these four months, which is at the rate of 37,500 per month, 1250 per day, 104 per hour and 1.7 per minute. This does not take into consideration the large number of cars which carry picnickers to the Park during the spring, summer and early fall, nor does it allow for the liberal use which local people make of the avenues for pleasure driving and as highways. It is believed safe to estimate that during the height of the season the travel on the avenues for the foregoing purposes is full 10% in addition to the tourist travel.

The need for addition guards is considered urgent. There will be occasions, such as on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, other holidays, or ceremonial occasions and "air circus" days at the flying field, when it will be necessary to require these guards to be on duty for more than eight hours. They will also have to be on duty Sundays quite often during the height of the tourist season.

Intimations have come to this office at different times that there was more or less lawlessness on the grounds, especially in the morning and evening before the arrival and after the departure of the guards. These intimations generally referred to violations of the Federal prohibition laws and laws against immorality. No specific instances have ever been cited nor evidence furnished upon which action could be taken. Gossip, however, continues and it is believed may have some foundation in fact. Damages have also been sustained to Government property, such as breaking down fences, running into walls, monuments, and markers, and driving over and damaging curbing, gutters and shrubbery. With two motorcycle guards available it could be arranged to patrol the grounds, by properly dividing their time, from early enough in the morning to late enough in the evening to practically eliminate anything of the kind that may be now possible.


Purpose: Stationery and office supplies.

Estimate Fiscal Year 1932: $117.73
Estimated Expenditures Fiscal Year 1930: $80.00
Increase 1932 over 1930: $37.73

4 oz. Rubber bands .05 $ .20 20 bx.
Paper clips .015 .30
1-1 lb. can Duplicator Ink 2.00
2 qt. Ink, Black .25 .50
1\2 pt. Red Ink .10 .10 60 qrs.
Onion Skin paper .04 2.40 120 qurs.
White Bond paper .06 7.20
Printing Letter Heads on 60 qrs. 1.50 4
Typewriter ribbons .15 .60 1\2
Gross Pens .50 .25
1 Filing Case, 4 drawer, steel 21.00
4000 Envelopes 3 7\8 x 8 7\8 1.10-M 4.40
100 Envelopes 6 1\2 x 9 1\2 .30-C .30 5 bx.
Paper fastners Cases, Acco No. 1 .55 2.75 100
Shipping tags .39-C .39
50 Pads, Memorandum rules 8 1\2 x 10 1\2 .15 7.50 40
Pencils .02 .80 20 yds.
Blue Print paper .16 3.20 50
Sheets Wrapping paper .01 .50
Laundering 100 towels .02 2.00
20 Rolls Toilet paper .06 1.20
2 Sponges, Cleaning .10 .20
2 Brushes, Office cleaning .30 $ .60
2 Ink Stamp Pads .10 .20
1 doz. cakes soap .72 .72
Rubber stamps, probable need 1.00
4 qrs. Duplicator Stencils 3.00 12.00
20 Stenog. note books .04 .80 250 shs.
Carbon Paper .28-C .70 1 roll
Gummed Tape 100 yds. .50 .50
1 spool Office Tape .22 .22 6 jars
Paste .20 1.20 10
Erasers, circular .02 .20 4000 shs.
Paper & Printing G.N.M.P. labor report forms 12.00
1 Time Book 2.50
150 Filing Jackets .02 3.00
Repairs to 2 typewriters and1 mimeograph 15.00 5
Blank Books (Record) 1.00 5.00
2 sets Index Cards .50 1.00
2 sets Index Tabs .20 .40
1 doz. Face Towels 1.40 1.40

Total 117.73

All the items listed are needed for conducting the business of the office. The two filing cases on hand will be overfilled by the time these here estimated for can be procured. No towels have been purchased for something like twenty years. The need for the other articles listed is thought to be obvious and experience shows the quantities to be reasonable.


Purpose: Fuel

Estimate Fiscal Year 1932: $45.00
Estimated Expenditures Fiscal Year 1930: $15.00
Increase 1932 over 1930: $30.00

Three tons of coal at $15.00 per ton used for heating Government Garage. During the day the garage is heated with wood from dead and fallen trees on the Park, but this fuel will not keep a safe and sufficient fire after working hours when no one can watch it, therefore a small supply of coal is necessary for the good of the cars and safety of the building.


Purpose: Forage and other supplies for animals.

Estimate Fiscal Year 1932: None

Estimated Expenditures Fiscal Year 1930: None

There are no animals owned by the Government at this Park, therefore no funds are needed for this project.


