My name is Bob Lawrence, I am a Certified Public Accountant in private practice in Katy Texas. I am 45 years old, married a

nd have FOUR daughters-two of whom will be attending the 1997 muster.

My interest in the Civil War Began as a youth-mostly by pouring over a copy of the "American Heritage History of the Civil War". My interest in Gettysburg began in 1963 when my Father John Lawrence loaded the seven Lawrences in an car and "drug" us to Gettysburg. My interest was rekindled in the late 1980s when I picked up a copy of Shaara's "Killer Angels". In early 1988 I received THE fateful phone call-my brother Dennis called and asked me if I would like to go to the 125th re-enactment at Gettysburg. The rest, as they say, is history. In January 1995 Dennis and I founded the Gettysburg Discussion Group. It now has close to seven hundred members!

Since 1988 I have been to Gettysburg close to 20 times. I have had some marvelous experiences-I can recall several early, early morning visits to LRT with Brother Dennis, hot coffee and first hand accounts in hand-in those days we had the place to ourselves that early in the morning. I contrast that a great June day last year where I met 80 "close friends" on LRT at 6 AM-again with coffee and big brother in tow. I recall meeting a friendly gentleman at the 2Oth Maine Monument who proceeded to take Dennis and I on a four hour tour of period "Rock carvings" on battlefield. I remember meeting terry moyer for the first time on a crisp morning at spangler springs. I recall a moonlight walk up Culps hill with my esteemed wife. all of my memories of GB are pleasant one-yes even when big brother and I made fools out of ourselves at the infamous "Iverson Pit tour last year(This year Dave, you lead it!).

I am looking forward to creating even more fond memories with 200 of my "close" friend come June 6.

Robert W Lawrence

From Dennis Lawrence<P> Greetings:
My own bio is on the web site and it is remarkably like Bob's. I am a 48 year old high school English teacher with an interest in nineteenth century society and its effects on our life today. I am primarily inerested in the way the field has been memorialized in each generation since the battle and what that says about that generations' values and beliefs.

A short Muster History is in order:

In 1993 when I first signed on to the net, I haunted the Prodigy Civil War board. Someone once posted a note about favorite monuments and I posted back that mine was the Confederate burial trench behind the Twentieth Me. line. I got a private e-mail back asking for documentation. That is how I met Terry Moyer. Who led me into many discoveries besides just how come there could not be a Confederate burial trench there.

At the same time there was a consistent poster to the board who signed her missives the Manassas Belle. That's how I met Eileen Murphy. It's also how I met Eileen O'Toole - Irish lasses I couldn't keep straight until the first muster, but I am getting ahead of the story.

Another Prodigy regular was Nancy Robinson who had already invited everybody on Prodigy to meet on LRT in the Spring. That's how the first muster took place. See for the first group: Terry Moyer, Jack, Bob, Dennis & Joannie Lawrence, Eileens O'Toole and Murphy, Nancy & Andrea Robinson. You won't see Jim Radmore - who I accidentally cut out of the picture - but he has never missed a muster.

The next year, Bob called me and wanted to start a Gettysburg Discussion Group. We did. That's how I met all of you. The first year, he wimped out and didn't attend the muster - see the second group at Everybody but Bob was back and Tom Yaglowski, and John & Linda Groves joined us. That was about 20% of the whole GDG membership back then.

Last year we met for the third time, and all the first timers were back except Eileen O'Toole - who has already promised she won't do that again. This group is too large to name, see it at along with all the muster information for this year.
Oh, yeah, the best part. The first year we had the hot dog roast at my camp site. The second we also did, and I showed slides of the field on the back of my tent. Last year we held it at the Artillery Ridge Pavilion and showed slides of the field and Fantasyland Park.

This year the dogs will be at the rec park in the burg and if all goes well, the slides will be by Greg Biggs.


Nancy throwing rocks at the black snakes sunning on rocks so we could tromp back to "Flag Rock"...... Jack throwing a copy of Pfanz at me when I said Devil's Den was north of the triangular field....... washing down Eileen's campfire smores with cold beer....... meeting with Terry and Eileen at 5:00 A.M. at Spanglers before the big bashes on LRT to renew friendships maintained in cyber space....... having Dave Powell and Eric Wittenberg bail us out on the Iverson's pits tour debacle last year...... Bob complaining to Van Nitz in 1994 that "Dennis had invited a bunch of women to meet us on LRT" not knowing the women standing next to him in Fields of Glory were Nancy and the Eileens. (Toss him out of gmisc, ladies!).........Sheetz coffee.......... Don Harvey placing a "Yard Sale" sign on my disheveled campsite ....... Realizing that people were actually going to buy those cheap T-shirts and we wouldn't get stuck with the bill.......... Eileen getting busted for driving the wrong way out of Spangler's Spring........Jack snapping the electric fence on my crotch back on Neill Ave..........

More to come in '97.

Name: Nancy Bainter (married name Popielarski, but since I have a hard time spelling it ( or saying it!) I go by Bainter!) Home: I live in New Jersey, was raised in Milaukee, Wisc. and was born in Sioux Falls, S. D. I've taken the opposite path back East from what my ancestors did! Occupation: Engineer, wife, mother, dissertation proof-reader/typist. 1st Muster: Yep, if I get there! Favorite G'burg place is the 1st day's field, near the Peace Memorial. Sometimes, it seems more quiet here. People wander through, but it's not the traffic jam that happens on LRT. Also, enjoy Culp's Hill (the kids love the lookout tower there!). Enjoy the roads that aren't on the map for the tour! The place overwhelms you where the crowds aren't gathered...

Never knew much about the war until I was about 30. Still wish I'd paid attention to the stories that my grandfather tried to tell me that his grandfather told him. My grandfather was dead by the time I was 20, and I had now clue that the stories about "that silly old war" that he was telling me was the March to the Sea. Sigh.... Nan}

Gregory G. Biggs, Born in Elmhurst, IL in 1953. Have l ived all over the South, California and Lima, Peru for 4 years. Currently reside in Celina , Ohio. I have been in the record business since 1971 and operate a mail-order retail record company. I am currently Vice President of Programs for the Ohio Civil War Association, an umbrella group of 20 Civil War roundtables in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. I was until recently an Associate Editor of Blue & Gray Magazine. I am currently involved writing two CS flags related books for Rank & File Publications (whe n my job permits). I have been married for 4 years to Karel Lea (who is President of the Dayton CWRT]. We are both Forum Leaders for the America Online Military History/History Channel Discussion Groups. Karel Lea does a lot of CW work and is working on a h istory of the 71st Ohio Regiment - which was commanded by her ancestor. Her research about their efforts at Shiloh was just published for the first time in the recent Blue & Gray Magazine articles by Stacy Allen who used Karel Lea's work to change what p revious writers had written about the regiment's conduct at the battle.
i am: dan bjarnason toronto, ontario i'm a television news reporter with the canadian broadcasting corporation it's my first muster. as a student of military history generally (and have covered some conflicts) i'm interested in cdns who fought in the acw. and for a non american, if you can only study one battle, gettysburg seems to encapsulate almost all the elements of the war.. my favorite (i.e. most interesting) person is dan sickles ... my favorite unit is the 8th ohio (on the 3rd day) because both cases are a fascinating study in initiative. also attending will be: desmond smith, of toronto. desmond is a television producer with the canadian broadcasting corporation, and is something of an authority on the foreign policy implications of gettyburg, especially the attitude of Britain to the outcome of the battle. (desmond also has some real war experience. he was based in saigon for abc news during the vietnam war). this will be his first muster. and first visit to gettysburg. cheers


Name:Joe Blair

With the gracious company and indulgence of his wife Barbara Home/City:Auburn NY. Home of the 111th NY Vol.,1st NY light arty Co.C (Cowans Battery) and final resting place of Col.Myles Keogh Occupation:Middle School Art Teacher,EMT-CC(Volunteer) and NYS Cert.EMS Lab Instructor This will be my first muster but have been to the Burg several times.

Have always been interested in the ACW. I'm named after a GG Grandfather who died in 1877 of "wounds received at the great battle of Gettysburg. "Had a second GG Grandfather who was a member of the 111th NYV, captured at Po River Virginia May '64 and died in Andersonville Aug '64.Now that the house is quiet(kids grown) I able to focus more time on it. Would love to learn more about the 111thNYV,1stNY Lit.Arty Co. C,Battle for the Bliss House, Myles Keogh or any other units/people from Cayuga Co. NY at the Burg.

