National Military Park
Gettysburg, Pa.


September 3, 1930

Subject: Annual Report.

To: The Quartermaster General, Washington, D. C.


Appropriation $73,215.00
Salaries & Wages $29,229.56
Stationery and Office Supplies 70.88
Supplies 3,586.28
Roads and Drains, repairs to 32,117.45
Water rent 12.00
Bridges, repair of 45.50
Fences, trellises etc., repair of 1,731.00
Flagstaffs, Monuments, tablets, repairs to 2,154.25
Equipment, repair of 444.90
Equipment, procurement of 3,021.12
Hire of teams 712.95


Balance July 1, 1929 $2,333.48
Remitted July 30, 1929 5.00
Remitted Oct. 7, 1929 1,087.50
Remitted Nov. 6, 1929 6.0
Remitted Apr. 11, 1930 1,097.50
Remitted May 17, 1930 50.00
Remitted June 12, 1930 10.00

Repairs to Wheatfield and Mummasburg Road

Repairs to Park Farm Buildings

Balance 2,170.56 3.

EMPLOYEES: Two employees died during the year, John W. Hartman, Guard, and Howard W. Weikert, Laborer. Mr. Hartman's place will be filled by promotion of one of the laborers on the eligible list established by Secretary, Third U. S. Civil Service District, Philadelphia, Pa. The position made vacant by death of Mr. Weikert and promotion of one laborer to Guard will not be filled. This leaves 37 regular employees as follows: The Superintendent, the Assistant Superintendent, 1 Forester, 1 Clerk, 1 Messenger, 6 Guards on the avenues and grounds, 7 artisans and 19 laborers.

4. MONUMENTS, MARKERS AND TABLETS: On July 3, 1929, the North Carolina State Monument, located along Pettigrew's line on West Confederate Avenue, was dedicated. Governor O. Max. Gardner of North Carolina was master of ceremonies and the dedicatory address was delivered by former Governor Angus W. McLean, of Raleigh, N. C. The marker erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, State of North Carolina, was presented in a dedicatory address by Mrs. Marshall Williams, President of the North Carolina division of U. D. C. The address of acceptance for both monument and marker were delivered by Major General B. F. Cheatham, The Quartermaster General of the U. S. Army.

Contract was made with H. T. Maring on September 16, 1929, for relining the Pennsylvania Monument with copper at a cost of $1963.45. Defective wood work to which lining was nailed in the monument was repaired by Park laborers at a cost of $158.25, making a total of $2121.70.

In accordance with instructions from the Office of The Quartermaster General the 87 bronze regimental tablets on the Pennsylvania Monument were cleaned and polished at a cost of $89.35 for material and labor and the bronze ball on top of the monument was polished by contract for $20.00 or a total of $109.35, and a grand total of $2,231.05 spent during the fiscal year on the Pennsylvania Monument.

The usual amount of polishing or painting was accomplished on the other tablets and markers.

5. PROPERTY AUDIT: On April 25, 1930, Major F. J. Baker, Finance Department, Property Auditor, 3rd Corps Area, Baltimore, Md. made the annual audit of Park property.

6. NEW EQUIPMENT: One new Chevrolet Sedan automobile was purchased at a cost of $531.00. The old Chandler touring car was sold on a bid, for $10.00. One new 7 ton Huber gasoline driven road roller was purchased for $2,340.12 and a road scraper to attach for $150.00.

7. RESURFACING ROADS AND AVENUE: A contract dated Aug. 2, 1929, was made with Ellsworth C. Valentine, Frederick, Md. for resurfacing six and one half miles of avenue at a cost of $17,004.13. This contract was increased by Change Order "A" dated August 20, 1929, to resurface one and seven eights miles of avenue in the amount of $4,120.33, making a total of $21,124.46, which was paid from the 1930 fiscal year appropriation.

The parts of the Wheatfield and Mummasburg roads to be kept up by the Government have been scraped and the holes filled and rolled but the foundations have given way in numerous places and should be rebuilt and oil surfaced.

8. MOWING: The usual amount of mowing was done during July, August and September of the calendar year 1929 and during April, May and June of 1930, along the 22 miles of avenues and on the many large memorial plots. Also the weed growth on the McPherson land, about 80 acres not under lease, was mowed.

All mowing was done with horse drawn and power mowers. Mounds surrounding monuments and markers were kept trimmed with hand lawn mowers.

9. FENCING: Repairs to post and rail fences were made during the year, 300 new posts being purchased under contract at 35 cents each, total $105.00. It is proposed, when funds are made available, to replace wooden fence posts with concrete posts.

10. PAINTING: The gun carriages, limbers, caissons, pyramids of shells, iron tablets and stands, bridges, guard railing and chains, and posts in pipe fences were painted. This work was accomplished by the Painters who are employed on the Park.

11. GUTTERS & DRAINS: About 5000 feet of old stone gutters along the avenues were removed and replaced with concrete. This gives much more substantial support to the sides of the avenues and eliminates the need for applying weed killer in the gutters.

12. LAND UNDER LEASE: There are now 13 Government owned farms with buildings under lease with an aggregate acreage of 1184.92 acres. The tenants on farms under lease have followed the prevailing rotation of crops of this section and have shown proper care of the buildings.

The entire Williams tract of 88.38 acres has been leased for a period of one year from April 1, 1930. Parts of the following tracts, which are without buildings, have been leased. Twenty five acres of the McPherson Land has been leased for 6 months beginning May 15, 1930, for pasture purposes, and ten acres of the McMillan & Barrett Land has been leased for a period of two years beginning May 1, 1930, for pasture purposes.

A portion of the farm rentals, which are placed in the No-year appropriation, has been utilized for repair of farm buildings, $476.67 having been spent for new roofs, spouting, weather boarding on Codori Barn.

For the reconditioning and preserving of Meade's Headquarters $500.00 was made available.

13. CAMPING ON PARK: On July 16, 1929, 40 Reserve Officers from Camp Holabird camped on the Wheatfield. On October 28, 1929 the 1st Tank Regiment, Ft. Geo. G. Meade, Md. camped on the Wheatfield. During the year several troops of boy scouts in charge of scout masters were given permission to camp on Pardee Field.

14. GUIDE SERVICE: At the beginning of the calendar year 101 licenses were issued. On account of increased traffic on the Park 23 guides, selected from the eligible list established, were licensed on August 20, 1929 to solicit and act as guides after 3 p. m. each day for the remainder of the calendar year. These were not licensed during the calendar year 1930 because of the greatly decreased amount of tourist traffic.

Quarterly reports were rendered by the guides to the Superintendent of the number of tourists conducted by each over the battlefield. From these reports estimates were made of the total number of tourists visiting the Park during the year. These estimates have been forwarded to The Quartermaster General at the end of each quarter.

E. E. Davis,