Purpose: Sundry Supplies Estimate Fiscal Year 1932: $2,191.30
Estimated Expenditures Fiscal Year 1930: $2,191.30
Increase 1932 over 1930: None

6 bits, boring @.50 $3.00
6 hammers, astd @1.25 $ 7.50
2 gross Bolts (Assorted) $10.00 20.00
24 handles, ax .50 12.00 12 brooms .75 9.00
12 handles, pick .50 6.00 (1)
75 brushes, Paint, astd. 1.00 75.00
3 hatchets 1.50 4.50 2 doz. brushes, White w. 2.40 4.80 20 pr. hinges .25 5.00 (2)
6-3 gal. buckets .40 2.40
1560 lb. ice .50-C 7.80
12 gross emery cloth 7.20 86.40
12 gate latches .20 2.40 (3)
20 lb. emery dust .10 2.00
2 hand saws 3.00 6.00
2 doz. files 4.80 9.60
6 cross cut saws 3.00 18.00 (4)
9 flags, storm 7.50 67.50
20 lb. Iron, flat .06 1.20
6 waste burners 2.55 15.30
100 lb. Iron, round, astd. sizes .05 1\2 5.50
6 pr. tree trimmers 2.50 15.00
12 Locks, door .50 6.00
3 cans, sprinkling 1.50 4.50
6 locks, pad .50 3.00
50 lb. wedges .05 2.50
35 bu. lime, whitewash .65 22.75
4 shovels, scoop 1.50 6.00
2 qts. metal polish .60 1.20
100 lb. grindstones .06 6.00
500 lb. nails, var. sizes .04 20.00
(5)500 ft. halliards .20 100.00
12 picks .75 9.00
6600 gals. gasoline .15 990.00
20 lb. putty .10 2.00
250 gals. motor oil .22 55.00
6 putty knives .10 .60
12 rakes, wood .60 7.20
6 rakes, stone 1.00 6.00
(6)5 gals. machine oil 1.00 5.00
5 gals. steam cyl. oil .60 3.00
10 gals. transm. oil .60 6.00
50 lb. cup grease .08 4.00
1 gal. shellac 3.75
3 gross screws 1.00 3.00
6 30 x 4.50cord tires 8.00 48.00
4-30 x 4.50 tubes 1.30 5.20
(7)4-Cord tires (truck) 15.00 60.00
4-tubes (truck) 1.75 7.00 6-34 x 4
Solid tires 31.00 186.00
Installation of 6 solids 18.00
Vulcanizing patches 2.00 12 shovels 1.25 15.00
12 snaths 1.00 12.00
24 Scythes 1.25 30.00
10 lb. staples, wire .05 .50
6 balls twine .10 .60
2 lb. burnt umber .35 .70
Incidentals not possible to anticipate at this time 100.00
20 lb. waste, cotton .20 4.00
24 whet stones .15 3.60
3 pr. grass shears 1.00 3.00
500 bd. ft. lumber .05 25.00
6 oil cans .40 2.40
1 gal. varnish 3.00
1 doz. brushes scrubbing .20 2.40
3 pipe wrenches (for Pipe fence repair) 2.00 6.00
6 mattocks w/ handles .75 4.50

Total l $2,191.30

(1) This estimate for 75 paint brushes covers, in addition to cannon and fence post painting, the number which will be required for painting the interiors of parts of 6 Park farm buildings which are badly in need of it. (
2) These buckets are used for water for mixing concrete, applying weed killer and other park needs.
(3) The emery cloth and emery dust is used for cleaning and polishing the 946 bronze tablets on the Park.
(4) One flag is displayed continuously, from the flag pole at Meade's Headquarters and on holidays and special occasions one is flown from each of the five observation towers on the Park and the flag pole on East Cavalry Field.
(5) New halliards will be needed on each of the five observation towers, each one requiring 50 feet and the flag pole at Meade's Headquarters which is 100 feet high and for the flag poles on Barlow's Knoll and East Cavalry Field.
(6) The motor equipment in which this gasoline and lubricating oil will be used consists of one Chevrolet Sedan automobile, 1 Packard 1 1\2 ton truck, 1-1\2 ton capacity truck estimated for in project 12, 1 Fordson tractor estimated for in project 12, one 7 ton Huber gasoline driven road roller and two power driven lawn mowers,and lubrication needed for horse drawn mowers,hand lawn mowers, road sweeper, concrete mixer, and boring machine.
(7) The 30x4.50 cord tires and tubes will be used on the Chevrolet Sedan car, the 34 x 4 solid tires will be used on the Packard 1 1\2 ton truck, the installation of which will cost for press service 6 tires, 4 in. ea., 24 in. at 75 cents per inch, removal of old tires and pressing on new $18.00. The set of 4 tires and tubes listed without sizes are for the 1\2 ton truck estimated for in project 12.