My name is Kate Boden. I am 41 years old and live in St. Louis, Missouri with my husband, Keith, and my 2 sons, Eliot (8) and Graham (6). My occupations are homemaker, PTA president, Volunteer Extrodinaire, CW novelist wannabe and GDG devotee. Prior to these duties, I was a computer systems analyst. This will be my first muster and I eagerly anticipate meeting all the delightfully stimulating members that attend. My interest in history predates my concentration on the Civil War. The event that triggered my current passion for the CW was reading, in a fit of boredom, D.S. Freeman's "Lee's Lieutenants" one summer about 9 years ago. I had visited G'burg as an average tourist several years before and thought that it was a rather nice battlefield, in which it was easy to envision the events, but, unfortunately, cluttered with silly monuments. I have since revised my opinion. I find that the more I learn of the events of those days in 1863 and the people that participated in them, the more hallowed the ground becomes. My two favorite locations are the Virginia Monument, gazing towards the copse of trees and the Armistead marker.
Hi there. I am a new subscriber. My name is Patrick Hardesty Burch, known to my friends as Rick. I reside in St. Louis, Missouri, and am employed as a governmental affairs associate by the Missouri Association for Social Welfare. I am totally blind as a result of an accident. My interest in Gettysburg stems from the fact that several of my ancestors from Georgia served under Col. Gibson, 48th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Wright's Brigade, Anderson's Division, Hill's Corps, Army of Northern Virgina. They took part in the fighting on 2 July, I believe somewhere near the Angle, at which they were repulsed with heavy losses.

As far as my ancestors, of which there were four, Pvt. Charles Burch was killed; Sgt. Joseph Burch was wounded; Ltd. Jesse Burch and Pvt. Alfred Burch retreated unharmed. I know this much, but feel that there are other things to know. ]

Any other information would be greatly appreciated.

I am A 41 yr old full time welder and part-time antiques dealer out of lancaster pa.

My interest in the civil war and the great battle of Gettysburg began as a small child when my grandfather would take me there every summer beginning in the early 60s.

If someone would ask me who are what my favorite person or place was at the burg the answer would depend on what book I was reading at the time.

Right know my focus is on the angle and on east cemetery hill and culps hill.

Hope this is Ok. if not send me a very angry note and I will try again.

Jeff Burk

Name: Laurie Anne Chambliss (Avalon)(eventually)

DOB: 7/30/53

Place of birth: Knoxville Iowa (technically Oskaloosa, because the hospital was better there.)

Later places of residence: Danville, Ilinois, and environs thereof, 1960-1987; subsequently Allentown, then Catasauqua, PA

Education: mostly in the newsroom of the Danville Commercial-News, 1971-1977. Last year obtained Associates of Arts Degree (snicker, snort!) from Lehigh-Carbon Community College, to fulfill vow that I would get a college degree before my oldest son did.

Later employment: Illinois Power Company, 1978-1985.

First interest in the Civil War: Trip with family (2 parents, 4 kids, in station wagon and camper) in which we did the entire East Coast in 4 weeks in 1968. I know we hit Gettysburg but I get it mixed up with several other sites.

First REAL interest in the Civil War: was hanging out in low-class private club in Allentown shortly after death of husband Chambliss and wound up talking to friend of friend who had invited me there. Friend claimed to be middle-management employee of Fortune 500 company who wrote and researched Civil War articles on the side. Long story short, he was, he did,

Major interests, Gettysburg wise: First Day/11th Corps/Almshouse activities; also my non-relative Gen. John Chambliss, 13th Va Cav.

a) Bill and Glenna Jo Christen

b) Warren, MI (I am originally from Toledo, OH, and Glenna Jo is from Minneapolis

c) I am an automotive engineer and Glenna Jo is a Librarian

d) yes

e) Glenna Jo and I met at Gettysburg in 1993 at the 130th reenactment. She had been on the bus from Minnesota with the men of the 1st Minnesota (I am a member of the 1st now). I was the battalion commander of the Western Brigade at the event. I have been actively interested in the CW for about 20 years...reenacting, writing, gaming, and battlefield touring. Glenna Jo has been interested in mid-19th C. material culture for the past 14 years. My first visit to Gettysburg was in the early sixties. I worked on the "Gettysburg" movie. I co-authored a history of the 17th Michigan, and am working on several other CW of Pauline Cushman, battle of South Mountain, MD, editing letters of a soldier in the 40th Indiana, and an 2nd addition of the 17th Michigan history. Glenna writes on clothing, and social aspects of the period.

f) I have a general interest in the battle of Gettysburg...sort of a stopping off place during our study of the 1860's...where we meet fellow travelers. Glenna Jo is a true companion, and we share the adventure and fun...she does like going to the Needle and Thread in Gettysburg more than the military stuff.

g) have the great map of the battlefield (from the 3 Days at Gettysburg game) in my basement.

Bill and Glenna Jo Christen --
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David Clark

I am 45 years old and live in Vista, Calif., a semi rural suburb of San Diego. My other passion besides the Civil War is fine wine, and I make my living by working for a well-known San Diego wine shop. I first became interested in the Civil War as a boy during the CW Centennial but wandered away as I got older. Seeing Ken Burns' PBS documentary y reawakened my interest and I soon began reading everything about it I could get my hands on. I am the secretary of the San Diego Civil War Round Table and have been a member of the GDG for the last year an a half.

I am a Vietnam veteran, and having been an infantryman I think the details of the experiences of the common soldiers, North and South hold a special fascination for me. I have only been to Gettysburg (or any CW battlefields) once but I would have to say that LRT and the Virginia Monument are my two favorite spots, but I look forward to learning much and having my eyes opened to other special locations this June. My wife Diane, who shares my interest in Gettysburg and the CW and will also be attending and we both look forward to meeting some of our friends from cyberspace.

David Clark
San Diego Civil War Round Table

My name is Dennis Clemente and I've been a more-or-less esteemed member for a little over a year. I am 58 years old and live with my wife Nancy in Belmont, MA--a suburb of Boston. I was a banker for 24 years but, having predicted the effects of consolidation in that industry, left banking nine years ago and opened an auto parts store, which has been only modestly successful. Nancy, who will not be able to attend the muster, is a senior editor at Harvard University Press.

My interest in Gettysburg and the Civil War goes back twenty years or so when, on a leisurely and roundabout trip to Washington, DC, we found ourselves in south-central Pennsylvania and decided to visit Gettysburg. We planned on spending no more than two hours there!

I cannot put into words what I felt standing at the Angle--something very big and very important in the history of my country had happened there and I had no real understanding of why. That was unacceptable to me, so I dropped my long-standing interest in Roman Imperial history and 17th century English history and have focused on the Civil War ever since. I have discovered a personal linkage to the era through one great-grandfather who served in the 23rd Ohio (not at Gettysburg) and a slightly more distant relative who served in the 2nd Mississippi and was captured at the Bloody Railroad Cut on the first day and spent the rest of the war in Fort Delaware.

I've gained a great deal from the GDG and especially appreciate the collegial tenor of our discussions. I very much look forward to the Muster, although the vagaries of small business dictate that my attendance will be provisional to almost the last moment.

My name is Angel Dejesus Jr. and I live about 20min. north of Gettysburg in an area called Gardners where I reside with my wife Dixie of 20 years and 1 son and 1 daughter. I work for Messiah College where I've been for 10 years now. This year will be my first muster and am looking forward to it! I have been interested in Gettysburg ever since I can remember and cannot exactly pinpoint a date or time,altho, after asking several family members, am sure it was before birth.:) Since I live so close to the battlefield, I enjoy the sunday drives and occasional evening sprints to the park. There's something about the emotions that I feel when I'm on the field, like I can feel the struggle of the men or almost hear the shouts one man to another. Maybe, that s what makes us different from others that come to the battlefield, a love of the history, a love of the way of life that once was. I am partial to the LRT at sunset, also, Picketts Charge area. I am looking forward to meeting all the new friends that I've made here on the GDG at the muster! I am presently working on rewriting a diary of a union soldier and doing research on the Pennsylvania Quakers at the battle of Gettysburg. My special thanks to Eric Wittenberg for all his help with the diary and the many others that have helped me with questions.


Greetings GDG!

My name is Dave Dicker, and I am from North Hills, PA (just outside Philly). I run a Flow Cytometry lab at the Kimmel Cancer Institute. Although this is my first official Muster, I ran into the group last year on LRT. I tagged along for Tom D's talk and subscribed when I returned home. My original interest in the CW developed when I first viewed the Ken Burns series. My interest in G'burg came when I visited for the first time in 1993. I think my favorite place is on LRT - a truly moving experience (if you can avoid the crowds).

Dave Dicker

My name is Frank Eggen. I'm the Pricing Analyst for The Kroger Co. (the grocery retailer) in Roanoke, VA. This is my first muster.

