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What was the 2010 Muster like?

In spite of the hot weather and the overcast skies, the 2010 Gettysburg Discussion Group 2010 Muster was a great success. From the very informative tours to the great company and companionship, I had a wonderful time at my first GDG Muster and I can't wait until next year.

Tom Eishen

East Cemetery Hill

2010 Muster Schedule of Events

Photo Galleries

Town Walk with Lisa Shower - President and Mrs. Eisenhower's Gettysburg
Social Hour - Speaker Wayne Motts, Adams County Historical Society
Sunrise on East Cemetery Hill with Tom Eishen
Group Photo with Tom Eishen
Seminary Ridge in Peace and War - Wayne Motts
Segway Tour with Chris Army "Willard's Brigade"
Fighting Around Cashtown Inn with J.D. Petruzzi
Vincent's Brigade and the Defense of Little Round Top with George Deutsch
World Famous Hot Dog Roast: Speaker Chaplain Chuck Teague
Sunday Church Services with Billy Ray and Andee Wagenseller
Tour of Lost Avenue with Den Shultz


Gettysburg Discussion Group 2010 Muster