Purpose: Communication service

Estimate Fiscal Year 1932: $31.00
Estimated Expenditures Fiscal Year 1930: $31.00
Telephone service is $2.50 per month for party line, business connection, or $30.00 per year and average annual cost of telegrams has been $1.00 per year.

This telephone rate is the present contract rate and no increase or decrease for 1932 is at present anticipated. Rates are regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Service Commission.


Purpose: Travel expense Estimate Fiscal Year 1932: $100.00
Estimated Expenditures Fiscal Year 1930: None
Increase 1932 over 1930: $100.00

It is desired to have a small amount available for travel expense in order to consult with the Assistant U. S. Attorney whose office is in Scranton, Pa. on matters pertaining to the laws affecting the Park. Reference is made to 3rd indorsement, O.Q.M.G., file QM 123 AC (Gettysburg) dated November 17, 1927 wherein this office was instructed to consult with the Assistant U. S. Attorney as to remedial action if the Weikert case then pending was decided in favor of the defendant. This case was decided in favor of the defendant. Communication with the Assistant U. S. Attorney by letter has not been altogether satisfactory and it will be to the interest of the Park to have the above amount available in order to consult him personally.


Purpose: Transportation of things (service) Estimate Fiscal Year 1932: $258.83
Estimated Expenditures Fiscal Year 1930: $100.00
Increase 1932 over 1930: $158.83

Freight on 5 1\2 bbls. lubricating oil at $1.75 per bbl. $ 9.63 "
on 1-1\2 ton truck 110.00 "
on 16 tires 4.50 " and Parcel Post on Office supplies 4.90 "
on 2 Motorcycles 45.00 "
on Halliards 2.70 " on 2 Power driven lawn mowers 25.00 "
on Paint 4.60 "
on Post Molds 27.50
Miscellaneous impossible to foresee 25.00


Supplies purchased by call for bids from this office specify delivery F. O. B., Gettysburg, Pa. This estimate for transportation charges is made on the assumption that funds for supplies and equipment estimated for under other projects will be provided and to cover carrying charges of those items most likely to be procured by requisition and shipped on Government bills of lading. As all the articles estimated for are needs, so also is their transportation.


Purpose: Furnishing of heat, light, power, water and electricity.
Estimate Fiscal Year 1932: $24.00
Estimated Expenditures Fiscal Year 1930: $24.00

Electric current .09 per KWH $1.00 minimum charge per mo. $12.00
Water First opening or spigot including
1 car $7.00
Two additional cars at $1.00 each 2.00
Pavement street and gutter washing 3.00 12.00 24.00

The above are briefs of electricity and water contracts and no increases or decreases in rates on future contracts are anticipated at date of this estimate. Neither electric current nor water costs have exceeded the minimum charges above outlined in recent years. The rates are regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Service Commission.


Purpose: Rents Estimate Fiscal Year 1932: $6.00
Estimated Expenditures Fiscal Year 1930: $6.00

Rent of Post Office box is $.50 per month or $6.00 per year. No change in rental is anticipated.


Purpose: Repairs and alterations

Estimate Fiscal Year 1932: Estimated Expenditures Fiscal Year 1930: Increase 1932 over 1930:


Chevrolet Sedan: Material, parts, etc. $50.00 Labor, 80 hrs. at $1.00 per hr. 80.00 $130.00 This estimate contemplates one complete overhaul of the motor, as it will then be two years in service, in addition to general monthly repairs needed. This estimate is based upon instructions contained in Circular Letter No. 87, OQMG, October 29, 1929.

Packard Truck: Material, parts, etc. $65.00 Labor 110 hrs. at $1.00 per hr. 110.00 $175.00 As this truck will be 9 years in service at this Park in 1932 it is altogether likely that some of the gearings, wheel bearings, or vital parts of the motor may give way which will necessitate considerable outlay for parts and labor of installation. The estimate is based on instructions contained in Circular Letter No. 87, OQMG, Oct. 29, 1929.