My interest in the Civil War began in childhood probably due to the CW's centennial and the effect on an impressionable grade-schooler of romantic representations of the Civil War on television. A friend's obsession in high school advanced my interest somewhat and a chance vacation visit to a battlefield in 1985 spawned my own obsession.

Pickett's Charge has always been of special interest, and especially Richard Brooke Garnett's fatal attempt to demonstrate his worth.

~ I am Richard Egley of Platteville, Wisconsin. My career has been in college residence halls administration and I have been at the University of Wisconsin - Platteville for the past 18 years. This muster will be my first to attend, although I am only able to join the group for Saturday. Although I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, I did not visit Gettysburg until 1986. That Christmas, I received "The Gettysburg Campaign" by Nofi and I've been a student since that time. My favorite places at the battlefield are the 20th ME position on LRT, watching the sunrise over Cemetery Ridge from the Confederate Ave. Tower, and The Angle. Favorite personages include Buford, Chamberlain, Hancock, and Armistead. I am looking forward to joining the muster participants at LRT on Saturday morning.

~ Dave Eicher, who lives in Waukesha, Wisconsin, is managing editor of Astronomy magazine. This is his first muster. He became interested in Civil War history in the early 1980s after receiving papers and relics of an ancestor who fought in the war. He has a wide range of Gettysburg and other interests and is the author of Civil War Battlefields: A Touring Guide, The Civil War in Books: An Analytical Bibliography, and the forthcoming Robert E. Lee: A Life Portrait

. ~ I'm, Brad Eide, a 40ish pharmacist from Richmond, Virginia. This will be the first muster of the GDG I've attended. Battles and campaigns are not what I find most fascinating, rather it is the individual soldiers, their experiences, letters, diaries and reminiscences. It was this interest that led me, about 6 years ago, to a dealer's binder of soldier's letters where I located a letter of Sam Zook. The letter and the ensuing research led to my interest in Zook and, as a result, my interest in Gettysburg. Needless to say, the wheatfield is the portion of the battle where my interest is greatest. I got it down to 105 words but some are small :-)
a) Donald Lee Fuell, Jr (call me Lee)

b) Beavercreek, OH (it's near Dayton, but I don't claim Dayton)

c) Aerospace Engineer and certified guvmint bureaucrat

d) 1997 GDG Muster virgin

e) Victim of Michael Shaara - read Killer Angels when THE MOVIE came out (BEFORE going to the movie, thank you very much) and decided to dig for the facts behind the fiction.

f) Unabashed admirer of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (but not a worshiper, I recognize his flaws), so mainly LRT on 2 July. Becoming more interested in Jno Buford & eagerly awaiting Eric Wittenberg's bio. Trying to expand my focus.

g) Very interested in military history in general, strategic principles and (thanks to Dick Davis) Basil H. Liddell Hart, and very fond of Scottish & Irish history and music, especially bagpipes.

I am a lawyer practicing in western Pennsylvania. I primarily practice in the areas of divorce, litigation and real estate. I am married and have 2 children.

My interest in Gettysburg stems from collecting toy soldiers and from hearing stories about my gg grandfather, Hiram Beals, being wounded at Gettysburg. Hiram was in the 155th PA and according to his service records was slightly wounded at Gettysburg. Since joining the group, I have amassed an ever growing library of Gettysburg books and such. Eventually, I would like to put together an outline to teach an undergrad course at one of the local colleges.

This will be my second muster and I am looking forward to meeting new and old friends. I look forward to seeing all of you there.

Michael Gallagher ~ My name is Paula Gidjunis and I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa. I have a BA in History/Education and a M.B.A. I am currently attending evening classes to attain a certification in Historical Preservation. I am on the board of the Delaware Valley CWRT and a volunteer at other Civil War related events. I also am a volunteer tour guide at Graeme Park, a Colonial site in Horsham, Pa. I work as a Middle Manager for the Department of Defense. I reside with my husband and son in Hatboro, Pa. I first became interested in the Civil War when I was 13 and saw the Disney movie "Johnny Shiloh" I wanted to read everything about him, the battle of Shiloh and the war. This will be my 1 1/2 muster, as I was only there for one day last year.

I'm a 32 year old physician that became interested in Gettysburg when friends of mine were married at the Lutheran Seminary. Like so many others, it was The Killer Angels that hooked me when I asked what to read so I could understand why someone would want to get married there. Prior to this I hated history and thought people that delved into the Civil War needed to have their heads examined. 5 years later, I've been to Gettysburg 5 times, seen 4 other battlefields, built a den dedicated to the civil war , play the Battleground Civil War series on my PC almost nightly, receive several Civil War magazines, attend the Western PA CWRT ....and according to my friends and family, need my head examined!!!!

My great great grandfather and his son died at Wilson's Creek fighting for the Confederates. I hope to visit that battlefield in the near future. I live in Pittsburgh but feel strongly about my ties with the Confederates.

I am amazed by the knowledge in this group and look forward to reading everyone's opinion.

My favorite personal experience at Gettysburg is when I explored the Devils Den, LRT and The Wheat Field earlier this year. It rained all afternoon. I only saw several other people that day...It was as if time stopped and the field was preserved for me...I then new that I would return to Gettysburg for the rest of my life..

My wife is kind enough to allow me to travel to Civil War related sites, yet she doesn't share my interest. I have a wonderful 19 month old daughter named Gabrielle, who already looks through my civil war books and refers to every soldier as "da da".

See ya at the Muster! Dave Glorioso ~ Hello! I'm Guy Michael Greeneltch. My wife Linda, daughter Sarah and son James and I are residents of Gettysburg. This will be my first muster, and I very much look forward to meeting all of you with whom I share a common interest.

I am not a native of Gettysburg, but grew up in the Chicago area. My interest in the Civil War was begun in me in grammar school by two young friends. The father of one of them was from Virginia and was a descendent of Jubal Early. When my parents bought me the old "American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War," I was hooked. Around this time I had an accident that left me in the hospital for most of the summer of 1965. While confined there, I used my time preparing and giving lectures to the doctors and nurses about civil war topics (I was in 5th grade!) My parents were impressed and made plans to bring me to Gettysburg the next summer.

That trip to Gettysburg in 1966 was the most meaningful trip of my life, and I have been many places since. I remember standing on Little Round Top and asking my mother if we could live here. Of course she said no. Then I remember prophesying that one day I would then live here. Twenty eight years later that became a reality.

In the years between, I went to college and majored in history (what else.) It was in college that I met my future wife Linda. I went on to a Lutheran seminary (not Gettysburg) received a Masters in Divinity and was ordained. I served congregations in California and Oklahoma. Presently, I do not have a call to any congregation, but am employed in the printing department of a firm in Hanover, Pa. which produces corrugated packaging and displays.

The special stories and events from the battle that interest me keep changing. As you all know well there is enough from this one battle to occupy a lifetime. Currently I am interested in the death struggle between the 24th Michigan and 26th North Carolina on the first day of the battle.

See you at the muster!

Bio - Elaine Harris

I currently live and work in London but my family all live in Surrey and Hampshire in the South East of England. I have a BA in Humanities from Brighton University and am now studying part time for a law degree at the University of London. My other activities include Napoleonic Reanactment as a fusilier in the 21eme Regiment of l'Grand Armee and hopefully soon as a canoneer with the 2nd US Artillery Co. A (UK).

The company I work for is Anglo French and is the largest Paper Manufacturer in Europe. I actually manage a paper showroom and advisory centre for graphic designers called Paperpoint which is located in the Covent Garden area of London.

My interest in the CW first started when I watched the Ken Burns PBS series when it was shown in the UK in 1990, as well as from reading a number of novels especially Bernard Cornwells. But it was really ignited by reading Killer Angels and watching GB the Movie. This made me really want to go out and find out about the real people who took part and the more Human aspects of the war. The personalities I am particularly interested in are JLC, Alexander Webb and Alonzo Cushing who in my personal opinion were very dashing (and dare I say cute with out sounding incredibly shallow).

I also greatly admire Gen.Buford, Gen.Armistead and Gen.Hancock all of whom had very great abilities but were tragically wasted by the war.

-- Elaine Harris
Covent Garden

A short-term lurker reporting in.

I would like to try to come to part of the Muster - Friday evening, Saturday evening and Sunday. I will not be able to join in on Saturday during the day because I man the post here at the Friends' office on Saturdays.

I would like to echo Jerry Coates' invitation to stop by our office at 304B York Street when you are in town. We will be glad to show off our efficient new office space and show you something about the projects we are working on for the Parks, too. You are welcome to come on Saturdays between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM (or later if the sign on the door says "Someone is Here").

