Additional Photos taken in winter, 1998.

These photos were taken by Robert R. Moyer, Sr. on a vist to the Spangler farm with author Jerry Coates and LBG Wayne Wachsmuth, in March 1998. The photos were inspired by the Gettysburg Magazine article (issue #3, p87) "A Rendezvous at Gettysburg. Identification of a Group of Unknown Union Dead", written by esteemed GDG Member (and FNPG president) Earl J. Coates.

 Robert Moyer has attempted to demonstrate the visual similarity of the ground, in the photos taken by the Gardner group and the area on the Spangler farm discovered by Mr. Coates and believed to be the location in which the 1863 images were exposed. The process by which each view was reconstructed is documented in photo A5.jpg and B5.jpg. Note the "Longstreet tower" in the background of photo B2.jpg.

 Terry Moyer
June 14, 1998