Vulcanizing inner tubes and installation of valve stems: 8.00 The park vulcanizer is large enough to repair only nail punctures and small stone cuts in tubes. Large tears caused by blow outs must be vulcanized by local shops equipped for that class of work.

No estimate has been made of the cost of repairing the old 3\4 ton G. M. C. truck now in use here which it is intended to replace with a new truck as estimated for in Project 12.

Repairs to Motor Driven Lawn Mowers: Material, parts, etc. $50.00 Labor 80 hrs. @ $1.00 80.00 $130.00

The Ideal mower was purchased in 1921 and will have been in use 11 years in 1932, the Coldwell mower was purchased in 1925 and in 1932 will have been in use 7 years, and this estimate for repairs is therefore considered conservative. However if funds for new mowers are provided, as estimated for in Project 12, the amount of this item may be largely reduced.

Repairs to 3 horse drawn mowers in previous years has been for guards, knives, and breakage due to ordinary wear $5.00 ea. 15.00

Two hand lawn mowers require approximately $3.00 each for repairs 6.00

Repairs to Road Sweeper: 1 broom 40.00 The Park road sweeper is a much needed machine in the repair of the avenues and one new broom for same will be needed,

Painting 3 Flag Poles: 6 gals. paint @$2.50 per gal. $15.00 Labor under contract 100.00 115.00 The three flag poles were painted in 1928 and this estimate is based upon previous contracts for painting them and contemplates 2 coats each. This office does not have the rigging necessary for this painting work and there are no employees here who will undertake this very hazardous work, therefore the labor will have to be contracted for.

Painting 5 Steel Observation Towers:
100 gals. paint @$2.75 per gal. $275.00
Labor under contract 810.00 1085.00
Two of these towers are 60 feet high, one 65 feet high and two are 75 feet high. They were painted one coat in 1926 at a cost of $675.00 including paint and labor. This estimate is for two coats and it is assumed that the one coat applied in 1926 required paint in the amount of $125.00 which on that contract would leave $540.00 for labor. It is believed that the second coat could be applied for 50 per cent less cost than the first, because of no cleaning being required, which would be $270.00 in labor for the second coat or a total of $810.00 for labor as above estimated.

Fence Repairs:
200 posts at $.35 each (wood) $70.00 200 rails at $.14 each (wood) 28.00 50 gals
. Creosote Oil at $.55 per gal. 27.50
50 days labor at $3.50 per day 175.00


It has required approximately 200 posts and 200 rails for general replacement repairs in the 38 miles of post and rail fence on the Park and it is believed this amount will be sufficient for 1932. It has been found that by treatment with creosote oil the life of wooden fence posts is practically doubled.

It is desired to place a 3 pipe fence around the North Carolina Monument which was dedicated on July 3, 1929, using 6" x 6" concrete fence posts 7 feet long which will require 60 posts spaced 10 ft. apart $1.40 ea. $84.00 1818 ft. 1 inch galv. iron pipe .13 per ft. 236.34 20 days labor erecting fence 3.50 per day 70.00 390.34

Replacement of 5 miles of wooden posts, in pipe fences, with concrete posts:
1760 posts 6" x 6" x 7' reinforced with 4-3\8 in. twisted steel rods $1.40 ea. $2464.00
264 days labor for 4 men each day $3.50 per day each 3696.00
35 days Hire of team $1.05 per d. 36.75


There are 15 miles of pipe fencing on the Park, the pipe running through wood posts spaced 10 feet apart which makes a total of 7920 posts. A great many of these posts have rotted off, or nearly so, at the surface of the ground and in the interest of economy it is desired to replace them progressively with concrete posts. It is believed that concrete posts spaced 15 feet apart will make a sufficiently strong fence and it is desired to replace 1\3 of the total mileage each year beginning in 1932 until this improvement has been completed which will make 1760 posts for that year as above estimated. It is estimated that 4 men can remove 100 feet of the old fence and erect 100 feet of the new fence in one day, or 1 mile in 52.8 days. Removal will involve unscrewing the four lines of pipe to each panel, digging out the old rotted posts, placing the concrete posts, installing and screwing together the pipe and fastening the posts in the ground. It is believed that four men cannot do more than 100 feet in one day. The new fence will have 3 instead of 4 pipe rails and the salvage will be used to replace unserviceable rails.