I attended Western Maryland College where I successfully eluded (on purpose) all of Prof. Theodore Whitfield's courses on the Civil War and his efforts to convince me to apply as a summer seasonal at GNMP. Therefore, I refer to my current position as "Whitfield's Revenge."

My war was always the American Revolution, partially because I grew up in the Delaware Valley on the very banks of the Delaware River in Roebling, NJ, and partially because one of my Ibach ancestors was supposedly at Valley Forge.

My master's work at Rutgers, NB, was primarily in Colonial History, although I did do a study in Eugene Genovese's research course on the NJ Copperhead Senator from Burlington, James W. Wall, whom Lincoln imprisoned. Naturally, I also gained a keen interest in studying slavery. It was amusing to have Genovese there again during my 5 years at the University of Rochester in the Development Office.

Before that I taught American History and Government part-time at Mohawk Valley Community College from 1971 to 1980 and also ran the Visitors Center at Fort Stanwix National Monument in Rome, NY, from early 1976 to late 1979. I was privileged to do a lot of good research during that time and tried to include a lot of local history in my courses. Besides the Aug. 1777 events along the Mohawk and the role of the Iroquois in the American Revolution, I was particularly interested in the anti-slavery and associated movements along the Erie Canal's burned-over district. That ties in, of course, with Harper's Ferry and the secret six.

Now I have a whole new war to learn and I'm not going to live long enough. I am pleased to be able to carry over my Iroquois studies. My special Gettysburg interest is Colonel Washington Roebling. I am especially interested in learning more about his ballooning activities in northern Virginia just prior to Gettysburg, and I would greatly appreciate any pointers from the group. One of these days I will take some time with his papers at RPI. Some family papers, I know, are also at the Rutgers, NB, Library.

My other Civil War topic is mostly off-topic. My husband's Great-Grandfather, his brother, and two of his wife's brothers were all in the 116th NY. Although they did come to Gettysburg in the summer of 1862, riding the train from Baltimore to GB, marching to Cashtown, bivouacking there and marching back to get the train again in what they called the "Apple Butter Campaign" because they were offered the sauce with every stop along the way, they spent most of the war in Louisiana with Banks. What a wonder that these boys who left Germany to avoid conscription and were bamboozled into service stayed their full enlistment. They did get to join Sheridan in the Shenandoah in '64 at least, where I gather they were not considered very good. Perhaps that's why all four survived, although disabled by disease. (Dick's Great-Grandfather spent the rest of his life in bed and his wife received a widow's pension. Lucky for Dick he still managed to father several children.) I have the regimental history, good red river campaign material, and, of course, all the good valley and Sheridan sources. Any further pointers on the 116th to personal e-mail would be appreciated, too.

A final note: I have been using 3 different volunteers to help me handle all the mail I get from GDG.
Phyllis I. Hawkins
Membership Director
Friends of the National Parks at Gettysburg

~ a] name: Robin E. Hemperly, who's friends now call her Pete (guess why).

b] home city: Myerstown, Lebanon County

c] occupation: Assistant Manager of North Lebanon Township, in charge of Recreation and sewer

d] if this is the first muster you are attending: This is my second muster

e] how and when you became interested in the Civil War generally and/or the Battle of Gettysburg: I became interested in Gettysburg and the Civil War due to the movie Gettysburg. I just could not understand how General Lee was the most beloved General of all time if HE LOST! So an investigation was underway, and in the process, I came to admire many Generals like Reynolds, O'Rourk, Hancock, Buford, Vincent, Oats, Chamberlain, Meade, and of course, General Longstreet. He is my most intense study. I really do not know why, I just enjoy studying him. While I greatly admire him, I also accept that he was human and open to error, however he was a Great General.

f] any specific area/person/time/event within the battle that is of particular interest to you: As I stated above, General Longstreet is my favorite study, and I would simply love to have been present to hear what was exchanged between him and General Lee when Picketts Charge was concluded. I have several favorite events in the battle of Gettysburg, and I think the one closest to my heart is on the First Day as Color Sgt. Henry Brehm ran around the McPherson Barn on the first day of battle trying to save his beloved colors for the boys of the 149th Bucktails of Myerstown, PA Lebanon County. Henry died of his wound August 9th 1863 in a Philda. Hospital. I put flowers at his resting place often and Henry will never be without his flag again, I see to it that there is a flag there year round.

g] any other information you think is relevant: Only that last years muster was one of the greatest Civil War events I have attended yet. The speakers and Guides we had were spectacular and of course I met many very nice people that belong to this fantastic group.

~ Arthur E. House

New Canaan, CT.
Retired Army Lt. Col.
First muster attended.
Been a Civil War student since childhood, when I discovered my late grandfather's set of booklets commemorating the 50th anniversary of the war.
I have a particular interest in the 17th Connecticut Infantry (my home county regiment), and in both of Longstreet's assaults.
I have recently begun a living history portrayal of Major John W. Fairfax of Longstreet's staff, and have done extensive research on his life. I am a member of the General Staff of the 1st Corps, C.S.A, a group which portrays Longstreet's commanders and his staff.

a. Barbara G. House

b. New Canaan, CT
c. US Army Civilian Personnel Technical Services Officer (West Point)
d. First muster attended
e. I have had a long interest in the Civil War through my mother's family, some of whom were residents of Charleston, SC during the WBTS. My great grandmother was a pensioned Confederate widow. My particular interest in Gettysburg began when my new husband GDG member, Art House (q.v.) and I made frequent trips there from our home in Maryland. I was further inspired by THE movie. My sister, Kate Boden, is a serious GDGer. My cat's name is Joshua L. Chamberlain.

f. The Emittsburg Road and action that took place along and across it.
g. I am now examining WBTS living history as a potential hobby and project. My husband has recently done so, and we have a new circle of friends involved.
Barbara G. House

My name is Roland J. Huard from Mansfield, Connecticut. I'm a retired Financial Controller. This will be my first muster. I have no roots in the CW because my parents were born in Quebec, Canada and the family tree shows that the family migrated from France in the 17th Century. I have been interested in the CW since my High School years, or in the 50's and of course my biggest interest is in the "Battle of Gettysburg". I made my first visit to the GBF two years ago. At that time I only had one days visit and took the bus tour. Last year I happen to visit a Navy buddy, who happens to live a stones throw from Little Round Top, and spent 6 days touring the field. I have no favorite person, because I feel that all those involved in this great battle are most important in their our special way. In reading all the e-mail about this battle, practically all the correspondence are centered on the officers that lead both sides to this battle. I look forward to the tours that are being offered in the upcoming muster, especially the July 3rd charge.

Roland J. Huard

Name: Thomas R. Hoover<BR> Hometown:\tab Mansfield, Ohio
Occupation:\tab Computer Analyst, Project Coordinator
1st Muster:\tab It certainly is.
Gettysburg Interest:\tab My interest in Gettysburg began about 10 years ago. I cant specifically state what it is about Getysburg that draws me to it. I just know that every time I go there I have never felt more at home.
Thad Humphries. I'm 42, a computer programmer and a history buff since I was 10 or 11. I took up the Civil War when I was 13. My history interest, a sense of duty, and an ROTC scholarship lead me to join the Army [airborne infantry] after college. My wi fe, Peggy, whom I met on active duty, is still a lieutenant colonel in the reserves. She tea ches middle school science. We have two boys, John, 10 and Rick, 9. Since we live in Warrenton, VA we're close to many of the battlefields. I work in Flint Hill, VA a small town beneath the Blue Ridge Mtns on Rt. 522. Longstreet marched by this spot on h is way to Gettysburg. The family and I visit GB at least once a year and generally see all the sites we can. I find the human drama of war fascinating and terrible. As I do with most battlefields, I often find my visits moving to the point of tears.
Name: Jeff Jefferson

Home: Reinholds, PA
Occupation: Supervisor in an Automobile Frame manufacturing plant.
Muster: Attended last years muster..but only for the Saturday Breakfast..due to working.
Interest: Got interested in 11th grade American History class. Had to do a term paper on the battle of Phillipi, WVA. Since then have had an interest in the battle of Gettysburg....more so than any other battle, because it's only 1.5 hours away.
Specific: BG Lewis Addison Armistead and anything that happened during the battle that involved him. Also his friend....Winfield Scott Hancock. Also interested in both of these since they were Masonic Brothers.
Info: I do a first person portrayal of Armistead.

