Winter Stomp
December 1999
Town Tour


The intrepid group forms up.  In from of the Hotel Gettysburg, Wayne
(green coat, back to the camera) and Margaret (brown coat, back to
camera) begin the tour.  As you can tell, the cold meant dressing for
function, not fashion...
Wayne W. briefing the crew, on Chambersburg St.  The diamond, with the
grey Wills House is in the background.

In front of the Adams County Courthouse, intersection of Baltimore and
Middle Sts.  The road sign highlights that GB is an important

In front of St. Francis Xavier, the main Catholic Church in GB. 
Although much renovated and added onto, it is an 1863 building and
served as an important hospital during and after the battle.
The plaque on the front of St. Francis

Civil War building, intersection of W. High and S. Washington Sts.  This
was a busy intersection on July 1, with retreating Union troops being
fired upon as they headed South on Washington.

The group trooping past the old 1863 school building on W. High St.

The old Adams County Prison on E. High St.  This building gave a good
view of East Cemetery Hill, making the area another hot spot for sniping
and observation.

Looking south on South Baltimore St., toward Cemetery Hill, in front of
the location of the main ANV barricade near High St.  This give an idea
of the change in elevation between the town and East Cemetery Hill.  The
Confederate skimishers also had a barricade across S. Baltimore at the
bottom of the swale.  This is a reverse angle view of the famous picture
of the Nov. 1863 procession escorting Lincoln and other dignataries to
the National Cemetery for the Dedication.

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