Painting Pipe Fence Posts:
100 gals. Red Mineral paint $1.75 per gal.
$175.00 25 gals.
Linseed Oil $1.00 per gal. 25.00
10 gals. Turpentine $.90 per gal. 9.00
5 gals. Dryer $1.00 per gal. 5.00
200 days labor $3.50 per day 700.00


There are 15 miles of pipe fencing on the Park the posts of which are spaced 10 feet apart making a total of 7920 wood posts and they should be given two coats of paint for proper appearance and preservation. If funds are provided for replacement of one third of these wooden posts with concrete posts this item may be reduced one third or $304.70.

Painting Cannon, Iron Tablets and Guard Shelters:
100 gals. Black Bituminous paint $2.75 gal. $275.00
50 gals. Green Bituminous paint $2.75 gal. 137.50
10 gals. Gray paint $2.75 gal. 27.50 25 gals.
Linseed oil $1.00 gal. 25.00 20 gals.
Turpentine .90 gal. 18.00
75 days labor $3.50 per day 962.50


There are 413 guns mounted on gun carriages, and 4 mounted on granite pedestals, 464 iron tablets, 7 guard shelters and 3 toilets, all of which should have one coat of paint and a few of the buildings should have two coats.

Painting Farm Building Roofs:
100 gals. Red Bituminous paint $2.50 gal. $250.00
20 gals. Turpentine .90 gal. 18.00
10 gals. Dryer $1.00 gal. 10.00 25 gals.
Linseed oil $1.00 gal. 25.00
80 days labor $3.50 per day 280.00


There are 61 Park farm buildings with metal roofs which require painting and one coat each is contemplated in the above estimate.

Painting Fences around monuments, of which there are several hundred, retaining walls, and any new work on gates:
400 lb. white lead $.13 per lb. $52.00
20 gals. Linseed oil $1.00 per gal. 20.00
60 days labor $3.50 per day 210.00


Bridge Repairs: Proper maintenance of bridges and bridge wing walls will require the following:
100 lbs. white lead @$.13 $13.00
5 gals. linseed oil 1.00 5.00
10 days labor 3.50 35.00
5 tons sand 1.50 7.50
5 bbls. cement 2.60 13.00
20 days masonery labor 3.50 70.00
1000 board ft. of 2 in. plank .05 50.00 1
0 days carpenter labor 3.50 35.00 70 feet 1 in. pipe .15 10.50
4 days labor 3.50 14.00


The sand and cement will be needed to keep the stone work properly painted, the lumber for replacing worn and decayed planks over culverts and bridges and the 1 inch pipe for repairing bridge guards which are constantly being damaged by being struck by tourist's cars on the Park. Steel in the bridges is painted once annually.

Bridges on the Park are as follows:
1 Steel bridge, 60 x 20 ft.
4 Stone bridges, 40 x 20 ft. 4 Stone bridges, 20 x 20 ft.
1 Stone, Steel and Cement bridge, 18 x 18 ft.
2 Stone & Brick bridges, 20 x 18 ft. 1 Stone & Steel bridge, 20 x 20 ft.
1 Stone & Steel bridge, 14 x 20 ft.

Patching Avenues:
25 bbls. Cold Patch 50 gal. ea. $7.50 per bbl. $187.50
62 tons stone screenings 1.25 per ton 77.50
432 days labor 3.50 per day 1512.00
72 days horse hire 1.05 per day 75.60

The 22 miles of Park avenues have required in previous years 25 barrels of cold patch and 60 to 65 tons of screenings for patching the surfaces and the usual number of men working on them has been 6 men 72 days per year at $3.50 per day or $1521.00. A team has been employed each day patching is done.

By the time the money here estimated for becomes available, if appropriated, the surfaces of the avenues above listed will have become sufficiently packed and seasoned to receive a "seal coat" of about 1\2 inch of bituminous concrete, in accordance with the practice of good road construction. Observation of State roads in this vicinity so finished show a minimum need for repairs. In some places the State has covered sections of concrete roads with a layer of this material. The material for this work can be purchased already prepared, and spread and rolled by Park labor. One ton will cover 20 square yards, or the above avenues will require 6295 tons at $8.45 per ton delivered at Gettysburg.