My name is E. Adelene Kaley but most people know me as Addie. I was born on the first day of the battle, but a few years later in Lebanon PA, where I still reside. I'm Executive Assistance to the President of The Good Samaritan Hospital in Lebanon for the past 18 years. I'm married to Tom, my Internet provider (NetXchange) and have a daughter, Beckie and a son, Tom Jr.
Several years ago, Tom learned that his gg grandfather served in the CW and started to investigate. I tagged along on various "battlefield" vacations and was soon "hooked." The first book I read was Stackpole's "They Met At Gettysburg" and was quite taken by Imboden's account of the retreat of the 17 mile long train of wounded from GB. One thing led to another and one book led to another and now I can't get enough! Last October we took a 10 day, 3000 mile, nine state trip of the Western Theater which was one of the best vacations of my life.
Fate brought Robin and me together and we've become great friends which has relieved both our spouses' -- now we have the "buddy system" going when we trek around the "Burg or other reenactments, etc.
This will be my second muster -- I can't wait!

I can't say I'm passionate about any one particular battle, general - although I'm fond of Hancock and am getting a greater appreciation of Meade, or side. I need to read a lot more but even then, how can we really know the "truth" of what happened and who was the hero/villain! I am awed by: numbers of men, horses, cannons, wagons, etc. coming together for battle, numbers of killed/wounded, the amount of lead and shells flying through the air, the hardships of the common soldier, the lack of expertise in many of the "leaders," the lack of medical knowledge that we take for granted (poor guys didn't have Imodium AD), and I wish I could experience the sounds and smells of a battle etc., etc., etc. I do get VERY passionate about "BAD" books!!

Gettysburg is special to me because of it's magnitude and quirks of fate. And because it is close to home and when I go to the field, all the stress of today's world evaporate and I come home refreshed.

I'm looking forward to putting faces to all the names I've come to know through this great group. Here's hoping for weather like last year, an unusually low tourist population, and knowledge, knowledge, knowledge!

I also feel like one of those mysterious figures lurking in the shadows listening to others expound on the battle of Gettysburg. With very little to offer in the way of a thorough background in all of the crucial elements of the battle I have read with great interest the observations of others. And I must add enjoyed the less serious discussions as well.

I probably am one of the lucky few. Born in Mechanicsburg(PA) and raised near Lemoyne I spent many hours walking the battlefield. My brother graduated from Gettysburg and when I was in college worked at a camp not very far from the battlefield. Unfortunately, all of the time spent walking the field did not necessarily translate into knowledge. It did, however, leave me with a deep desire to learn more about the battle.

I am married and have three children. All of whom have been on the battlefield more times than they care to remember. They all have had their pictures taken by BG Buford's statue. It probably will not surprise any of you if I should say that General Buford has been the focus of most of my study on the battle for many, many years. Even before the book or the movie. By profession I am a librarian working in the PA Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources. More specifically in the Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey. Although my major was American history I find it ironic that I am working in this area. To be blunt I was very much a "rock"head when it came to understanding geology.

Besides a very serious interest in Buford, Gettysburg, the B-24 Liberator, and ARMY football I play volleyball and ride my bicycle(less often than I should). Last summer my two sons and I rode from our home near Linglestown to the battlefield(approximately 50 miles). It took 8 hours and I will never, ever try it without trying to get in shape first but we did do it. By the way the symbolic ending of the ride was at Gen. Buford's statue. Thank you for bearing with me on this rather lengthy biography. I hope to meet many of you at the muster. I gather from some of the comments that I probably will not be the only one wearing the Buford T-shirt. And, if it is cold, the Buford sweatshirt.

Rick Keen

Jack Kelly, of Norwood MA
Sales Manager

2nd Muster

Have been interested in GB and the ACW since I was 5-6 years old.

Favorite characters and units at GB:

Colonel Dennis O'Kane
69th Pennsylvania Inf.

Lt. T. Fred Brown
Battery B, 1st R.I. Light Artillery

Capt. William Murray
1st Maryland Battalion CSA

Favorite spots: The Angle
Culp's Hill

I will be attending with my daughter, Sharon Kelly-Goff, and my grandson, James Payne. I'll let Sharon write her own, but this will also be her 2nd muster. James (we call him Jay) is 13 years old, an accomplished reenactor even at his age (knows the full rifle drill and company/battalion drill), and has been a Civil War student for most of his life.

~ John Leo, Oakton, VA, Senior Systems Analyst/Computer Consultant,

1st Muster was 1996

1st trip to GB was 1962 as a child - I've been back 40 times since.

Favorite regiment: 124th NYVI - "Orange Blossoms" from Orange County, NY, Ward's Brigade, III Corps, AOP

favorite spots: Triangular field, Devils Den, LRT, Wheatfield

Biggest Mystery: SR Johnston's recon - 4:30am-7:30am July 2, 1863

I'm a 53-year-old professor of mathematics at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ., but I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. My wife Renee works as a development (i.e., fundraising) officer for New York University Medical Center, but will be shortly leaving that job to become Director of Development for the City University of New York system (more than 140,000 students).

My specialty, for those who care, is something called "differential topology". Most of my papers are on this topic and I've also written a book-length specialized monograph in this area (actually, in a closely-related field called PL topology, for those who want to make fine distinctions).

Lately, as the grey cells have become a little too worn out for the math game, I've developed a "second career," which involves writing books and papers on the relationship between among science, culture, and intellectual life in general.

Bibliography: Grasmanniansmannians and Gauss Maps in Piecewise-Linear Topology (Springer-Verlag) Higher Superstition: The Academic Left and Its Quarrels with Science (with PR Gross; Johns Hopkins U. Press) Prometheus Bedeviled: Science and the Contradictions of Democratic Culture (in progress) Edited: Algebraic and Geometric Topology--Rutgers, 1983 (with A. Ranicki and F. Quinn; Springer Verlag) The Flight from Science and Reason (with PR Gross and MW Lewis; Annals of the NY Academy of Sciences 775; also, Johns Hopkins U. Press (reissue))

Unfortunately, no books on the Civil War (sigh).

My interest in the Civil War was re-awakened by the Ken Burns series on PBS, and then got an enormous boost when I paid an unplanned visit to Gettysburg about 5 years ago. Since then, I've managed to teach an undergraduate seminar on the battle--I only wish I knew then what I've learned from this group.

This (if I make it) will be my second Muster.

Norm Levitt
Rutgers, Math

Having married a Canadian..not knowing what these winters are like...I moved to Canada in 1982. I have one son Eric who is 12 and a daughter who is 9.

I have always been somewhat of a history buff. There is lot of it in Europe and I visited museums, castles...and read any book I could get my hand on. This interest seemed to have been passed on to Eric who got interested in the Civil War about 2 1/2 years ago. He dragged me to all the battlefields he could ..we have been to Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, The Wilderness, Spotsylvannia, Mannasses, Antietam, Gettysburg and Fort Sumter with its surrounding Forts. His interest was contagious and I couldn't have my son know more than me so we both have read all the books we could get our hands on and during that time really got interested in the battle of Gettysburg. We made a second visit there last year.

As soon as we got our computer we looked up all the sites related to Gettysburg and came across this discussion group. I find reading all the posts a very humbling but great learning experience and we both look forward to meeting face to face in June and learn yet some more.

By the way I am 35 and run a Computerized Tool & Die Shop with my husband (he will take care of my daughter during the Muster as the two of them are more interested in sports...) I can call myself the "Office Manager" and enjoy my flexible working hours as this gives me time to read which I just love.

Looking forward to meeting everyone, Petra and Eric Liebmann

1. Pat Martinelli
2. Baltimore MD.
3. College Professor
4. This is my first muster
5. Been interested in Civil War and particularly Gettysburg for over ten years. Interest generated by living in the area where a lot happened.
6, Especially interested in events of 3rd day on Culp & Cemetery Hill Pat Martinelli
tel. 410-560-0407
fax 410-560-0268
Dan McEwen I hail from Toronto Canada. BurnsCivil War series sparked my original interest in the CW; reading McPherson s incredible Battle Cry of Freedom last year fueled it. However its the civil war enthusiasts I ve met on the net, like the GDG-ers, who have truly encouraged my interest and help me pursue it. As a first year Getty-geek, I m still trying to get a handle on the Big Picture, so no area o f specialty yet, although my interest in the Little Big Horn prompts a curiosity about G. A. Custer s G-Burg exploits. This will be my first Muster and I am very much looking forward to putting faces on many of the names I read on the postings.
Name: Clair Miller
Home Town: Lancaster, PA
Occupation: Purchasing Manager, Primex Technologies
1st Muster?: Yes
Roots of CW or Gettysburg interest: Been interested since I was about 10 years old after a visit to Gettysburg with my Aunt and Uncle who hired a LBG for a tour.
Favorite G'burg related person or place: Person - Col. Chapman Biddle; Place - Willoughby Run
a] name: James A. Morgan, III

b] home city: Lovettsville, VA

c] occupation: Acquisitions Librarian, US Information Agency, WashDC

d] first muster: Yes

e] how and when you became interested in the Civil War generally and/or the Battle of Gettysburg

Can't remember a time when I wasn't interested in the Civil War.

f] any specific area/person/time/event within the battle that is of particular interest to you:

LRT, artillery

g] any other information you think is relevant:

Civil War activities ---

1. former reenactor; Union and Confederate artillery and infantry
2. member, Loudoun County (Va) CWRT
3. volunteer at Antietam NB
4. Civil War music -- programs for NPS, CWRTs, historical groups; have produced two tapes of CW music
5. writing -- occasional articles for Camp Chase Gazette, short monograph history of Union horse art'y battery

Name: Kevin Murphy
Home: Cheshire CT
Occupation: Programmer Team Lead - IBM Global Services
Southbury CT - temporarily on assignment in Raleigh NC

I've been a member of the GDG since January 1996 or so, and attended last year's muster. I am 41 years old, divorced and have two daughters, 21 and 8, and a son, 10.
My interest in the Civil War was sparked, as far as I can remember, by a month-long camping trip to Gettysburg when I was ten or eleven. I ended up spending hours on the field that year, and have been there at least once every two years since then. The last five years, I've been to Gettysburg three or more times a year.

