Cocktail Hour at The Holiday Inn
Dr. Latschar's Talk
Katie Lawhon and John Latschar model GDG shirts as Jim Johnson looks on
GDG RULES - By Amanda Florio

   Presenters' Dinner at GAR Hall
Real Meat Prime Rib and Filet Terry Moyer makes a point at GDG Board Meeting
Bob and Dennis toast and roast  the guests
 Jack flings cheap trinkets from the balcony

Little Round Top
Little Round Top - Dawn Attack
Tom Desjardin & General Warren
Dobbin House Breakfast
          Dobbin House Breakfast
 Lined up for Dobbin Treats
Sal Prezioso, Eric Wittenberg, Rick Barber

Hot Dog!
Dog Lovers Gather at Rec Park Dennis,  Dean and Judy Shultz
Bob holds up Troiani's "Band of Brothers" - Auction Centerpiece Pat Lawrence leads Civil War songfest
Jim Johnson, Eileen Murphy and Dennis Lawrence Model GDG Shirts
GDG Logo

Sunday's Tours
Ben Dixon leads Cemetery Monument Tour
Wayne leads East Cemetery Hill Tour
 Lost Avenue
Dean Dousing for Bodies
GDG In Front of Baker Farm