6295 tons Bituminous concrete @$8.45 per ton $53,192.75
Labor spreading on Aves. @$2.50 per ton 15,737.50

Replacing Stone Gutters with Concrete:

There are stone gutters along 25 of the Park avenues which should be replaced with concrete gutters, thereby giving proper support to the sides of the avenues and preventing the Telford foundations from giving away and concrete gutters will eliminate application of weed killer to gutters which now costs, for weed killer approximately $120.00 and for labor applying approximately $150.00 annually, total $270.00.
The gutters most in need of replacement are as follows:
Avenue Feet
Hancock 2,860
Williams 915
Hunt 4,200
United States 5,537
Sickles 8,540
Howard 1,000
Robinson 390
North Confederate 983
Buford 1,958
Wadsworth 941
Meade 810
East Confederate 3,192
Carman & Colgrove 1,471
Wheatfield Road 1,535
Ayres 1,550


The records of this office show the cost of removing stone gutters and laying concrete gutters to be 75 cents per linear foot or the total cost of the gutters along the above avenues would be $26,973.00 divided as follows:
Stone 10.35 per cent $2,791.71
Cement 17.65 per cent 4,760.73
Horse hire 1.4 per cent 377.62
Labor 70.6 per cent 19,042.94


Polishing the ball, figure on top of the ball and the 87 tablets on the Pennsylvania Monument: Labor polishing tablets $ 750.00 Erection of scaffold to polish ball and figure on top of ball 150.00 Labor polishing figure 100.00 1,000.00

The unfinished work so far done this year is only a temporary treatment by inexpert Park personnel. By the time funds here estimated for can become available another cleaning will be necessary, which should be done by experts. The figures are based upon an estimate secured from Bureau Bros. Brass Founders, Philadelphia, who cast the bronze figure surmounting the structure. It was not cleaned this year and will contrast unfavorably with the cleaned and polished bronze work, when that job is completed.

Cleaning and polishing 56 bronze statues on pedestals and monuments and 6 equestrian statues will require:
100 bx. Old Dutch Cleaner or a cleaner equally as good or better @.07 $7.00 (a)
20 gals. Turpentine .90 18.00 20 lbs.
Bees Wax .10 2.00 27.00

(b)Labor for cleaning the 56 bronze statues -
86 days 3.50 $301.00
1 horse 28 days 1.05 29.40


(c)Labor for cleaning the 6 equestrian statues -
18 days 3.50 $63.00
1 horse 6 days 1.05 6.30


In item (b) above it is estimated that three men can clean 2 statues in one day, or for cleaning the 56 statues will require 3 men 28 days or a total of 84 days. In item (c) it is estimated that three men can clean one of the equestrian statues in one day or a total of 18 days.

Cleaning and polishing Stannard statue located on monument 60 feet high, under contract $150.00 This will be contracted as the Park has no employees competent to undertake this hazardous work. This estimate is submitted in view of the directions given to clean the bronze work on the Pennsylvania Monument and keep it clean. Obviously, if that is the policy with reference to one monument it should apply to all. Otherwise the contrast of one clean and polished lot of bronze with a host of others left weathered will provoke unfavorable criticism and demands for uniformity of treatment.

Straightening iron fence, 1800 feet in length, on East Cemetery Hill:
30 days labor @ $3.50 per day $105.00
1 horse 10 days 1.50 per day 10.50
5 bbls. Cement 2.60 per bbl. 13.00
2 ton crushed stone 1.25 per ton 2.50


Painting 1800 feet of iron fence on East Cemetery Hill:
75 gals. Paint @$2.50 per gal.
$187.50 4 paint brushes 2.00 ea. 8.00
Steel brushes and scrapers to remove old paint 5.00
200 days labor 3.50 700.00

Total 1,031.50

The paint on this fence is badly scaled and the fence rusted in some places and it is believed that this cleaning and painting cannot be done by 4 men in less than 50 days. Two coats will be required. Removal of this fence has been recommended, as an eyesore and detraction from the appearance of this section of the Park, and because it has no connection with the battle, hence is an incongruity. If, however, this is not to be done, the fence should be straightened, repaired and painted so as to lessen its objectionable features in so far as is practicable.

Sawmill service sawing logs, produced on the Park, into lumber, approximately 25,000 board feet at $9.00 per M. 225.00 This lumber is used for general Park repairs.