I have been keeping up on my reading of the Civil War in general and Gettysburg in particular, as much as my time permits. I have been helped in this pursuit enormously by all my friends in the GDG. I am interested in all aspects of the Gettysburg field, and usually concentrate on one area or another whenever I visit. I often will run through town if I am driving on business from VA or NC to CT, and stay for a day or two.

My children are all avid studiers of Gettysburg, and we always stop there on summer vacation at some point. We reserve a day to go out with a guide whenever we visit, and they enjoy it tremendously.

Kevin Murphy

Identification: Dave Navarre, Arlington, VA, Network Engineer, 96 Muster Attendee

Became interested in GB: 1993, when I began planning a trip to GB for my Scouts after having owned Avalon Hill's Gettysburg (1977 release?) in the early 80s

Specific Interest: 4th Michigan Vol Inf (Alexander Navarre, Co E) and the Wheatfield

The best times to visit are when its really quiet (dawn, dusk, winter) or during the GDG Muster! There is also nothing like the thrill of orally exchanging knowledge, with GDGers, with my Scouts and with random other visitors.

I have been so looking forward to the Muster but suddenly I'm not sure if I can attend. My company informed me of plans to sent me to Dallas for training in June. It's not definite, and I probably won't know till the last minute so I'm still tentatively planning to go to Gettysburg. I've been putting off sending in my bio because of this reason.

Anyway, I'm a 40-something phone man from Niles, Ohio. My interest in Gettysburg and the Civil War dates back to when I was 12 and went to GB on a family trip. I've been hooked on the Civil War ever since. I can't explain why, but I never went back to Gettysburg until my 40th birthday ( I wanted to get outta town and thought Gettysburg would be a nice treat.) Since then I've gone back once or twice each year.

I always thought I might be an odd duck with this passion for the CW because I knew of no one with my level of interest. But as I drove around Gettysburg in my minivan with a battlefield map spread out on the front seat, I began to notice other men alone or with young sons also driving around in their minivans with their battlefield maps spread out on the front seat. That's when I began to realize there were others with the same interests out there. Since discovering the GDG I now feel normal again!

My favorite parts of the battlefield are those spots least visited - 20th Maine Co. B marker, Bliss farm site, Benners Hill, plus the 9th Mass. Battery last stand at the Trostle Farm. I get a charge when I find an old tree that is seen in photos taken after the battle. Each trip provides a new discovery.

I'm married with 2 daughters and one son. My wife and daughters find the subject of the Civil War quite BORRRING, but luckily my son has developed the same passion for Gettysburg that I have. He's 15 and will accompany me in June if we can go (that's all he talks about). He hopes to join a reenactment group after he turns 16.

Well, that's about it. Hope to be able to join you and the rest of the GDG in June! Bill Nolan

Dave Powell, 36 years old, from Chicago IL. I'm Operations Manager for a messenger firm in Chicago. I have a history degree from VMI, and have studied all phases of the ACW since High School. I am most interested in the battle from a tactical standpoint, less so from a human interest perspective. This is the second Muster I have attended, and am greatly looking forward to future ones. Of related interest, I have designed numerous wargames on ACW topics, including one on Gettysburg itself.
My name is Marc Riddell and I am Certified Public Accountant and Certified Valuation Analyst in private practice in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania located exactly 90 miles North of Gettysburg on Rt. 15.

My wife (Marty) and I have been avid history buffs of the 18th&19th centuries for quite some time now. My interest in the Civil War started with my grandfather telling me about my GGF in the 6th PA Cav or Rush's Lancers. I have always enjoyed history and living all my life close to GB I visited it at least once a year. The movie Gettysburg sparked a renewed interest in GB and also in CW reenacting. My wife and I both reenact with her role as what the northern women did at home during the war. This is now being expanded into Ladies Union Relief Association.

I used to reenact Cooper's Battery B 1st PA Light Artillery, but have changed my impressions to 2nd United States Sharpshooters and the 83rd Pennsylvania Vol. Infantry as these impressions allow more living history events besides battle reenactments. We also do civic and school presentations on the civil war.

Last year was our first year at the muster and enjoyed it very much. For those of you taking Eric's Buford tour, be prepared to follow him quickly. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the muster especially the new members.

~ a] Daniel Roberts<BR> b] Columbus Ohio
c] Attorney
d] 1st
e] Not sure exactly. Oldest fragmentary memory is of a trip in 1972 at the age of 9 to Gettysburg with parents and older brother and sister.
f] Nothing I have really focused on yet.
g] Still thinking.
Daniel Roberts
~ Let's see - my name is Steve Rohr and I was born and raised in Dayton, OH, which continues to serve as my home. I live about 5 minutes away from Morningside Bookshop and have spent countless hours in there wandering between the bookshelves.

I am an Imagery Intelligence Analyst at the National Air Intelligence Center, Wright-Patterson AFB, and have been there for 8 1/2 years. I am finishing my thesis for my Masters degree in Strategic Inteligence from the Joint Military Intelligence College in Washington DC.

This is the first Muster I have been able to attend since joining the group and am greatly looking forward to it. My father, Bill (who will be attending the Muster with me, is retired from Monsanto and also lives in Dayton) and I traveled to Gettysburg back in November, 1996. Knowing we were coming to the Muster this year, we wanted to get an idea of the ground so that we would be somewhat familiar with the area when we returned. The Muster will be our third trip to Gettysburg.

Unfortunately, there's little to tell you about the first trip. I was less than two years old at the time. Mom and Dad came into Gettysburg on a family vacation planning to tour the battlefield the next day. Unfortunately, Kennedy was assassinated and the national parks closed. What else can I say . . .

I am a member of the FNPG, the APCWS and the Civil War Trust. I would have to say that my favorite place is LRT. My father and I took someone's advice last November to go up to LRT early in the morning and enjoy the sunrise. It was a very moving experience for both of us. In terms of a favorite person - that's tough! Several people, on both sides, strike my interest. For the North, I would say Reynold's and Hancock. For the South, Longstreet and Armistead. However, as I said, I find many of the personalities of great interest. If I were forced to pick one person, it would have to be the common soldier. His endurance, his bravery, his strength of will, etc., I can not help but admire and respect.

~ Carl and Karen Rossi, Redlands, CA

Carl, a Lt. Cmdr. in the U.S.N.R., is a Radiation Oncologist at the Loma Linda University Medical Center, with a specialty in treating prostate cancer with high-energy, precision proton therapy. Carl's avocation is military history, with particular interest in the Civil and Indian wars, and special interest in Naval Warfare. Karen is the direct marketing manager of a computer mapping (GIS) software company, and is interested in mapping projects involved with the Gettysburg National Military Park.

~ Name:
Tom Shay

Cressona, PA (suburb of Pottsville, home of Yuengling - America's Oldest Brewery)

Software Engineer

Muster History:
Germaine and I attended the 1996 Muster. The gathering at Herr Tavern was a nice way to kick off the event. Things didn't look too promising after the "Ghost Walk". Iverson had a better time than us on that field (just kiddin').

The dawn tour of LRT was superb, as Tom Desjardin redefined my idea of what occurred on that hill. Breakfast at Dobbins' House provided a nice sociable break. Then we headed out for Eric's tour of Buford's line. It was fascinating to explore the less-visited western portions of the first day's fight. Near the tour's end, our car's water pump blew. So we were forced to make an early exit from the muster. We limped home, eventually getting towed the last 40 miles. Talk about muster memories! This year we're bringing a rental car.

Interest in G'burg:

Born and raised about 90 miles north of the park, I went on numerous trips there with cub scouts, school outings, etc. The GNMP has always been an easily accessible resource for my study of the Civil War, a good reason to hike and bike, plus a place of solace. Having explored the park on over 50 trips, I have nothing but good memories of great history and meeting so many fun people that share my interests.

Most Interesting Person or Place: One of my memories is taking Tom Desjardin's book on a hike of LRT and actually run into the author on the hill. Tom does a great job of putting complex situation into an understandable, realistic perspective.

My favorite place is McPherson's Ridge, a chaotic and action-packed place to have been on July 1, 1863.

My favorite G'Burg participants are: E.P. Alexander (great auto-biography), John Reynolds (from Lancaster), and Steven Ramseur (a truly dedicated soldier).

Other Items of Note:

I'm co-chairman of the Schuylkill County Civil War Discussion Group. We meet monthly to explore the rich history of our ancestors. As our group's web master, I invite you to visit us at: Our countians were acknowledged by Lincoln as the "First Defenders' for rushing to the capital in April 1861. Being a mining community, our countians dug the Petersburg mine tunnel that resulted in "Battle of the Crater". They filled the ranks of numerous AOP regiments and fought in all the major engagements.

~ Richard P. (Paul not Penn) Smith ( aka Smitty)

Why Gettysburg? I'll declare self defense. My father started me on war games many moons ago, and I was forced to learn to survive, his favorites were Gettysburg and Stalingrad. Gettysburg was a lot closer. A sergeant that thought some extra knowledge would be good for a ROTC cadet, again self defense.

Married, three kids, 1 2/9 grandchildren, and two cats (edit add four kittens just now). Live in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Hobbies: Gettysburg, fishing, and tracking down inventory errors (this one drives my boss nuts).

Security supervisor for a returns facility of a non-stop commercial. BA degrees in Political Science/Public Administration and History, yet better at math with an aversion to spelling.

Love to study the stats and moves, but always wondering what was going on inside their heads. War heightens all characteristics a person has, therefore sometimes making it easy to see how they are or were about.

~ I'm Jean Spraggins, age 42, living in Bellevue, NE with my husband and three cats. I work in a book store, where the employee discount is truly a wonderful thing when it comes to buying all these CW books.

This is the first Muster I will be attending and my first trip to Gettysburg.

I have always loved history, but after seeing Ken Burns' Civil War series it seemed I had found my historical niche. Of course, seeing THE MOVIE confirmed it.

After THE MOVIE, I became fascinated with Longstreet and Armistead, reading every thing I could find.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in June.

~ My name is Karl Stelly. I have been studying the Civil War since about 1989. My interest in the Civil War was really ignited by the Ken Burns series on PBS.

I'm 42, but will be turning 43 later this summer. I live in Louisville, Kentucky for the time being. I am a 727 pilot for UPS. My wife, Joy, and our 3 kids (Jennifer--12, Jeffrey--5, and Chris--4) will be coming to the Muster with me this year. My first Muster was last year. I've been to Gettysburg about 15 to 20 times since my first visit, which was about 1990 or '91.

So far, I've been only a "lurker" on the GDG. I hope to get more involved with the group in the future.

I don't really have a favorite spot on the battlefield. I love it all! But, I do especially like The Angle and the Virginia Monument. I guess my favorite generals would be Armistead and Longstreet on the CSA side, and Hancock on the Union side.

We should be pulling into Gettysburg on June 4th or 5th. The only thing that could keep us from going to the Muster would be a strike by our pilots' union, which could result in some of our vacations being canceled. But, I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that it won't happen!!!

If I can scrounge up an acoustic guitar in Gettysburg, I'd be willing to accompany Bob L.'s wife at the sing-along at the Dog Roast. I'm no Eric Clapton, but I DO know my chords!!!

Well, I hope I haven't left anything important out of this! :-) See you all at the Muster in Gettysburg!

Karl Stelly}

~ I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. After graduating from Ohio State's College of Veterinary Medicine, my wife and I moved to Maryland. We now live in Baltimore with our 2 children. I have always had a strong interest in history, but never heavily in the Civil War. Like many, the Movie was the spark that got me going. I have cleared a shelf off of my entertainment cabinet and now have the likes of Coddington, Pfanz, Bachelder, Gallagher, Desjardin, Tucker, Foote, McPherson, ... and many others. The list keeps growing (to my spouse's chagrin) and is definitely consuming. I try to get to the Burg ~ once a month. I leave Baltimore around 5:00 am and get to LRT for sunrise and good coffee. I have started to bring my 3 year old son and he loves it. He calls it a "Gettysburger" trip. My favorite person/place on the field is the Trostle farm where Bigelow and his men made their stand. I know that there are countless places where similar bravery was demonstrated, but for some reason this one touches me the most.

This will be my first muster. I just hope that I can attend. I recently purchased a veterinary hospital in the Gaithersburg, MD area and I will possibly be moving my family that weekend. I hope to at least make it for Sunday. I hope that I am there to read this.

Patrick Vall

~ My name is Mike VanHuss, I'm a 35 year old claims adjuster with a major Insurance company in the Midwest, and also co-owner, with Eric Wittenberg of VanBerg Publishing. I'm the Van.

I have been interested in the war for Southern Independence as long as I can remember. My Great-Grandmother would tell me tales of my Great-Great Grandfather fighting in the war for what she termed the "wrong side" (6th Ky Cav Union) and how he couldn't raise a gun against the Union. While my other Grandmother would give me the same type of tales for one of my other G/G Grandfathers who rode with Joe Shelby in the west and went on Price's Raid into Missouri. I also have a gg-grandfather who participated in the great Chambersburg Cookout of 1864 with the 25th Virginia Cavalry. All together I have 1 Union and 7 Confederate relations who fought in the late great unpleasantness. 5 of the 7 Confederates came home as did the One Union vet. So I've been around this stuff a long time as a Son of a Confederate and Union Veteran.

I have been to most of the battlefields in the eastern theatre of the war; many before urban sprawl had taken it's toll. That is one thing I will always thank my parents for. My favorite by far is Gettysburg. For it more than any other gives you a true picture of what it must have been like, the lay of the land and the distances involved.

My favorite place on the field is the Hubert Dilger's 1st Ohio Light Artillery position on the 11th Corps line. It always seems so peaceful there. To look across the field toward Oak Hill and think about the carnage that had to take place there while the 11th Corps advanced to the rear. The men in this war have always fascinated me, not so much for what they did but for what they endured and overcame to achieve extraordinary deeds.

~ Name
Victor A. Vernon Jr. Home town
Lebanon, PA
Electronic Technician
First Muster? 1996, Had a very enjoyable time. Development of G'burg and/or CW Interest Interest in warfare for personal reasons, Gettysburg because of it's close proximity to Lebanon.

Favorite person/place at the 'Burg James Ewell Brown Stuart. / Wheatfield

name Andee Wagenseller home town Castro Valley, CA (San Francisco Bay Area)

occupation Insurance Agent

1st muster? Yes

Roots of CW or Gettysburg interest Married into it (1978)

Favorite G'burg related person or place Who was there? ;-)

Walking the streets looking for souvenirs

Anything else you care to add Looking forward to the muster and experiencing history with everyone else. This will be my 4th visit to Gettysburg. See my husband's bio (Billy Ray) regarding all the Civil War places I have visited with him. He remembers where they are.

Billy Ray Wagenseller

Castro Valley, CA (San Francisco Bay area)
Senior Financial Analyst (Heald Colleges)
First Muster
Interested in Military tactics & strategies
Favorite persons: Longstreet/Hancock
Favorite place is the whole area of the July 2nd attack of Longstreet's corp, especially the "triangular field" below Smith's Battery
Other information: FROM MY GDG BIO: I live in Castro Valley, CA (the San Francisco East Bay area) with my wife Andee. I am a senior financial analyst with a Masters in Philosophy (Logic) and an MBA (Mgmt Science). I now have two main areas to which I devote my reading/study time - Jesus and the War Between the States. I am currently auditing classes through the American Military University in Civil War studies, and teaching Sunday School at the Danville Foursquare Church.

My first remembrance of things dealing with the Civil War was in the 3rd grade at a private school in Savannah, GA. On Lee's birthday the whole school was decked out in Stars & Bars, with a giant picture of Lee on both floors, etc. A short time later (on Lincoln's birthday) there was one small picture in the second floor display case. The next year my father transferred to Plattsburg, NY which was quite the cultural shock for a "Southern educated boy".