Miscellaneous repairs impossible to anticipate at this time. 100.00

Total Project No. 11 $112,758.14


Purpose: Equipment, procurement and installation of

Estimate Fiscal Year 1932: $4,717.00
Estimated Expenditures Fiscal Year 1930: $2,871.12
Increase 1932 over 1930: $1,845.88

Mowers: 1 Power, Gasoline driven 30 in. cut $385.00
1 Power, Gasoline driven 25 in. cut 275.00
2 Horse drawn, 3 1\2 ft. side cut $75.00 ea. 150.00
2 Hand lawn mowers, 14 in. cut 12.00 24.00


There are in use at this Park an Ideal gasoline driven lawn mower purchased in 1921 and a Coldwell gasoline driven lawn mower purchased in 1925 which will have been in use in 1932 eleven and seven years respectively. They are both very much worn at this time and in 1932 will have passed the stage of economical repair when funds here estimated for can become available for replacement, and purchase of new mowers is therefore recommended. Two 3 1\2 ft. side cut horse drawn mowers have been in use at this Park since 1921 and 1925 respectively, and are practically worn out. There are 15 miles of avenues the both sides of ninety per cent of which are mowed three times each season which keeps these mowers running steadily from the middle of May to the latter part of August. In addition to this there are many large memorial plots such as Virginia Memorial, East Cemetery Hill, Pardee Field, The Angle, Wheatfield, etc., which are mowed two to three times each season. These memorial plots will total approximately 22 acres.

The hand lawn mowers are used for keep the grass on the mounds around monuments, gun carriages, markers, etc. in a neatly trimmed condition. Two of the mowers now in use are practically worn out and purchase of two new ones is recommended.

Motor Truck:
1 Truck, 1\2 ton, complete with tools, spare tire $1165.00 The truck which it is intended to replace is a 1918 model G.M.C. which is getting badly worn and till 1932 will be 14 years in service, which is considerable longer than contemplated in Circular Letter No. 87, OQMG., October 29, 1929. At that time it will have become entirely worn out, and repairs will cease to be economical. The truck is required for light hauling and for the transportation of tools and workmen to and between points on the Park where work is in progress, and for hauling grass cut in mowing the turf on plots and along the avenues.

Ladder: 1 - 40 ft. ladder @$.45 per ft. 18.00

But one ladder of a sufficient height to repair and paint farm roofs and buildings and trim high trees is now owned by this Park and another is needed and will add to the efficiency of the labor force doing this work.

Motorcycles: 2 motorcycles, light type, 2 cyl. @$350.00 700.00

The addition of two motorcycle guards was recommended in Project 1 but if these guards are not provided the purchase of these two motorcycles is urgently recommended for the reasons set forth therein, and one of the present guards will patrol part of the Park as a Motorcycle Guard and a laborer will be detailed for this work also during the tourist season.

Tractor: 1 Fordson Tractor, or equal, F.O.B., Gettysburg, Pa. 1000.00

This estimate is based on the local cost of a Fordson Tractor equipped with solid rubber tires so as to not injure the turf or the surfaces of the avenues on which it is used. It is not probable that the present source of procurement of horses for Park work can be indefinitely continued. Some of these horses are already old and may be expected to become unfit for work or die before funds here estimated will become available. In that case it is not at all likely that other horses can be hired for anything like the cost of those now in use. Horses for hire in this section are few and seem to be becoming fewer. As it is now horses cannot be hired from any persons except those now furnishing them for less than two or three times the present charge which is $1.05 per day. It is believed that it will be absolutely necessary to have a tractor for Park work before the amount here estimated becomes available.

Post Molds: 100 Steel Post Molds 6 in. x 6 in. x 7 ft. @$5.00 500.00

In making the estimate of the cost of the concrete posts it is believed that the most economical method will be to make 50 posts a day, leaving them cure in the molds 24 to 36 hours, thereby using the molds on alternate days. Only by purchase of 100 molds is it expected that posts of this size can be made for $1.40 each as estimated for in Project 11.

Snow Plow: 1 Snow Plow to be attached to truck or tractor 500.00

The volume of winter traffic has been increasing and inquiries have been received as to why the Park avenues are not kept open for travel during the winter months. This demand is not now great but in consideration of transportation developments and the growing volume of traffic during the winter months it may be expected that the demand for open avenues on the Park during that season will increase. A snow plow such as would be needed for the purpose would cost about $500. This is submitted as a demand that will no doubt have to be met and for consideration in case it is deemed expedient to anticipate it in this estimate.

Total Project No. 12 $4717.00


Purpose: Nonstructural improvement to land.

Estimate Fiscal Year 1932: $8,121.20 Estimated Expenditures Fiscal Year 1930: $8,121.20

Weed Killer: 150 gals. @$.80 per gal $120.00 Labor 3.50 per day 150.00 $270.00

There are approximately 14 miles of cobblestone gutters on the Park to which weed killer is applied to prevent unsightly weed growth and preserve the gutters from ruination from growth of vegetation. As soon as these gutters are replaced by cement ones this item will disappear.