When we stopped in Philadelphia to visit my grandparents on the way up to Plattsburg, they asked me if I knew who "Jefferson" was in American history. Being a straight A student I proudly stated I did - "He was the President of the Confederacy." They then asked me if there wasn't another Jefferson which I knew of and I remember racking my brains, but being unable to come up with the 3rd President of the USA. My interest in the Civil War was also moved forward by board games such as American Heritage's Civil War and Avalon Hill's Gettysburg (I currently play CW games by The Gamers & by TalonSoft); and by television shows such as "Brother against Brother" with the Hickman brothers (I believe that was the name of the series) and also "The Gray Ghost" series. In 1960 we visited Gettysburg and the electronic map. Then in 1964, we moved to Southern California and miles away from "the action."

Except for gaming, I was very much distracted from CW studies with the Nam and ten years of college studies. In 1978, we took a trip back East and spent 7 weeks exploring the major battlefields. After that I started reading and have visited all the CW National Parks with the exception of Ft. Sumter. I have been to Gettysburg a total of four times now including 1 week in late June, early July 1995. I had one relative from Indiana and three relatives from Germantown/Philly area involved in the CW including my maternal great-great-grandfather whose name is on the PA monument (14th Vol.).

i am a fiction writer, not yet published (but WILL be at some point :D). i came to the GDG out of a need for research and stayed on because it is a LOTTA FUN and these are the best folks i know :)

i am learning to play the fife. i have two kids and am married. i have three cats that are basically running the house (yanno, makin' sandwiches and know how they are:D) when i am busy doing my email.

yes i STILL have the GDG bios here. am working them so don't worry if you don't see yours up there yet.

be well :)

~ My name is Kerry Webb and I'll be 50 later this year. I've spent most of my working life in the Information Technology area, but over the last ten years I've become more of a librarian. I now work for a government research organization in a team that's developing systems for digital media libraries and archives.

I first became interested in the Civil War in the mid-80s, after reading a novel in which Grant, Sheridan, Crook and Custer were minor characters. I knew little about the war at that time, but started reading and haven't stopped since (apart from devouring the Patrick O'Brian novels, but that's another List). A few years ago, I started compiling material to put on the Internet, starting with some Orders of Battle and then an Index of Generals. I've enjoyed this very much and met quite a few people, who have questions, corrections or comments.

I've visited a number of the battlefields on several trips to the US, but the most memorable was to Gettysburg in 1993 while THE MOVIE was being shot. There were parts of the Park closed to visitors then, so we weren't able to see many Confederate monuments - better luck this time, I hope.

Going slightly off-topic, while I'm at the Muster my son will be working as a Camp Counselor at a camp in Tennessee, just 30 minutes from Missionary Ridge. Kids these days - they don't know how lucky they are.

People often ask why an Australian should be interested in the War. I can't think of a good answer to that. I continue to be fascinated about how the War contributed to the USA that I see today, even if there are times that I'm unable to join the discussions because I don't know enough of the background or because there is still the feeling that it is a "family" affair.

Looking forward very much to meeting many of my friends at the Muster.

Kerry Webb
Canberra, Australia

~ My name is Doug Weirich, I am 45 and live in Carlisle, PA. My career has been in mental health. My wife Lissy, who teaches at Mechanicsburg H.S., grew up in G'burg. Her dad proposed to her mom on Barlow's Knoll. As a boy I was taken to G'burg by my parents, along with my mom's parents, at ab out the age of 7. I was fascinated by the cannon, and admit that I did sit on some of them. However, I also admit that I did not have the slightest idea what the significance was of the place. By the time I was 9 I knew much more about the battle's sign if icance; but, it was in Junior High (when I had greater access to library material) that I began reading more about the battle. Since then it has been a gradually growing interest, even on-again off-again at times. It is just something I can always come ba ck to. John Buford was my favorite from early on (I did not marry Lissy just because her parent's house is on the first day's battlefield), and I admit that I continue to find this old dragoon to be the most appealing of the Gettysburg characters.
Brenda Wells - I reside in Alden, NY (suburb of Buffalo) and I am employed as a media specialist at St. Mary's School for the Deaf, Buffalo, NY. This will be the second muster that my husband and I will be attending. My interest in the Civil War really took off after the Ken Burns series and prompted visits to many of the sacred battlefields (including Gettysburg). My interests include collecting GAR memorabilia and as far as Gettysburg specifically, I am interested in the veteran reunions and the history of the monumentation of the battlefield.

Hope this is along the lines of what you are looking for! See you at the muster...

Brenda Wells

~ VITALS: Bruce Westcott, Executive Director VT Center for Geographic Information, Inc.
206 Morrill Hall
Burlington, VT 05405-0106
(802)656-4277 FAX 656-0776}
G'BURG HISTORY: Not enuff. Growing up in Ohio, I first encountered the 'burg on a bus full of cub scouts. I remember too much heat, lots of meaningless monuments, and too little ice cream.
I came from Vermont to G'Burg for Remembrance Weekend 1996. The low point was the glitz of the parade (not the renactors themselves; they were breath-taking as large units of armed men). The high points were portions of the program put together by Gabor Boritt, and my afternoon alone (blustery, cold, some showers) on foot across the Trostle farm, thru the briers scaling LRT from the East, thru the peach orchard, and encountering a twilight troop of Rebel cavalry on a trail crossing Cemetery Ridge north of LRT. Leave the tour bus to grandma; how can we -- any of us -- begin to share the experience unless we share brambles, wet earth, sweat and breathlessness?
GDG HISTORY: Lurker, with occasional flashes of public insight.
CW BACKGROUND: Omnivorous; having read Coddington, participated in a small seminar based on him, researched Old Baldie's failure to go for the gusto on the evening of Day 1, and devoured many other G'burg histories and accounts, I consider myself to have risen just barely above the casual browser level.
Seriously folks, Oren Westcott was born in Providence, RI in 1835. I knew his children, great-nieces and nephews, and grandson (my father) very well before they died, and they all knew him well before he died. There's a thread there, and it takes me back to him to ask "What did you do, how did you feel, what did you think, during the war?" I don't believe he served (though I haven't checked ALL of the records of the R.I. Adjutant General). So I started my CW readings just trying to find out how anyone felt then: I know how I felt when I was in my 20s, at the height of Viet-nam; on many levels I'm sure it was quite different, though perhaps the same on other levels. Until I can put myself there with them, and know how I would have felt, I'll keep looking.

MUSTER PLANS: My 16-year-old daughter will just be done with school then, and I think it's a fine was to take a spring weekend and meet some of you. She's learning some of the history, and generally puts up with her Dad pretty well. I think we'll come together.

Nuff said.

~ My name is Tom Whitcomb and I am an Oncology nurse at York Hospital ( York, PA). I live just 8 miles east of the Burg, in Abbottstown.

I grew up 30 miles north of GB,(Carlisle, PA) and have visited the battlefield since I was young. Like a lot of locals I have, in the past, taken my close proximity for granted. I have always had keen interest in colonial history, but in the last six years I have become extremely interested in the Civil War era. I credit my focus on Gettysburg to a history class that was taught by Dr. Charles Fennel and partly to the movie Gettysburg ( in spite of Martin Sheen & the beards ). I no longer take my fortune of location for granted.

I have been in lurker mode on the GDG for awhile now and this will be my first muster. I am looking forward to placing faces with the names I have been reading.

Tom Whitcomb}

~ Eric J. Wittenberg,

age 36. Attorney-at-law in Columbus, Ohio, with a practice that focuses on business planning and transactions, real estate transactions, and litigation. I am also an historian, with a special emphasis on the life of Maj. Gen. John Buford, and Union cavalry operations. I have published a number of articles on Buford and Federal mounted operations.

I led a tour of sites associated with John Buford's role at the Battle of Gettysburg at last year's muster, and have been asked to reprise that tour at this year's. I am also leading a Saturday afternoon tour of Farnsworth's Charge and South Cavalry Field at this year's muster.

I first visited Gettysburg on a third-grade class trip. The two things that stuck with me from that trip were John Buford and John Reynolds, and I have been fascinated by the battle ever since. I grew up 90 miles from Gettysburg, and went to college 30 miles away, and I have always made a point of visiting the battlefield regularly.

Eric Wittenberg

~ Thomas Yaglowski

Auburn, NY
Firefighter for the city of Ithaca, NY
This will be my third muster. Three years ago, there were only about a dozen of us that met on Little Round Top at 6am. It's been great to see this group grow through the years. Looking forward to seeing the 150+ members have their morning coffee with Warren this year. My first exposure to the Civil War and Gettysburg was back in 1985. Prior to that, I held no interest in the battle or the war. I was recently married, and my wife suggested a trip to Gettysburg for a weekend getaway. I've been hooked ever since. I am interested in all aspects of the Gettysburg campaign. I find every nuance of the battle interesting.

"It is better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt."

-Abraham Lincoln
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