Grass Seed and Fertilizer: 1 ton Fertilizer $32.00 12 bu. Grass Seed $3.75 per bu. $45.00 3 days labor 3.50 per day 10.50 $ 87.50

Grass seed and fertilizer are used for seeding and fertilizing mounds around monuments and cannons and along avenues where the turf receives unusual hard wear.

Grading and Resodding: 190 days labor $3.50 per day 665.00 42 days horse hire 1.05 per day 44.10 709.10

Labor cutting dead and fallen trees, trimming and cutting brush: 1264 days labor $3.50 per day 4,424.00

An average of five employees is kept throughout the season at trimming and cutting brush on the over 300 acres of Park woodland which cost in the fiscal year 1929, $4424, will cost the same amount in the fiscal year 1930, and is the amount here estimated for, to keep the Park presentable and prevent fire hazard.

Inspecting officers have intimated that more of this work should be done. However only the minimum amount believed necessary to keep the grounds in a sightly condition is estimated here.

Mowing Memorial Plots, the turf along Avenues and land not under lease: 406 days labor $3.50 per day $1,421.00 282 days horse hire 1.05 per day 296.10 1,717.10

Four men and two or three teams are usually employed from May to August mowing along the two sides of 15 miles of avenues and approximately 22 acres of memorial plots which are mowed two to three times each season. This is necessary to keep the grounds in presentable condition as well as to keep down the growth of noxious weeds.

In addition to the above labor is required to keep the Park in proper condition as follows: 60 days Labor Cleaning and weeding gutters $3.50 per day 210.00 185 days labor Burning leaves 3.50 per day 647.50 16 days labor Removing caterpillars from trees 3.50 per day 56.00 Total $8,121.20


Purpose: New road around North Carolina Monument.

Estimate Fiscal Year 1932: $2,694.75 Estimated Expenditures Fiscal Year 1930: -------
Increase 1932 over 1930: $2,694.75

To build a macadam road way around the North Carolina Monument on the Park 475 feet in length by 20 feet wide,
1065 sq. yds. at $1.65 per square yard $1,740.75
60 days labor grading and sodding @$3.50 per day 210.00
30 days horse hire 1.05 per day 31.50
950 feet concrete gutter to above road way .75 per ft. 712.50

Cost of gutter will be divided as follows:
70.6 per cent for labor $503.02
17.65 per cent for cement 125.75
10.35 per cent for stone
73.74 1.4 per cent for horse hire 9.99


The North Carolina State authorities made no provision, so far as is known here, for cleaning, and grading the plot surrounding the monument, nor for a road to enable automobiles to have access to it. The plot is very uneven, loose stones are scattered over it, and unless graded and sodded it will become an unsightly weed patch. This estimate contemplates treating the plot in the same way as that surrounding the Virginia monument has been treated.


Purpose: Erection of House and Miscellaneous Farm Buildings on McPherson Farm

Estimate Fiscal Year 1932: $6835.00 Estimated Expenditures Fiscal Year 1930: -----
Increase 1932 over 1930: $6835.00

House, wood frame, 2 story, weather boarded 28 x 30 feet $4,000.00
Refit interior of barn, with stalls, floors and repairs 600.00
Corn crib, wagon and implement shed, 20 x 24 feet 800.00
Silo (cement) 10 x 45 feet 650.00
Hog pen 12 x 18 feet 200.00
Chicken house 14 x 18 feet 200.00
Smoke house and privy 50.00
Well and pumps, Well $100, 2 pumps $30 each 160.00
Walks, concrete 150.00


Some years ago all the buildings which stood on the McPherson Farm at the time of the battle, except the barn, were burned. Since then it has been difficult to rent the place and when it is not rented grass and weeds must be mowed. The cost of mowing this tract, in 1929, was $154.70. There are about 310 acres in this farm and adjacent tracts, which could be farmed in connection with it. The restoration here estimated for would enable the farms to be rented at around $1000 a year, as all the land lies well, is close to town, and probably the most fertile on the Park. What is now an expense would be converted into a source of revenue and effect a saving of $1000 to $1200 a year. The construction would follow as closely as practicable, that of the original buildings, standing and used partly as a hospital during and after the battle; thus restoring this particular section of the field to its general appearance at the time of the engagement.

Oaths administered on contracts and farm leases 25.00